Game Thread: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks

Game Thread: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks

Start Time: 12/03/2018 19:30:00

Knicks, Wizards look to build on wins

For a team that hasn’t looked all that tough this season, the New York Knicks could present a much stiffer chin when the Washington Wizards come to town on Monday night than they did before Saturday’s overtime thriller over Eastern Conference heavyweight Milwaukee.
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    Kanter’s lambasting NBA Europe for cowardice bc of an Instagram post showcasing this year’s “best” Turkish players but omitting Kanter seems… dead on?

    Big chance we turn back into a pumpkin tonight post Bucks win.

    Honestly, I think tonight turns more on the Wizards than the Knicks. They’re possibly more erratic than even the Knicks in terms of playing up and down to their competition.

    Burke’s out tonight. Fizdale said he’s not sure if his minutes will go to Frank or to Trier.

    An hour before the game and he’s not sure who will be the back-up point guard? Suuuuure.

    God that sure is pathetic from NBA Europe. I ain’t Kanter’s biggest fan but he’s better than Cedi Osman, Ersan Ilyasova, and Furkan Korkmaz combined.

    That is a bit of my concern too. This current Wizards team really reminds me of some Knick teams in the D’Antoni/Woodson era. Expected to feature in the playoff race (or at least battle for a 5-8 seed), but have sporadic form against the bottom feeders.

    I really hope things work out for Kanter someplace else- seems like a good guy even if he can’t defend the pnr.

    I really hope things work out for Kanter someplace else- seems like a good guy even if he can’t defend the pnr.

    He’ll probably get the mid-level from a decent team. I think he’ll have a decent career in the league as a back-up from a team that could use his particular set of skills. Like he would be really useful on, say, the Celtics.

    Count me as one who thinks Kanter is an exceptional person who is dealing with extremely serious geopolitical issues related to his family. In addition I like his on court demeanor and passion. I’d love to see him in orange and blue for a long time if it didn’t lead to anything too detrimental in roster building.

    there are only a few nba league pass broadcast teams I mute and even then it’s mood dependent, but nbtatv players-only is an automute

    Suffering from insomnia here, rare game I watch live. Of course Mudiay picks this one to suck horribly at the beginning

    Frank O., you are making the same point I tried to make. The Knicks have been better recently, and the improvement could be real. If so, I am happy about it, even though our draft pick will be worse. And I am not in favor of throwing everyone one away not on a cheap contract. You need good players, not just cheap ones, and getting a good pick won’t save you if the rest of your team is all from the bargain basement.

    Something I’ve been noticing about Robinson. He needs to develop additional moves for when he ends up with the ball outside the arc. He doesn’t shoot threes and he doesn’t put the ball on the floor and he doesn’t look for cutters. He just stands there looking for a way to get the ball out of his hands.

    I think we’re gonna win like 28 games and the “we should keep Mudiay” threads will look just as hilarious as the “is 5/$100m a bargain for Kanter” threads from this time last year and the “what’s a fair price for Derrick Rose” threads from the year before that

    Eh, I’m fine with playing Courtney a little before the deadline. Trading him would be a huge benefit. Remember, we can get a first round pick whenever we want 😉

    I mean you better not be loitering in front of the plate because that sucker is coming OUT

    I don’t love this rule about the one FT and possession. What’s the reasoning behind it? It seems like it just slows things down.

    Maybe a pump fake?
    Maybe use your left when your right is exposed?
    Maybe don’t telegraph you finish?
    Maybe pass?

    The Wiz clearly saw some film and have blocked you several times now

    Kanter has definitely been a more willing passer this year. Someone link to a gif of where Mudiay was standing when oubre dunked that backdoor cut.

    Knicks have 11 assists so far, which is a good rate, and Kanter, Mudiay, Hardaway and Knox each have two. They are not the usual suspects.

    Is Mudiay on pace to set the single game record for having shots blocked in a game? I think he’s at 4 so far.

    If you didn’t see the score listening to the Wizards announcers, Morris is playing great, Beale is dominating and Oubry is doing so much damage. And Wall? He just sees things no one else sees.
    But then there is the score…

    I think Fizzy read all the tanksters on this blog today and decided to roll with Mario and just took the ball from Trier, Dotson and Vonleh…

    I’m so thankful that Mudiay never lets the bullish posters sit with a good performance. Gotta follow up those career games by steering the tank back where we want it.

    I start paying attention and the Knicks start playing like the Generals. #gotank
    Is it me or is Hezonja just a bit too cocky considering his results

    There is a funny quote on dead spin. Back when Mario was playing in Europe a reporter asked him if he would want to go see Messi.
    Mario responded saying Messi should go see him.

    …yes, THAT ridiculous…

    Mudiay attempting the rare feat of being beaten back door by every member of the opposing team, so far has wall, Beal, oubre

    Courtney is sending a clear message to the NBA:
    If you need a modestly decent, undersized deuce to fill out the back of your bench, he’s your guy.

    Yeah, Mudiay still ain’t good. He had been shooting well, that was the biggest thing.

    I love Clyde: “he was just standing too close to his elbow…”

    Denver/Toronto is a one point game with a minute left. This is a public service announcement.

    I can’t watch the game. I am only following the box score. How does Lee look?

    Gotta love Fiz coming out to put his arm around Lee after that miss.

    You have to give Mudiay credit for always committing to scoring in the fourth. That really is something.

    At 6’5 you can’t dunk that?????

    Trying to guess who this is about. Lee? Mudiay? Frank? Trier?

    Mudiay in the fourth is a whole other type of creature. It’s fascinating. About to cut it to a 5-point game.

    OK, I can’t help laughing. A 12-0 run. This team is at least entertaining.

    I know Wall hit that 3, but I really hate his game. I wouldn’t trade Dotson for him straight up, never mind the salaries.

    Boy, that game really showed you why the Wizards want to sell off their entire team.

    I still love that Fiz tried to pretend that he wasn’t sure whether Frank would play tonight. Too funny.


    Do they still want to? I really think Ernie Grunfeld is the one GM in the league we can trust to make the wrong decision every time, so he probably saw this win as a sign of things looking up, let’s keep the band together.

    Do they still want to? I really think Ernie Grunfeld is the one GM in the league we can trust to make the wrong decision every time, so he probably saw this win as a sign of things looking up, let’s keep the band together.

    I think they want to, but the offers aren’t really there, so they’ll probably end up standing still and getting, like, the #8 seed at 37-45.

    Watching the Nuggets/Raptors, it is fascinating just how mediocre most teams’ benches are. The Nuggets are a pretty good team and their bench is relatively awful.

    Can’t remember who asked some weeks ago, but the question was, what team WOULDN’T you change places with?

    Washington is definitely on the list.

    It’s remarkable he’s lasted this long. That’s a lot of mileage for a 6’0″ PG who relied on blazing change-of-direction speed when he was at his peak’s peak.

    One of my favorite single-game clips. Just hard to imagine the guy doing this stuff at 35. Stockton was still good, so there’s a precedent for elite PGs being great in their late 30s, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with that contract right now.

    Also, Jokic probably tops my list of guys I’d like to have seen on the 2013 Spurs.

    Yeah, it seems Melo is gone for good and there’s no interest in the league… good riddance.

    Millsap being healthy has been a huge boost for the Nuggets, nobody is talking much about him but he’s been excellent.

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