2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bucks

The Knicks travel to Milwaukee for a very important game for a number of reasons.

1. If the Knicks can beat the Bucks on the road, that means that they’ll likely win just enough games so that they won’t be sellers at the trade deadline.

2. If Kyle O’Quinn impresses the Bucks, the Bucks might be interested in trading for him.

3. Jabari Parker returns tonight, and if he plays well, then that changes a lot of things in the NBA, including making Parker a possible trade option for teams at the deadline.

Okay, I guess just three things, but still, it’s an important game!

Let’s go? Knicks?

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Anecdotally but the Knicks have really been getting beat up lately.

Whoa-didn’t realize Jabari was back.

I’m trying to understand the knicks obsession with playing Lance Thomas, would totally rather see Dotson get burn

The Knicks can say they are not tanking, but the minutes being given to Jack and LT suggest otherwise.

I’m guessing #7 is irony! Frank 3/3, 2 assists, 0 turnovers.

@9 – I’ve been yelling at my set all night to get Thomas and Jack off the floor!

I don’t understand Jack getting so many minutes at this point.

I understood it early in the season. He was the best PG on the team and they were going slow with Frank. At this stage though, it’s not clear to me he’s better than Burke. That’s not even an endorsement of Burke. It’s too soon to know about him. But at least he’s young, already signed on for next year, and at least close to jack if not better.

At this point Burke and Frank should be getting more minutes even if they are still driven to compete hard and not tank.

Seriously, the Bucks could really use a Kanter or OQ. Kanter is like a man among children against them on the boards.

Even KP has 5!

I don’t know who the Bucks would give up to get O’Quinn. Maybe Jabari? He has an expiring contract and coming off of a bad injury. I’m cool on that too.

Kanter on the Bucks would be interesting, but they didn’t seem to appreciate Greg Monroe, who is a similar sort of player

Jabari for O’Quinn straight up works in the trade machine. I think it would make Milwaukee a better team, not hurt the Knicks and give the Knicks more options for next year. But this year we would probably be worse, ehich would be ok

I’m only casually following the game. How is Jabari Parker looking? The stat line looks pretty good.

If this goes on much longer, Milwaukee will give the Knicks Parker and multiple first rounders for Kanter! 14 rebounds in 24 minutes.
The Bucks have 20 rebounds total.
More rebounds than the top 3 Bucks combined…

These are the kinds of games that make me think Hardaway should ideally be a 6th man off the bench like Crawford. His shooting is bit too volatile to depend on him as a starter. As a 6th man, if he’s hot you can just go with it. He’ll win games for you. If he’s not, you can yank him before he shoots you out of the game with his aggressiveness. On this team, we are so bad, he has to play to help us score, but long term we may be better off with him on the bench.

Update. Kanter has 16 rebounds (did he just play the entire 3rd quarter?), the same as the top 4 Bucks!

Frank has looked really good while I’ve been watching, but he has that bad habit of making lazy passes. Those passes probably didn’t lead to TOs in Europe, but these guys are way better. He has to be more careful and crisp.

Yeah, Frank has warmed up, but those soft passes! He needs some arm strength, I guess.

Is it just me, or does every single NBA game get chippy now? It’s getting stupid. Refs need to lock it down.

That’s usually when KP falls on the floor like that. Man, we just don’t get boards when Kanter’s out.

Seems like two tired teams playing. Weird. Maybe the refs have thrown them both off?

Bucks Live post game reporter Steve Novak says the Bucks just need to trust each other

Timmy got beat up over a couple games, landed on his head, and has shot like pure dogshit since then-maybe let him take a few off?

You know when they say good shooters don’t get deterred if they are missing. They just keep shooting. Someone should tell Hardaway they weren’t talking about him. 🙂

Man I wish we had a real superstar on our team for once.

Thank god we lost

blow this team up for the love of all that is holy

Big picture it’s for the best, but we haven’t run a final shot play that was good in like seven year.

Timmy’s 1-14 (0-9 from three) makes me wonder what is the worst shooting performance in Knicks history.

Tank update: Knicks lost. Charlotte and LA won. We gained a game on each! I think the Knicks might be tied for 10th and only a game up on LA.

It sucks losing because we clearly should have won. But we hung with a young team that’s a couple of years ahead of us rebuilding, on their court. That gets us one game closer to when management will throw in the towel on a playoff run and the vets will be OK coming off the bench to let the younger players play. Hopefully, we’ll find a good deal to move someone and get there faster.

Lakers won too and Jazz crushing the Suns. Mitchell with 29 pts in 2.5 quarters, ouch.

Gerald Wilkins went 0-13 in a win once. Every so often he would score 20 for like four straight games and I’d be sure he’d finally put it together.

The highest I see us getting is 8. Of course, #7 is when your odds of breaking into the top 3 double from 9% to 18%, which would be typical Knicks fare, especially if the #7 this year jumped into the top 3.

Ah, Gerald Wilkins. Yeah, he was wildly inconsistent.

Yeah, getting to #7 would be real tough. Need that pick swap with Cleveland.

The good and bad of Kanter was summed up perfectly in this game.

He was a beast on the boards and scored efficiently. On the last play, they ran a P&R right at him, got him to switch onto Giannis, game over. It’s hard to keep him off the court when you can’t rebound without him, but leaving him on the court when you need a stop is suicidal. He’s one of the worst defenders in the league in situations like that. I think I’d rather have Lance out there and pray we get the rebound if they miss.

Tied for 10th after tonight 8-). Sell, sell, sell and let’s see how low we can go.

Tied for 10th after tonight 8-). Sell, sell, sell and let’s see how low we can go.

Charlotte is starting to play better. Batum is playing really well again. They can catch us. It’s going to be tough for anyone else to catch us because they are below us and worse. Maybe LA can catch us if they stay healthy.

Without Kyle O’Quinn and Courtney Lee, this is a Knicks team that does little in terms of playing winning basketball. If we move one of those guys we will plummet unless Dotson and Hernangomez are already productive players on an every night basis.

Just for the record, Batum is playing like he wants to get traded very badly. He had a triple double the other night and had 31 points on 18 shots with 9 rebounds tonight. Let’s hope Perry/Mills are not watching Charlotte games. I mean, I always liked him as a player, but that contract is a killer even if we sent Noah away as part of the deal.

Without Kyle O’Quinn and Courtney Lee, this is a Knicks team that does little in terms of playing winning basketball. If we move one of those guys we will plummet unless Dotson and Hernangomez are already productive players on an every night basis.

I still think Willy is going to be productive off the bench if he gets enough minutes to get comfortable and cut down on TOs/fouls. Then again, I think Noah is still going to be productive on the boards, defensively, and making plays off the bench for someone else if we buy him out and he gets a chance to play.

But yeah, Frank just needs more time and he’ll be better than Mitchell… right.

Right now, Mitchell is the vastly superior player. Frank will never be the player Mitchell is on offense, but Mitchell will never be the player Frank is going to be on defense. The question is how much can Frank close the gap on offense over the next 2 years (he’s 2 years younger) so that they are different in details but similar all around.

IMO, he’s very likely to be a very good 3 and D guy and good playmaker. He makes loads of very good plays already and he’s only playing PG for a few months. It’s what he can do scoring off the dribble that’s a big question mark on offense. I also think that ultimately, with his his height and length, he will be a better rebounder than Mitchell and collect a few triple doubles along the way. Mitchell will have fewer double doubles and triple doubles but way way more big nights scoring.

The crazy thing is even if the Knicks keep Kanter and Hernangomez going into next season, I’m 100% on board with drafting Wendell Carter. I just want to be picking as low as possible with the young guys getting a bunch 0f minutes. Lee and Jack are #1 and #4 in minutes played. That’s terrible.

got him to switch onto Giannis, game over.

Giannis can’t shoot at all and there’s like 8 guys in the NBA who can guard him.

Giannis can’t shoot at all and there’s like 8 guys in the NBA who can guard him.

I agree that Giannis is a great player and very few people (if any) can stop him. But it’s still a huge error to have one of the worst P&R defenders in the NBA on the court when you need a stop and the other team is almost certain to run a play to exploit him because they know it too. They needed someone out there that at least had some hope of preventing him from getting to the hoop. Let him beat us with a jumper. Wally was probably right in the post game analysis. He said they probably should not have switched. KP should have gone under the pick. I think he tried, but it never should have come to that. Kanter should not have been on the court. It was a low probability scenario for us.

Timmy 1-14 , 0-9 from behind the arc – Ouch!

Agree Kanter should not have been on the court on that last play. He can’t guard that at all.

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