Game Thread: Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks

Game Thread: Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks

Start Time: 12/25/2018 12:00:00

Bucks-Knicks matchup spawns some hard feelings

Madison Square Garden, home to some of the great boxing matches in the history of the sport, will be home on Tuesday to one of the NBA’s great Round Twos of the season as Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks head to New York for a Christmas Day showdown, a game that also doubles as a rematch of the Greek Freak-Mario Hezonja beef that began in a Dec. 1 game.
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  • 54 replies on “Game Thread: Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks”

    Merry Christmas to all those of you who celebrate and happy holidays to the rest.

    Happy holidays everyone, you guys are the greatest. If came as part of the package maybe the Knicks would be worth 5 billion and get sold to better management.

    Holiday cheer to all is the best group greeting. Same to all of you, thanks for making it an endurable year.

    I’m rooting for a big game from Kevin Knox and Emmanuel Mudiay today. Mud needs to be raising his trade value and Knox just needs to play more big games.

    Merry happy, all! Hope it’s a day of peace no matter what you believe in, even if it’s not an appropriated pagan feast day.

    Is anyone other than me rooting for a Hezonja dunk over Giannis?

    Followed by a punch to the nuts, that would be the best Christmas gift.

    If they would just let Knickerblogger collectively GM the Knicks would have won a championship in the past 10 years.

    Is anyone watching the game? Looks like we’re competitive again and Knox is having a pretty good game. I would SO love to have been wrong about him.

    It’s really too bad Kornet can’t shoot any better. At least we’re mostly not embarrassing ourselves on national TV. Yet.

    Honestly, I think they’re asking Frank to do things he’s not ready to do yet and it’s screwing him up.
    He should be doing: Initiate offense with pick and roll, shoot open threes, strong defense on opposing point guards.
    Fizdale needs to start running a real offense too.

    I can’t stand any lineup with THJ and Kanter anymore.

    THJ has maybe the lowest basketball IQ in the League, his shot selection is awful, and Kanter is so annoying on defense…

    Kanter is far less tolerable than TH2 IMO. You just can’t put a terrible defender out there at center.

    Bucks aren’t going to keep missing threes. They should be up 10+ by end of game.

    What a half by Vonleh! Maybe keep the great games off of national TV, Vonleh, I want the Knicks to be able to resign you!

    It’s obvious that Bud has planned for Mudiay. Brogdon has given him minimal space, which will be how teams will be playing Mudiay going forward. I wanna see how the Congo kid responds.

    I’m at my parents house with my family and my daughter has a slight fever, so she’s curled up on my lap and I can’t move and this game is on the TV that’s directly in front of my face, so I’m a captive audience to this, the first Knick game I’ve watched about 5 years.

    Man, I was so confused, cause I thought the bucks were the Knicks and the Knicks were the bucks for the first few minutes. The Knicks used to wear white at home. What?!

    It’s kind of nice to put faces to the names I’ve read about here. (Which one is Ntilikina?)

    I have to say, I feel nothing. It’s like Oakley, Mason, Camby, and Spre never existed, and that I’ve never rooted for this team before.

    Kanter is a real eyesore. The more you watch him the more he seems to suck. Just a bad team player and dumb as a brick on defense.

    He’s a decent enough athlete, he’s relatively strong and quick, so there’s no reason he should be THIS bad on the defensive end. He’s Bargs level bad on defense.

    Anyone who thinks that Emmanuel Mudiay is good at basketball, please watch a replay of this game.

    He’s not.

    howdy everyone…merry knicksmas…

    wow, mud, timmy and kanter are all stinking it up pretty bad out there today…

    hopefully we can stop turning the ball over so much the last quarter and a half…

    @30 Agree on Kanter, there’s no reason he should play like a parking cone on defense. I do like his footwork down low on offense, he’s very effective. But his overall crappy play on the rest of the court makes him a net minus.

    Do you think Fiz gives THJR and Knox the green light to shoot? 33 shots between them already

    Happy Holidays to all you Knickerbloggers. Keep making it fun and interesting here

    Merry Christmas to all of you people who keep me sane about this terrible team!

    Fizdale should stop being Frank’s personal Grinch.

    Man, I’m just beginning to realize that I really hate this team.

    Mudiay, Hardaway, and Kanter make me sick. The coach’s love for them tells me all I need to know about him. I’m not as mad at Knox and Trier but they’re clearly cut from the same mold. Noah Vonleh is the only one playing whose game I like.

    I’d like 100% less Lance Thomas please. National TV playing time isn’t gonna help us trade him if he sucks so bad.

    Everything Chauncey Billups said about Mills, Perry, “Coach Fiz”, and what they’re building here, I feel the opposite. They’re bringing Isiah back. This team is Marbury, Crawford, Curry, and Tim Thomas all over again.

    really don’t love coaching trier to treat every possession like he’s Jamal Crawford at the end of a quarter. we keep chucking him the keys like “don’t worry he’s a pretty good drunk driver.”

    Time to boost Mudiay’s ppg in garbage time, assuming he stays in.

    THJ is 4/17. Ho ho ho!

    This team is really a big pile of smoking shit.
    The glimmers of hope (Knox, Trier, Robinson, Vonleh plus maybe Frank and Kornet) are not enough for me to watch them play anymore.
    Life is hard enough without multiple weekly doses of THJ, Kanter and Lance Thomas…

    Wake me up next june.

    Doesn’t seem to bother “Coach Fiz”. He’ll keep stroking Mudiay and Hardaway even though Frank and Dotson should clearly be the ones he’s working to instill confidence in.

    How did this team get on national TV on Christmas?

    (The promoters didn’t even know who to use in the promo graphics so they went with household name Hardaway Jr.)

    How did this team get on national TV on Christmas?

    We invented the Christmas Day game and should always host one. If the country has to watch the Detroit Lions every Thanksgiving, they can deal with the Knicks, too!

    Actually, the Knicks are good for Christmas. Just be sure to schedule an opponent with a star player the league wants so feature who is sure to go off vs. the Knicks defense!

    Mission accomplished this year.

    Yeah, this is our 44th xmas day game. Solid 23-21! I like the annual second opening day reminder to the rest of the country that they aren’t missing anything.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Rough game. I was lucky enough to get to go to a Knicks game on Xmas in 2010 when the preMelo team led by STAT beat the Bulls. That was a great game and included the Landry Fields 4 point play putback.

    It’s kind of useful to have ONE Jamal Crawford type guy who can get you buckets on the second unit when most of your good scorers are on the bench. Assembling an entire TEAM of that type of player is Isiah-ball. Which is what we have going on right now.

    Kanter and hopefully Mudiay will be gone next year, but unfortunately we’re probably stuck with Tim Hardaway Jr’s stank ass until 2034 or whenever that mistake contract runs out.

    Tank is looking good doe!

    I’m really glad I skipped this one it seems… there’s only so much I can take of this garbage when I’m on vacations.

    We should have traded Mudiay already.

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