2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. A Team With a Lottery Pick Who Scores Even Less Efficiently Than RJ Barrett

As Zion doesn’t score at all.

The Knicks head home to keep their playoff push going by hosting the New Orleans Pelicans, but once again without the services of Julius Randle and likely with no Marcus Morris and Dennis Smith Jr., as well.

The Pelicans are actually scoring really well lately, but they’re not exactly a great team, so a win would’t be surprising for the Knicks, who are a red-hot 6-10 since Mike Miller took over coaching duties from David Fizdale last month.

Let’s go! Knicks?

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56 thoughts to “2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. A Team With a Lottery Pick Who Scores Even Less Efficiently Than RJ Barrett”

  1. Dude really needs to learn that saying nothing is a legitimate option. That goes for both Durant and Perkins.

  2. I thought it was funny the way he destroyed Perkins.

    The “whopping 2 and 3” bit was hilarious but he should have taken a queue from Costanza and left on a high note. The ongoing stuff seemed petty.

  3. i got a color tv
    so i can see
    the knicks play basketball

    watch out…national broadcast tonight…go knicks…

    i’m gonna say taking the high road ain’t really a part of KD’s makeup…

  4. Being reported that we’ve talked to the Pistons about trading for Drummond for some reason.

    Detroit is specifically looking for picks and young players, though, and the Knicks surely wouldn’t trade anything like that for a guy who’s going to be a free agent, right?


    Please say right.

  5. sadly, it’s only everyone outside of the knicks that seem to view mitchell robinson as not only a potential superstar but a legit starting center,,,

  6. My guess is they made some sort of due diligence call and shams et al are just stirring shit up for clicks but you never know with these jamokes

  7. Other GM: Hey Steve, we’d really like a vet wing for the playoffs. We think Morris would perfect-what about our 1st round pick next season, top 15 protected?

    Mills: Did you say Bobby Portis?

  8. Damning indictment of Fizdale is how much better Frank is running pick and roll than passing the ball and running to the corner.

  9. Like this unit on paper:
    Let’s see if they can play together.

  10. There is no denying that Frank is initiating a lot better than he ever has right now. He is actually beating guys off the dribble.

  11. Doris is talking sense.

    Breen, it’s not a quandary.

    Scott Perry looked like he hates this team

  12. Taj is an echo of the Riley Knicks.

    The three pointers are falling tonight. It’s a little crazy. But I thought the Pelicans should have made some noise with Zion.

    I also didn’t think much of Mitch’s defense overall tonight. Got torn apart by that second unit.

  13. Well, Brandon Ingram looks like the guy we should have traded for at some point while his value was low. Holy crap what a half.

  14. Can someone tell me why there is a lot of chatter about the Knicks trading for free agent to be Andre Drummond?

  15. This team is so bereft of talent it’s really comical.

    They are playing without their two best free agent signings. But yeah, it really is comical that they had this little talent and decided to try to make the playoffs by signing a bunch of mediocre veterans to complement their…almost completely bereft of talent roster. Mills and Perry are not good at their jobs.

  16. Ingram looks for real too. Or is the consensus that there is a regression coming?

    He looks like he’s turned the corner. Sadly, they’d match any offer sheet this offseason, because otherwise, he’d be the perfect guy for the Knicks to sign this offseason.

  17. Looks like I picked a good game to miss….

    Did you enjoy the brindisi and watching Violetta die of tuberculosis???

  18. The game wasn’t out of reach most of the time just looking at the point differential but the Knicks never gave the impression of having a chance to actually win.

  19. It was classically drawn out but the talent was unbelievable. The scene was fun too! My guess is that there’s much more cerebral librettos out there but I enjoyed it much more than I expected!

  20. It was classically drawn out but the talent was unbelievable. The scene was fun too! My guess is that there’s much more cerebral librettos out there but I enjoyed it much more than I expected!

    Puccini is the nuts in opera……

  21. Ingram does look like a superstar in the making, he seems to be figuring it out quite well.

  22. someone needs to talk to kevin about his body language…

    i like how mitch gets super pissed about getting fouls called on him, kevin starts slumping his shoulders and hanging his head…does the same when he starts missing wide open threes…

    frank’s reaction when is priceless- opens his eyes as wide as possible and appears have total non recall of the previous 30 seconds…

  23. Well, that was a game. In conclusion, Knew Your Knicks, you should watch Ikiru. Honestly, everyone should, as Ntilikilla said, watch Ikiru. Like, Citizen Kane is worth your time but Ikiru is better.

  24. Ingram is an interesting case because his shooting% numbers skyrocketed. He moved to PF this year after playing more SF previously. He hits 40% of his threes, career he’s at 35% (one previous year at 39%). More impressive, he takes 3x more threes than any other year. If his 3P% drops, his efficiency will crater. But his FT% is also up to 87% (!!) from a previous career best of 68%. So the shooting may be real.

    In other words, more important than signing Ingram is signing his shooting coach.

  25. Didn’t watch, but if we hit 33% of our threes it’s a tie. That may be asking for too much. Luckily Drummond will fix this issue.

  26. What an ugly lineup last night. Basically Rose, RJB, Afflalo, O’Quinn and Noah. Similar results, too.

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