Official Knicks 2017-18 Wins Prediction Thread

Okay, folks, come make your picks as to how many wins that the New York Knicks will win this season.

For me, logically, they should be sub-30 win bad, but because the Knicks always find a way to mess with things, I’m going to go with 31 wins, just good enough to not get the top picks in the 2018 Draft.

What say you all?

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I’m going to say 26 wins, because I think either one or both of Ntilikina/Porzingis will lose significant time to injury this season, and the rest of the team is pretty damn scrubby.

I’m going to go with 33 wins. I don’t think this team is going to be that bad. Strangely, I think a lot of how the team does will be dependent on whether Ramon Sessions is 2015-16 Washington Sessions (and the player he’s been more or less for his career) or 2016-17 Sessions who was injured and maybe just declining athletically at age 30. He’s basically been an average to slightly below average NBA PG for his career, but played to an above average TS and WS/48 in 2014-15 (Wiz) and 2015-16. If he can give us average PG play, then the offense might not be that bad. Defense is another story, but having adequate PG play would make a huge difference in terms of maximizing KP and, well, everyone.

With Frank and KP’s apparent fragility I’m going with 29. My sense is that even though he’s a rookie, Frank needs to be on the court with KP. for us to be average and so far that seems like it won’t happen for more years than 50 or so games.

I’m going to say 28 wins. Injuries, no competent point guard (unless Frank proves me wrong in his first year), and the overall lack of above average NBA talent will likely make this a long year. At least there is a chance for a new style (less ISO) and hopefully improvement from the young guys by the end of the year.

Need that top 4 pick to make it worthwhile.

16 wins, mas o menos.

KP washes out as the #1 option (I’m not a believer) and rookie Frank will do lots ‘n’ lots of rookie things…. at least to the extent that either of them can stay on the floor. TH2 will increasingly take it upon himself to be da man and chuck the Knicks out of many a game while inadvertently winning a scant handful. Oh, and this year’s defense will be historically awful. Not only is this a top-3 lottery team, easy, but it winds up challenging Chicago for the worst record overall.

@5 Man, I know we’re all supposed to be happy with losing, but you might have to change your name to Count De Pressing

I’m going with 28 games, though I can easily see that number swinging up or down by 5 given all the variable within the team.

@ 5 – when you say you aren’t a believe in KP, you mean you’re not a believer in him being an all-star/first option player on a contending team or you aren’t a believer in him being a good starter/cog on a contending team and we should look to trade him eventually?

oddsshark has the Knicks for 30.5 and I think I have to take the under. I don’t know how much tolerance the new GM will have for Hornacek, who I do think deserves to have a clean slate.Plus, I don’t want the team to try for the over. Porzingis’ development is the priority, then Frank, then Willy and Dotson. After that, try and get some sort of return for our veteran pieces.

Of, and if they get rid of Rambis, I’ll bet the over.


1. The defense will be horrible.
2. The offense will generally be a hot mess due to the lack of quality pg play (only Kris Dunn can prevent us from having the worst pg situation in the league).
3) lack of secondary play makers, combined with #2 above. Timmy, KP, McBuckets, Lee, Kanter, Willy, Beasley and Lance are not play makers. They all need good pg play to get quality looks.

This is going to be ugly, but a necessary step in the rebuild. Hopefully KP and Frank stay relatively healthy so they’ll be interesting and watchable, and we don’t get screwed in the lottery.

26 wins. I don’t see anyone we match up well against, but we’ll have enough streaky performances to keep us from bottoming out completely. Could easily be lower if Hornacek has assurances that he doesn’t need to win to keep his job, just develop.

im also souring on our beloved KP… i liked rookie KP and his put-backs… i thought i saw a signficant change in year 2, one i didnt love… im not convinced… someone said 28… i think 28 feels like a nice goal… as a fan i take over, as a bettor, i take over (because im a fan!!!), but i would not be surprised at under 28…

…but i like that #…

KP washes out as the #1 option (I’m not a believer)

He has a standing reach of 9’4″, can put the ball on the floor, is athletic, and can shoot. I don’t understand how, physically, he could not be an outstanding player.

The optimist in me says 28 wins, but the pessimist says 33. Why is 33 pessimistic? Because that would totally screw up their lottery odds.

I’ll go 28. Frank will struggle and be hurt on and off, but show flashes. KP will miss 20+ games with injuries. Lee, OQ, and LT will all be dealt in trades. Beasley will be released by mid-season.

I’ll say 29 wins, but I can see them winning up to 35 or as low as 20 depending on how things break.

I’ll say 28 with KP constantly complaining, feuding with Hornacek and finally demanding a trade.

I’m exaggerating a little but I do think KP has a bit of Melo in him. I think if he had his way he’d get iso after iso leading to a couple of highlight-worthy crossovers ending in slams and a lot more crappy 18 footers.

I’ll say this team will win 30 at most.

We are serious contenders for a top-3 pick, IMO.

I sense calmness from Perry and Mills. Not that I believe they can build a winner but they may be able to lead this organization towards stability. I also think they would be able to trade a couple of the older guys for (minor) assets and leave this team with KP, TH2 and the rookies and 2nd year players. So I won’t go way-under-because-Knicks but with a modest under-because-rebuilding: 27 wins.

I think that KP will need season ending foot surgery in November, but Jokim Noah will revert back to his 2012 self, carrying the team beyond any realistic expectation, fighting for the #8 seed, only to come up one game short. (#mostnegativetake)

A solid 25 win-season where no one really distinguishes themselves and KP shows a worrying infatuation with crossing up rather than just dunking the fucking basketball. Billy, Frank, and Dotson acquit themselves well relative to their expectations.

We’re then in the #2-3 spot in the lottery and draft one of Doncic or Porter Jr., rendering the tank all worth it.

I think a Noah bounceback is a sneaky good call. Too early to turn him into glue. He’ll probably come back and give us 45 solid games.

As for wins, I am following BC and going with 31.

I am excited. We have KP, Wily and Frank to dream on and I don’t have to hatewatch Melo anymore. That’s enough for me this year.

Frank Ntilikina says his knee is 100 percent healthy and he’s felt fine after participating in scrimmages. “I’m very happy with where my knee is and I’m ready to play tomorrow.”

Worried about this quote from Frank:
Dude…’s right in the middle of your leg. where it’s always been.

I hope a Lee trade happens quickly because I predict a breakout season for McBuckets. In any case, I see 35 wins in a weakened East

Maybe because I didn’t watch any pre-season I will go with 32 wins. I don’t know what to make of so many posters putting out what are my “get off the lawn” thoughts on KP, namely that he is, in effect, in love with this whole idea of crossing over and bein’ a “baller.”

Looking forward to actually seeing Frank play.

Reminder, league pass does a free preview until the 24th if you’re interested in checking out some other teams.

@17 – Ouch. I hope you’re wrong about KP. If that’s the way it turns out the Knicks are royally screwed….again.

Put me down for 26 wins. I think THJ will try to take over games early on and be a mixed bag and KP will struggle without a real PG on the roster yet, while we win some games with random scoring explosions from the 2 + Kanter. The defense is going to be bad and Im sure in no less than 20 games I’ll already be complaining about Hornacek’s rotations.

I hope it’s either 38 or 18 wins, but both scenarios seem to good to be true because Knicks.

The defense is going to be terrible, a bottom 3 defense. The offense is more difficult to predict. The Knicks are removing a whole lotta low-eFG% shot attempts with Melo and Rose leaving, and have added several high-eFG% players. If the point guards surprise and the Knicks can generate good looks for the shooters, this might be a not-terrible offense. The bump in eFG% will almost certainly be offset by a decline in TOV% and FT/FGA however. And if the PGs are bad and can’t set up the shooters, that will also limit the potential eFG% bump.

Overall this will probably be something like the #20 offense, #30 defense. That probably gets you under 30 wins. I’ll say they go 28-54.

i feel like 28 win is an appropriate number but i do think there is some outside chance that we will overperform… we have a collection of some guards who are probably bad but are capable of putting up ok looking seasons… if that happens we could be something like the mavs last year…

i don’t think that’s a good outcome… we need to get into the top 4 and preferably top 3….

I agree with JK47 on the win total, but for different reasons. I think the defense will be bad but not horrible, and the offense will be lower half of league. We have some guys who can defend (KP, OQ, RB, CL, DD, FN) and some for whom the jury is out (Kuz, Lance, Willy) and lots of reserves so that we can play aggressively and yank guys who don’t try. OTOH, on offense we have guys who aren’t efficient at iso and aren’t great passers.

“………..we have a collection of some guards………”

Ladies and Gentlemen, your NY Knicks!

That’s right, it’s free league pass time. Looking at tonight, I’m interested in seeing Jokic/Millsap surrounded by shooters vs Gobert, Rubio and Donovan Mitchell.
Then later it’s the Sacramento hodgepodge of kids vs Houston.

I’ll go thirty wins. I just don’t see us being good enough defensively to be any better.

I do think Frank Ntilikina will surprise and KP, Wily and Hardaway will be good. Thirty wins is not absolutely terrible, which is bad for lottery position, but also means there’ll be reason to believe that a few pieces of an eventual playoff team are already here.

Good coaching hopefully, luck in the draft, a decent FA or two, and proper management of the cap means that, though there’ll be a lot of 30+ point quarters for the opposition, we’ll be trending up from here. We took a step back to take a step forward with the Melo deal. We have a weird mismatched roster with 5 centers. We can’t expect great results yet. It’s sort of like the Knicks are starting a twelve step rehab program. Life won’t be great all at once but we’re at least, seemingly, actually getting our shit together.

Thirty wins is not absolutely terrible

30 wins in the east = 15 wins in the west.

I think the Knicks might be the worst team in the league this year, but the Suns/Lakers/Kings will get more ping pong balls by virtue of their conference.

@30: Donnie, you’ve hit on what I’ve seen as yet another reason why the talent migration continues to flow to the western conference. Those 3 teams will have greater odds of landing the cream of the crop.


I think the Bulls will be unbeatable in that sense (unless Lauri is the real deal) and the Hawks seem so completely devoid of talent that I can’t make an argument for them winning over 20 unless it’s “Budenholzer will have them playing hard”, which didn’t really work out for the Nets last year for example.

I think the Knicks have a real chance at a top 4 lottery position if they can just outsuck the Magic, Kings and Lakers, which is not completely out of the question. The Hawks, Bulls and Suns will be too horrible, maaaaybe the Suns could surprise a little if Jackson is good.

I also think Noah is likely to be productive for “x” amount of games. To be honest, if we were trying to win games and he wasn’t suspended I think he should be out starting C tomorrow. He plays defense without getting into foul trouble, rebounds very well, passes well, plays with a lot of energy, and has veteran experience. Last year was a debacle because he was never healthy long enough to get into shape and sharpen his shooting. But not all the injuries were the kind of wear and tear injuries that indicate age. He also had a hamstring issue that caused a lot of problems. Young guys have those kind of issues also. During the brief period he was on the court consistently he was starting to improve. He was hitting his free throws better and finishing around the rim at a less horrible rate than at the start. It’s possible he’s pretty good for 50 games or so this year if he’s given minutes.

They very well could be the worst. They have a hard ceiling at 40 wins and a soft floor of like 22 or so. To get to 40, KP would have to make the leap and a bunch of the year 1-2 guys and/or McD or Kanter would have to surprise, while no one important gets hurt. 22 wins or less would probably require injury or regression. We should be able to get 12 wins or so vs the Bulls, Hawks, Suns, Pacers, Nets, Kings, Magic, Mavs, Lakers, Sixers.

I’m going with 30 wins, but I could easily see 35+ if KP breaks out and Nitti winds up being productive in his first year. To me, the entire thing sort of rests on KP’s shoulders (and to a lesser extent Nitti if we are thinking longer term).

If he has the kind of break out year where we are talking about him like he has close to Giannis Antetokounmpo potential, we are going to win more than 30 games in the weakened east.

If he has the kind of year where we are talking about him like a slightly better version of Gallinari (bigger. slightly more athletic, better defender, not quite as good a 3 point shooter, less ability to get to the FT line, injury prone etc..) then he’s really more of an excellent #2 option. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but that’s not good enough to be the #1 option on a championship team long term or to win a lot of games this year.

@43 continued…

…plos another 10 on random trap game wins or when some scrub has a career night or KP or TH2 go off.

I don’t get it. Do people really believe our “best” lineup of:
is better than any of:

Orlando: Payton/Simmons/Fournier/Gordon-Isaac/Vucevic-Biyombo
Hawks: Schroder/Bazemore/Prince/Ilyasova/Dedmon
Pacers: Collison-Joseph/Oladipo/Bogdanovic-Lance/Young/Turner
Suns: Bledsoe/Booker/Josh Jackson/Chriss/Tyson
Nets: Lin/Russell/Crabbe/Carroll/Mozgov
Kings: George Hill/Hield-Fox/Jackson/Labiserre-ZeBo/Cauley-Stein
Dallas: Dennis-JJ/Yogi-Seth/Matthews/Powell/Nowitzki
Lakers: Ball-Ennis/Kentavius/Ingram-Deng/Nance-Kuzma/Lopez-Bogut
Sixers: Simmons-McConnell/Bayless-Fultz/Redick/Saric-Covington/Embiid

Bulls: Grant/Holiday/Valentine/Mirotic-Portis/RoLo… Ok maybe they’re worse.

Dallas is sneaky bad, but that’s about it. I don’t see us beating a lot of these guys.

Bulls and Hawks are the only teams that are objectively worse than us. There’s just no talent there.

I’ll say 28, with some nights in which we feel like we might be building something special, and many, many more in which we want to gauge our eyes out.

A lot depends on Porzingis. So far he’s been way more potential than production. If he can take the leap we’re all hoping for we might surprise some people. Conversely, if he continues to not be all that good, we should start to worry about his next contract.

I see this in three parts:

First 20 games:
Gonna oscillate between okay competive games and god awful ones. Team D continues showing signs of decency from the preseason. O looks above average from the get-go, at least until the last 8 min of games. Point diff about 4-5/game
Range: 5-8 wins

Middle 31 games
Hornachek gets the PGs to play at league average as a unit. Guys like Kanter and McD gain better consistency on D, which narrows point diff to about 2-3/game. Team D gets consistently okay.
Range: 12-15 wins

Final 31 games
Team resolves it defensive rebounding problems, making it slightly better than league average (about 12th-14th for this stretch). O will have already crossed this Mendoza line. By this time, this’ll be a very fun team to watch, competive in every game (save for the 1 or 2 stinkers that everybody gets).
Range 14-17 wins

That adds up to between 31-40 wins.
This team has ALOT of variance.

I didn’t focus on individual players as there’s alot of equivalent interchangable parts across this roster. If guys get hurt, there may not be any dropoff whatsoever, frontcourt or backcourt.

Maybe Noah can be a decent player, but it would have to be as a 10-12 mpg backup. More than that and he’s gonna break down.

Further, he’ll miss 12 games and might come back to the end of the bench, at least until OQ or Kanter can be dealt or someone gets hurt.

The Bulls and the Hawks may very well lose more than the Knicks. We’ll probably end up picking around 6th next year, which will not be cool.


I don’t think the Knicks’ lineup is definitively better than any of those teams. I also think none of those teams has a lineup definitively better than ours and quite frankly I think the Bulls, Suns, Magic, Hawks, Nets and Kings are all really fucking bad. Arguing through shades of shit is pretty worthless, but I’d be surprised if we’re the worst of the lot, especially playing in the fucking East where the freaking Hornets have like a 93% chance of making the playoffs according to Pelton’s RPM.

Sometimes I think I watched a different Noah play last year than you guys.

What I saw was a player that was completely done physically, who was literally one of the most useless offensive players I’ve seen in a while and whose only skill is rebounding and being capable of breathing and thinking at the same time on defense. When he was on the court last year, opponents where 3.5 points better in terms of offensive rating against the Knicks, and his assist numbers and overall passing looked much worse than at his prime in Chicago. He has played 1650 minutes in the last two seasons combined.

It makes total zero sense for him to get minutes over Willy or Kanter, and if Hornacek does so it will be stupid and shortsighted. I know we’re stuck with him no matter what, but playing him should never come at the cost of actual promising and productive young players losing minutes.

My guess is 33 wins and the 8th pick in the draft. We are too good, and too determined to win, to get a top 4 pick and the lack of PG play will keep us out of the playoffs.

Off rating – 14th – good efg%, good off reb, average FT%, terrible TO%
Def rating – 25th – good efg%, bad def reb, bad FT%, terrible TO%

KP makes all-star game, THJ is considered. Frank plays less than 1500 minutes. O’Quinn is traded, Lee is maybe traded, Noah barely plays.

I am terrible at picking wins. This is a smart blog so I predict 28 wins which is the average of the 25 predictions above (26, 33, 29, 28, 16, 28, 26, 28, 28, 29, 28, 26, 27, 25, 31, 35, 32, 26, 28, 28, 30, 30, 30, 28, 33)

Honestly, one thing I think about is that the new league schedule has fewer back to backs, so there may not be as many schedule wins this year. That will make the good teams better and the bad teams worse in win loss record. There are maybe 9 teams that we are comparable to or maybe better than, so 28 wins could be hard to reach.

Yeah, something is clearly wrong physically with Markelle Fultz’ shoulder. He shouldn’t be on the floor.

well last year i was filled with a lot of uninformed optimism and predicted 55 wins for last season – and, boy was i wrong…

now that i’ve finished my rookie season on knickerblogger and have a little more seasoning to my fandom for the knicks – i’ll go with 27 wins…

if we can keep away from off court or locker room drama, develop young players, play “hard” – this season will be a success…

Frank Ntilikina says his knee is 100 percent healthy and he’s felt fine after participating in scrimmages. “I’m very happy with where my knee is and I’m ready to play tomorrow.”

Worried about this quote from Frank:
Dude…’s right in the middle of your leg. where it’s always been.

that was perfect…


I agree that Noah was terrible in stretches last year. IMO, that’s because he started the season out of shape and was constantly playing through or coming back from injuries. However, there was a stretch where he was getting regular minutes and reasonably healthy where he started playing better.

Noah does not have the mobility that made him special, and that is never coming back. Without that great mobility he has a very limited skill set. He can still rebound, and he’s a good passer, but he can no longer do the thing that made him a valuable player– he can no longer cover a lot of ground and blow up pick and rolls.


And just as you say it they get ahead hahaha

They’re gonna struggle and Fultz does not look healthy in his shooting form, but man, watching Simmons play is going to be a damn pleasure. He’s so smooth.

Let’s see.
NY, Charlotte, Indiana, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and Philadelphia will all suck to varying degrees. The East sucks. That’s a lot of teams giving away losses. I could see anywhere from 25 to 40 wins. I’ll go with 38 wins on the strength of a rare healthy season.

If the Knicks were in the West, maybe 25 wins?

I’m going with between 25-30 wins on the season. Think most of us are on the same page here.

Nets offense has been terrific when they’re not turning it over but they’ve got like 15 turnovers

A lot of really interesting games going on, Sixers and Wizards has been really fun, Bucks and Celtics, the Nets Pacers game… then later Spurs and Wolves, Nuggets and Jazz.

28 wins because we are terrible.

Last year Melo carried us quite a bit. That’s not me hyping Melo, that’s me looking around and not seeing many people who can contribute even Melo’s league average production.

Doncic here we come!!

Another prediciton:
People start turning on KP this year and labeling him a bust. I don’t like what I’ve seen recently and I don’t think he’ll turn it around this year. Luckily he’s still young.

I don’t think will offer much either.
Willy is the new David Lee. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him and Kanter paired at some point and look smooth as hell, resulting in them getting paired up more.

Last kinda out there prediction: Courtney Lee remains on team

Simmons is definitely smooth and poised. He doesn’t seem to have that explosion or surpeme athleticism yet. Finishing around the rim and in the open court seems weak right now.

I’m quite convinced on Simmons, he’s gonna be a star. There’s a lot of things he needs to do a bit better, but the complete package is just tantalizing. It’s his first game ever, recovering from a nasty injury, against a very good team and he looks like a veteran out there.


Yeah, he’s such a difference maker. That stretch in which he scored, blocked a shot and then dished to Gortat was a thing of beauty.

I think these young teams are a little too quick to go centerless. 6ers must really hate Okafor bc they need a backup center when Embiid’s off the floor… Keeping Noel might’ve been smart.
Same deal with Brooklyn going small-ball and getting killed.
Nice line from Galloway in Detroit btw.

The Nets gave up 140 to Indiana lmao.

Hollis-Jefferson and D-Russ looked good out there, though.

Without Gordon Hayward the Celtics are going to be lucky to win 45. I’m going to be kicking myself all year for not betting on the under.

Lin may have hurt his knee.

Some of the Boston youngsters looked pretty solid tonight but Giannis just physically overwhelmed the Celtics. I’m not sure who can guard him.

That’s Lin, Hayward and Mirotic out for a long while two games into the season. Not a good start, and a scary start to boot.

Andre Drummond came legit close to walking up to Dwight Howard and punching him the face tonight. He still looks spaced out half the time but an interesting storylin is whether he’s really improved his ft shooting. It would make a huge difference if he could shoot 60pct from the line.

Russel looked pretty good on offense, but Lin’s injury is going to be a killer. Really sad for him.

Giannis just dominated Boston and Kyrie was in his worst chucking form, there’s no way Boston is winning if he goes 7/25.

And the Spurs are being the Spurs already, in the least surprising development in this young season.

damn 7-25?

Also PSA Dennis S on Atlanta fucking sucks. I hate that guy ..Hes a worse reggie jackson

Atlanta is going to be reeeeeal strong for the tank, Schroeder will shoot 25 times every game and that’s bound to lead to 22 wins max.

I read something about Drummond being unable to concentrate long enough to practice shooting FTs. I’m not a doctor, but that sounds like something he should see someone about.

Shoutout to Langston Galloway

Also PSA Dennis S on Atlanta fucking sucks. I hate that guy ..Hes a worse reggie jackson

I can’t remember seeing a guy his size Dunk off a rebound under the basket like he did in the 3rd. I don’t even think he took a drop step to do it either.

Dennis Smith Jr is playing really well, while the Mavs are inexplicably tied with the Hawks. What a weird game.


Here comes the first of 82 snarky comments about the subject! Glad we’ve got that out of the way already!

I can’t remember seeing a guy his size Dunk off a rebound under the basket like he did in the 3rd. I don’t even think he took a drop step to do it either.

That was Smith , the good dennis on Dallas. Like How the fuck does Schroder have 23 fga with 1FT? Incomprehensible. Of course after my first comment he made 3 straight layups but that’s my point, why does he shoot so much from the perimeter. The Mavs guards suck on D

This game is oddly really entertaining. Both teams are terrible but it’s somehow been really fun to watch. I guess I just miss basketball a lot.

Hey he listened to me…. Thanks Mr. Schroder you turned my fantasy game around….still cant stand you lol

Holy hell what was that play from Barnes lol.

He literally dribbled until the shot clock expired, down 2 with 34 seconds left, my god.

Man, I feel for Lin too. That’s Brooklyn’s deepest position, though. I guess Crabbe starts now?

Dennis Smith… I guarantee that guy is injured by game 14. And his defense is nonexistent.


Schroder did blow past him every time I saw them matched up, but Schroder is really really fast and its his first game… his offensive game was very impressive, 16/10 with 3 turnovers and 6/11 shooting.

I could definitely see myself betting the under on the Mavs this year, everyone else looked quite terrible except Noel.

I know the Rockets D without CP3 isn’t the best benchmark but Fox looks great out there


That move to finish the half was really impressive, he looks hella fast.

I’ve been watching the Nuggets give away a 15 point lead, now they’re down by 12… The Jazz are still going to be a tough team to beat.

Utah has the nuggets offense in shambles. I think the top 3 defenses in the Nba are utah, gsw, and OKC


Yeah, they were really good already this year and Rubio might be an improvement over Hill… Jokic hasn’t found any space to score.

Sefalosha isn’t done yet. When he is out there with Rubio gobert and favors their defense is serious

@102 I just meant that he plays reckless and has an injury history. Seems like a serious health risk. But who knows, maybe he’ll tighten up his game?
Also Monk had a 1-9, 3 to game off the bench. Glad we didn’t draft him.

Devin Booker is 5/15 in the first half and the Suns are losing by 25. What is the record for FGA in a season? He might just break it (with .500 ts% of course)

Can you imagine if Phil had actually completed that Booker/KP trade? Jeezus Christ…

First time predicting on here but I’m going with 33 and that’s being optimistic and expecting a great year from our new leader KP. Honestly this is the year he has to show that he’s a star/future star. How did dirk do when he became the number 1 option ? also… side note I’ve been at work so I haven’t been able to catch the games. Did Kyrie not pass or did his teammates just not hit the shots and how did the Pelicans look although they took the L.


Kyrie looked really bothered by the Bucks length and he was forcing shots a lot… he was also playing off the ball a lot with Rozier and Smart bringing it up, which was pretty weird to me.

I caught only the 4th quarter of the Pels / Grizz game, they were looking quite bad… inefficient night for Davis, Cousins being Cousins (including a T for talking back to a fan) and everyone else just plain sucks.


He said it because DSJ plays recklessly. He tried to go for the dunk many times today but he’s just 6’2”, so he better be careful. Also, he’s a rookie, so he’s not getting any calls on those plays. For a moment, it reminded me of RG3 in his first, fabulous season, before that certain-to-come injury.

I won’t predict a number, but I agree that 30 wins is a good projection. And regarding to the Draft, there’s no way in hell the Knicks are worse than Bulls, Nets and Suns, they absolutely suck, so this team will have to have a little luck to get a Top-3 pick.

Holy hell the Suns are losing by 43 at home to the Blazers. They allowed 38 points in the 3rd.

With McCollum suspended after stepping on the court, mind you…

I can see the Suns trading Bledsoe and Knight and tanking HAAAAAAAAAARD. The problem: their front office is very bad draftwise.

Damn, Lin getting hurt makes the Nets chances of out-tanking the Knicks better. We really need the other lottery teams not to suck as much this year.

57 points now… God imagine being a Phoenix season ticket holder and going to opening night to see this.

God imagine being a Phoenix season ticket holder

I have problems imaging this alone…

Right, that is quite the ass whipping Portland is laying on Phoenix – flat out embarrassing.

Phoenix was always going to take the Arizona native Marvin Bagley in this draft.


Unless of course they get the honor of drafting 4th for the 3rd time in a row lol.

You never know with the unique brand of lack of luck / lack of capability the Suns keep showing.

Honestly, I get not drafting DSjr when his camp refused to provide medical records. But I could definitely have gotten behind rolling the dice on him as well because of his ridiculous upside. Mitchell was the safest pick in our spot. But whatever, let’s see what Frank can do, starting tonight.

BTW, Predicting injury is always mean-spirited. Who the fuck knows? Did anyone see Shump’s injury coming? Or Dante Exum’s? Or Jabari Parker’s? Even Derrick Rose’s ACL was a non-contact play. Did anyone think Kyle Lowry or Kyrie Irving was not worth drafting due to a prior ACL tear? How did their careers turn out?

Utah has the nuggets offense in shambles. I think the top 3 defenses in the Nba are utah, gsw, and OKC

Yeah, Utah’s problem is going to be putting points on the board.

32-50 for me. The key variables:

1) If Kanter and WHG play 1500-2000 minutes each, the Knicks could have a top-15 offense and find themselves gravitating toward 40 wins by accident.
2) If Porzingis makes a huge leap a la Durant’s 3rd year, the Knicks could break .500 and shock the world (or at least the weakest East in a decade).
3) If Frank plays 2,000 minutes and shoots ~48 TS%, the Knicks could sink back toward the top of the lottery.

As for the Thunder, my hot take is that they go about 47-35 and no one can figure out why a team with the reigning MVP and two “uber-talented” wings can’t break 50 wins. There will be talk about fit, synergy, “buying in,” and gelling, but ultimately, it will be largely because Carmelo’s 19 point, 9-23 shooting nights make it hard to compete in today’s NBA.

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