Knicks Morning News (2017.01.07)

  • [NYTimes] James Harden Meets Russell Westbrook in a Battle of Perpetual Motion
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 12:41:24 PM)

    The Rockets outlasted the Thunder. Westbrook had 49 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, while Harden had 26 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists.

  • [NYTimes] Cavaliers 116, Nets 108: Even With Mr. Whammy, Nets Are No Match for LeBron James and the Cavs
    (Saturday, January 07, 2017 2:24:20 AM)

    Bruce Reznick, a retired Nets fan from Brooklyn, tried to cast his usual spells on James, but he finished with 36 points in Cleveland’s victory at Barclays Center.

  • [NYTimes] Is Zaza Pachulia an All-Star? Many Fans Seem to Think So
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 4:23:54 PM)

    A rule change means that despite support, the Warriors center is unlikely to be suiting up for the N.B.A. showcase on Feb. 19.

  • [NYTimes] Knicks 116, Bucks 111: Knicks Rally From 18-Point Deficit to Beat Bucks and End Six-Game Skid
    (Saturday, January 07, 2017 4:54:10 AM)

    Two days after falling to Milwaukee at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks came out on top, with Carmelo Anthony scoring 26 points.

  • [NYTimes] Sunday Routine: How Caris LeVert, a Rookie With the Brooklyn Nets, Spends His Sundays
    (Saturday, January 07, 2017 10:08:01 AM)

    Mr. LeVert, who moved to Brooklyn from Columbus, Ohio, has a busy team schedule but still finds time to explore the city, and many teammates live nearby.

  • [NYPost] Ron Baker makes Hornacek look like genius for sitting Rose in 4th
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 10:21:55 PM)

    MILWAUKEE — Jeff Hornacek “wanted’’ Ron Baker Friday night for the entire fourth quarter and now the undrafted rookie Ron Baker no longer has to worry about sticking with the Knicks for the entire season. During garbage time, Baker has been met by “We Want Baker’’ chants at the end of Garden games, but he…

  • [NYPost] Ron Baker, yes Ron Baker, helps Knicks end six-game skid
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 6:06:26 PM)

    MILWAUKEE — Ron Baker became a fourth-quarter hero, Carmelo Anthony hit the big shot and the Knicks, after being down and counted out, scrapped and clawed, rallying from two double-digit deficits to pull off a stunning victory. In another wild affair against the Bucks, the Knicks got even, rallying from an 18-point deficit in the…

  • [NYPost] Hornacek sits Derrick Rose in 4th, wants him to get to the line more
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 10:12:31 AM)

    MILWAUKEE — Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek has told point guard Derrick Rose that he needs to find a way to draw more contact and be less crafty on his way to the basket so he can bloom at the free-throw line. Rose, who was benched in the fourth quarter of the Knicks’ 116-111 win over…

  • [NYPost] Kristaps Porzingis returns in style and the losing ends
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 8:47:15 AM)

    MILWAUKEE — “The Latvian Freak” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “The Greek Freak,” but that doesn’t mean Kristaps Porzingis is any less important to the Knicks than Giannis Antetokounmpo is to the Bucks. Porzingis, the 7-foot-3 phenom, returned in style as the Knicks snapped a six-game losing streak with a 116-111 victory…

  • [ESPN] Anthony’s passing, Porzingis’ defense, Ron Baker key Knicks comeback
    (Saturday, January 07, 2017 12:19:50 AM)

    Anthony’s passing, Porzingis’ defense, Ron Baker key Knicks comeback

  • [ESPN] Knicks’ Porzingis to return after 3-game absence
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 12:49:24 PM)

    Knicks’ Porzingis to return after 3-game absence

  • [NYDN] Carmelo Anthony, Ron Baker lead Knicks rally in win over Bucks
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 8:14:53 PM)

    The Knicks were in dire straits, heading toward a new level of rock bottom for this season.

  • [NYDN] Kristaps Porzingis looks just fine in return to Knicks lineup
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 7:53:26 PM)

    When combating a “Greek Freak,” it’s helpful to have a Unicorn.

  • [NYDN] Porzingis back as Knicks seek revenge vs. ‘Greek Freak,’ Bucks
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 9:02:07 AM)

    Kristaps Porzingis is coming back to save the Knicks. But it may just be on a limited basis.

  • [SNY Knicks] Strong fourth quarter propels Knicks to win over Bucks
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 11:09:16 PM)

    The Knicks beat the Bucks in the back end of a home-and-home on Friday night, 116-111.

  • [SNY Knicks] Tonight’s Game: Knicks at Bucks
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 6:48:32 PM)

    The Knicks finish off their home-and-home series with the Bucks in Milwaukee on Friday night at 8 p.m.

  • [SNY Knicks] Source: Jackson “distant” but committed to continuing Knicks build
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 3:00:15 PM)

    One of the biggest knocks James Dolan received when hiring Phil Jackson was that Jackson was so entrenched in Los Angeles that he’d never fully embrace living in New York.

  • [SNY Knicks] TheKnicksBlog Podcast: 6 Feet Deep
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 3:15:29 PM)

    Anthony Donahue and Moke Hamilton are back for their first show of 2017, and they are not happy as the past two weeks have certainly taken a toll.

  • [SNY Knicks] Jennings wants Knicks to hold each other more accountable
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 1:00:45 PM)

    Knicks PG Brandon Jennings wants the team to hold each other more accountable, he told Ian Begley of ESPN on Thursday.

  • [SNY Knicks] Porzingis expected to return Friday night
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 12:00:48 PM)

    Kristaps Porzingis, who has missed three straight games due to a stiff Achilles tendon, is expected to return Friday night against the Bucks, head coach Jeff Hornacek told reporters.

  • [SNY Knicks] Can Knicks bounce back from devastating loss to Bucks?
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 10:30:31 AM)

    In the two-plus weeks since the Knicks last won a basketball game, each passing loss has seemed more devastating than the last.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks assign Plumlee and Ndour to Westchester of the D-League
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 9:40:40 AM)

    The Knicks have assigned Marshall Plumlee and Maurice Ndour to Westchester of the D-League, the team announced Friday.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks erase 18-point deficit, get revenge against Bucks
    (Saturday, January 07, 2017 12:33:08 AM)

    MILWAUKEE — Kristaps Porzingis was back on the court, making things difficult for “The Greek Freak,” Giannis Antetokounmpo. Things didn’t come as easily for the NBA’s other unicorn Friday night, especially in the fourth quarter.

  • [NY Newsday] Derrick Rose’s attack mentality hurting Knicks at defensive end
    (Friday, January 06, 2017 8:47:54 PM)

    MILWAUKEE — Derrick Rose knows only one way to play, and that’s to attack the basket. But Jeff Hornacek said it puts the Knicks at a disadvantage defensively when Rose doesn’t convert or get fouled.

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    I’m kinda hesitant to call this a good win because I don’t wanna get too excited. It was a much needed win. Melo was outstanding an Hornacek pushed a ll the right buttons. The inclusion of Baker was HUGE. That kid’s intangibles are off the charts. I hope the message got through to Rose. He didn’t play bad, but his stopping short of the rim and putting up bad jumpers when his drives have been way more effective kinda feels like maybe he is wearing down a little after not playing like that consistently due to injuries. But the team showed pride last night and fought. I watched with my fingers crossed concerning KP. I love when he plays with confidence and aggression. Did you guys see the look on his face? It was that Michael Jordan “these MF’s can’t guard me” look. LOVED IT

    Some win.
    KP was simply better than Giannis.
    Melo is hard to figure. But nice game.
    Baker deserves more time.

    KP has a special ability where he can take over a game. Big shots, denying the rim.
    We’ve seen it a few times this season. The more he does it, the better the Knicks get.

    I think the most important thing to take away from this win is Horny’s renewed balls of steel in keeping Ron there. It was such a powerful message to our “stars” that I hope it is not just a flash in the pan.

    BTW: Ron is not a great player. But he always plays within himself, and that is sometimes all we need to not turn the ball over.

    Hornacek is a jackass!

    Baker has been sitting at the end of the bench all season awhile no one plays with heart or defense … cuz he’s too much of a pussy to hurt Jennings and rose”s feelings by playing baker?!?
    We should be gelling instead we are Climbing out of a hole thanks to u hornacek, you pussy!

    Eh, this game proves how dependent our “star-filled team” is upon a 2nd year player who was supposed to be a “project” and an UDFA rookie guard. Aside from the fact that we didn’t end up tanking the game, I am a little pissed that it took KP being hurt for Horny to get that he was playing the kid too many minutes. Keep him fresh and healthy. He’s not the one whose responsibility it is to carry this team.

    Sorry I missed the Ron Baker event. Figures I would miss the most fun game in years. Good win though.

    Fun win, great game from kristaps.

    Mase, Baker probably should have played more because it’s not like the guys in front of him are good, but he has been pretty bad on offense in the limited minutes he has played. He certainly hasn’t looked like a point guard.

    funny thing is that it’s not even like Baker played great or anything. He just didn’t have a usage of 30+ and turn the ball over like crazy.

    I thought Rose actually played pretty well starting off the game. He did have 8 assists as well as 2 hockey assists in 31 minutes – I think most of us would be pretty happy with that. But his defense was just awful the entire game, and he seriously went heroball in the 3rd quarter.

    And as good as Melo was offensively (and I thought he was really good with that Lebron-like stat line), he’s still pretty much worth 3 complete zone-outs on defense per game, which inevitably lead to wide open 3s. I remember one sequence in particular last night when he was guarding Jabari on one side — ball gets swung to the other side and Melo wanders over all the way to the play-side elbow, effectively double-teaming John Henson — and of course the ball gets swung to Jabari and Melo is about 12 feet away = swish.

    And that’s not even counting the 2-3 times/game that he is actually paying attention on defense but inexplicably gives a good 3 point shooter 8 feet of space before vainly closing out on him. Jabari is shooting 40.3% from 3 this year and Melo is treating him like Anthony Roberson out there.

    Re: Baker – I don’t think it was so much about Rose as much as how terrible Jennings has been recently. He had that explosion against Houston but other than that has been a turnover machine (and BAD turnovers too – passes right to dudes leading runouts) and has been over dribbling like crazy. And then the Knicks were on a run with Baker so Hornacek left him out there.

    It helps that even as a rookie he is a much better defender than either Rose or Jennings.

    I am all aboard the Baker Express, but also have no clue if he will end up as a real NBA rotation player. It seems like it might be a mistake to use him as a PG unless you have another point-type player in the lineup and are calling plays that way; he has to work pretty hard to protect his handle in the half court. I think the Rose/Jennings lineups are a bad idea because those are two poor defenders and bad shooters you are pairing together, much better off having a guy like Baker paired who will be infinitely better defending the opposing 2 and hopefully can shoot a little better. I also think Baker can be useful in end of quarter defense-only lineups, which Horny doesn’t use enough. We can probably benefit from taking Melo and Rose out of those possessions more than he does.

    Missed the game, just watched the replay. Gritty 4th quarter, loved Baker’s mindset. I have believed in him since we signed him. He will figure out how to be a productive NBA player.

    An unsung hero in this game is Noah. Those 2 flushes looked pretty vintage. O’Quinn and Lance were good too.

    by the way – props to Lance Thomas for putting it all out there again. He had a great line last night – didn’t miss a shot (4/4 overall, 2/2 from corner 3) and made the biggest non-Kristaps defensive play of the night with his trademark all-out effort.

    I know many here are anti-Lance but I don’t mind him or his contract on this team. He’s not that expensive, plays tough D (although fouls too much), and is now shooting 43% from 3 point range (and ~41% over the last 2 seasons – might be real). And he’s great in the locker room by all reports.

    I am all aboard the Baker Express, but also have no clue if he will end up as a real NBA rotation player. It seems like it might be a mistake to use him as a PG unless you have another point-type player in the lineup and are calling plays that way; he has to work pretty hard to protect his handle in the half court.

    Yeah, he played well last night, but the Bucks backcourt isn’t very good. They’re Giannis/Monroe and a pile of mediocrity. Still, we should try to get him more minutes to show what he can do. And he’s definitely an improvement on defense.

    All around good team effort, many bright spots, Baker was my fav.
    He is tough, anyone see the stiff arm to Henson on the last fast break?
    More of a fullback than pg, that’s a good thing!

    Jabari Parker is pretty good, bro. He’s just playing a position where his average rebounding for a 3 is bad rebounding for a 4. I really liked Jabari Parker coming out of Duke and I still do. He’s an egoless version of Carmelo Anthony and even then Melo couldn’t jump or shoot 3s at age 21 like Jabari Parker can. Giannis and Jabari are going to be a huge problem for teams going forward.

    I’ve also realized we are probably too good for the Ntank but Luke Kennard is still very plausible and should be the pick if all of the 5 PGs, Monk, Giles, and the top 2 SFs (Tatum and the FSU kid) are off the board.

    From ESPN
    “The Knicks had lost 109 straight games when trailing by at least 13 points entering the 4th quarter prior to Friday’s win.”

    Jabari has a lot going for him but takes a ton of plays off and is a truly shit defender. Demarcus Cousins has proven you can start out as a crappy defender and also be a perpetual brat but still turn into a plus defender and a very good overall player (contra some folks on this board), but for all of Jabari’s allure he is probably always going to a have a low ceiling on overall value.

    If Jabari can really shoot 3’s now he’s a solid player, but he’s not moving the needle.

    One thing I’m sick of seeing is Baker as the 3rd PG. He’s not a PG. He’s a SG that can play the point in a pinch. Right now I am praying for the day that Randle is called up and Sasha is waived. We need to go young and develop guys as much as we can because it is more likely that Phil decides to go veteran and re-sign Rose to a big deal or overpay Lowry at 32 y/o- because Phil. Chris Paul is older, but I don’t consider him an overpay- he’s a once in a while talent that will always find ways to make his teammates better no matter his age. Like Kidd was.

    The game made me very happy with Hornacek’s moves.

    it’s not how much Baker did, but how much he didn’t do… he allowed the offense to flow better, he moved incessantly without the ball and gave the Knicks the continuity and movement they don’t have with Rose, or with Jennings sucking so bad…

    Mil was the perfect matchup for Baker; a team without a real PG that he had to guard.

    BTW, not sure if you saw, but Jimmr is tearing the shit out of the CBA, 38 pts, 5 assists and 9 boards a game!! we should all just become Shanghai Sharks fans.

    Very happy to see Ron do well last night. He’s a nice pickup and a keeper. However, his upside is as a solid rotation guy (combo guard) at best. I agree with ptmilo about using him more, esp. in situations where D is needed.

    The Rose and BJ pairing has to stop. The Ron/Lee/LJ group was very good defensively late last night. I noticed right as the game ended that those three guys sought each other out and grouped up to calmly congratulate each other. Using those three guys and KP and Noah would be very solid defensively in situations where a stop is needed. Rose, BJ, and Melo are the main reasons why the D is so generally awful.

    Also agree that H needs to manage minutes better. The KP injury is a warning sign. Melo is breaking down. Go ahead and use Kuz, Willy, Ron more/regularly. The guys playing late in the 4th quarter, whoever they are, need to not be so gassed.

    We really need to find a taker for Rose. Ron’s success makes me wonder if Rubio would be a nice fit, despite his horrible shooting. His playmaking and defense would be refreshing, though.

    Half of me was excited by such a good win, but the other half (the sensible half) still thinks it’s in our best interests to start dismantling this team by convincing Melo to rescind the NTC, trying to trade Rose or allowing him to walk at the end of the year, and trying to get assets and better draft picks for the long term with KP in mind. Wins like this just encourage us (and Melo) to stick around and keep competing even though this team is going nowhere “serious” over the next couple of years.

    The one major positive about the game was how well KP played. I’ve been tempering my enthusiasm for how good he is and just how good he can get. But I think we are beginning to accumulate evidence that he plays better fresh. He seems to wear down if he’s given too many minutes or has a rough schedule. So perhaps a lot of these rough spells in his shot selection and shooting are more the aberration and last night is what can be become “more consistently” as he gets stronger.

    I like Ron Baker as a fan and I’m happy he did so well last night, but I’ve watched him against D League competition a few times. There’s simply not much of a gap between him and many D League level players at this point. So I would not expect him to deliver that kind of performance with any kind of consistency. I still think Chasson Randle is the better player, but we’ll see. Maybe Baker is a better defender and can help in spots.

    Baker brought a physical presence to the D last night. He drew two offensive fouls and got under the skin of the Bucks a bit. I noticed Lee, late, also pushing and trying to intimidate a bit. LT also is willing to get physical. That may be part of why those three were so effective late last night.

    Last year, Calderon was both slow and passive; he pretty much always got wiped out by screens. Galloway was not much better, though he tried harder. Rose has the potential to be more physical, but won’t most of the time. Perhaps he’s lazy or fears injury or a bit of both? BJ is too slight to be, so he tries to “intimidate” through dancing around and trying to poke the ball away. That’ll work on rare occasions.

    I don’t think that Randle brings that at all. He’s smaller and likely can score more than Ron, though. I really haven’t seen him enough. Isn’t he really more of a 2 than a 1, just like Ron?

    I don’t think that Randle brings that at all. He’s smaller and likely can score more than Ron, though. I really haven’t seen him enough. Isn’t he really more of a 2 than a 1, just like Ron?

    I would say Randle is more of a combo guard, but I think he may be better at PG than Baker. I agree with you about defense. Baker probably has the edge. Randle is not doing such a great job defending even at the D League level.

    As far as running the point goes Baker got a ton of help from the fact that Kidd was doubling Melo on the catch. That meant Baker could just dump it into Melo (any easy thing but something he struggled with previously) and defense would start rotating

    1 – Jabari Parker Duke

    Birthday: 3/15/95
    NBA Position: SF/PF
    Class: Freshman
    Ht: 6-9
    Wt: 240
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    High School: Simeon
    2014 Mock: 2
    Big Board: 2
    Pos Rank – PF: 1
    NBA Comparison: Carmelo Anthony


    To finish my thought- I’m not sure Baker can run the point against straight up man to man. He made nice reads when the ball was swung back to him including a really nice dish to KOQ for a slam but for the most part he was dealing a defense which was already rotating making his reads much easier. He’s got to be able to run at least some pnr if he’s going to be playing with the second unit. I’m still not sure he can hang defensively with quicker point guards but Rose and Jennings can’t hang with any point guards- quick or slow- so we might as well find out.

    everyone who argues the NTC is killing us, or that we should get Melo to wave it to trade him needs to look at the Korver trade. Cle got a guy who fits a need, makes only $5M and is in the least year of his deal, for basically the 28th pick. The trade market for Melo would be much lower, because of his salary and years left. They only way we would be able to trade him this year would be to take back longer deals or to basically give him away. His contract basically IS a NTC.

    The only strategy is to wait until next year, maybe at the break, when his contract is down to the rest of the year plus his option. Maybe you find a trade partner willing to extend him another year if he drops the option.

    baker is good in that he’s ok defensively and will follow the reads on the offense…. rose and jennings frequently break the offense and are horrible on defense…. rubio would fit… but not sure if he’s worth more than a couple wins from rose/jennings…

    They only way we would be able to trade him this year would be to take back longer deals or to basically give him away. His contract basically IS a NTC.

    Even with the crazy money being lit on fire around the league last summer, his contract is still #5 in ’16-’17 dollars. Someone would take it, but maybe not for three #1s and a Jae Crowder-type player anymore. Those days seem long-gone. Miami (Dragic) and Nets (everyone) seem to be a warning to the league that it’s very very not good to go win-now without a championship-level team already in place.

    But what do I know? NBA front offices is smart and I just stupid troll on internet forums.

    forgot whom made the point a couple days ago – but, if you have to keep melo at the 3 (for this team, and, with his age/skill set it looks like you do), it’s better to have him at the top of the key initiating the offense…melo on the block doesn’t seem to work out so well…

    hoping melo slept in a bucket of ice and is receiving every type of rejuvenative treatment known to man…kp had 30 minutes last night, hopefully we can keep him around there for a while…29 assists, 10 by melo, rose had 8…we matched them in makes at the line…

    you would think jennings will get his groove back – if not, he-man seems prepared to be backup ready…maybe we don’t need jennings back next year…

    pacers are on a roll, and play well at home…we have a unicorn, and, an old guy whom if he keeps passing can give us a good shot at just about any game…

    I just want to say me and the new fam just got back from 2 weeks in NY. And my gf got me a KP jersey for my 40th bday (Jan 4). Life is good.

    Also, thanks to Delta not able to keep their planes on-time like ever, we got to spend a night in one of the last places I thought I’d ever set foot in: Salt Lake City.

    Melo is not the player he once was and to some degree the gap between reality and his “superstar” reputation years ago has narrowed significantly, but imo there are still teams that would trade for him and give us back some combination of players and picks we’d be better off with long term. The problem is not trading him. The problem is finding a team he’d be willing to go to and selling it to Dolan, the media, and fans. He’s only going to go to a serious contender. When you narrow the market that much, you lose the leverage in getting back a good deal. But I would gladly take back an expiring contract, 1 good young player with upside, and a #1.

    WIlly’s probably playing because of the back to back and Noah’s bad shoulder.

    Monte Ellis is still in the NBA?

    Another one of those guys that seems destined to be a Knick.

    I’m glad to see Rose finally face off against his spirit animal, Monta Ellis.

    I legitimately wonder whether we’d be better off going 4vs5 and just having Rose stay in the locker room.

    I’m not sure my basketball-loving mind can handle watching Monta and Rose play at the same time.

    Hernangomez with the 3!!

    Billy has a smooth stroke for a guy who never shoots 3’s

    I think he could actually stretch the floor if he practices his outside game in the offseason


    I vaguely remember someone connected to MSG saying that he has been practicing 3s with Sasha and Kuz.

    Every shot Rose takes is difficult. Some go in, most don’t, but the rest of the team might as well run back on defense because he’s not passing.


    he’s Monta Ellis with a brand name attached to him.

    Seraphin is posting and toasting now…

    KP and the bench have been out of sync so far. A lot is probably Jennings poor play as a floor commander

    the last Knicks-Pacers game was one of the ugliest of the season, this one seems like it will be a very good competitor.

    I seriously doubt a top-10 team would find Melo attractive at this point. That, coupled with his NTC, means he will remain a Knick for a while.

    The good news is he will have season-ending surgery in about a month!

    it’s just the stealth tank tactic, win one relatively hard game to not make it so obvious, go back to absolute suckitude right after.

    I already hate this game because KP has 18 minutes.

    wow, bad day to stop sniffing glue, and – simultaneously sign up for nba league pass…

    Maybe we should just start every game by spotting the other team 60 points and go right to the 2nd half.

    That was some brutal basketball. I was going to put a game thread up but the Knicks don’t deserve it.

    Myles Turner is pretty good. Fun to watch Giannis and him back to back.

    But yeah, Kevin Seraphin 3-3 is never a good sign.

    It’s Baker time I am pretty sure.

    oh for sure, I’m 100% sure the Knicks will make a run in this game still.

    it’s just how this team works, for some stretches the million jumpers they take end up falling.

    Well at least I can do something else for the next hour other than watch this cluster fuck.

    Hornacek’s grimaces > Woodson’s blank stare

    Especially when watching Rose’s D

    Are we really getting roasted alive by Jeff Teague? Every time I look on espn gamecast he’s going to the line.

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