2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers

Oops, for some reason I thought that this game was starting later.

The Knicks really should win this one. EDITED TO ADD: I wrote this post at the end of the first quarter when the Knicks had just cut it to 4, but it didn’t go up until later.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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The Knicks had a good defensive team the first year Tyson Chandler was here. Other than that it’s been like 15 years of total bullshit defense from this team. Doesn’t matter who the GM is, or who the coach is, it’s just year after year after year of below average to terrible defense.

You would think that they’d be able to put a decent defensive team just by sheer luck once in a while.

I love to wait until our bench plays, mentally start over at 0-0 and watch us win the game.

if the Knicks miss the playoffs by like 2 games, re-sign Rose and get the 14th overall pick in the draft, it is quite literally the very worst possible scenario.

so yeah, I truly hope it doesn’t happen.

Jennings is that moron that randomly torches us- good to see him do it for us instead

if Porzingis ends up playing 35 minutes because of this mini-run, this is a loss no matter what happens.

but at least it shows that our star players in the category of “breaking down defenses” and “creating their own shots” would help us more by sitting on the bench.

Hard to imagine a contender wanting Melo. Knicks would need to give up a first-round pick to get rid of him!

Cmon Theo – even you know that won’t be true. Think in terms of how the NBA values Melo, not your own opinion (regardless of how accurate you feel your opinion of him is).

Cmon Theo – even you know that won’t be true. Think in terms of how the NBA values Melo, not your own opinion (regardless of how accurate you feel your opinion of him is)

I was being sarcastic about the first round pick, of course. But I do think not too many teams would be interested in this version of Melo – it’s reasonable to think others see what we see every day. Unless the NBA is retarded…

many GMs aren’t that smart to be honest

the problem is that one of them leads the Knicks

The Knicks really should win this one.

Cronin has caused a lot of Knicks lossses but I think he tore a small hole in the fabric of the universe with that comment

A whopping 23 comments on a game thread shows how excited Knickerblogger Nation is about this drain-circling squad

Unsurprisingly KP rebounds way better when he’s at the 5 (where he’s been solidly rebounding at least according to my eye test)

His numbers will jump when he transitions to the 5 full time in a year or two. He’ll never be a great O Rebounder though, given how far away from the basket he plays on offense.

The Pacers average 106 points per game. The Knicks allowed them to score 123.

The Pacers are a terrible rebounding team on both sides of the ball. They out-rebounded the Knicks 53-32.

many GMs aren’t that smart to be honest

It’s reasonable to assume the successful ones are at least as as smart as the average blog poster.

Besides, noticing Melo is no longer a good player is not terribly complicated.

Look guys, the tank continues. Melo’s injury will only get worse and Rose will be Rose. We need KP to continue to produce and thrive. The rest will take care of itself as we gain a higher pick.

Up next are two games that the Knicks should theoretically win: at home against the Pelicans, then on the road against the 76ers. The tank is heading into dangerous waters.


the bench unit with Jennings Baker Kuz Hernangomez and KP started getting some baskets and went on a 17-4 run, then Horny just kept them in the game… it probably had a lot to do with 2nd night of a back to back but he and Rose were sucking a lot.

Derrick Rose’s game has gone into the shitter since the Knicks got off to that 14-10 start. Since then they’ve gone 3-10 and Rose’s TS% in that span is .465.

He’s been playing like “worst player in the NBA Derrick Rose” since mid-December and he has dragged the Knicks right down with him.


Word. Knowing that Melo has a fucked up shoulder (same one he should’ve got surgery on) solidifies the tank.

the Spurs are burning the Hornets with Davis Bertans and Dewayne Dedmon leading the charge…

how do they fucking do it, every year?

It seems like how the team makes it to the end of January will determine whether the team should stay the course or be sellers by the trade deadline.

Stealth tank back in effect. Please, please, please let’s get the 12th pick or higher. I think this draft is 12 deep for a good shot at a difference making player whereas a typical draft is 5 or 6 deep.

With all the “trade melo” talk, I’m still curious about the question I asked a few days back: what happens if you waive Melo? Can any team pick him up off waivers or does he have the right to veto a team that might add him before clearing waivers, wiping his contract from our books?

I also don’t think it really matters if we trade Melo and take back bad contracts as long as we get future picks/young rookie contract players. Cap space just invites rebuilding teams to get themselves into trouble. Look what happened in New Orleans with Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday (who was a sign and trade IIRC but still involved using cap room). Just build internally.

I really couldn’t find a source on this latke, even cbafaq is not clear on the subject.

they do state that when a player is claimed from waivers, the entire contract, exactly as it is, goes to the new team… which would mean the NTC goes too (like when KG consented to be traded to the Nets, the NTC remained on his contract).

but he shouldn’t be able to choose which team he goes too, because a waived player generally cannot… if two or more teams put forth a claim, the worst record team gets the rights to pick up the player, so I would assume Melo’s contract would simply be transferred as it is to the worst record team that made a claim.

however, if the Knicks did waive Melo today, for example, he would be forced to clear waivers and become a free agent… he makes 24 million a year and the team with the most cap space right now in the league is Denver, with 19 million… of course teams could make moves to open up cap, but it’s extremely unlikely that would happen… then the Knicks would get stuck paying Melo’s entire contract anyway, which would be absolutely terrible.

Don’t look now but Jerian Grant is comfortably beating Derrick Rose in WS/48 and BPM

But hey Rose breaks down the defense right!

yeah silky… and shot creator extraordinaire and opener of spaces in the court Carmelo Anthony is getting comfortably beat by Gallo, again…

We’re tanking guys, Grant had to go. We needed to secretly destroy this team’s chances. Its coming together.

Wonder what our record would be without the Rose trade. Assuming Noah and Lee don’t come here either.

Sadly, I think we’d have a similar record with Grant, Jennings, Ron running the show.

The issue with saying “What if they don’t trade for Rose or sign Noah?” is that you’d still be dealing with a “win now” Jax, so if he didn’t do those deals, he’d do something just as shortsighted.

You haven’t been watching, have you?

Sorry, I wrote the post at the end of the first quarter but it didn’t publish at first for some reason, so I re-published it and by that time, it was a blow-out. I should have edited the post. My bad.

only saw the second half and it’s forgettable – same lame plays, even KP is becoming lame

even Horny looks dejected, only person smiling is Rambis

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