Game Thread: New York Knicks at Toronto Raptors

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Toronto Raptors

Start Time: 11/10/2018 15:00:00

Knicks-Raptors Preview

TORONTO — The Toronto Raptors completed a four-game sweep of a Western swing for the first time in history Wednesday when they defeated the Sacramento Kings.
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  • 53 replies on “Game Thread: New York Knicks at Toronto Raptors”

    Philly and Toronto might both be better than Boston. Take that Brad Stevens!

    This is a weird trade, I like Saric and Covington and I really don’t know who won it. The Sixers defense will be insane and if Butler is healthy and willing there’s no reason to think they won’t be better, as much as they’ll miss the depth, and it’s a decent return for Minnesota as I like Saric quite a bit and Covington is solid depth at least, and he’s an upgrade to Wiggins. Both teams got something they wanted out of this deal.

    Wow. The Atlantic Division is getting fierce. God forbid we ever get good.

    I would have been more inclined to give up Fultz than Saric & Covington but who knows if Minny wanted him.

    I don’t actually don’t think the Sixers defense will improve much. Covington is a fantastic defender. Fultz makes little sense in this team, so unless they really love his future compared to market perception they should really trade him for more shooting.

    Saric was good last year but has otherwise been bad, but he’s still young, so maybe he turns out okay. Covington is a good player on a good contract, but he’s 28 so he pretty much is what he is. Jimmy Butler is an asshole but he’s by far the best player in the deal.

    I’m not sure how much this helps the Sixers either. Shooting is really their weakness and Saric and Covington provided a lot of their shooting last year, in fact over 1/3 of their three-point shooting was from those two. Butler is an incredible player but defensively he is only a small upgrade on Covington, he is not much of a shooter and with the amount, Simmons and Embiid dominate the ball I see a reduction in usage for him. The Sixers got better but I don’t know by how much and also got older and Butler might simply jet after this season.

    Philly could really use Courtney Lee imho.

    Courtney Lee for Wilson Chandler straight up makes sense to me.

    Markelle Fultz is 3 months older than Frank Ntilikina. Keep that in mind.

    You could at least imagine a deal where the Sixers go on give Fultz, Chandler and Muscala for Love if he comes back healthy. Love’s contract is scary taking him through age 34, but he does fit well with their team.

    you guys would feel much better about photos of KP sprinting if you could sit them next to photos of me sprinting. and mine would have a buffet in them

    ha, that was funny chrisko…

    thibs can thank himself for the 4 and 9 start by the wolves…hard headed guy…

    nice to see the balance of power (other than the warriors) coming back east…

    boston might be the third or fourth best team in the east now…

    Is there a basketball player in the NBA more suited for a city with a chip on its shoulder as big as Philadelphia? Butler is perfect for them, personality wise. And what an upgrade Embiid and Simmons are from Towns and Wiggins.

    Man, the East now. 4 really good teams.

    And one underrated aspect of the Sixers: if Philly renounces all of their FAs next summer except Butler they’ll have 21 million cap space, and potentially even close to a max slot if they give up on Fultz. They can really add some great depth or make a move to add another star.

    with 5.1 seconds left in OT the Redwings beat the Rangers 3-2. Literally the only 10 seconds of hockey I have watched in the past decade.

    on brave ol army team…it’s amazing the difference a really good coaching staff can make…

    still though comes down to being able to identify and recruit talent…which, a good coaching staff needs to play a big part in…

    fiz definitely has shown a smooth hand so far with dealing with players…

    haven’t looked at the numbers, but, seems like we’re playing better defense???

    it’ll be interesting to see how the offense develops…

    Sweet baby, that was so nice. I don’t want to watch anymore of this game, Frank already made me happy.

    It’s very early, so the Knicks might very well pull this off, but that really is the sign of a good team that the Raptors played as poorly as possible and still ended the quarter tied.

    Yeah, the refs have been pretty uneven in terms of what they’re calling and what they’re not. They let a bunch of stuff go in the first. I’m pretty hungover though, so while the whistles are super annoying I’m enjoying the extra breaks.

    Why would mudiay put that shot with 8 seconds on the clock. He is the lowest iq player… the guy can’t hit layups.

    This will end up being another valiant effort where the Knicks come up just short.

    If we’re on a sliding scale, an 18 point deficit after the 3rd could be called “just short.” I’m fine with that.

    I just got in, but cannot get LP to do an audio or video stream. Anyone else having a problem?

    if you’d never watched a game before today, it would be impossible to tell whether any particular raptor was better than any other raptor

    I really want a counting stat for stupid plays. Like, I feel like Mudiay’s stupid/not stupid ratio is improving but it’d be nice to have proof. Doesn’t need to be super fine grained, a pass/fail per possession would be sufficient. Did so-and-so make a stupid play this possession? If so, count it. Subdivide for offense and defense. Call it FUPP, fuck ups per possession.

    What’s lp?

    The overpriced thing with local blackouts that people used before VPNs became cheap and fast and Reddit had amazing subs with links to all sorts of wonderful moving pictures in real-time.

    FUPP, fuck ups per possession.

    Fuck Ups Counting Tally

    Yes, FUCT is much better. Good work.

    I refuse to believe that the Knicks aren’t the worst team in the league

    I really thought today was the day for Frank to grab his second offensive rebound. Especially after Knox got his second assist.

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