2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nets

The Great “Oh, We Get To Host the Grammys? Fuck the Knicks, Then!” Road Trip of 2018 begins today with a short trip to Brooklyn for the first MLK Day Game not at the Garden in thirty years. It’s annoying, but hey, I guess hosting the Grammys is a huge get for MSG. If it goes well, though, does that mean that that they’ll skip MLK Day games at the Garden going forward? That would suck.

Anyhow, the Knicks host the Nets in a game that would be very helpful for the Knicks to lose, considering draft position, but don’t worry, the Knicks will make sure to win just enough games to finish, like, #12, so they’ll almost certainly win today.

Let’s go! Knicks?

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Such a dumb team. Dumb owner. Dumb franchise.
Clyde is the only redeeming feature of this mess. I can’t imagine watching the knicks without him being there to keep me sane and interested.

Hornacek should be fired at half time for playing baker over Dotson or burke

So burke already has the #1 knick play down. Pass up open 3 for contested long 2. That should earn him some pt.

holy cow – trey can actually handle the ball…defintely useful to have one of those kind of guys on your team…

Willy is playing well (except for that ft). Kanter really kills pace and ball movement, huh?

You can tell what a great player baker is by the way his hair flops all around, indicating lots of jumping up and down and arm waving.

I’m fine with wins if its with the young guys. Just need to get rid of Lee and let Dot play.

I suspect Burke playing will give us exactly the necessary amount of wins to be go from 6th place in the lottery to 9th.

He better start taking minutes from Jack or this will be annoying as hell.

Edit: it does seem he’s taking Jack’s place so far, which is what should be happening.

I think Frank dunked on a fast break already in another game, but that was nice.

Play Burke and Frank 24 mpg each at the point for the rest of the season and see what happens.

In my later years, I’d prefer NOT to be known as Mr. Whammy.

that was too funny…

I don’t know, i’m only 50 something and I can already feel my self-restraint slipping away…

Burke will be starting by February. It’s pathetic how he provided in a few minutes what all the other pgs consistently couldn’t since October.

Yeah, it’s one thing if other people refer to you as Mr. Whammy, but it is another thing entirely to wear an actual shirt identifying you as Mr. Whammy.

It’s plainly obvious that KP needs more rest! He looked dead on that last Nets putback. Hornacek is just dense.

What the hell happens in the locker room at halves? Does Hornacek simply come and say hey boys, let’s lose?

First McDermott and now Lee,
why it’s so difficult for us to score on a one-on-zero fastbreak?

On the order side, I’ve never seen a team give up so many and-one as we do…

I think H asks the same rhetorical question each game: What do Sherman, Patton, Abrams, a Panther, and a Tiger all have in common?

Brace yourself for another choke job,
it’s not even funny anymore…

61 free throws in 3 quarters… And we miss 11

Why the fuck is Baker playing? I want Trey!

Edit: Baker just answered my question 🙂

We need more Jack in the 4th to seal this loss, Frank is doing too much today.

It’s shocking how engaged Timmy is when he’s on the bench and the Knicks are playing defense

When they win games because Frank is having an amazing game, then that’s fair enough.

Ntilikina with the 3 to end the quarter…would like to see Burke play the 1 and Ntilikina play the 2 in the 4th quarter

This is the sort of win that, if it happens, Im happy with. KP shooting well, Frank playing well, Lance and Jack away from the court.

What a pass to Beasley!

It’s fun to watch young guys play well. Frank’s in spitting distance of a TRIPLE double.

I seriously think the Knicks are showcasing Beasley.

No complaints at all about this win. The kids look alright. Hornacek pulled some good strings today.

I would hate to get a sales pitch from horny…

he makes just everything sound so reasonable…

I’m giddy over Frank’s performance today. This is everything I want in a pg.

1. That was one of the best games by Porzingis this season. Very few mental errors or bad shots.

2. Frank is eventually going to be a triple double threat that also defends. He’s only 19 fellas. He’s the 2nd youngest player in the NBA and can impact BOTH ends.

3. Trey Burke looked good. I’d like to see him a little with Frank.

Finally a win with the young guys playing well.
Great game by Frank, efficient game from KP in only 27 minutes, 70 points from the bench,
I like what I saw from Burke. Thomas 16 mins and Jack 13: good.
On the side of Tank-Thinking, Charlotte and Atlanta got unexpected W’s, not bad.

The Nets were horrific today. It’s amazing that they have 16 wins,

Atkinson’s offense is built around the point and both of their points are injured. When Russell gets healthy, they’ll probably improve a bit.

2. Frank is eventually going to be a triple double threat that also defends. He’s only 19 fellas. He’s the 2nd youngest player in the NBA and can impact BOTH ends.

Even if he doesn’t excel on the offensive end, to be capable of such dominant defense at such a young age is huge.

Maybe Frank has turned a corner? He was so much more aggressive today. Would it be so crazy to start Frank, Timmy, McD, KP, and Willy in the near future?

How many PG’s are actually better than him on defense right now? Can’t be more than a handful if at all.

It was nice to see, but I wouldn’t make too much about either Frank’s or KP’s excellent performances today. The Nets were truly god-awful on both ends.

I missed the game. What was up with Kanter?

I missed the game. What was up with Kanter?

Hornacek was probably trying to rest a few players off the tough B2B.

I’m going to the Nets-Spurs on Wed. At first I was just excited to see the Spurs live. But, after what I witnessed today, I think there’s a good chance I might get some playing time.

Well, the Nets are indeed terrible, but this team has lost games to the Bulls, Hawks, Hornets and the Magic, all of which are also pretty damn horrible, so it’s not like we have many expectations left. It was nice to see less Lance and less Jack, Burke seems to be serviceable and Ntilikina + Porzingis had good games. Even Hernangomez got some decent minutes. It was a nice game.

How many PG’s are actually better than him on defense right now?

Real talk, he might not be the best defensive combo PG on his own team

If there’s one thing I can say about Phil, it’s that he clearly had a stronger preference for players who can defend than many other GMs do. Look at his picks of Frank, KP, and even Dotson, his signing of Baker and his trade for Thomas. Even his signing of Noah might reflect this, despite the disaster that it was.

Caught just a few minutes of the 1st half, but what I did see was very encouraging — in that KP had very few bad shots, and it seemed the PGs were making an effort to catch him off specific actions as opposed to just throwing ball in for what has become the all-too-predictably-painful post-up. Pick and pops, off screens. He shot the 3 with no hesitation, which he HAS to do — literally no one has a chance of blocking his shot if he has any kind of room — he has to let the 3-ball fly.

re: Frank — some Lonzo-like look-ahead passes were great to see. The other thing I liked were the distribution of his 10 assists — no cheapies there other than maybe the KP dunk. His assists all led to dunks/layups/3’s.

1 -> Lance look ahead layup in transition
2 -> McDermott 3
3 -> KP 3
4 -> KP 3
5 -> KOQ dunk
6 -> Beasley layup
7 -> Beasley layup
8 -> Baker layup
9 -> KP dunk
10-> Beasley dunk

Watching these guys it is unbelievably obvious that we need to trade Lee and O’Quinn. Frank can play either the 1 or 2, Baker can play the 1 or 2, Jack will get some minutes, and Hardaway will play a lot of minutes at the 2 or 3. That’s not even counting Dotson who I would love to see play more. And KOQ is a no-brainer to trade with our front court glut. If we can get even solid 2nd round picks for those guys without taking back $ beyond this summer, we should do it.

Man, the Bulls sure do look good though. They just beat a very hot Miami team. Holiday was 7-11 from 3! They are just outgunning people, and Dunn is almost as good a defensive pg as Frank. 🙂

I think O’Quinn is almost as good as Kanter. He’s not the scorer, but he makes up for that with his better defense. So even though I love Kanter’s personality, and I think he is younger, I’d have to say trade whoever gets us more in return.

i really hope both baker and frank figure it out on offense because they are really nice to have on the defensive end….


Watching Trey Burke make Jahlil Okafor come over to help after he beat his man made me appreciate Raymond Felton in ways I never thought I would. I think Trey Burke’s presence just solidifies the idea of letting Frank be the Jason Kidd in our offense. The Draymond Green of shooting guards, if you will. Put Frank and Baker at the two and just let them harass offenses and outsmart defenses with the quick pass and timely 3 pointer. The Knicks’ guard situation next situation should be Jalen Brunson and Trey Burke at the 1 and then Ntilikina and Baker at the 2. Unless Frank proves he can consistently beat defenses off the dribble, we should use his talent and basketball IQ to run the offense off the ball the way Kidd did in 2013.

From P&T:

JJST Memorial Fun Fact of the Night
Only two rookie guards in NBA history have ever had a game with at least 10 points, 10 assists, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks, while shooting at least 50% from the field and 100% from the FT line:

Michael Jordan
Frank Ntilikina

Home of the Jared Jeffries Shot Tracker and recipient of a P&T PhD

Posted by bluecheese999 on Jan 15, 2018 | 4:53 PM

I think O’Quinn is almost as good as Kanter. He’s not the scorer, but he makes up for that with his better defense. So even though I love Kanter’s personality, and I think he is younger, I’d have to say trade whoever gets us more in return.

I would WAY rather trade Kanter than any other player on the team.

1. I’m not convinced Kanter is the C of the future given that his defense is below average and he’s not a rim protector. He’s
going to cost more than he’s worth.

2. We already have a player similar to him in Hernangomez who is both younger and a LOT cheaper.

I’d rather role with Willy, Noah, and some other young player next year.

If we move O’Quinn I’d want to start giving Noah minutes in the energy/defensive role that O’Quinn is in now. There’s no point in having him buried on the bench for 3 years or stretching him when he might still be an excellent 20 minute player that someone would be interested in before then. To have any chance of moving him, he has to show what he has left. If there’s nothing left, so be it.

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