Knicks Morning News (2017.05.04)

  • [ESPN] Rumor Central: Is Frank Ntilikina the Knicks’ top draft target?
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 11:10:45 AM)

    Rumor Central: Is Frank Ntilikina the Knicks’ top draft target?

  • [NYTimes] LeBron James Reaches Scoring Milestone in Win for Cavaliers
    (Thursday, May 04, 2017 4:38:50 AM)

    The Cleveland star passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for second in career playoff points as the Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors, 125-103.

  • [NY Newsday] Michele Roberts, head of NBA union, believes Phil Jackson trying ‘to shame’ Carmelo Anthony
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 10:25:49 PM)

    The head of the NBA players’ union, Michele Roberts, believes Knicks president Phil Jackson is trying “to shame” Carmelo Anthony into waiving his no-trade clause.

  • [NYDN] Michele Roberts says Phil Jackson tried shaming Melo out of city
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 3:16:45 PM)

    Phil Jackson has a new adversary.

  • [NYPost] NBA players boss rips Phil again: He tried to shame ‘Melo out of the city’
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 6:41:30 PM)

    Michele Roberts isn’t done with her verbal assault against Knicks team president Phil Jackson. After chastising him for inappropriate comments surrounding Carmelo Anthony at the end of the season — Jackson had said where Anthony would be better off somewhere else during his end-of-the-season press conference — the executive director of the National Basketball Players…

  • [NYPost] Breaking down the prayers and realities of Knicks’ draft board
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 10:46:56 AM)

    The Draft Lottery isn’t until May 16, so Knicks president Phil Jackson still can dream of making a choice between Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz. The Pac-12 point guards are slated No. 1 and 2 in virtually all NBA mock drafts. MSG Network/CBS college basketball analyst Wally Szczerbiak makes the argument Fultz would be a better…

  • [SNY Knicks] NBPA executive director: Jackson trying to ‘shame’ Anthony
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 3:55:42 PM)

    National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts believes that Phil Jackson’s comments on Carmelo Anthony last month were made to “shame” the 10-time All-Star.

  • [SNY Knicks] Oakley: Melo and Knicks need to part ways
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 12:45:16 PM)

    Charles Oakley said that he believes it’s time for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks to part ways.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks enamored with French PG Frank Ntilikina
    (Wednesday, May 03, 2017 11:15:59 AM)

    The Knicks are enamored with French point guard Frank Ntilikina, and could pick him in next month’s NBA Draft if they stay in the seventh slot.

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    You know, I dismissed the idea a few days ago, but the Spurs really could sign CP3 this offseason, or at least make him a good enough offer that he’d have to think hard on it. Right now assuming Pau Gasol opts in to his $17MM, they have about $90MM in salary if they let guys like Dedmon and Simmons hit the market. Cap is about $101MM. If they trade Aldridge to a team with space and take back picks and/or much lesser salary, they’d be pretty close to there. If Parker has a bad injury and decides to retire, they could stretch waive him (clearing up about $10MM in space), plus trade Danny Green and make some smaller moves (trade one or more of their younger guys like Dejounte Murray, Davis Bertans, etc.) they might be able to get to about $30MM in space, which while not quite the max, has to be at least interesting to CP3, especially given no state tax in Texas and very high state tax in CA.

    The most plausible situation for it actually happening is that Parker retires. that’d have to be his decision though – can’t imagine SA/Pop/Buford waiving Parker without his consent.

    I thought if Parker retires his contract just comes off the books so they don’t need to stretch waive or anything

    Ugh..Michelle Roberts, man. I don’t wanna pick on her or defend the madness Phil has perpetuated at times- but this is goin too far. I do get her point as it relates to players not being able to say similar things without being fined, and she’s 200% correct. But, I believe Phil’s quote was, “I think the direction with our team is he’s a player who will be better off somewhere else and using his talents somewhere where he can win or chase that championship”. I just don’t see how that is shaming.

    She is absolute doing right by the players by saying something. But at the same time, using “shame him out of the city” is a poor choice of weaponry. No, Melo can’t come out and say that he will be better off elsewhere to the media. But Phil simply intimated with his statement that the team is nowhere near contention and Melo shouldn’t waste his considerable talents on a rebuilding team at this stage of his career. He gave his opinion, not a statement saying, “yes, we are gonna send Melo to another team”, in response to a question. The only thing Phil is guilty of is being candid.

    Why not go to the owner and get this situation handled by his employer? Why not contact Phil directly? Why are we using the media to wage this particular fight? Considering the actual statement made by Phil, and the subsequent accusation of shaming Melo- I don’t see how this helps the player. It was a “State of the Knicks End Of Season Press Conference”!! What- did you want him to be disingenuous? Honestly, this course of action is only giving the chauvinists who oppose having her in this position more ammo. And when you look like you are nitpicking, the perception changes dramatically- and not for the better. I don’t like this situation because it’s kinda like picking the lesser of two evils. It’s getting ridiculous.

    As far as I know, even if a player retires, his salary is still paid and it still counts on the cap. Teams may buy players out to create an extra roster spot.

    Can you imagine how much shaming Phil would do if he thought he could get Melo to retire and have his contract come off the books?
    (btw I agree completely with Michele Roberts. It is a bad precedent to set for teams to publicly make life miserable for a player so that he waives a NTC that the team signed him to).

    We all love the 3 and the rim shot but is the most unstoppable move in basketball these days is Kawhi’s midrange or what?!

    He did try to shame Melo out of the city, though. He didn’t say he was rebuilding. He said the Knicks need guys that are going to play hard on both ends and play unselfishly and that Melo doesn’t fit that mold. That’s a potshot and it was just the final straw. But now that this is going on I’m 100% sure Melo isn’t going a damn place.

    Good, let Melo not go anywhere. Just sit him and let him collect his last big paychecks while his window of opportunity for being anything other than a role player on a championship team slams shut.

    I couldn’t care less what Michele Roberts has to say. She’s right and she’s doing her job, but seriously, who cares?

    @3 – This is really bad. Dolan is on the spot. Two things could/should happen.

    1) Fire Phil Jackson.
    2) Sue Roberts for everything she has and the player’s association for putting an entire franchise at risk.

    Sure, neither will happen. Sure, we’re screwed.

    @3 – This is really bad. Dolan is on the spot. Two things could/should happen.

    1) Fire Phil Jackson.
    2) Sue Roberts for everything she has and the player’s association for putting an entire franchise at risk.

    It’s much ado about nothing.

    I have to laugh at the Player’s Assn getting involved because a GM has the temerity to tell the truth in a very nice way. But while looking around for Phil’s actually quite benign quote I stumbled across this gem from the King of all Knick press asshattery, Isola:

    At least Phil finally admitted that he wants no part of Carmelo. We all knew that this un-coupling has been in the works for months, if not years.

    I remember telling Carmelo last July in Las Vegas at the U.S. Olympic training camp that he was being set up as the fall guy.

    “I’ve been around a while,” Carmelo said, smiling. “I know what’s coming.”

    Unbelievable…. two children meeting like two passing ships in the night. Phil does precisely what Melo wants (win now veterans) by signing Lee and Noah as UFA’s and trading for Rose trying to catch lightning in a bottle and keep his promise to Melo to try to “win now” (no matter how misguided it was) and Me7o and Isola look at it is Melo being “set up”. I mean WTF.

    Is it any wonder the Garden freezes out the NY media when they admit to doing nothing but whisper shit in ego-maniacal players ears and trash the franchise in search for scandal and click bait. Neither of those two guys can die enough times for me.

    Melo-I just want to know we’re going to try to win now

    Melo-I just want them to tell me if they’re going in a different direction

    Team-we tried to win now and failed spectacularly, now we’re going to go in a different direction

    Lamestream media-Bungling idiot Phil Jackson has betrayed superstar Carmelo Anthony

    Edit: Phil has made plenty of mistakes, but telling Melo we’re not going to win a title in the next two seasons is not one of them

    This Melo thing is not even a story.

    Melo is a grown man. He grew up in the projects. His father died when he was 2. He has been through way more than any person should have to go through on his way to all this success. I’m not a fan of his as a player, but imo he’s a tough guy that has handled himself quite well under the NY lights. There’s no way he’s losing sleep because Phil Jackson said a few things that could be viewed as uncomplimentary and aimed at him. The idea that he should leave is actually very sound advice. I would give it to him if he was my best friend. Melo is no pampered college snowflake in need of a safe space over some idiotic micro aggression. This is all NY media BS.

    Can you imagine how much shaming Phil would do if he thought he could get Melo to retire and have his contract come off the books?
    (btw I agree completely with Michele Roberts. It is a bad precedent to set for teams to publicly make life miserable for a player so that he waives a NTC that the team signed him to).

    I agree that it’s a bad sentiment and I get why Roberts is taking this stance. I just think it’s a bad stance- on both sides. She specifically took issue with the “better off somewhere else” line. And that’s what bothers me. If she had come out and said- even back when the actual shaming started, “hey! We do not approve. Fix it.”- I’d be ok with this happening. She waits until a candid response to a question about Melo and the Knicks moving forward and goes, “AW HELL NAW! THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW DEMON!!”, like there wasn’t actual shaming going on months prior that she largely sat in silence about. She’s not wrong, but she shouldn’t be singling out one candid, non shaming response if that response didn’t specifically say “we are sending Melo elsewhere soon”. The response was more like “he’s better off chasing a ring at this stage than sticking around on a rebuilding team that’s not close to contention”.

    So that said, Roberts- being a lawyer- should pick better ground to stand on in this argument. It’s nitpicky. I hate to use that word in this case, but I can’t think of a better word to describe it. There’s been times in NBA history where teams have said they will try and move player x to a destination that works for both parties and puts said player in better position to win. Shit..Phil didn’t even go that far and he’s being demonized by Roberts. This song and dance between the 2 is just awful. Like..grown ass men in the club doing the Whip & Nae Nae. It’s just stupid. One could actually argue that this is a cleverly disguised shaming of Phil so that he will leave.

    Nothing Phil said wasn’t true, but there’s a reason most executives speak almost entirely in boring platitudes. Phil could’ve just told Melo everything privately and kept it vague publicly. That’s how this is supposed to work. That’s what all the normal teams do.

    If the number one rule is “don’t give mediocre players full no trade clauses,” the number two rule is “don’t piss off mediocre players after giving them full no trade clauses.”

    @14 totally agree. It was stupid for Phil to do. He still mouths off like he did when he was coaching, and it doesn’t serve him well in this position. But whatever.

    One could actually argue that this is a cleverly disguised shaming of Phil so that he will leave.

    One could argue Melo’s been angling for this most of the year and his on court “effort” was a sign of that. I love that in what was his worst year as a Knick the NY and national media have made him into some blameless victim, because Phil put together a flawed team. Melo’s THE central piece of that flawed team.

    You don’t need to choose who to blame between Phil and Melo. Blame them both and a bunch of other players and coaches and assign the blame however you want. None of the central figures should get off without any blame when you’re this bad.

    If Melo is willing to stay in NY on a bad team in order to spite Phil Jackson then he wasn’t going to leave anyhow.

    On Celtics, Cavs, Raptors, Wiz, Spurs, Warriors, Jazz and Rockets blogs they’re talking about the playoffs and otherworldly performances by Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, LeBron and Kawhi Leonard.

    On Knicks blogs, we’re talking about a couple of dopes named Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony.


    Phil and Melo are both lame ducks, just running out the clock. Both will be long gone by the time far in the distant future when the Knicks are relevant again.

    If the NBAPA has been getting complaints from other players about the Knicks dysfunction Robert’s comments might be as much about that as Melo.

    it a wonderful thing – with the yanks crushing everything in sight (can’t remember the last offensive run like this) – all the dysfunctional knick stuff just makes me laugh…

    fucking cc with a 5.45 era (only that low cuz he had a few decent starts at the beginning of the season) and a winning record – you know you’re living right with that kind of shit going on…

    I like to think from my time here that I have a pretty good understanding of the NBA. But, I have no idea what Jalen Rose is saying right now.

    Kelly on Kelly crime in the Wiz-Celtics game.

    Those two teams really hate each other.

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