2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers

Well, you certainly can’t say that the Knicks are not an interesting team to follow, at the very least.

The Los Angeles Clippers come to MSG tonight as the Knicks are in the midst of some turmoil surrounding whether or not Carmelo Anthony plans on exercising his no trade clause or not. I joked the other day that Melo exercising his no trade clause is like the villain in a horror film. Until he literally does so, don’t believe it’s done. It might look like it’s done, but until it is actually done, beware!

But yeah, weird game tonight. Jeff Hornacek sounds like a dude who’s thinking, “Man, what did I sign up for?” in the pregame discussions. Meanwhile, you have a spiraling Clippers team and the whole thing is just fascinating. I mean, I guess we have to root for Melo to torch the Clippers but then the Clippers baaaaaaaaaaarely winning. Or maybe this is one of the few games we’re okay with the Knicks winning, because it might make the Clippers more desperate? I dunno. It’ll be interesting either way!

Let’s? Go Knicks!

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