2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Sixers

Why are they playing so many darn games in so few days?

Let’s go, Nick Van Exel!

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Guys, we have a realistic chance of catching the Nets or the Kings in the tank race if we keep losing. We’re 2 1/2 ahead of both now and the Nets have a back to back with Chicago, who as we know, valiantly refuses to win. And Sacramento plays Phoenix and Memphis.

It really does come down to us doing our part. The biggest challenge will be losing to the Magic at home, which will require a Mudiay-an effort. But we can do it!

I was watching the Sixers feed and they mentioned that the Knicks brass is encouraging Frank to play lots of pick-up ball over the summer. There’s Knicks player development for you- rather than coming up with an actual training plan for the guy they’ll just send him over to Rucker. Maybe they should have him watch all of the And 1 Mixtapes while they’re at it.


Frank’s gonna get really good by beating me off the dribble

In order to improve offensively, Frank needs to be able to get his pointz, which is largely what pick-up ball is all about. A guard that can’t score isn’t a good thing.

That the training staff is introducing creative components like this into his development shows that they’re adaptive and generative as needed. That’s a good thing. In education, we call that differentiated instruction, which represents the apex of acceptable practice in many American public schools.

In addition too playing pick-up, they’ll also probably have him do his strength, fitness and skills work this summer as well.

the Knicks brass is encouraging Frank to play lots of pick-up ball over the summer. …
rather than coming up with an actual training plan for the guy they’ll just send him over to Rucker

That’s actually great. The guy is way too polite and calculating. Playing at Rucker would help.

The guy can’t shoot or dribble at an NBA level- at least for a point. Fixing those things should be the first thing on the agenda. His lack of aggressiveness is a minor problem compared to those two.

I can see the argument. He’s only ever played professional ball and doesn’t know how to freelance, how to operate outside of a strict system. I’d be happier if he just spent time shooting. Learn to hit open 3’s consistently, learn to finish in the lane. That seems a more pressing issue tbh.

The thought that our lottery pick needs to go play some pickup ball to hone his skills is, uh, pretty cringeworthy. He’s already in the NBA, it’s kind of a little late to learn how to play.

The oversimplification of everything Knicks is starting to get annoying. Pick up ball for NBA players is Pro AM, like the Drew League where DeMar DeRozan, Nick Young, and James Harden always play. Or if they actually mean pick up ball, at KP’s apartment complex in midtown there’s a training program ran by former Knicks’ staffer Chris Brickley call Black Ops Basketball (where the famed Hoodie Melo meme came from). Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, James Harden, Kenneth Faried, Donovan Mitchell, CJ McCollum, and a couple other pros run pick up games there during the summer. Chris Brickley is also Frank Ntilikina’s personal trainer, so they could be encouraging him to go play pick up ball against Russ and James Harden. Having that ability to go one-on-one in a street ball environment would help him hone his skills and develop creativity that you probably can’t develop in a team setting. Everything Knicks doesn’t have to be stupid.

Frank desperately needed time in the G-League this year. He could have worked on all those things he needs to improve the same way that Trey Burke did. I mean, what’s the purpose of the G-League if it isn’t to develop raw 19yo’s?

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