Knicks Morning News (2018.09.12)

  • [NYDN] Navy’s ‘Harpy Daniels’ is the drag queen of the sea — with hopes to inspire
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:00:00 AM)

    Navy sailor Joshua Kelly has taken the definition of a nautical star to the next level — he is the drag queen of the sea.

    The 24-year-old sailor, who uses the drag name “Harpy Daniels,” is stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan at Yokosuka, Japan and working as an administration supervisor, but that…

  • [NYDN] Andrea Barber thankful ‘Fuller House’ has finally gotten ‘validation’ — and she’s found peace with people who thought Kimmy Gibbler was annoying
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:00:00 AM)

    The first three seasons of “Fuller House” were a blend of old and new for Andrea Barber.

    The spinoff series reunited the actress with her longtime “Full House” co-stars and allowed her to reprise her classic role of Kimmy Gibbler — a character that came back to her so naturally, she chalks it up…

  • [NYDN] The road to Albany goes through this Hell’s Kitchen dive bar
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:00:00 AM)

    The road to Albany goes through a Hell’s Kitchen dive bar best known for serving free hot dogs to day drinkers who couldn’t care less that they’re a 10-minute walk from Times Square.

    “I’d say every politician in New York has been here,” according to Danny Depamphilis, who started bartending at…

  • [NYDN] Dems battle Trump — and each other — in Thursday primaries
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 2:55:00 AM)

    ALBANY – For Democrats in New York, the fight this campaign season has not only been about making the state a firewall against President Trump, but also an intraparty battle for control of the “heart and soul” of the Democratic party. New York on Thursday has Democratic primaries for governor,…

  • [NYDN] Trump and his flunkies: Why aren’t staffers standing up to him?
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 2:00:00 AM)

    On this particular day, the architect had come to Donald Trump’s office to show him what the interior of the residential elevator cabs would look like.

    Trump looked at the panels where the buttons you push to reach a floor were located. He noticed that next to each number were some little dots.

  • [NYDN] Support Nixon, and subways for all
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 2:00:00 AM)

    Thursday, Cynthia Nixon appears on the ballot in the Democratic gubernatorial primary against Gov. Cuomo.

    Nixon’s positions — from climate change to universal health care, legalizing marijuana to campaign finance reform — speak for themselves.

    I support her for reasons rarely in the headlines….

  • [NYDN] Underground censors: Why you probably won’t see the Nike-Kaepernick ad on the subways
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 1:10:00 AM)

    Perhaps you’ve heard: Nike and Colin Kaepernick have teamed up to create a potent advertising campaign, a defiant political statement applauding the former NFL quarterback for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police killings of unarmed black men.

    You can see it in magazines, on television…

  • [NYDN] Lest they be judged: New York’s terribly undemocratic process for picking the people who sit on the benches
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 1:05:00 AM)

    The state Constitution stupidly decrees that New York City Civil Court judgeships are elected positions, with party nominees selected in open primaries to run for the 10-year terms.

    Worse than having judges win in tiny-turnout races — merit-based appointments are far smarter — is having them coast…

  • [NYDN] Foul air in Washington: Trump’s EPA lets methane leaks loose
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 1:00:00 AM)

    If carbon dioxide from tailpipes and power plants is public enemy No. 1 in the war on climate change, then stinky methane, each ton with the global-warming power of 25 tons of CO2, ranks high on the most-wanted list.

    And fart jokes aside, no industry generates more of it than the drillers and refiners…

  • [NYDN] Readers sound off on Mario Cuomo Bridge, the NFL and first responders
    (Wednesday, September 12, 2018 12:00:00 AM)

    Nixon’s wrong on the Cuomo bridge

    Manhattan: I find it embarrassingly shameful that Cynthia Nixon has launched into a tirade about the recent events at the new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (“Gov: Delay ‘coincidence,’ ” Sept. 10). Taking an aging structure that was long overdue to collapse while opening…

  • [NYDN] Victor Cruz wants to retire a member of the Giants: ‘I do plan on making it happen’
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 10:15:00 PM)

    Victor Cruz wants to salsa dance his way back to East Rutherford and retire a Giant.

    “I do plan on reaching out and going there and making it happen for sure,” Cruz told the Daily News on Tuesday of his intentions to sign a traditional one-day contract with Big Blue. “I’ve just been all over the…

  • [NYDN] Jacob deGrom suffers another loss despite setting an MLB record that had stood for over a century
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 10:10:00 PM)

    After two straight days of rain stalled his start, Jacob deGrom finally took the mound Tuesday. But it was never going to matter, really, the day or the weather forecast or even the opponent. The Mets did what they always do, which was send their ace and Cy Young candidate to the showers without…

  • [NYDN] Sonny Gray’s spot start doesn’t pan out like his last one as Twins put up 10-spot on Yankees, whose AL wild-card lead is dwindling
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:55:00 PM)

    The Yankees have to hope that extra rest they were gifting to Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Severino pays off in a big way.

    Their plan to give Sonny Gray a spot start Tuesday in an effort to spell their top arms backfired when the Twins piled on in a 10-5 victory. With Oakland winning earlier in the…

  • [NYDN] Mehta: Sam Darnold era is just beginning, but Jets’ decision to trade up already looks like it could go down as the best move in franchise history
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:55:00 PM)

    Just outside the winning locker room Monday night, Chris Darnold had tears in her eyes, Michael Darnold had a smile as wide as the ocean… and their son had the same steady demeanor that he has had for as long as they can remember.

    Sam Darnold had just won his first NFL game in the most unusual…

  • [NYDN] SEE IT: Staten Island hit-and-run driver slams into woman, pulls into reverse and drives off
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:30:00 PM)

    A callous driver slammed into a woman as she crossed a Staten Island street, then pulled into reverse and left her on the pavement, cops said Tuesday.

    Police released video of the Sept. 5 crash, and are asking the public’s help finding the driver.

    The video shows the woman slowly walking along…

  • [NYDN] MGM offers deal to victims it’s suing over Las Vegas mass shooting liability
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:15:00 PM)

    LAS VEGAS — MGM Resorts International drew criticism Tuesday for saying hundreds of survivors of the Las Vegas mass shooting, who are being sued by the casino operator, could opt to have the money that will be used to serve them a lawsuit instead donated to a charity.

    The company in July sued more…

  • [NYDN] Daily Horoscope — September 12, 2018
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:00:00 PM)

    Via Tarot Astrologers

    General Horoscope for September 12, 2018

    Just when we think we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole as far as possible, the bottom gives way to reveal more layers of unexplored realms. The suddenness of change is exciting when alluring Venus opposes astonishing Uranus. Meanwhile,…

  • [NYDN] Chairman of gubernatorial campaign arrested for allegedly stealing $500G from his job
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 8:45:00 PM)

    NORWALK, Conn. — Kyle Lyddy, the chairman of independent gubernatorial candidate Oz Griebel’s campaign, has been arrested on a larceny charge.

    Norwalk police say Lyddy, 31, of Danbury, was charged after a monthlong investigation with misappropriating $500,000 from the company where he worked. Police…

  • [NYDN] U.S. judge strikes down California ban on handgun ads
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 8:40:00 PM)

    SAN FRANCISCO — A U.S. judge on Tuesday struck down a nearly century-old California law that banned handgun ads at gun shops, saying the state failed to show it would prevent suicides or crime.

    The 1923 law banned any handgun ads at gun shops that were visible from outside the store. State officials…

  • [NYDN] Trump Education Department civil rights head re-opens discrimination case brought by Zionist group against Rutgers University: report
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 8:35:00 PM)

    The Education Department’s new civil rights head has re-opened a discrimination case against Rutgers University brought by a Zionist group that the Obama administration closed four years ago — essentially changing the definition of anti-Semitism on campuses, according to a New York Times report.

  • [NYDN] Jimmy Carter: To beat Trump, Democrats cannot scare off moderates
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 8:25:00 PM)

    ATLANTA — Former President Jimmy Carter sees little hope for the U.S. to change its human rights and environmental policies as long as Donald Trump is in the White House, but he has a warning for his fellow Democrats looking to oust the current administration: Don’t go too far to the left.


  • [NYDN] One person dead in shooting outside Las Vegas high school
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 8:10:00 PM)

    One person was shot and killed near a Las Vegas high school Tuesday afternoon, police said.

    The shooting took place at around 2:40 p.m. local time on the athletic fields near Canyon Springs High School. There were less than 500 students participating in athletics and after-school activities at…

  • [NYDN] Author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ arrested for murdering her husband
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 8:03:00 PM)

    Life has apparently imitated art for one romance writer.

    In a twist of irony so devious it would have turned Agatha Christie green with envy, Oregon chef Daniel Brophy was found shot to death nearly seven years after his wife of 27 years penned an essay titled “How to Murder Your Husband.”


  • [NYDN] Florida Gov. Rick Scott flew by private jet during campaign bus tour
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 6:30:00 PM)

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s bus tour took to the air when the Senate candidate took a private jet to a meeting Tuesday instead of a shuttle as one would expect.

    Scott, who is running against incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, was traveling from a hearing of the Clemency Board in Tallahassee…

  • [NYDN] Accused serial ‘Dine-and-Dash Dater’ confronted by his alleged victims in court, hears how he ‘humiliated’ them
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 6:16:00 PM)

    He allegedly dined and dashed during dates with at least 10 unsuspecting women – and prosecutors want him served with a lengthy jail sentence.

    Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, 45, appeared for his preliminary hearing in a Pasadena, Calif., courtroom Tuesday and furiously scribbled notes as multiple women…

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis lands in SI’s Top 100 NBA Players of 2019
    (Tuesday, September 11, 2018 11:59:02 AM)

    As the new NBA season creeps closer and closer by the day, Sports Illustrated began to release their Top 100 players for the 2018-19 season. And one New York Knicks player has fallen on the list.

  • 7 replies on “Knicks Morning News (2018.09.12)”

    Luol Deng really made a lot of money for someone who was never particularly good. As dumb as the Noah contact was I think Dengs may have been even dumber

    If there’s one thing I can definitively say about Kobe, it’s that he would get all up in your space, assert his alpha-male dominance, and have his way with you no matter what you did about it. He was relentless and didn’t stop until he got what he wanted.

    Oh, and he was pretty good at basketball too.

    I read & heard something today that mentioned a “reporter in the know at the NY Daily News” said he’s actually going to be ready for opening day. I would consider it unreliable but hopeful.

    The only reason that I bring it up is that the other message in that was about how delaying signing him to an extension until the summer will save the Knicks $10 in cap space for 2019/20. Does anyone know anything about that?

    I saw some photos that suggested he was already taking jump shots (actually jumping and shooting). It looked more like he was working on his game than just getting shots up.

    After he was examined by doctors, his trainer suggested he would be ready by opening day. It sounded like as ACL injuries go, he had the best possible prognosis. But he also suggested the team may not want him to play so quickly even if he’s ready.

    I think they are going to err on the side of caution and continue working on his body so he becomes less likely to get injured again (especially the other knee). They aren’t going anywhere this year anyway.

    So why push it?

    One the flip side, I said from day one if they are serious about attracting a major talent next year, they are going to have to prove he’s still healthy and able to play. When he’s back the team will have to be reasonably competitive down the stretch. Someone like Kyrie is going to have to say to himself, ” If they add me and Knox, KP, Frank etc.. make some progress we can make some noise in the weak east in 2019/20″.

    If someone can say that with a straight face based on what we see down the stretch in 2018/19, they can sign someone serious.

    Jowels, are you sure it was the face, that he would get all up in?


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