2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Magic

These Monday games always seem to start earlier than I figured.

The tank is off to a strong start in the first! 30 wins is in sight!

Let’s go? Knicks!

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March 6, 2017 at 7:42 pm
Does it speak poorly of me that I had to look up the meaning of tumescent?

you’re not alone al – i made the same mistake too – now i’m just feeling – yuch…think i need to go wash my eyes…

Astute Knicks and Magic fans in total agreement: do whatever it takes to lose.

Randle looks good. You guys are right though. Derrick Rose is The Master Tank Commander

Andrew Bogut made his Cavs debut tonight and fractured his tibia. The Heat are up 18 after 3 in Cleveland and unlike Saturday night in Miami the Cavs aren’t resting anybody.

Did Hornacek forget that we’re supposed to be losing? Leave Oaq on the pine!

Can’t really fault Horny for this. If you’re gonna win w Randle, Lee, Holiday, Thomas and OQ then you’re gonna win.

I like our subs. They’re playing great.
They play the triangle mostly as well from what I can see.
This randle kids is decent.
LT is also good

I would be happy watching the subs plus KP for the rest of the year.
Winning without Melo=awesome

dang, randle and o’quinn killing the tank…where’s rose when you need him…

it’s just the magic, but – the guys look pretty good out there…

Winning without Melo=awesome

Yeah gotta start sometime huh lol

Cant believe these idiots cut Randle for Sasha

Serious question – why can’t O’Quinn get minutes during the “trying to win games” portion of our season?

Jesus, Baker is -1, KP is -7 and Rose is -23.

The rest of the team is in the positive for the game.

Our bigs are gonna ruin our tank unless we play Plumlee 40 a game–and maybe not even then because Plumlee has been surprisingly competent

It’s best to just hope for #6 and/or Isaac/Fox/Ntilikina (in that order)

I’m higher or Ntilikina than that ordering might indicate because I’m actually really high on Isaac and Fox (#3 and #5 prospect in this draft to me.)

Wrenched his knee at the end of last game, supposedly.
I think he’s being a bitch.

Out with a sore knee, I think it is.

Rose may go AWOL again with a bruised ego…

If we can land De’Aaron Fox, whatever. If we can’t, we’re fucked.

Kyle O’Quinn with 11 points and 8 rebounds in 12 fucking minutes. He destroyed the tank by himself tonight and I’m disgusted.

The Knicks would have been much better if Kyle O’Quinn led the Knicks in minutes played this season.

Check out the Jazz-Pelicans score: 43-34 at the half. Pels really making hay with the twin towers!

Cousins is 3-9 (2-2 FT) for 9 points and 2 turnovers! Superstar!

We may have a fabulous four going forward with KP, WillyBilly, Randle and Baker. If it turns out this way then we might need Tatum or Bridges or Isaac to replace Melo. Melo has to be traded or phased out for next season.

I think Cousins can be part of a good team, but the fit in New Orleans never made any sense to me. I know it’s early, but it’s such an odd pairing.

i’ll be amazed if sneaky quiet phil doesn’t find a way to comment about this game…

charlie, get ready to feel phil’s hand up your ass…time for a puppet show…

>New Orleans disappoints, doesn’t make playoffs, ends up in 10th in lottery
>draft night, improbably, New Orleans enters the top 3
>kings don’t get any first round pick from New Orleans for Demarcus cousins
>randive and divac are tarred and feathered by angry mobs

Book it people

Don’t fret. We’re going to get a fine player in this draft whether we draft fifth or 11th. The talent level is high and about equal across the board.

We may have a fabulous four going forward with KP, WillyBilly, Randle and Baker. If it turns out this way then we might need Tatum or Bridges or Isaac to replace Melo. Melo has to be traded or phased out for next season.

Not that I want him but the Pistons won the NBA title with Mark Aguirre and Vinnie Johnson playing 25 mpg as strictly instant offense only players

@50 That’s a role that I can live with going forward for Melo. But it has to be made clear to everybody including him that this is no longer his team and that the ball doesn’t go through him. And when he dogs it on defense he sits.

Apparently Rose was suffering through an injury of some sort. I think it was referred to as an I issue.

Kawhi just hit a 3 to put the Spurs up by 2 with 20 seconds left, and then hustles back to the other end and gets a monster block on a Harden layup.

The man is freaking amazing, very LeBron-like sequence.

Randle can be the perfect PG for us. A mixture of Jeff Teague and Jose Calderon. Phil might have struck gold again. Our future is very bright.

This team can be so fun to watch when everyone is unselfish and tries to make an effort on defense. Take a good look at our future with Smell and Rose.

Yeah guys, we can string together a whole decent quarter against a trash heap Orlando squad bricking all its open threes. We’ve been sitting on the secret all along – putting an effort in against horrible competition.

Golden State, here we come!

I am pissed off about the win too but it was fun to see a team work together as a unit for once with a coach who wasn’t afraid to sit down his “star” guys for other players who were getting the job done. Normally, this would be expected from a sane franchise but its been so long that it was nice to see.

Rereading the 2011 draft threads. Some posters wanted Josh Selby, some wanted Kawhi. Jury’s out on which ones were correct.

Good lord, Josh Selby. I remember that Melo really liked him.

I remember that Melo really liked him.

The same way Melo liked Rose and Noah coming to the Knicks.

It was unlikely that Kawhi was not gonna be available for the Knicks. No draft boards had him going that low. If I recall, most of the debate was between guys like Shump (me), Faried (Jowles), and Singleton.

But man, that draft produced a lot of good NBA players, right up to Isaiah Thomas at #60!

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