Knicks Morning News (2017.10.01)

  • [NYDN] Porzingis brothers have return to U.S. delayed by work visa issue
    (Saturday, September 30, 2017 10:12:19 PM)

    Donald Trump has indirectly split up the Porzingis family. But the hope is the separations is very short-lived.

  • [NYPost] The first sign Frank Ntilikina is getting it
    (Saturday, September 30, 2017 10:01:18 PM)

    Jeff Hornacek wasn’t sure what to expect when Frank Ntilikina arrived in New York, but heading into the Knicks’ preseason opener Tuesday, the coach is already convinced the 19-year-old rookie is capable of making an immediate impact. “We have NBA players on the team that he’s battled with, and he’s showed that he can play…

  • [NYPost] Knicks coach: I’m ‘shocked’ at how good Joakim Noah looks
    (Saturday, September 30, 2017 3:37:06 PM)

    Joakim Noah’s debut season in New York was so disappointing because it had the potential to be so exciting. The Hell’s Kitchen native was coming home, the rare free agent of his stature to seek out the New York spotlight. The two-time All-Star was barely two years removed from being named the Defensive Player of…

  • [NYPost] Knicks planning show of unity despite NBA anthem mandate
    (Saturday, September 30, 2017 2:16:07 PM)

    Just hours before Saturday’s first preseason game, Knicks players weren’t tipping their hands on whether they will stand, kneel or remain in the locker room during the national anthem. The Knicks don’t play until Tuesday, when they take on the Brooklyn Nets at Madison Square Garden. But at practice Saturday, neither Joakim Noah nor Lance…

  • [SNY Knicks] GEICO SportsNite: New look Knicks hit the court
    (Sunday, October 01, 2017 1:14:36 AM)

    Knicks big man Joakim Noah speaks to the media and sets his expectations as he comes off a disappointing campaign last season.

  • [SNY Knicks] Kristaps Porzingis playing it safe after bruising knee
    (Saturday, September 30, 2017 1:13:27 PM)

    Kristaps Porzingis is feeling better after bruising his knee in practice Thursday, but he and the Knicks will take a safe approach as he looks to get back to 100 percent.

  • [NY Newsday] Joakim Noah praises Kaepernick, calls Trump remarks ‘divisive’
    (Saturday, September 30, 2017 5:09:12 PM)

    GREENBURGH, N.Y. — As someone who has taken a stand on social issues in the past, Joakim Noah gave a shoutout to former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for getting people to talk about “social injustice” and said Saturday that President Donald Trump’s remarks about NFL players who protest during the national anthem are “dividing” the country.

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    Mayeb the failing knicks should be focused moreon winning games and less on protests.Too bad because their owner James Dolan is a good man and a friend.Sad!

    This issue is definitely not going away any time soon. Especially now that the president has treated the players like house slaves in calling them out. I’m in hospital management and let me tell you institutionalized racism is alive and well at a senior management level.

    Haven’t posted in a while due to a busy life. I’m pretty pumped about this season, even if they don’t win a lot of games. Looking forward to seeing this young squad develop. I’m also curious to see how OKC gels with melo.

    Pretty sure that , unlike the NFL, the NBA has a rule against kneeling for the anthem. Lets see how they enforce it.

    What’s it called when you’re forced to pledge allegiance? Read somewhere that’s called dictatorship. But let’s stick to sports…

    We would need a whole new thread to talk about the social climate issue. It is a deep, dark, dirty, and smelly foxhole. It does need to be talked about and dealt with more consistently and actively than they’ve ever been in this country- but I don’t think we should be debating the merits of it or calling people out over them. I’m all for having a separate thread with healthy conversation about the topic, but that is something that we can’t afford to go left. This country has a long history of disparate and cruel treatment, so much so that it has become part of the thread of our society. Whenever we talk about it, we should be rising above the bs and name calling and other banter that could lead to arguments over it.

    I agree about leaving politics at the door. Passion runs deep in many and I wager that there are folks on both ends of the spectrum here. This place is a refuge from that for me. I will say that rare breed centrist and see both sides to the arguments.


    As far as the NBA is concerned it is called collective bargaining not dictatorship..

    My understanding is (and I am happy to be corrected if I misstate anything) NBA players in the CBA must stand and be motionless (something to that effect) during the national anthems. If I am stating that properly it has nothing to do with dictatorship and everything to do with collective bargaining.

    In American corporate world people routinely bargain away 1st Amendment rights. I am quite sure Jackson and Walsh signed pretty airtight non disclosures with Dolan as part of their contract, etc.

    I’m sure Melo and Curry and Durant would be perfectly within their rights to have a sit in on the Capitol Steps on their own time and could kneel there to their heart’s content….but not during the national anthem at one of their games.

    Every paying customer could take a knee during the national anthem to show solidarity with the ‘movement’ and that actually might mean something more than some relatively uneducated guys with hyper-secreting pituitaries would. I honestly think thousands of wealthy customers making that statement carry far more weight than Melo or Kapernick…. just a thought.

    @10 making the thread great

    @9 factual and logical. So few understand limits on 1st amendment!

    @6 even in the public sphere there are schools across the country where it is district policy that students must stand for the pledge of allegiance. this has routinely been found unconstitutional…but these schools know they can get away with it until it is challenged and are often located in areas where it won’t be. If we stick to sports and ignore the public implications, the issue goes unchallenged in this sphere and the right is eroded ever so slightly more

    Love it when black athletes shouldn’t protest because some old white guy thinks they’re dumb

    It’s literally mind-boggling that anyone thinks that athletes are dumber than the average American when we have Donald fucking Trump elected as president of the United States

    I hope the Knicks kneel, or lock arms, or protest in another way. I’m a middle aged white guy but they’d be doing it for me as well.

    The NBA is a private business that is entitled to make some rules about acceptable and unacceptable behavior on league time (as opposed to what you do on free time). For example, there are dress codes, rules on drug use etc…. Most likely the league realizes a lot of Americans consider the flag and national anthem almost sacred. So the league would probably prefer that any activity intended to highlight that racism still exists should come from a positive direction of unity instead of something that would be divisive. It doesn’t want to hurt ratings, ticket sales, player endorsements, and relationships with advertisers, which in turn would impact player salaries negatively also.

    The NBA is easily the most progressive sports organization in the US on race and other social issues. Some slight adjustment in the HOW to protest and help force change seems quite reasonable and would not harm the players or league financially the way a protest during the anthem would.

    The idea is keep your on the goal and not worry so much about how to get there as long as it works and inflicts no damage or further divisieness.

    I like how the teams are locking arms. Gets the point across.

    Saw some Laker highlights… that kid Kuzma looks damn good! He’s got a nasty running hook.

    Rest of the team looks like crap though.

    Lonzo is just casually averaging close to a triple double between summer league and preseason.

    Why couldn’t we have him

    Athletes and fans should leave politics out of sports the moment that professional sport leagues stop making their competitions public displays of patriotic loyalty. I don’t have to salute a fucking flag when I go out to the movies yet somehow because some asshole thought up the idea for sporting events to arouse support during WWI it becomes near obligatory to genuflect a flag made in China in every athletic competition. So I say until pro leagues decide to take the political displays of patriotism out of their competitions, kneel away.

    Likely wishful thinking, but I would love to see LeBron/Curry/Durant etc. take a knee and dare Adam Silver to do anything about it. Suspending your best players because they think police should stop killing people is not a look he wants.

    I’m watching Knicks open scrimmage and that’s enough to tell me Frank Ntiilkina is winning MVP this season.— Daniel (@benchwarmerdan) October 1, 2017

    After watching the #Knicks open practice today, the only players who stood out to me were Frank Ntilikina and Tim Hardaway Jr.— NYK-NYJ-NYY-4life (@knicksjets4life) October 1, 2017

    in all seriousness, his bball IQ is what stands out immediately.— Daniel (@benchwarmerdan) October 1, 2017

    he tries hard and has pterodactyl arms so he’ll be an improvement over anything we’ve had, even as a rookie lol— Daniel (@benchwarmerdan) October 1, 2017

    After watching today's scrimmage in person… not sure what it is exactly but there's something VERY special about Frank Ntilikina. #knicks— Hard Knicks Life (@HardKnicksLife) October 1, 2017

    Watched some of the scrimmage and Frank looks real impressive. He also looks way bigger than 3 months ago.

    Frank Ntilikina looked so smooth during the Knicks’ scrimmage but was overshadowed by the child in the third row dabbing every few seconds— Seth Rosenthal (@seth_rosenthal) October 1, 2017

    “I think the surprising thing for me as a coach is how knowledgable he is of the game and how he reads things,” Hornacek said. “You saw some of his raw talent, you saw his length on tape. But when you’re here watching him play every day, seeing the plays that he makes , finding the mismatches and getting the ball to that guy quickly. He comes down the court and he realizes this guy didn’t get a shot maybe the last three or four times, he seems to call a play that fits right there. It’s probably something he’s not even thinking about it, it’s just natural. That’s something not many guys have that, so that’s what’s been impressive.”

    Maybe he’s considering starting Frank right away? Encouraging signs.

    The idea is keep your on the goal and not worry so much about how to get there as long as it works and inflicts no damage or further divisieness.

    The only way you’ll get the flag-as-religious-icon crowd to claim no further divisiveness is if black leaders came together and said, “Hey, slavery ended in 1865 and we all have equal rights and cops kill white people as much as they do black people, so I think it’s time we stop complaining.” Those who would boycott sports leagues over nonviolent political gestures won’t care until the left accepts Breitbart as a measured centrist publication and Infowars as sober, rational political analysis.


    He was playing with the starters in the scrimmage and he was actually one of the best players on the floor. Really impressive.

    Also someone in the live chat came up with a good nickname: Ntilmatic

    The fact that Ntilikina bulked up doesn’t surprise me, it was part of his projection. What impresses me is how fast he’s done it in a few months of American training and diet regimen. To me, he’s a rotational guy if he can physically keep up. His IQ was never in question for me, though it is nice to see he’s adapting it to playing point guard.

    he can against Ramon Sessions in a 90% speed game! Looked really poised, made good decisions— Seth Rosenthal (@seth_rosenthal) October 1, 2017

    Frank Knicky is the real deal nice cross over dribble can finish at the rim pullup jump shot is good & would have had 10 assists if 4misses— RAHMMAGICK (@rahmmagick) October 1, 2017

    Had a really nice And 1 layup in traffic and got in the paint and to the hoop with ease. He's huge for a PG— Benjamin Adam Meyer (@BAdamMeyer) October 1, 2017

    If Frank looks real good this season, the Knicks need to put Clarence Gaines back where Phil had him and lock him up to a good deal.


    Based on scrimmage I think it's safe to say that Frank Ntilikina gets to the line as much as Harden, with much better defense and jumper— Joseph Flynn (@ChinaJoeFlynn) October 1, 2017

    He was playing with the starters in the scrimmage and he was actually one of the best players on the floor. Really impressive.

    I hope he becomes the starter right away, even if he ends up playing less than 30 minutes. Let him build a chemistry with KP. Usually you have to be patient with tall PGs, but I like what I am hearing, and in any case, he needs the minutes to master the position.

    So the starting lineup was Frank, Timmy, McDermott, Kanter and Porzingis?

    I can get behind that, just hope Hernangomez will not lose too many minutes.

    Good to hear that Frank looks so good.

    If Frank looks real good this season, the Knicks need to put Clarence Gaines back where Phil had him and lock him up to a good deal.

    It’s hard to draw statistically significant conclusions from a small sample of a few years, but the evidence indicates we have one of the better scouting departments in the NBA. Let’s hope new management doesn’t blow it.

    We’ve had arguably elite scouting for the past 10 years or so so that why I’m always skeptical to give credit to one guy for our picks.

    Good to hear that Frank looks so good.

    Let’s temper this a bit for fear of jinxing the kid..

    He’s doing it against below average defenders on his own team. Let’s see how he does against other teams first.

    I do wanna say this in his favor:
    His size is gonna be a problem in our favor. He has the smarts, size, and athleticism to produce at the PG spot. AND he can shoot. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he can start this season. Listen, he reminds me of a defensively inclined Harden. By that I mean on offense he’s not the most explosive, but he has the skill and savvy to produce at a good level. Kinda like that older guy at the Y bustin the youngins asses. Harden is the real life Uncle Drew lol. That said, if Harden can play point- why can’t Ntilikina? I don’t expect him to put up the points like Harden, I’m just saying he plays like him.

    BTW..I like The Frenchise way better than Ntilmatic right now, even though Ntilmatic is dope af too- love the reference. He has to earn Ntilmatic. If he starts stringing together tripdubs like Kidd while getting 18pts a game, I will gladly call him Ntilmatic lol

    The Knicks or the Nticks?

    I hope Frank Ntilikina destroys Dennis Smith Jr when the two play.

    I actually hope he doesn’t enjoy passing so we don’t have to hear “French Connection” like 400 times this season

    All those possible nicknames are pretty good. I’m not going to get too excited. Let’s see how the first half of the season goes.

    I’d recommend Frank Nitty, but he’s not the mafia or enforcer type.

    Glad Frank looks good. I just want KANTER away from the squad. He’s young but he’s a vet. He’s set in his bad habits. I’d like a blank slate with Frank running the show and KP and Willy flanking him

    I know Kuzma didn’t really shoot well in college but damn if he doesn’t look like Rashard Lewis is SL and last night.

    jokic is stupid…he’s so freaking relaxed – he looks like he’s playing rec ball out there…

    for those of you (there were a few) who were letting us all know just how good jokic was early in the year – good call…

    watched a little of the laker game…ball looks really young – but, he’s going to be really fun to watch…kind of like jokic – somehow he can see the whole court at once, in slow motion…

    yeah, regarding the new york knickerbockers and protesting…

    we got a lot of international guys on our club…

    I know if I was here on some work visa – I wouldn’t be saying/doing shit…

    just like if I was overseas playing in china, israel, russia – I’d stay as far under the radar as possible on that…

    never really thought of dolan as a racist…he always seemed like someone whom hated most humanity equally…

    definitely don’t view him as any kind of social justice warrior though either…

    good question on a nickname for frank…

    I’m not getting on board the Ntilikina Express quite yet. We’ll learn a lot more on Tuesday. Still, it’s nice not to hear “flustered” and “overmatched” yet.

    I caught a few minutes of the Lakers last night while I was winding down and wow, that LA crowd is thirsty . They were cheering made buckets while they were down double digits in the 4th quarter of a preseason game like they were up in the playoffs.

    I’m not offended at people singing the anthem or the expectation that others are polite while it happens if they don’t want to participate. The idea that someone would be punished for non participation bothers me. Like kids at my school being compelled to say “under God” is just nuts. Obviously our wack job President wanting people fired for not standing makes me similarly uncomfortable. The NBA fining players for not standing? Not sure. They’re not making them sing. I think the bottom line is to be invited to show your enthusiasm for your country and your thanks to those who have sacrificed. I get it. But there’s a fine line between that and forced indoctrination.

    Go Frank. In Frank we trust. If you don’t like Frank you’re no friend of mine.

    I hope Frank’s nickname doesn’t end up being Nitty. Can you imagine the Post headlines:

    Frank has a good scoring game: NITTY NITTY BANG BANG!

    Frank has embarrassing personal details revealed: THE SECRET LIFE OF FRANKIE NITTY

    Frank comes up clutch in a big game: NITTY GRITTY!

    Frank, Hardaway Jr, McDermott, KP, and Kanter is a pretty good starting five offensively I think. 4 shooters and good ball movement. Defensively you have your aces on the perimeter and in the paint. TH2 might have to take the toughest wing to protect McDermott, but McDermott is a great shooter so he should do enough to get buckets and make teams pay.

    Derrick Rose admits he played “revenge basketball” last season. The now Cavaliers said he was trying to get his and prove the doubters wrong rather than playing team basketball (facilitating). Via NBC Sports

    LOL and Phil was like yea. I want more.

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