2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bulls

Well, if you’re a team who is struggling to win on the road, it certainly helps to get a team like the Bulls on your road schedule. With the Hawks coming to New York tomorrow, this should be a nice two-game stretch.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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i almost feel guilty for enjoying all this favorable early season scheduling…

just checked – strength of schedule wise, we’re tied for sixth in the league…

sure feels though like we’ve caught a break with a lot of home games…

Pretty pathetic start for the Knicks but I’m a Yankees fan so really who cares, Spring Training starts in 2 months!

Knicks lose this game and I’m officially done entertaining any Knick playoff dreams. KP is looking like absolute garbage tonight.

Can we please just tank? KP spent way too much time with Melo, trying to go after the rookie to prove a point.

We’re doing that thing where we amble down the court, run no plays, and then Kristaps bricks a jumper

in the beginning of the season he was feasting in the paint off of pnrs as the dive man but that seems to have been replaced by tons of iso attempts in the post, where he’s also regressed.

At this point, the only reason to play Beasley is to stealth tank.

Janis needs to have some words with KP.

KPs taking Melo tutelage to the extreme. Losing lift now as well. 7 foot 3 blocked on jump shots. What the hell

I mean… The bench has looked alive a bit more, Ntilikina playing well, but damn Porzingis looks like hot garbage. This type of forced shots he’s trying to make are just terrible.

KP looks burnt out. Everything is short. The dude seriously has conditioning issues.

I’m beginning to regret getting a KP shirt a couple of weeks ago. Went overboard buying new Nike Knicks shirts lol.

Looks like the knicks might have seen the recent Donicic highlights and are back in tank-mode.

Meaningless tidbit, this past summer I saw the Lopez twins in Disney World at Animal Kingdom.

Funny tweet I read earlier today said the Yankees are the Golden St Warriors of MLB but with more size.

The Bulls halftime show is combining Game of Thrones with Vanilla Ice. I’m not kidding, and it is ungodly awful. What in the world?

Porzingis is in mid season Bargnani form.

4/14, 2 rebounds, 0 blocks, 3-4 atrocious shots, injuries, and getting outplayed by a rookie.

Is it too late to put Mr November back on the block?


Come on, that’s definitely been the best part of watching the game on league pass!

Every stoppage is like a complete trainwreck you can’t stop watching, I’m digging it. How did anyone really design these skits and thought “hey trust me it’s going to be awesome”? Even the Bulls marketing team seems to be tanking.

KP is playing awful but before we come up with trade scenarios it would be nice to see him play with a competent PG for once.

Frank’s been clearly trying to be more aggressive in the past few games, tonight is the first one where it’s actually working. Granted, facing these Bulls is generally a dream for any player, but baby steps as usual.

When you’ve got a halftime show with a guy wearing a Game of Thrones white walker mask “floating” around on “skates” with people throwing rubber darts at him to the music of Vanilla Ice, you’ve hit some sort of surreal level of awful enterntainment.

Yeah, lots of silly break and halftime stuff around the league, but I think the Bulls is the worst I’ve ever seen!


Hahahah that’s what I love. I love the great stuff or the mind-bogglingly insanely bad. Definitely beats those dunk squads that do the same stuff every game for every team.

Also next time tell Beasley you let Grant shoot an open 3pter rather than Mirotic.

I don’t understand why Jarrett Jack is finishing this game

We should honestly be starting Frank at this point.

Hornacek’s rotations have been awful lately

When you can’t stop David Nwaba…

Please take Jack out of the game as soon as possible and out of the team if possible.

I’m done with this team, tank or do whatever it won’t matter cause their front office has no clue how to get out of this mess anyway. Only 2 more months until Spring Training….

KP thinks that he’s something he’s not. If we wanted all of this iso we would have kept Melo.

How many times is Jarrett freaking Jack going to get burned on d by Dunn before Hornacek realises he can’t play in these situations? I’d put the over under on 7.

Do Jack’s sneakers make him look like he’s wearing slippers?

yes they do…seems, to totally fit for jack…

Courtney Lee has been our best player over the last 10 games or so. Just wow.

Yeah, definitely time to tank. If we’re losing to the Bulls in December we’re gonna crash and burn during our January road games. We need another guy.

Uh, at least Frank played pretty good?

Overall the young core of this team looks kind of dodgy. KP comes out looking like a legend every November then quickly regresses, Willy is a complete nonfactor and Frank seems miles away on the offensive end.

This is prolly not gonna be a real quick rebuild.

I thought Lee was trying to foul before the shot but the contact was so soft Dunn just barreled through it.

KP got a decent look but well, it was a fitting end to this shitshow.

Start Frank, get those crap veterans like Jack or Beasley out of the team and see what happens.

10 unanswered points in the last 2 mins is phenomenal, but if these boys don’t figure out how to close out on the road, we are going to get absolutely slaughtered in the second half of the season.

That was a pretty veteran starting lineup tonight that stunk. We’re one step closer to playing the kids more, possibly including one or two guys from the G League, but I still don’t think that will start until sometime in January, but we’ll see.

I dunno if anyone saw the big Perry interview earlier today, but this team isn’t going to tank, pretty much ever.

I think it’s very important if you’re playing meaningful basketball late in the season because of the culture you’re trying to build here. I’ll also say wherever we wind up in the draft, whether on the playoff side or lottery side, I have extreme confidence in the scouting and front-office staff we’re going to add some talented players to the mix here. I just believe it’s important to compete hard, do the very best you can, let the amount of wins organically happen vs. trying to put your team in position not to win. I don’t think that’s healthy for any culture. I think if you try to institutionalize losing, that’s hard to get out of your building. You may never get that out of your building.

But losing every year because you make shitty veteran lineups, that’s totally good for the team.

Maybe, but what’s he going to say to the press? That statement is just PR. Let’s see what his actions are. I’ve long said, if deep into January guys like Jack and Beasley are still getting significant minutes, then something has gone wrong, unless playing guys like that actually IS stealth tanking.

Yeah, I dont think Perry would say anything else even if his plans were to tank.

He does need to get on the damn phone and try to trade Lee and O’Quinn as soon as possible. I agree with ClashFan, if nothing changes after december it’s definitely time to get pissed at management once more.

Earlier in the season Horny and Mills made comments akin to tanking. Lets see if they deliver after January.

Well that loss sucked. Didn’t really help the golden second round pick from Chicago we got in the Melo deal.

That was a pretty strong statement by Perry. He’d look like a real hypocrite if he traded all the veterans off a competitive team. Makes me think he really believes it.

Lance played 25 minutes, had 4 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 turnovers. What the fuck is the point of that? Like Kristaps was pretty shitty, but he was 1-7 from 3. That shit happens. Lance looks like he’s trying, but he doesn’t do anything .

Also, enough with Jarret Jack. He sucks. So does Sessions. Give Frank big boy minutes and play Ron.

Lance looks like he’s trying, but he doesn’t do anything .

That’s what I have been saying about Lance for four years now!

Lance’s equivalent in baseball would be a guy who busts his ass to first on every ground out and dives into the stands for pop ups and at the end of the season he’s batting .220.

Lance’s equivalent in baseball would be a guy who busts his ass to first on every ground out and dives into the stands for pop ups and at the end of the season he’s batting .220.

That reminds me of the “law” in baseball that if you’re a catcher who can’t hit, people assume that you must be a good defensive catcher, as why else would you be in the Majors? Similarly, if you can’t do anything on offense in the NBA, people assume you must be good defensively. That’s Lance Thomas.

Ron Baker sucks but what’s the point of giving him that contract if he can’t even get minutes ahead of Jack and even Sessions??

@88 Russ 7-29 + Melo 7-20 = 14-49 together.
Yikes, that is shooting blindfolded territory

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