2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pistons

Oops, I thought that this was tomorrow night.

At the half, the Knicks trail the Pistons on the road, 52-44.

Hopefully they make a strong second half comeback!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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By the way, It’s amazing Calderon is still is starting for the Cavaliers

We’ve finally settled the “Is Derrick Rose an upgrade on Jose Calderon” argument.

man…we need to shoot/make more threes…we’re last in the league in attempts and makes…that’s not gonna get it done…

Which is why I want to see Trey Burke soon.

That was a beautiful running hook from Lance. He definitely got a piece of the backboard.

SVG literally claimed there was a league conspiracy to get the Knicks a bunch of home games because I guess he doesn’t know what the Emmys are so it would be nice to pull this out

Ron to Lance is not a recipe for success.

Will be interesting to see how they close this.

Again, how the hell do you insert Baker for offense and actually have him involved in the play call???????

What a way to just give away the game on a fucking platter. You couldn’t have possibly coached and played worse in the final 2 minutes than the Knicks did.

Not sure why our end of game plan was “Courtney Lee tries to win it himself.”

I might skip watching games the month of January because with the way this team plays on the road next month is going to be brutal to watch.

The Ron insert was weird, but Lee going heroball on the last two possessions was silly.

Absolutely terrible… 24 seconds left , down by 1 and Lee shoots with 14 seconds left… Out of a timeout no less!

Lost in this was a great game by Kanter: 22 pts (11/17), 16 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 3 assists.

Well, people were talking about how Hornacek won the game last night… He definitely lost this one tonight. Mind boggling.

You know it’s bad when I’m longing for the days when Mike Woodson was the head coach.

Truly the dumbest 2 minutes of basketball I have seen in a long time. Is this the first Knicksy loss of the season?

I’m no nba coach but it would seem wise to insert beasly in the final possession to get a bucket at the buzzer… Just stating the obvious

One day folks. One day we’ll root for a team that runs a good play on the last possession.

Totally blown by Hornacek- in a tie game you can’t have both Baker and Lance on the court- esp. when the Pistons are almost certain to take a timeout whether the Knicks score or not so you can re-insert them for defense then. Lance was 1 for 8 and Baker had done absolutely nothing- Just crazy. The last two possessions weren’t much better but that Baker/Lance thing was completely inexplicable.

It’s nice we weren’t abysmal on the road, but I really wanted the win.

well – that was a less than satisfying outcome…

horny giveith and horny takeith away…

we really need a ball handler/playmaker for end of game stuff…hopefully timmy can help with that…cuz, as it is now – we really don’t have anyone on our roster to fill that role…

not too much composure from our vets there towards the end of the game…

on a side note – good to see svg looking a little healthier – he was looking really not so great the last time we played them…

Guys here are comparing Frank to Pippen, Harden, and WILT? Come on, man! On that steal and dunk in the Celtics game, Frank made a GOOD play to intercept a lazy crosscourt pass (always derided as “dangerous” by Clyde), and converted the breakaway dunk. Did not look like any of those 3 guys. Frank is not fast twitch like Scottie or smooth as silk like Harden or overwhelmingly fast and powerful like WILT. I would cautiously compare him to a young Clyde, who was never the fastest but had great instincts and BECAME a top 50. Came into the league as a defensive stopper and worked hard to hone ALL of his skills. So, to be clear, IMHO Frank has great potential, but he’s not like those 3 guys. He’s got a little bit in common with the young Clyde and maybe Rolando Blackmon, but has a LONG way to go to demonstrate that he can be anywhere near the player Clyde became. If he can become Rolando, who was a top 20 player in the leagye at hus peak, we should be very happy. Clyde and wilt were top 50 of all time. I do support him and his development and I like the way Horn’s utilizing him.

Personally I think Frank is a combination of Jordan, LeBron, Wilt, Jesus Shuttlesworth and Michael J Fox from “Teen Wolf” when he was a wolf

I have to add he shoots the ball like Shep from Above the Rim and like Drano from Sunset Park or Skillz from One Tree Hill or Worm from Coach Carter.

frank ntilikina is the greatest basketball player ever born…it’s as though he were created in a lab using the DNA of all those top 50 players whom came before…

no question he will eclipse them all by january…

You know, on the one hand, Phil Jackson was a bad GM and he was a dick while being a bad GM. On the other hand, holy shit, the timing of all of these fucking hit pieces about him coming out midway through the season is ridiculous. It’s a really bad look to only start shit talking a guy months after he’s gone. Mills looks petty as fuck in all of this.

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