2018-19 Game Thread: Knicks vs Bulls – We Can Actually Root For, And Expect, a Win

These are heady times. The Bulls need to lose this one and they will do their best to do so and so the Knicks will almost certainly win this game, so we can both root for a win tonight and expect it to happen.

It’s been a long time since we could have said that about a Knick game, right?

Let’s go, Mitch Rob!

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Who is running point? Lance? Ellenson?

Oh right, DSjr.

How much ball could a ball hog hog if Mario Hezonja is sick?

Setting the over/under at 27 shots

there is no group of people more prepared for this game than the everyday heroes in this room. this is our moment.

Knick fan not in NJ who thinks our rookies will lead us to a lousy lottery pick in 2019says:

Mario just can’t get a break. It’s a good question who will okay point. Maybe Dotson? He’s been known to pass.

would it be totally impossible for rolo to slip on a white jersey and play a couple of third quarter possessions for us before anyone noticed

Knick fan not in NJ who thinks our rookies will lead us to a lousy lottery pick in 2019says:

Maybe Clyde could make a brief comeback

just checked the box score – other than rolo – I have no idea who the other bulls players are…

I’m sure there’s some bulls fan out there right now saying the same thing about our squad..

Knick fan not in NJ who thinks our rookies will lead us to a lousy lottery pick in 2019says:

Our scrubs are beating their scrubs. . . So far

Kornet would be a real nice stretch 4 next to Mitch long-term. Harrison got that move to go, but Kornet played very nice D against a smaller player. Hard to be mad about that possession.

And Mitch is a fuckin’ beast. He’s 20!!!!!!!!

Why do the Bulls need to lose this game? Aren’t they locked into fourth?

Mitch hit his quota. Beast.

Mitch sucks. I guess Fiz sat Hezonja down to get other guys some burn in real time.

With this lineup I’m convinced Fizdale thinks there are still ping pong balls to be had

Knick fan not in NJ who thinks our rookies will lead us to a lousy lottery pick in 2019says:

Ntilakilla, someone reported Mario is sick, that is why he isn’t playing.

This Chicago city jersey is hideous, and their team manages to be even worse than that.

we may have seen lance’s last game as a knick. he played in more games than hubert davis, amar’e and johnny newman

luke walton over magic is a bigger upset than buster Douglas in before twitter

I’ll never understand how good things continue to happen to the Lakers.

It would be so good if Phil Jackson got the POBO job in LAL. It would be more in-line with the Lakers’ history if they stole away Jerry West from the Clippers.

Magic: “Jeanine doesn’t know I am standing here….”

WTF is happening in LA? A plot twist worthy of Hollywood .

I want to go back to having fun

best reason I ever heard for walking away from a job…and, it’s not like he doesn’t have a bunch of other jobs already…

didn’t he coach briefly, and suck at that too…

10 years ago did you ever think it was possible that the Clippers would be most well run team in LA?

Anyone speculate the reason Magic stepped down from the FO job is so that he can be free to recruit FAs without the league sniffing up his ass? He tried to recruit Ben Simmons and the commissioner’s office was all over him. Now he can talk to whoever he wants without his hands being tied. I mean, it’s not like he was indispensable to the day to day running of the organization. Palinka can do the executive level type work while Magic schmoozes potential star players as an intermediary for the organization.

Hahahahha, that Magic press conference was so full of self-victimization that I cackled throughout.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong…”

Yes you did

“I’m not having fun”

You’re getting paid millions to do one of the most prestigious jobs in basketball with arguably the greatest player of all-time on your team

“I just want to mentor young guys and I can’t”

Just not those on the Lakers

Does anyone believe Magic wasn’t pushed out?

And to add on to Jowles comment: I’d be more than happy to not have fun at his job for a year.

Well, it’s not like Magic needs the salary the job comes with as he’s kinda rich enough to own a team himself. Him repeating that Jeannie Buss had no idea about him leaving was the strangest thing. Like, why the hell would you emphasize that so much? to make the franchise he says he loves so much look like even more of a dysfunctional mess?

This makes me think that maybe he sincerely just got fed up and decided it was enough. If he was still working with the Lakers in some capacity, wouldn’t they just come up with something like “hey I talked to Jeannie and I’d rather focus on my other businesses, wish all luck to the franchise”.

I think he’s so connected to the Lakers that he’ll still be involved in some way, and obviously they would want him to talk to top free agents if those guys want it, but the timing and the way it was done is so weird it might just be sincere.

I might be looking too much into it, but Magic really sounded like he was hurting in the interview. He seems like a guy that is pretty personable with everyone, so that cut throat GM mentality would wear on someone like that. Still, absolutely bizarre situation and I am just happy it’s not the Knicks for a change.

Magic is the first celebrity to survive HIV when it was a death sentence for most others. It’s truly amazing that he is where he is right now. What a charmed life!

In other news, did anyone else realize that the Mavs can’t finish any worse than tied for 7th and with a win in game 82 will finish 9th worst? GO MAVS!!!


Yeah, it feels like a guy who just doesn’t need the bullshit around this anymore. He’s been through so much, he took a job he didn’t need and has been ridiculed for months now. I’m not going to pity him because well, he did do a garbage job, and he’s rich and successful enough for this to be just a blip on his resume, but it has to feel bad for him how it all went.

magic is no doubt an iconic figure in LA (and michigan state) sports…on the court though the thing I remember most was that whiny grimace he put on his face everytime he got called for a foul…

to be honest, there’s not a whole lot of non knick players I’ve “liked” over the years…I couldn’t stand michael jordan…

If Tottenham could beat Man City today than we can beat the Bulls…

With it being the first big match at the new stadium and the fact that Poch has a great record v Pep going back to Spain, I (as a spurs supporter since ‘04) felt pretty good about the first leg. Next week, not so much.

What a win by Dallas! It knock them down to either a 20 or 26% chance at a top 4 pick, depending on their last game. Very big for a team hoping to get their pick in 2021.

They were at 37% before this two game winning streak. Credit to them after a shameful tank job last year. They had the decency to respect Dirk’s final game more than percentage points.

there’s not a whole lot of non knick players I’ve “liked” over the years…I couldn’t stand michael jordan…

I’m with ya, Geo. I was never able to appreciate MJ, still to this day. It’s a shame.

I am guessing NO told them they weren’t dealing with Magic after his and LeBron’s power play and he was frustrated and didn’t want to hamper the franchise.

Magic doesn’t seem to think the rules should apply to him and I can understand his POV….. he’s never followed a rule in his life.

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