2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ 76ers

Another big tank game for the ‘Bockers tonight!

A loss would be huge!

Let’s go? Knicks!

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KP looks like shit and it makes me feel all sad inside

Gotta give Melo credit where it’s due, he’s been a true tank warrior these last few games

The Knicks are exactly at their Expected Wins and Losses.

“i’m gonna view that as a glass half empty kind of thing…”

Yeah, but they’ve won 2 out of their last 3 games, so they’re trending upward. It’s possible that they win 2 out of 3 of their next 3, and then 2 out of 3 after that. I choose to be an optimist.

jowles…was you just messing with my head 🙂

not sure why – but, i just checked some of the game stats from tonight…that was a pretty useless waste of time…

Nice to see that the Unicorn™ has as many personal fouls as he does rebounds.

Ah, whatever. Win, lose, who gives a shit.

yeah well…hmmmm, you have a very good point…

and the work week is done – go knicks…whatever that might mean these days…

Fucking Lance Thomas. At this rate I’d keep him so we can start him over Smello.

Just got in…see people griping about KP, yet he is 18 (on 12 shots), 7 boards, and +18 for the game??

Wow, LT the tank killer.

Great pass from Saric and terrible defense from Melo

@22 I complained earlier in the first half where he looked like garbage. He’s better now–too many fouls and not enough boards though, per usual.

Just got in…see people griping about KP, yet he is 18 (on 12 shots), 7 boards, and +18 for the game??

Its disgraceful how fast many here want to give up on him.

I’m thinking – once we wanna start winning ballgames again, let’s not have melo taking the last shot…

The trademark terrible contested double-teamed Melo heave actually works in our favor for once

Watching this team play is truly depressing. Melo is a talented player but might be one of the worst leaders at his skill level that I’ve ever seen. Another terrible forced shot against a double team. The great ones don’t end up with that kind of shot. He just can’t change and the team suffers for it. He effort on D sucks, poor decision making, blah blah blah Shit…

See? I get why it’s hard to believe that they won’t screw things up, but this team really can win 30 games.

Watching the Sixers feed. Their version of Rebecca is horrible. Takes FOREVER to get around to an actual question. And not as easy to look at…

Melo is such a terrible decision maker. I’ve always maintained that if he had basketball smarts he could have been an all time great, instead of just a volume scorer who never, ever makes players around him better.

Ok, now for some real basketball. Spurs v. Pelicans just starting…

I’ve always maintained that if he had basketball smarts he could have been an all time great, instead of just a volume scorer who never, ever makes players around him better.

C’mon he “tilts the floor,” ruruland told me that a bunch of times. Something something elite shot creation something something unique skillset.

1.5 games behind the 6ers now! If we win fewer than 5 games the rest of the way, I think we have a chance, but that will require a proactive approach from the front office… Had we won this game, we probably wouldn’t have had a chance.

KP was fucking awesome tonight by the way. Nice to see that the even distribution of shots has improved his offensive performance as I wagered it would.

Both Melo and Rose with key misses keeping the tank on course! Kudos to Brandon Jennings who loved the Knicks so much he knew the best way he could help them is to leave assuring more minutes for the godawful Ron Baker (on offense anyway). Really the whole bench was woeful tonight- nice job guys!

Awesome is a bit of a stretch, but he was solid, no doubt.

+18 for the game – by far the most impactful player on court.

As of now, only the Nets, Suns and Lakers are essentially out of reach. This was a pretty big loss, esp coupled with a win by the horrendous Magic.

The context is that KP wasn’t in the game much because of foul trouble and we naturally lost.

Not being in the game due to foul trouble is not f’n’ awesome. In fact, it’s been an issue for KP.

He played just over 31 minutes, that’s plenty of time on the floor for him.

Noel is already paying off for Dallas. 15 points (6-10 shooting), 17 rebs, 2 ast, 1 stl, 2 blk with a +12 differential.

#4 has become a real possibility with this loss + all the wind from our “competitors”. #6 is quite likely to obtain if New Orleans starts winning games finally.

Jonathan Isaac here we come!

Serious question: would we won more or less games if Melo was shut down the rest of the way.

More: less Melo means more ball movement and probably more defense. That can’t be good for the tank.

I agree with the group that feels that if you’re going to tank, go all in. But you can’t instruct players to do it; it is against their nature. Look at what the Bulls tried to do in 85 86. Jordan”s 2nd year and he breaks his foot. They apparently tell him not to rush back, but he does so anyway and almost single handedly drives the team into the playoffs (with only 30 wins!). They are crushed by the Celtics, one of the best teams ever. MJ scores 63 in one playoff loss. He said about the Bulls that year “they don’t want to win!” Bulls draft Brad seller that year in the draft. In 86 87 Jordan goes on a rampage at one point scoring 40 in 9 straight games. Bulls again lose to Boston in 1st round and trade up from 8th to 5th to select Pippen in the draft.( If I remember correctly I believe that was a pick traded from the knicks in prior years). My point. Tanking has,a long history in the NBA. How do you think the spurs got duncan? Pitino and Pop were both fiending to get Duncan) And even if you get a good draft position you’ve got to get the right guy. The Knocks took Kenny Walker with the 5th pick in 86, passing up on the great Kevin Johnson who would have been an unstoppable pnr partner with Ewing.

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