2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat

This is an interesting back-to-back matchup for the Knicks, as it is hard for mediocre teams to win both ends of a home and home, but I think that the Knicks can slump to the occasion and pull out an important pair of losses here.

The Knicks have no answer for Dragic or Whiteside, so this should be a loss, but we shall see!

Let’s? Go Knicks!

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As I’ve said before, I think Miami is a possible trade destination for the Knicks. Watch the game tonight and think whether a core trio of Whiteside, Dragic and him round appeal to Melo. I also think LA is a possible destination, now that Magic’s in charge. I think these two teams are more likely than the Clippers or Cleveland because those two teams just dont have much to trade. Magic and Riley are both good salesmen who might be able to sell their destination to Melo.

Miami is the team that actually makes the most sense as long as Melo would go there. Could we trade him for Bosh’s salary + assorted dreck + their pick?

clyde telling hubie he talks too much was worth watching the game…they needed to cut to break…but, yeah – hubie talks a lot, a lot…

didn’t really start becoming aware of the knicks until ’85, I remember though bernard was going off on teams at the time…

seems a lot of teams play down to our energy level – or – man, there were a lot of shitty teams in the east this year…

wow, melo with 1 fga and two minutes left in the half…

All we have to do to lose these games is to miss our foul shots. Is that against the rules?

Well, the good news is our tank is alive and well. But the bad news is that we really suck.

We played a guy at the three who doesn’t shoot and can’t play defense so what do you expect?

@14 Baker has to be an off guard. And he has to be a lights out shooter. He can’t run the team.

In other words, he sucks.

I feel like Clyde would’ve had a field day with all the modern day foul drawing antics because he had amazing hands and defensive IQ. I bet he’d do a good job on Harden. Pity we’ll never see it.

Making Melo play in these futile games might get him to waive his NTC.

Funny thing is that when he plays, he seems to be playing on a completely different team. Baker and Hernangomez are making basket cuts and he just sits there thinking about whether he’s going to jab step or just pull up.

This game’s scaring me a bit; the Knicks are hanging around. But, Miami will probably turn up the D in the 4th quarter.

BTW, where is Rose tonight? Hurt?

Looks like the Magic will (barely) close it out. If we take care of business this could be an incredible night for the tank.


Magic couldn’t hit their free throws and Westbrook tied it with a crazy 3. Overtime. Spoke too soon. Fuck.

Vucevic is driving the Magic’s tank with his unclutch foul shooting.

Magic snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory tonight. Well done.

The MAgic have to be my least favorite team in the NBA

I feel like Clyde would’ve had a field day with all the modern day foul drawing antics because he had amazing hands and defensive IQ. I bet he’d do a good job on Harden. Pity we’ll never see it.

2K17. Just have the 1970 Knicks play this year’s Rockets. That’s as close as you’ll get ha ha

Did the Magic just agree to put the ball at halfcourt and let it sit there until the clock ran out? Been stuck at 112-106 for a few minutes now.

Fucking Orlando. Always finding ways to snatch defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

Honestly the Magic deserve a better draft slot than us. They have literally nothing with some bad contracts to boot. But hey, I won’t cry for ’em if we sneak below.

We’ve got our tanking “A” team out there now. NDour, Baker, Plumlee, Randle and Sasha is hard not to beat.

No matter. The Knicks will be picking 2nd. Ping pong balls.

Lose them all for Ball!

might as well put King and Sparrow back in the line up.. there’s losing and there’s sucking

Why are the Spurs playing the Santa Cruz Warriors right now?

Spurs are winning the championship btw

Durant comes back and Golden State is a whole other team. I don’t put much, if any, stock in this matchup.

The WCF is going to be the actual Finals, no matter who makes it. Warriors, Spurs and Rockets will smoke the Cavs.

And it’s 45-43. What the fuck?

I think Washington might beat Cleveland in the ECF unless Lebron carries this heavy team on his back

Which isn’t unlikely

Lol the Houston Rockets have no shot against the Cleveland Cavaliers in an NBA Finals. The Spurs and Warriors will smoke Cleveland though. The Warriors were gonna win in 5 games had it not been for a Draymond Green incident and the injuries to Bogut and Iguodala.

Golden State is back to being fake again. When Kevin Durant comes back it’s all over.

The Rockets have a SRS of 6.78. Am I supposed to think that they’re not a legit title contender?

Here’s how they’d fare in SRS in the East over the last several years:

2015-16 #1
2014-15 #1
2013-14 #1
2012-13 #2
2011-12 #2

They are a serious basketball team, guy.

I’m not sure the Cavs get out of the East this year. If they don’t it might be fun for the finals. Lot of running and gunning depending on the teams.

Last time the Knicks had a SRS over 6 was the 1993-94 Knicks who had a 6.48 SRS.

So were the 2009 and 2010 Cavs, the 2008 Hornets, the 2011 Bulls, and the 2015 Hawks. In the playoffs, top level talent wins games. It doesn’t matter how productive Trevor Ariza and Pat Beverley have been in the regular season. In the post season, Cleveland sells out to shut James Harden down and they succeed because they’ll just make LeBron guard him all day. Once you shut down James Harden, there’s nobody on that roster who is going to make up for him. So yeah, the Rockets do not stand a chance against the Cavs in a playoff series. Role players get exposed in the playoffs when there isn’t enough top level talent or Gregg Popovich around to prop them up.

I’m a firm believer in advanced stats, but I’ve seen great regular season teams tumble in the playoffs once the run into the elite talents.

The Cavs’ problem is they have zero depth after their front 5. This becomes less a problem in the playoffs. Irving, Korver, LeBron, Love, and Thompson is an incredible lineup at 40+ mpg each in the ECF and Finals. They just have to keep their bench players on the bench, and that’s hard over 21-23 playoff games.

I’m a firm believer in advanced stats, but I’ve seen great regular season teams tumble in the playoffs once the run into the elite talents.

I agree, with the caveat that we’re talking about elite talent taking over a game while deeper teams built for high reg. season wins might have less of it, a la Atlanta in 2015.

In that way, the Cavs are very much a team built for deep playoff runs, not 60 wins. They have a remarkable number of scrubs on their bench. In fact, they have six players with negative VORP, none of which have played fewer than 304 minutes (Jefferson has played 1497 minutes). Another crazy stat: 14 of their 19 players this year have a negative BPM! Yet LeBron is so otherworldly good that they are a #1 seed.

@53 I think they said Rose had a sore knee. Something tells me that they just wanted to tank.

It’s amazing how much the odds are stacked against teams moving up too much in the draft. I was simulating lotteries in Tankathon and it took me 16 tries to get to the Knicks #1. It’s easier to move up to a top three spot, but up to #1 is super tough. But hell, I’d obviously love to see it happen! 🙂

We just need #2. Fultz will most probably be chosen #1 by every possible lottery team sans the Lakers. I believe.

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