2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Clippers

I think we all know that what has to happen tonight is that Tim Hardaway Jr. and Trey Burke will score a bunch of points in a win and Doc Rivers will say, “I must go to the Knicks to coach these awesome guards!”

Seriously, though, the Clippers have been playing well, so this will likely not go well for the Knicks.

I look forward to seeing Round 2 of O’Quinn vs. Boban!

Let’s go, Jayson Nix!

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Travis Wear still exists and he’s been signed to a 10 day contract by the Lakers.

I’m at the game. Got tickets mad cheap in the 300s, treated a few students that work in the office I work in on campus (typical Angelinos – they’re running late to the game, lol). Light-up Wristband Night, fwiw. Lots of Knicks gear reppin.

I fully expect Lou Williams to roast us, btw.

I know he’s past his prime, but I really enjoy seeing Teodosic play.

DeAndre is fucking us up. Very active around the hoop, bullying Enes and just jammed home the alley.

I mean, poor Kanter, there’s no way in hell he’s going to be able to hang with DeAndre “not valuable on offense because he only dunks” Jordan.

Yeah JK you right – I dont get to watch Knick games like I’d want to, so this is one of the few times I get to watch. He needs to tighten up that handle, bc if he can learn to drive confidently, it’ll diversify the offense.

Damn that’s 3 fouls on Frank. And he hesitated on that 3 attempt.

Nice and1 by MB-Easy.

With my naked eye, it seems like the Clips’ players are overall better ball-handlers.

That DJ dunk was just as nasty in person as you saw on your tv or computer screen.

So when is Boban going to get to play?

Cdiggy, does Mudiay’s shot look as broken in person as it does on TV?

Clash- Mudiay looks the part of an athletic, fluid point guard. But then he pulls up for a J and… well… um…

I think Mudiay thinkshe can create separation to get his shot off. And he kinda can, but Steph Curry he ain’t. Hell, he not even Dame Lilliard or Trey Burke…

The Suns also came close to beating OKC but then tanked their way out of the W.

I think the 1st place in the tankathon will very probably go to Memphis, I don’t see them winning a single game with this roster. They’re starting Mario Chalmers!!!!! Orlando and Memphis play tomorrow, should be the worst game the league has ever seen.

That’s 2 str8 possessions where Mudiay was a complete WTF with the ball.

th2 would be better if he didn’t think he has to shoot so many threes….


Yes, THAT Austin Rivers.
FARTDOG lives.

Not one of Frank’s better games.
I needed him to stay in front of Lou Will on that last Clipper possession, and he str8 lost the ball on that last trip.

Was that Troy Williams with that pump fakeout and monster dunk???

Sheesh… even when Mudiay makes a good drive to the basket, he still can’t make the shot.

Good loss coming. Complete meltdown after leading at the half.
This team…..

Huge game for the tank next. We play Sacramento at home, so hopefully Buddy Hield, De’Aaron Fox, and Willy Cauley Stein look unbeatable against us.

Sacramento did beat the Nets and we’re about as bad as they are, it’s definitely possible.

Has anybody seen the Jimmy Butler tweets? No wonder he and Thibs go along so well

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