Game Thread: New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers

Start Time: 12/16/2018 17:00:00

Pacers streak into home date with Knicks

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Pacers forward Thaddeus Young pinpoints the most impressive factor in the team’s six-game winning streak is resiliency.
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  • 49 replies on “Game Thread: New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers”

    I’ve always liked Kurucs and wanted the Knicks to take a look at him with their second. Problem with him is that he’s very injury prone, or at least has been historically. Must be the water in Latvia.

    With Jabari Parker with a 20M contract and a team option for next year and him sucking mercilessly and ensconced firmly in the dog box, is there a trade to be made to clear space for next year????

    With Jabari Parker with a 20M contract and a team option for next year and him sucking mercilessly and ensconced firmly in the dog box, is there a trade to be made to clear space for next year????

    I prefer that my shitty, overrated, overhyped lottery picks on bloated “show-me” contracts come with player options.

    But then again… Carmelo Anthony v2.

    That was a Knox drive to the basket without a floater, which is a good sign for him.

    If Kanter isn’t careful this Sabonis thing is going to become a meme a la Embiid/Drummond

    @13 is it the forceful moves around the hole? Or the delicate footwork and the silky soft touch? Or perhaps the pump fakes that only a masterfully cruel tease could pull off?

    Also, it is just me or does the color of the Pacer’s arena/floor seem desaturated? It’s making me think of Minority Report for some reason.

    I like how they’re playing. They’ve been in a lot of games this year. Fiz rotations are ok by me. Mudiay looks like a player as does Knox as does Frank.

    I’m digging the headband Turner is wearing.

    Also, I’m going to be really annoyed if we win this off Kanter and Chuck.

    @23 Say what you will, but Kanter is a very generous god if you consider the points he hemorrhages to the other team ‘gifts’

    They lack consistent hustle. When they remember they are good. Too many quick shots off no movement as well. To win you need to be more consistent. Still this is a refreshing group as to hustle and an improvement

    That was very Mudiay. I think he could have passed out for an open three, but instead he took a step back jumper.

    It’s kind of funny that they were discussing Mudiay finally arriving and playing at an NBA level right as he loses the ball in a silly turnover.

    Hardaway Jr’s crossovers clearly ain’t as fluid as his dad’s. Thats twice he attempted the move and got stripped!

    What would people trade for Sabonis? I would love to get Sabonis on the Knicks. Obviously we have nothing worth trading for, but still.

    The pacers finally figured out how to play against our zone D. Did we reveal our defensive strategies too soon…or should we have played zone only from the second half?

    I think one of the deceptive things about Knox is that when he gets an open three point shot he very often swishes it beautifully….

    I sort of am starting to believe in his stroke. No reason why statistically but I can sort of see him being a 40% shooter long term. He won’t be good of course but he could be tradeable.

    when almost everyone thought that the thunder won the PG trade.
    Happy for oladipo. Liking his game since his Magic days. Still wondering why orlando traded him. He is a good playr even before.

    just caught up…if we were competitive this year I’d have a lot of Scott foster whining to do but as it stands thanks I guess. Man did indy’s Defense stand out or what? you let them smell the ball for even a second and they will just take that shit and go home.

    John Wall is about to have a monster game so prep for the trade news tomorrow

    Seems like we have the makings of a good squad. IND is really good. They have Olidipo who’s probably the best player on the floor more often than not. Knicks don’t have anyone on that level. As to role players and coaching they’re ahead too but I’m starting to like both mix and coaching. Adding another top ten pick plus getting KP back plus some money for FA’s and we may find ourselves in the top 8 this time next year.

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