ESPN: Tim Hardaway Jr. Out for at Least Two Weeks

According to ESPN’s Ian Begley:

Knicks say Tim Hardaway Jr. will be out for at least two weeks due to the stress injury in his lower left leg.

Well, that’s not good.

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1. That is bad news.
2. I do not understand why Hornacek is starting Dotson and playing him big minutes. He has been a minus defender, does not move the ball, and his only offense is spot-up jump shots.
3. When KP returns, I hope that Dotson is removed from the lineup with Thomas starting at the 3 and Lee moving to the 2.

Yeah, Dotson doesn’t deserve to be in the rotation. Lee/McDermott/LT can handle the minutes at the 2/3 with Dotson and Baker getting spot minutes here and there.

I recently read an article about the Nets long time trainer. He would find ways to communicate with players and make sure they didn’t play when he felt they weren’t capable, even though they wanted to. But he was fired when the new regime came to the Nets. It made it sink in to me how much players want to play even when they shouldn’t, and it makes me happy the Knicks are going to sit Hardaway for a while. He needs to recover fully.

Thomas is just as bad. Better off starting Mcbuckets. Better yet, I would go big and play Noah KP and Kanter with Lee and whatever shitty retread point guard notreub currently loves in the G league. Noah can probably guard most opposing 3s better than the Knicks actual 3s. And unlike Thomas, Noah’s a good passer which can defray not having an NBA point guard. I know you risk spacing problems but when you run Noah as the high post pivot passer and KP plays like a wing it may be the best bad option.

@1 & @2

See, I don’t get why we shouldn’t play Dotson. McDermott was terrible on D yesterday, and Lance was 2-7 with 0 rebounds and 1 assist in 17 minutes. Dotson didn’t shoot particularly well but he has 7 rebounds and 2 steals and was busting his ass on D.

Lance is a career back end-of-rotation 3-4. McDermott is a pure 3. Dotson is a big 2/small 3. He’s a rookie that has the potential to shoot, rebound and defend. He should definitely play.

Are you kidding me? What’s the point of playing Lance?? Like, the actual benefit? Winning? You need to figure out which of the young players stick, and how well they play. You need them to give you the wins to elevate the team, not Lance et al.

Dotson got burned a couple of times off of the ball against Orlando but his on the ball defense is very good. He needs to work harder off of the ball on offense and probably be a little more aggressive trying to get to the hoop but I think you can certainly find 20 minutes a game for him with Hardaway out whether starting or off of the bench.

Mikal Bridges has unbelievable length. He makes Frank Ntilikina look small.

Dotson has looked solid on D by my eye. Last night seemed like a breakout game for him as he looked like the guy we saw in SL.

Those clips look pretty darn pedestrian to me. The last 2 plays on there, it straight up was Dotson’s fault the other team scored. Like yeah he put his hand up, I’m glad he does that. That doesn’t make him a shutdown defender. We should play him because he’s young, to say anything else right now is premature.

I’m officially a believer in Mikal Bridges. This guy would take our defense to the next level and he’s an excellent three point shooter. We could start Frank, TH2, Bridges, KP, and Kanter and then close games with Frank, TH2, Dotson, Bridges, and KP.

@11 the way he’s playing he may be moving into top 5 draft pick territory, which means of course we won’t get him.

“@11 the way he’s playing he may be moving into top 5 draft pick territory, which means of course we won’t get him”

That sounds vaguely familiar

No way Mikal Bridges cracks that top 5. He’s an NBA role player in a draft with 6 or 7 potential NBA All Stars in Doncic, Bamba, Ayton, Bagley, Porter Jr, Kevin Knox, and Collin Sexton.

Even if he does(he won’t) then one of the top 5 would fall to us anyways if we start to free fall.

I’m wondering who’s going to be the last holdout re: the Mitchell vs. Ntilikina debate…


I don’t think he’ll crack top 6, because I think Sexton will be great and some team will take a chance on Porter, but I can see him going ahead of Knox if he continues to play like this.

2 weeks with no Timmy is fine-just gives us some time to take a look at Ron & Dotson in extended game action.

You’re going to be waiting a long time for that Z-man.

Yep. Heck, at the start of every season, we still have plenty of “I’d take KP over KAT” discussions.

I think it’s arguable.

Then again, on this site everything is arguable.

But really, doesn’t defense matter? Cause KAT is no good at it and KP is.

I mean, weren’t there people here who defended the Rose trade? And that was just the worst.

Although I would remark that the KP vs. KAT debate is not settled yet…not after the first 10 games this year. But my guess is that KAT is still the favorite to have the better career, especially if injury risk is factored in.

Dennis Smith Jr. had a nice run to start the season, and we had the Smith/Ntilikina debate for days. Now Mitchell is on a nice run (TS still around .520 tho) , and I guess we’re going to have to go through that again.

Look, Frank is off to a rough start, but as I and a bunch of other posters have stated, ad nauseum, is lets give it more than a 1/4 of a season and stop the bitching about drafting the wrong player.

I’m not sure anyone defended the trade per se, only that some (like me) said that it wasn’t all that horrible. And as it turns out, it wasn’t. Grant hasn’t really developed, Lopez is not as much of an asset as some thought he was. Holiday played OK for a year, and we got a 2nd round pick. We dumped Calderon’s salary. But I am one of the few that didn’t conflate the Rose deal with the Noah deal. If looked at as a package deal, it was God-awful. If looked at separately, it was a dumb, but fairly inconsequential gamble. And we didn’t re-sign him as many feared we would.


To me, injury risk is the only reason I don’t give KP the edge. He has shown flashes of bring a truly complete player. But… It’s only flashes, because he’s hurt a lot. If that changes and he starts performing for 70 games each year at a high level, he may be the best player from that draft.

Look, Frank is off to a rough start, but as I and a bunch of other posters have stated, ad nauseum, is lets give it more than a 1/4 of a season and stop the bitching about drafting the wrong player.

I’ve been dealing with nausea since draft day when Phil made what I thought was an obviously bad decision, and it gets worse with every game.

I watched the video. The most impressive part was not the narrator’s arguments, but actually watching Frank guard Harden well. That is hard to do. I’m a believer that Ntilikina will be good and I’m willing to be patient. I think it’s hard to compare a two way player like KP to an offensive force like Towns and so the preference is more a matter of your personal preferences than anything cut and dried.

Why even post that? Basically that video could have been made before the season started- they’ve both sucked so whichever one you liked going into the season is probably the one you still like now. Frank’s assist rate has fallen off a cliff, he’s got a sub.400 TS%, and he hasn’t gotten a steal in the last 7 games. I don’t care about Dennis Smith- My concern is that after a decent start Frank has been godawful for the last 10 games. He’s 19 so obviously nothing is set in stone but I feel a whole lot less confident about him now than I did a month ago.

Frank Ntilikina will do enough to prove he’ll be worth the #8 pick in his draft class. Just give him some time.

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