2019-20 David Fizdale Coaching Death Watch: Game 2 – Knicks vs. The Team That’s Stuck With KP

How funny would it be if two thirds of the Knicks’ victories this year came against Kristaps Porzingis’ new team? That could easily be the case tonight as the Knicks host the Dallas Mavericks, who previously lost to this here Knick at home, so in the somewhat friendly confines of Madison Square Garden, you would like to believe that the Knicks would have a decent enough chance of beating them this time around as well, right?

Porzingis didn’t have a terrible game in his debut against the Knicks, but nor did he have a particularly great game, either, and he was outrebounded for a key rebound late in the game, leading to him committing a foul that fouled him out of the game. Even with all of that, the Mavericks were one “Oh my god, why are you taking that shot? You fool!” three-pointer from Luka Doncic of going to overtime against the Knicks, so it will be a lot to expect the Knicks to sweep this series.

But it would be really cool if they did so.

Fizdale can get fired some other night. Tonight we can root for the Zinger to have a bad game and the Knicks go 2-0 against him this season.

Maybe Dennis Smith Jr. can have a great game, too, and at least one dumb reporter will be, like, “Maybe the Knicks won the KP trade just with Smith Jr.!”

Let’s go, Knicks!