2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Spurs

I think I just assumed this was such a gimme that I didn’t even think to put up a game thread. My apologies.

Tank on, Knicks!

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Willy is wrecking the joint. I can’t believe this team’s success against San Antonio.

Kuz looking good.
NDour harassing Kwahi and Aldridge.
Even Rose looking young and bouncy in the 3rd quarter.

It’s a good thing Courtney Lee can’t make a shot tonight

Yeah I definitely take back trading Willy

Is it just me or is Ndour really good on d.

NDour’s defense has been stifling.
And I’ll watch Kuz over Melo any day.

KP is not a very high IQ player. Hopefully his skills improve so that he is a positive player but I don’t think he will ever be a “smart” player.

Silky I agree about NDour. He’s giving Leonard and Aldridge fits.

It’s amazing that despite how bad the knicks are they always seem to play the Spurs tough.

Could it be that Willy is the bigman we’re going to end up building around?

Horny should have left NDour and Kuz in the game…unless he was afraid we might win.

I think NDour can play. Cancel his replacement Jonathon Isaac. Just kidding.

If we have our wing in NDour and our sharpshooting PG in Randle maybe we should just donate our draft picks to charity?

Could it be that Willy is the bigman we’re going to end up building around?

I’ve been saying for the better part of 6-8 weeks that he’s better than KP right now. To take the next step he’s going to have improve his D and show he can handle the much bigger and stronger Cs like Nurkic. I think he’ll also need some mid range game. We don’t necessarily wanting him shooting from there very often, but he has to be enough of a threat to not leave open.

Randle was 0-2, he sucks.

Randle should be playing at least 15 minutes a night to get a better feel for how good he is now and to develop him further. There’s a pretty good chance he’ll be our backup next year.

For the record, I don’t think KP is 7’3″. He’s more like 7’0″.

Lately I’ve been trying to take notice of how much taller he is than other tall Cs in the league. Tonight he was standing next to Gasol and they were either the same or maybe Gasol was even actually a hair taller. Maybe it was the angle, but they were next to each other multiple times and it looked the same every time.

The same was true when he was standing next to Davis Bertans at the end of the game (who is listed at 6’10”). He only looked a couple of inches taller.

I’m sure many players around the league are actually a little shorter than they are listed, but I was under the impression that KP was a legit 7’3″. I’m fairly certain he’s not unless Gasol is taller than he’s listed.

KP is a 7 foot 21 year old human being with anemia. You gotta give him time.

The Knicks currently stand fourth in the Tankathon standings. Amazing. They really have dug deep to lose these games. I’m proud of them.

If the Knicks were to move up in the lottery, it would also mean that the Lakers might be bumped out of the top three. That’d be amazing. And it would also be nice to see the Celtics’ pick knocked further back, as well.

Bumping the Lakers out of the top 3 would be a terrible thing. That means Philly picks 4th and 6th in this year’s draft. I’d much rather bump the Suns out.

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