Knicks Morning News (2019.04.20)

  • [SNY Knicks] David Stern weighs in on whether James Dolan’s antics will impact Knicks in NBA free agency
    (Friday, April 19, 2019 9:12:59 PM)

    The Knicks are hoping for a big summer, but will James Dolan keep top free agents from signing with them? Former NBA commissioner David Stern shares his opinion on whether that’s the case,

  • [NYTimes] An Underappreciated Tobias Harris Steals the Show as the 76ers Take a Playoff Lead
    (Friday, April 19, 2019 11:01:30 PM)

    Harris has been traded five times in eight seasons, but his latest stop, Philadelphia, may finally be a place he can call home.

  • [NYTimes] Breanna Stewart Shows the Toll of Pro Women’s Basketball’s Never-Ending Grind
    (Friday, April 19, 2019 7:16:40 PM)

    Stewart, like many women, plays overseas in the W.N.B.A.’s off-season to earn more money. But the endless season takes a mental toll and, as an injured Stewart shows, a physical one.

  • [NYTimes] Sports of The Times: The 76ers Dash the Evolving Nets’ Dream
    (Friday, April 19, 2019 6:12:30 PM)

    Something grand is happening in Brooklyn, though probably not this season.

  • [NYTimes] Knicks Fans Dream of Durant and Irving. Will Dolan Be the Nightmare?
    (Friday, April 19, 2019 9:00:14 AM)

    The Knicks could be a superteam next season. Or their owner, James L. Dolan, could mess it all up. What’s a fan to believe?

  • [NYTimes] Lens: In Brooklyn, a Shrine to Sports and Consumerism
    (Friday, April 19, 2019 4:20:23 PM)

    After his apartment was demolished to make space for Barclays Center, Jeff Mermelstein photographed the new arena’s suits, shills and suds.

  • [NYPost] Disastrous Phil Jackson trade could lead to Frank Ntilikina draft night deal
    (Friday, April 19, 2019 12:21:25 PM)

    It was a minor, nothing-with-nothing trade at the time. But it now goes down as another Phil Jackson blunder. Usually a bonus to finishing with the NBA’s worst record – which the Knicks did for the first time since 1985 – is having the first pick of the second round. Teams treasure that slot more…

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    Anyone into George Harrison (or looking for a Karen Carpenter-meets-Father John Misty vibe) should check out the new Weyes Blood album. One of the best voices in pop with some excellent (and interesting) songwriting to boot.

    Jowles if you’re looking for an example of a team extending a kid who hadn’t proved he was ‘max worthy’ and had it work out for them, the answer is the Bucks and Giannis. When he resigned he’d been okay and was tremendously promising but he hadn’t started producing like an all-star caliber player.

    Giannis didn’t get a max, though. He got 4 years, $100mm.

    That’s a perfect example of how it should work when you have a kid on a rookie deal who looks the goods but hasn’t proven it yet. Instead everyone defaults to the max as if they can’t offer anything less.

    It’s not a max, but it’s a substantial investment. And yes, Giannis is definitely an example of it working out well for a team. It’s easy to say in hindsight, but I suspect I would have thrown a max at him at 23 or however old he was when he got his last deal.

    Conley doesn’t fit the criteria. He got his supermax at age 28 and signed a team-friendly deal in 2010 –$9M AAV between 23 and 28.

    The max for him back then was 14 million, so his contract is more like THJr territory nowadays.

    Anyone into George Harrison (or looking for a Karen Carpenter-meets-Father John Misty vibe) should check out the new Weyes Blood album. One of the best voices in pop with some excellent (and interesting) songwriting to boot.

    Those are my homeboys! I’ve known Natalie for many years and one of my good friends (and longtime bandmate) mixed the album. Two other good friends of mine are in her touring band.

    It’s a really good record, she has really found her voice and is just killing it.

    That’s awesome. If you tell me you’re in Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, you officially become the coolest person on the board and will be forever. Dedicated to Bobby J is one of the wackiest, catchiest, pure-love-of-making-music albums I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. “I Wanna Be Young” is one of those songs that only comes out of a crazy person (much like R. Stevie Moore’s “I Like to Stay Home” or one of Daniel Johnston’s few coherent songs that don’t make me feel like I’m reading the diary of a creepy homeless man) and in the best possible way. Whoever played bass on that track is nasty. So much fun to play along with.

    The max for him back then was 14 million, so his contract is more like THJr territory nowadays.

    Good call. Probably an overpay at the time. Definitely an overpay now, since he almost never stays on the court. Great hair though.

    That’s a bullshit ejection on Butler. Should have just given him a technical.

    talk about a small world, and, the whole six degrees of separation thing…that’s very cool…I’ll make sure to give a listen…

    the nets/sixers stuff is tasty…

    That’s a bullshit ejection on Butler. Should have just given him a technical.

    I think that was cuz it spilled in to the stands, although, if that was the case – simmons should have got tossed too…

    Yes, I was a member of APHG, did the tours from all the albums from Before Today through Dedicated To Bobby Jameson, and played on Mature Themes, Pom Pom and DTBJ. I’m kind of on hiatus right now because we just had a baby and I’m not touring, but I’m sure I’ll be back in the fold someday.

    If you’re not willing to give a not particularly productive but promising young player 25 million a year but you are willing to give him 20 million I’d be a be curious as to why. I know 20 is better, but the risk is pretty much the same

    JK congrats to your family on the baby.

    congrats jk, and, so the real work begins…

    I don’t think I’ve changed a diaper in like six years or so…don’t miss it for sure…

    you know – that should be something you should be able to hold over someone for the entirety of their life…

    oh really, you refuse to pick up your room – seriously, after all the times I changed your stinking, rotten diaper…I always used plenty of powder too…how ungrateful…

    years ago I was visiting with mom, we were in her office and I was messing around with something, and broke it – I remember her looking me dead in the eye, smiling and telling me some child was going to the same to me some day…

    practice patience jk, practice patience 🙂

    Embiid is a punk and I kind of love it….

    My daughter just figured out how to climb out of her crib. It’s been a long weekend already. Super fun though, congrats on the baby.

    Thanks guys. My little dude is eleven months. Hates hates hates sleeping in his crib so we’re trying to work on that. He’s also right on the verge of walking which is completely terrifying. I’m old for a first time dad, I was 46 when he was born, and I’m accustomed to lots of sleep so this has been an intense experience.

    JK, congrats and good luck. For once, Jowles is wrong…you’re already the coolest dude in this board. 😉

    I mean he could have made a claim before but now it’s etched in stone

    I will follow up when it’s not 4/20

    JK from one old first time dad to another (but about a year and a half ahead) you’re almost through the worst part hang tight. i mean obviously it’s just an endless cavalcade of scary shit meant for the less sullied but nothing is worse than the initial sleep deprivation and the pluses really start to compound after 18 mos or so.

    I know we’re all excited about &
    JK47’s functioning reproductive system and ability to sustain an ostensibly healthy relationship but can we also acknowledge his contributions to some of the best albums of this decade please

    I’m still processing this but I want to tell you how my wife cackled when I played “Time to Meet Your God” for the first time. “What the fuck am I listening to, and why do I like it so much?”

    Andre Drummond playing like he’s on Ambien.

    I feel bad for Blake.

    lmao wait JK47 is a member of APHG fuck.

    But also: Grats on the baby! From what I can tell with my nephew, it just gets better and better. Though I’ll be forever occupying the uncle role, I think.

    If you google APHG you get a lot of results about AP Human Geography, another thing I know nothing about

    Giannis isn’t even playing that well and the Bucks are still coasting I wish they could just throw the towel in on this series

    It’s a great night for the board. Good luck JK with the kid. Pretty cool we have so many awesome people here.

    Gobert with a positively Mitchian block of Chris Paul at the three point line.

    Staying at the Mondrian and doing the Sunset strip thing tonight. Congrats JK, and thanks for all the advice!

    @JK47 salute. man i put aphg on my rushmore of bands. Ariel is truly the last great rockstar. One of my all time favorite shows was last year in San Francisco when y’all toured with John Maus.

    thank you for blowing my mind, on 4/20 of all days. today you are number one on my power rankings. obviously mitchrob is second.

    Those shows with Maus were complete insanity. Ariel blew his voice out the first night and all of the shows (I think there were four) were completely unhinged. I remember them being really rough but I’m glad you dug it.

    i remember he said something on stage that offended a lot of the sensitive SF folk. the crowd got weird indeed. im just glad maus pulled out cop killer. fulfilled a dream of mine.

    Weird ending in Utah, with Austin Rivers berating Clint Capela for letting Donovan Mitchell get wide open for the possible game-tying three. Mitchell blew the shot, but there was no reason he should have been wide open. Capela just completely died on a screen.

    Donovan Mitchell with a Carmelo-like box score. 9-27 from the field, 12-17 from FT. He’s inching toward the worst playoff series by a starter in my lifetime.

    Mexican Summer is re-issuing all of his four-track records and they’ve cleaned them up a lot and they sound incredible. They’re doing a 10-album reissue. We played tons of that stuff, some of it was incredibly challenging. I could never play Grey Sunset without a cheat sheet. Some of that stuff is Zappa-level complicated. Trepanated Earth, that was another one that was insane to learn and play. For Kate I Wait, insanely complicated.

    I was in the band for eight years and I must have learned 150 of his songs. He’s a genius, the real deal, a completely unique and brilliant musician and songwriter. Blew my mind on a regular basis. I’m really proud of Pom Pom, that record was super fun to make and it’s just stuffed with ideas. I’m featured prominently on that one, the first thing you hear on it is me playing that harpsichord riff.

    My wife grew up in lily-white Utah and isn’t fully used to counterculture/off-beat music stuff, so I often try to convince her to push past the discomfort of the weird as it’s in service of real pop genius. (She now, correctly, prefers Laughing Stock to It’s My Life, for one. The latter is a good album but it’s still bog-standard new wave.) I told her that for acts like Ariel Pink (or Brian Wilson, Bob Pollard, Kate Bush, Death Grips, Kevin Shields, Mark Kozalek, Alex Chilton, Paul Westerberg, Yo La Tengo, Elisabeth Fraser, and on and on) you have to accept that the creative spark that produces such big and wild ideas will also produce some that fall a bit flat, at least on first listen. The more milquetoast productions tend not to hit the same highs. Pom Pom is one of those albums that slaps you in the face with zany ideas and dares you to stick around long enough to be part of the technicolor world it creates so well. It is a damn fine album. (Also, you must get a finger workout when you play “White Freckles.” That riff/melody could only come from an alien.)

    The lead on “White Freckles” was played by Alexander Brettin of the band Mild High Club on a 12-string. He’s an amazing guitarist. It’s a bitch to play for sure, the arpeggiated part in the middle is all cross-picked. I never played that part live, but I did play the synth part that goes underneath it, which is also super gnarly.

    @THCJ thanks for the weyes blood tip. she’s actually coming to Williamsburg in May so i’ll have to check it out.

    It deserves to be played loud. The production is outstanding. It’s a big, natural sounding album with a beautiful soundstage.

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