Knicks Morning News (2017.05.21)

  • [NY Newsday] Source: Phil Jackson, Kristaps Porzingis’ brother have meeting
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 8:59:18 PM)

    Knicks president Phil Jackson recently met with Kristaps Porzingis’ brother Janis to talk about Porzingis’ decision not to attend his exit interview with team officials, a league source confirmed.

  • [SNY Knicks] JR Sport Brief: Knicks are in a heap of trouble
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 7:15:17 PM)

    In the latest installment of JR Sport Brief on, JR runs down the list of issues revolving around the Knicks.

  • [NYTimes] On Pro Basketball: Bring on the Monstars: Another Rout Shows LeBron James Is on Jordan’s Level
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 4:31:18 PM)

    As the Cleveland Cavaliers blow through the N.B.A. playoffs, it’s time to admit that James has reached the same celestial level of a certain “Space Jam” star, an achievement worth celebrating.

  • [NYTimes] N.B.A. Player Enes Kanter Released After Being Held in Romania
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 11:25:24 PM)

    Kanter, a Turk, posted a video on Twitter from an airport saying his passport was canceled because he opposes President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he called “the Hitler of our century.”

  • [NYTimes] Missed Calls Prompt W.N.B.A. to Bolster Referees’ Training
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 2:12:26 PM)

    The league is increasing training for referees after missed calls in last season’s playoffs led to widespread criticism.

  • [NYTimes] Warriors 120, Spurs 108: Warriors Take 3-0 Series Lead on the Depleted Spurs
    (Sunday, May 21, 2017 4:31:35 AM)

    San Antonio lost David Lee in the first quarter when he hurt his left knee, and Coach Gregg Popovich relied heavily on a bench that could not keep up with Golden State.

  • [NYTimes] ESPN’s Holly Rowe Finds Work Cathartic as She Battles Cancer
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 9:48:32 PM)

    Rowe, a veteran sideline reporter who was diagnosed with melanoma, said of being on the air, “I don’t think about having cancer when I’m out here.”

  • [NYPost] Coughlin over Parcells? Ranking best coaches in NY sports history
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 6:11:01 PM)

    There are few managers or coaches in recent memory who have gotten the town talking the way Terry Collins has, and does, sometimes in good ways, often in bad ways, always in interesting ways. Saturday, he managed the 1,013th game of his tenure as a Met, one more than Davey Johnson — and maybe a…

  • [NYPost] This series disaster can push Celtics to pull Carmelo trigger
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 3:57:51 PM)

    At the start of the second half of the Cavaliers’ historic “Boston Massacre” rout on Friday night, TNT broadcasters Chris Webber and Reggie Miller already were dissecting what moves the Celtics can make in the offseason. Before Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals even had ended, debate on how the Celtics close the canyon…

  • [NYDN] Meeting between Porzingis’ brother and Phil accomplishes little
    (Saturday, May 20, 2017 11:57:21 AM)

    Knicks president Phil Jackson met recently with Kristaps Porzingis’ brother.

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    I had a dream that the Knicks drafted Ntilikina and he turned out to be another Mudiay. I’m all aboard the DSJ train as of right now. His offensive skillset would be handy if (when) Melo leaves.

    Emmanuel Mudiay and D’Angelo Russell are criticized too harshly IMO. They both just turned 21 this year and appear to be improving. Very few rookie-sophomore point guards have played much better than they did their first few seasons. I’m sure Smith Jr, Fox, Fultz, and Ntilikina will have rough starts to their career and eventually round into good basketball players. Even Lonzo Ball is going to struggle early on.

    With that said, I’ll take Dennis Smith Jr all day and I believe he’ll be there at #8 for us.

    So the whole regular season and playoffs to date was an exhibition while we waited for the Warriors and Cavs to inevitably be champions of each conference? Boston can use injury as an excuse if they like, but they might not have gotten past Chicago without Rondo’s injury.

    Continued bad vibes from the KP camp. Do we have a diva here? I hope not, and I’m not eager to see the Knicks trade him. BUT, lots of smoke… I seem to recall that he snubbed the Sixers before the draft, now all this drama. The one that bothers me the most is the continuing rumor that he won’t respond to Hornacek. I sure hope that one is not true, b/c it does not speak well of KP to be throwing such a tantrum.

    Nonetheless, even with all this, I would not want to see him dealt, particularly to an eastern team, unless a king’s ransom is paid. And by that, I’d need at least 3 blue chip assets in some combination of lottery picks and/or good young players with upside.

    @3 I said this last night and I’ll say it again. Phil met with KP’s brother/agent but nothing was resolved. I love KP but this is way out of bounds for a 2nd year player who is not all world yet.
    I don’t want to see him traded but if he refuses to see himself as a player and not the LBJ of the team we should consider offers. Any 2 of Boston’s NY Nets picks or Jae Crowder? Sacramento’s 2 picks? Portland’s 3 first round picks? What would be enough to make Phil say goodbye to our unfriendly unicorn?
    Porzingis is not untouchable. There may be trades out there that will make our team stronger and we should not rule them out.

    There’s no way I do it for sac’s picks or portland’s. Agree – three blue chip assets. If Boston calls and offers brown or smart, no1 this year and Brooklyn’s unprotected pick next year I would consider it. Less than that I hang up. And I still might say no to that.

    I’m worried about the KP situation but more because I don’t trust the knicks to fix it properly than due to any inherent concern about KPs character… he doesn’t have to be all world to have the right to call out this level of organisational crap.

    There’s no doubt that Dolan is a cancer and Jax has made some terrible decisions thus far, but look at it this way:

    Melo signed a contract and made 24 and a half million dollars this past year to make 8 out of 19 shots per 36 minutes. His rebounding was at it’s worst level ever, he gets basically no steals or blocks a game, and his free throws and 3 pt shooting is league average.

    OF COURSE Jax wants to trade him. The system makes very little difference, and if he and Rose are too dumb to figure out how to cut off screens (a.k.a. the “Triangle”) then that’s a whole other problem.

    The fact is, Melo just sucks. And KP was pretty average (with promise) but what… that’s the GM’s fault?

    Now should Jax have come in kissing Anthony’s ass with that ridic contract and traded for has-been stars Rose and Noah? Definitely not, but it’s hard to say how much his hands were tied there.

    The article stated that the source didn’t know the specifics of the meeting. I don’t think it told us anything other than that Phil met with his brother. Anything beyond that is just guessing.

    Apparently, since LA got lucky in the draft, they are getting calls about Russell. The thinking is they are going to get a good point guard in the draft, so why not get something good for Russell. But I think they are more likely to trade Clarkson. So how about Melo for Clarkson, Young and Ingram and the 2018 first round draft of the Suns that the Lakers have rights to? Then we draft another point guard and have two of them.

    Of course I’d rather have Russel, but I think this is more doable.

    If Sacto were to offer their two top picks this year, I’d start a discussion with them. But, I’d need one more piece, and maybe also try to force a 2nd round swap as well for their early 2nd rounder (#34, I think).

    Adding the #5 and 10 picks, an early 2nd, and another piece would be very intriguing. Having the #5, 8, 10, 34, and 44 picks would be pretty amazing. Lots of young talent, and with the team likely to lose a lot of games, next year’s pick could be sweet, too. Surely such a blatant rebuild would probably make Melo want to facilitate a trade, too.

    Pipe dream, though.

    Note that Young would have to opt in to the last year of his contract (next year) for my proposed trade to work.

    @9 There’s no way that Melo is worth that much.

    There’s no way I do it for sac’s picks or portland’s. Agree – three blue chip assets. If Boston calls and offers brown or smart, no1 this year and Brooklyn’s unprotected pick next year I would consider it. Less than that I hang up. And I still might say no to that.

    I have to tell you if I know Isaac is 100% available at #5, I do that deal in a heartbeat. With a gun to my head I think Isaac is going to have a better career than KP heads up!

    I think Isaac is going to be the best player in this draft. His TS% = .614. He shoots 35% from 3 and 78% FT’s and is a baby. He blocks shots, he rebounds and scores . He’s super athletic but has greatly developed technical skills (has a post game, a turn around J and shoots from distance). He isn’t going to be lost when he is switched out into space like a unicorn I know. He is the prototype 21st century NBA model.

    If i can get him and the #10 pick which should be a rotation NBA player or better on a rookie contract it is an easy move.

    What gives anyone confidence about KP becoming anything better than a carnival sideshow? The man has zero post game and can’t rebound or defend in space and can be stymied by 6’6″ players with a strong base. Plus his 2nd half numbers for 2 consecutive years have been abysmal.

    You guys sound like we would be giving him away…..

    I dont see why Boston wants Melo if they’re getting Fultz and are very publicly interested in Hayward.

    I don’t see why the Lakers want Melo if they’re building around a nice young core.

    Given the dearth of cities Melo is interested in, a lack of probable interest in most of them, and a lack of assets in those that do want him, it’s gonnA be a crap offer or he stays.

    It’s easy to fall in love with good young players, especially unicorns. As good as I believe that KP will be, I would trade him in a heartbeat for Sac’s 2 #1 picks if his attitude doesn’t change. We could end up with Fox or Isaac AND Collins or OG. Plus we’d still have the #8 pick and can grab Ntilikina. It is very troublesome that a 21 yr old who is not KAT can blow off an exit meeting and ignore his coach’s texts to him. If it’s true that the meeting between Phil and KP’s brother Janis was fruitless then trading him for Sac’s 2 picks or 2 picks (or Jae Crowder) from Boston should be seriously considered.

    Yeah our choice for trading Melo is basically Clipper garbage, and I’ll take it.

    Trade Melo for anything but longer contracts. Don’t worry about Kristaps.

    Magic Johnson said, bluntly, that the Lakers weren’t going to add salary this summer and were saving their cap space for next summer. So no Melo deal there.

    So two ideas- one which I don’t like and one which I would be ok with:

    Melo for Aldridge straight up? Spurs would have adequate cap space for that unbalanced trade I think.

    Melo for Gasol, Dejounte Murray, and this year’s number 1 (#29)?

    I don’t think the spurs do the first deal even though Aldridge has looked pretty bad this series.

    The second deal might be the best for both sides? Unless CP3 decides to take a huge paycut, I’d be surprised if SA could make a move that improves their team more than this without giving up pretty significant pieces. Adding Melo would allow kawhi to spend less energy on offense – and if this series has shown anything it’s that SA has a lot of trouble scoring when kawhi is out. And with Danny Green and Kawhi out there with Melo, it’s a good fit for Melo defensively too.

    And re the Knicks- Gasol obviously would be someone Phil would like (and only 1 year left on his deal). Murray has some promise and has 3 years left on his cheap rookie deal. And the 1st rounder is late but at least it’s something.

    Melo for Aldridge would be atrocious. The other deal would be great, even without a draft pick

    I’d trade Melo for Aldridge straight up, even if only to move him on… he doesn’t have a NTC, is younger and more productive – so worth more to others even if not to us.

    LMA could be flipped to a team like Atlanta (if Millsap walks) or Minnesota for picks, so I’d do a Melo for LMA swap based on that contingency. As long as we can flip Melo for young guys and/or 1st round draft picks I’d do it.

    Blimey. Ok – not much younger and not actually more productive! Still think we’d get more for him than Melo on the open market. But yeah – maybe not worth it!

    If Melo ever becomes a Spur while Buford or Pop are in charge, I will write a 1,000 word post describing in great detail how I have always been wrong about basketball and literally everything else I have ever posited in my entire life. I will apologize to ruruland, Z-man, jon abbey, Italian Stallion, Frank, reub, and especially Ted “Where’s the Independent Research” Nelson, and vow to never post again unless I add the following to the end of each individual post: “Also I am stupid and you should never listen to anything I say because my thoughts are inherently incorrect.”

    The idea of the Spurs trading a cornerstone of their incredible defense (even if he’s — surprise! — still not the post powerhouse that everyone thinks he ought to be, despite ten years of evidence that he’s basically Carmelo as a PF/C) is downright laughable. Even worse is that Melo’s NTC and mega-max would follow him to San Antonio. It’ll never, ever happen. Don’t bring it up again.

    Funny, Jowles, I was thinking we agree on like 8 out of 10 things and that we would no longer let the fact that you are wrong on the other 2 be a thing any more…

    PS put @25 in the 8 out of 10 pile.

    What happens if Melo and CP3 decide they wanna team up in San Antonio but CP3 won’t go if Melo isn’t there? If I’m Gregg Popovich I don’t let LaMarcus Aldridge keep me from CP3 and Kawhi on the same team, especially if I can get Phil Jackson to throw in Kyle O’Quinn.

    I would watch CP3, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Dedmon play every night and I’d even pick them to win the championship over Cleveland and Golden State. I know it doesn’t seem likely that they’d be able to clear enough room to grab Melo and a Chris Paul, but Phil Jackson is dumb enough to take back big contracts (he was gonna take Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford back in any Melo trade) and the Knicks have a bunch of cap space this summer that they could take back in contracts from San Antonio. We’d essentially be punting the season for Michael Porter Jr, and I can get behind that.

    CP3 and Kawhi on the same team? I’d buy Melo’s Spurs jersey to see that happen.

    Carmelo Anthony might be the only person on the planet with the power to make that happen. If I’m Melo, I’m telling Phil straight up that if he wants me gone so bad, I’m only accepting a trade to the Spurs and I’m not signing off on it unless LMA is NOT involved in any trade. The Knicks end up taking back Tony Parker and Pau Gasol’s expiring contracts, the Spurs 2017 draft pick and Kyle Anderson. Now Chris Paul can join a Spurs team with Green, Kawhi, Melo, and LMA which would be nuts. It even sorta works out for the Knicks because Tony Parker and Pau Gasol could mentor our rookie point guard and Kristaps Porzingis/Willy Hernangomez.

    Melo to the Spurs, y’all. Best thing that could happen to the NBA. Any paycut CP3 has to take gets offset by the lack of state taxes in Texas.

    No chance Buford trades Parker to the Knicks to end his career. That’s why I didn’t even mention it.

    Re Melo to the Spurs – Pop has taken a lot of no defense guys and still made them a top defense. And he has the cred to make Melo play his system. I actually think it’s a pretty good move for them. Melo will play 28 minutes a night for them which should keep him fresh.

    I would watch CP3, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Dedmon play every night

    And in all likelihood, he last night you’d be watching them would be in late April to mid-May, depending on injury.

    Probably LA won’t go for the trade I proposed, if they don’t want to give up any cap space. The trade does take away $5M from their next year’s space. But the other trades proposed above either get very little for Anthony, or get Aldridge, which I am not sure is a big difference for us. We shouldn’t do the trade unless we get something of use. I don’t want more centers, and I want some youth and/or picks in return. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    So is KP pissed that Jackson wants to trade Melo? I wonder what Hornacek said to KP to piss him off. In any case, he’s being selfish.

    The Spurs didn’t get to where they are by being stupid. If they’re going to trade LMA, they can get a way better return than Melo’s sorry mediocre efficiency no-defense playing decline phase ass.

    Unlike some of the dimmer bulbs that post here at KB, the Spurs understand opportunity cost.

    I said in the original post that the spurs wouldn’t do LMA for Melo. Gasol Murray plus a pick though? That’s not so much.

    I said in the original post that the spurs wouldn’t do LMA for Melo. Gasol Murray plus a pick though? That’s not so much.

    Melo would still be gobbling up 80 gazillion dollars of their salary cap space. You can get the equivalent of Melo for a lot less than 80 gazillion dollars, and they’re probably aware of this.

    Smh they fired Joshua longstaff, otherwise known as KP’s favorite coach. This franchise is so messed up.

    It’s possible that the Spurs are confident that they can succeed where other teams failed in changing Melo’s habits. Since it’s Pop, that’s not too crazy of a thing to think even though it’s still fairly unlikely imo.

    He does probably fill their most pressing need as a secondary Proven Scorer™ who can create in a variety of ways. It’s still silly to trade for him if you’re SA though I think

    Longstaff wasn’t fired, they just didn’t renew his contract and let it expire. I also doubt this is exactly news and may have been one of the points of contention between KP’s camp and the FO.

    The supposed interest in adding Pablo to the coaching staff makes some sense now also if they want to use him in a similar role.

    The reasons for cutting ties with Longstaff are unclear, but a member of the organization called him the hardest-working on the staff. It’s worth noting the Knicks are moving forward with a heavy focus on the triangle at all levels of the organization, including Longstaff’s former role in player development.

    Longstaff, 34, assisted last season in the improvement of young rotation players, with Willy Hernangomez and Ron Baker taking large and unexpected leaps. In seasons prior, he did the same for Lance Thomas and Langston Galloway. Player development was one of the few bright spots in Phil Jackson’s tenure.

    Great work, NYK. You failed to renew the contract of one of the best assistant coaches in the league who has a close relationship with your future of the franchise and Kurt Rambis is still on the coaching staff.

    This team will never, ever be good

    Well, should be interesting to see who they hire to replace Longstaff and the other guy. Let’s hope it’s not a bunch of Kurt Rambis acolytes.

    Also doesn’t make sense to talk about sending a guy to Latvia for the summer when you didn’t plan to renew his contract, but nothing at MSG is ever done smoothly.

    He probably turned down an offer to be a roadie or tour assistant for Dolan. Or maybe Dolan caught him drinking a beer in a photo on his social media. Or maybe he was seen wearing an Oakley jersey that he bought in high school. Or mayb

    Honestly, I think this is partly a power play by Phil to show KP who’s in charge of the franchise. Which is fucking stupid, because Longstaff is a great AC and Kurt Rambis might be the worst coach on any bench in the league.

    Seriously hope that KP forces Phil out rather than the other way around.

    I know Rambis sucks. I don’t know much about Longstaff, other than he came with Fisher, he’s good with the media, and people seem to like him. Evaluating head coaches in pretty difficult-who knows what an assistant is even doing.

    KP will conform or he’ll be out like his pal Longstaff (is that a made up name?). If he continues his juvenile tantrum then screw him and the unicorn he rode in on.

    I always got a bit of a creepy vibe from Longstaff around the sideline reporters.

    The Longstaff situation seems odd after they sent him to Lativia to monitor KP. Obviously a lot we don’t know, but my thoughts are that he potentially got a better offer from elsewhere that is yet to be finalised.

    Can’t wait for Phil to trade KP for Rudy Gay in the offseason right before his first in a line of ten consecutive all star appearances

    The Post says that KP wants Longstaff as an assistant coach on the Latvian National team. I would assume he needs to be not working for the Knicks to do that. So maybe we should wait and see if he ends up there. The Knicks might actually be doing KP a favor by not renewing Longstaff’s contract at the moment.

    If we trade KP and Melo we might have Fox or Isaac, Frank and Collins on the roster next season. Rubio and WCS too.
    Or Fultz, Frank and Crowder plus Rubio.
    It would be a big improvement.

    Has ever been two conference finals in the same year more boring than those two?

    I don’t know. It hasn’t helped that San Antonio and Boston are both beset by injuries.

    Lebron isn’t even bothering to shoot.

    He’s just working on Kevin Love’s psyche.

    LeBron has a distaste for Phil Jackson, too. Maybe the NBA should trade him to the ACB.

    Phil Jackson sucks as a GM and everything he says is either a lie or empty. He said he wanted to build a team with unselfish triangular guys then he traded Robin Lopez for Derrick Rose. He gave Melo the full NTC with a trade kicker. He is responsible for the Joakim Noah contract, and he is responsible for his Win Loss record no matter what he was handed. He has built nothing but distrust within the fan base and with his most important players. He’s turned the roster over twice in the 3 1/2 years he’s been here and we’ve been through 3 head coaches. His lap dog Kurt Rambis is the least liked individual in the organization but having Rambis means the coaching staff will at least triangulize their game plan and that somebody will fix the defense. Because that worked out.

    Phil Jackson was a great coach who accomplished many things. But as an executive he is the worst in the NBA. At least the Kings got back Buddy Hield and a 1st round pick in this loaded draft class. We’ll get nothing for Melo but more headaches and when he’s gone it will be KP who doesn’t triangle enough. I’m so sick of the shit with this man. I hope he gets his shit together because I’m dumb enough to watch this team faithfully even though I know I would do a better job running this organization than the current idiot brain trust.

    The Post says that KP wants Longstaff as an assistant coach on the Latvian National team. I would assume he needs to be not working for the Knicks to do that.

    I see no reason to think this is the case. Isn’t Popovich taking over the USMNT? He’s not retiring from the Spurs anytime soon.

    This reeks of a petulant power play from a GM who has always preferred to go that route than to have an open dialogue with the players he acquired.

    We will always be bad.

    I now see it. It’s happening again. Tyson was paired with Felton, Shump was paired with Smith, Lopez was paired with Calderon, and now KP will be used to get Melo off the books.

    We’re not packaging KP to get rid of Melo. I’d worry they’d consider Willy.

    Scrappy overachieving Celtics really showing heart ….

    Eh, fuck that, the Cavaliers just got bored with blowing them out

    . Isn’t Popovich taking over the USMNT? He’s not retiring from the Spurs anytime soon.

    What does Popovich have to do with the Latvian National Team? I think you misread my post.

    Tristan is doing a good job but the Rodman comparisons need to stop.

    Willy Hernangomez is KP’s best friend. If the Knicks did that it would be the Harvey Dent story; a young man tries to take New York head on with honest intentions only to have everything ripped from him as he turns into a cynic.

    I hope KP doesn’t turn into Harvey Dent. Or worse, a Celtic.

    I think it will be doom for either KP or Willy if they are traded with Melo. Either way the guy left on the knicks will be jaded.

    With everything that is going on I wonder if Phil even draft Frank Ntilikina when he has the same agent as Melo(Leon Rose).

    What does Popovich have to do with the Latvian National Team? I think you misread my post.

    My point is plenty of coaches have coached on national teams and been employed by NBA teams. There isn’t a scheduling conflict between the two that I’m aware of.

    I mean, the good thing about this is we’ll find out. If it turns out this was some kind of favor to KP and/or Longstaff I’ll eat my words. I highly, highly doubt that’s the case though. This is a purge of a non-triangle conformist. Meanwhile Kurt fucking Rambis gets to keep his job, because you know, he was such a good defensive coach and the players seem to adore him!

    Amazing come from ahead loss by the Cavs tonight. That probably gives the Warriors some confidence that Lebron & Co are not some unbeatable juggernaut.

    I guess they could have given Longstaff leave or something. I hope we do find out. But when you coach on the USMNT, it probably makes you more valuable as a coach because it’s a good learning experience. I don’t know if being an assistant coach on the Latvian Men’s team does that.

    I try not to second guess personnel decisions, even though it’s very tempting, because it’s very hard to know all the details. There are all sorts of possibilities. For example, maybe the Knicks didn’t think Porzingis made the progress he should have last year. Or Longstaff wants to be free to go somewhere else. Or Longstaff has been doing badly in some way as a coach, KP knows that and is trying to protect him. Who knows. I do agree that Rambis should go, but that’s a separate issue to this.

    Let’s trade Kristaps, he didn’t show improvement

    How could we let the coach who worked with Kristaps leave??!!

    Based on the other rumors, maybe they’re dumping Longstaff because he’s too loyal to the players and not sufficiently loyal to Jackson/Dolan.

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