2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Timberwolves

The Knicks travel to Minnesota to take on the absurdly overworked Timberwolves (Thibs has got to get a new shtick – this whole “play everyone a gazillion minutes during the regular season” one has grown, quite literally, tiring) in a battle of the “Guy from the 2015 Draft that you want in November” vs. “Guy from the 2015 Draft that you want in every other month.” Let’s hope that KP, though, wins that battle tonight.

Tim Hardaway Jr. returns tonight, so the Knicks might actually surprise some people tonight. Hardaway will be coming off of the bench in his first game back.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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The weather forecast here in East Tennessee is a 40% chance of snowflakes tonight or early tomorrow, starting as early as 11 PM.

The chance is much higher on this game thread, probably 100%!

So, the return of Timmy?

Give ma a good thread tonite, mates. I’m at a 3-day vb tournament with my kid and won’t be able to catch the game.

i’ve found the lower my expectations for the knicks sink – the happier i am with their performance…

let’s see if we can reach the 90 point mark tonight…

@1 – My buddy lives in Nashville and sent me a photo of empty shelves in the supermarket as Tennesseans prepared for the 1″-of-snow apocalypse.

Welcome back Timmy! I sure hope that Beasley, the guy that I wanted cut when the season started, gets some playing time. I also want Burke on this team. The way I see it, that gives us four primary scorers and we can have 2 on the floor at all times.

One problem I am noticing with our team is that we’re long but not especially athletic or hard-nosed.

KP’s D looks effortless at the moment. 3 or 4 blocks/deflections already. That PnR action with Lee was nice too.

Good call by Clyde. Towns missed a bunny cause he was worried about KP

You can already see the tempo being picked up with Timmy in. Still not going full pace yet.

can we start calling lance sixth sense so it sounds like a compliment but we really mean ‘he was dead the whole time’

Box score says LT played 10 minutes and all he did was commit a foul and miss a jumper. Why does he play again?

The knicks shot 59% in the 1St qtr and Minnesota played like ass, yet they’re only up 3. Not good.

Nice start. I like the pace they are playing with atm. Frank looks so much more dangerous when he goes to the bucket hard like he did a few times.

crawford takes a ridiculous pull up three leading to a lay up for us. ISO Beas is in full force tonight.

GoNY… snow is relatively rare here in TN, so people do tend to overreact a bit. I grew up in Mass., so love snow and am not overawed by it.

Good game so far!

KP is playing so much more intelligently tonight *knocks on wood*

You could win a bet with anyone at Target Center right now if you told them that lance Thomas played over 15 minutes

I was expecting a monster political fight when I opened this thread. I’m kinda disappointed.

1) I’m a public school teacher in a predominantly Haitian immigrant neighborhood in Miami, and Donald Trump isn’t qualified to shine the sneakers of my students

2) Don’t know how much better they are, if at all, but the Knicks are way more enjoyable to watch with THJ

Damn October KP went into the locker room and December KP came out.

Blowout on the way.

I think KP should do 100 pushups every time he throws up a fade away jump hook on a rebound. Makes me sick to watch it.

Wiggins and Porzingis are the NBA’s next generation of max-contract scrubs

I was expecting a monster political fight when I opened this thread. I’m kinda disappointed.

I have no need to tilt at windmills that appear to me as functionally-illiterate internet users who use liberal as an insult (apparently not realizing that this sometimes-great country was founded upon, and still thrives on, liberalism in virtually every form)

plus there are two good NBA games happening in split-screen on my monitor right now

Did Hornacek send KP a message tonight? He’s been on the bench since those couple of bad shots.

@39, if you’re referring to me, note that I specifically use the word progressive when I’m critical of the left, because I’m well aware of what a real/ classical liberal is. And today’s progressives are anything but that.

Weird 3rd. Lot of ebb and flow here making things interesting. Team alreadt better to watch with Timmy.

The Knicks should start Joakim Noah at the 3 instead of Lance Thomas. I bet he’d do better than 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 block, 1 steal, 0-1 from the field and 3 fouls in 27 minutes. Lance Thomas is a G League rotation player.

KP you’re killing me! If you’re not gonna shoot a wide open 3 then just go sit down and eat a steak.

Porzingis is really starting to annoy me. 4-8 at halftime, now 5-16.

It’s just the same thing night after night.

Maybe the Knicks would have a better chance if Jeff Hornacek didn’t insist on giving Lance Thomas 27 minutes against a top 4 team in the Western Conference. Could you imagine if we didn’t have to essentially light those minutes on fire every night?

At least we don’t have Wiggins and his contract. he’s been almost as invisible as Lance.

Nice to see LT still get 30 mins with TH back and McBuckets get only 6 mins so far. Also solid 14 mins for Frank: 2 pts, 2 asts and 3 to’s. When the hell are they going to finalize the signing of Burke??

Kanter griped and now is getting rare 4th quarter minutes, yet another loss looming…

Stats suggest the Knicks now lead the entire league in unassisted falling on the floor.

You can take any starter away from the Warriors and they’ll still be favored to beat every other team in the NBA, home or away.

It’s kind of ridiculous.

I’m guessing that Hornacek will say that LT got all the minutes to try to hold Butler down. Butler did only score 13 (on 12 shots), but Lance scored 0. So, you’re -13 with that strategy.

BTW, Knicks hit more threes than the Wolves (Timmy was 4 for 8).

It annoys me that all of KPs flaws are attributable to Melo here. Melo never flopped so where did that come from?

We didn’t play defense much, but we were only down 2 with 11 minutes left and then we just started missing shots. They weren’t mostly terrible shots either. But when you can’t stop the other team at all there’s no margin for error

KP hitting 44% of his 3 while shooting 38% overall in the last 5 games. /facepalm

That stat should be sent to Horny repeatedly.

6-19 for 17 points and 10 rebounds in 36 minutes for Porzingis.
Sounds a lot like a Melo stat line (except for the 10 rebounds)

That’s not a compliment if anyone was wondering

10 boards, 2 steals, and 3 blocks. That’s productive. The shooting will hopefully come around but comparing KP to Melo needs to stop now. Melo didn’t care to play defense and KP is at the very least an elite rim protector. What sinks us is Lance Thomas’s totally worthless minutes. I was hoping he’d be buried on the bench because he’s a bum but for some reason he’s a team captain and people actually think he plays the game the right way. If we gave his minutes to anybody else we’d be better for it, but Lance Thomas is the stealth tank all by himself.

KP is a better strength and conditioning program away from being a top 10 player in the league. The mid range shots aren’t falling like they did early (that mid range was automatic during his early season run) because guys are getting into his core and he doesn’t have the strength to stand his ground right now. If he gets his body under control (and it’s going to take serious commitment, possibly steroids, considering his unique body type), you’re looking at a HOF caliber guy. He’s not a bum, he’s just not done developing.

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