2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bucks

The Knicks barely lost to the Bucks without Kristaps Porzingis and they will have Kristaps Porzingis back tonight, so this could easily be a win.

The Bucks are a good match for the Knicks, defensively, since the Bucks don’t shoot threes very well (and they don’t shoot three period, really).

As a mediocre team, the Knicks are bound to win a couple of games like tonight. The Eastern Conference is so weak that pretty much everyone from #4-12 could beat each other on an any given night and I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s good to see Porzingis healthy. Hopefully he doesn’t play, like, 45 minutes tonight.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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geo, the next year in Rondos contract is only partially guaranteed, if he gets waived before june of this year it only counts as three million

howdy bruno…i’d imagine the whole bull’s organization is stretching now so they can vigorously wave (with both arms) rondo’s ass goodbye…

Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad, and I’m watching Friday night Knicks…you make the call.

got a color tv, so i can see
the knicks play basketball…

i got that same funny feeling kevin…could be the liverwurst sandwich i had for lunch though…

i dont even know how the knicks defend the bucks with KP back. Mel on Giannis is not going to work.

Melo’s going to have to move his ass on defense or leave.

But, whatever, I just want us to lose.

not happening ras…i’m actually listening to rapper’s delight at this moment – which will pretty much guarantee our victory tonight…

It’s like there’s a bunch of humans who were affected by cosmic rays out there. Stretchy.

man, how much I missed watching KP.

and I can’t get enough of watching Giannis

he’s so tall that once he gets position in the paint it’s so easy for a guy like Monroe to make an inside pass, it’s pretty much impossible to keep the ball out of his hands without fouling.

I thought Anthony Davis wasn’t fair. I was wrong. So very wrong. He’s a freakish big man.

Antetekounmpo is unearthly. There hasn’t been a position created for him.


Because he’s the only one with the length in our lineup to match him. The problem is that he’s way slower so he has to give Giannis a wide birth on the perimeter.

giannis may have already been a “star” before playing wednesday in the knick’s season long “make a star foundation” charity basketball game…but, you can be sure he’s gonna get a lot more press and love going forward…

I’m fine with Giannis killing us on the offensive end… I’m not fine tho with Jabari Parker doing the same.

I’m beginning to think this is a coaching technique because the knicks forwards always sag too far in the paint for no reason.

These guys don’t give Porzingis the ball enough imho

No, they do not. And they certainly don’t give him the ball in the sweet spots. Everyone is just looking out for their own shot.

@40 I honestly thought he was not being sarcastic, I’m sorry if that’s the case.

If there is a team bad enough defensively to be the first team ever to allow 200 pts in a game it’s these Knicks.

trade jennings and rose now

Ntilikina/Baker 2017

the whole “Jennings is suddenly a decent PG” thing ended pretty fast eh…

Melo is getting beat by Michael Fucking Beasley in isolation end this era now

It’s annoying that KP has to rack up so many fouls because the total lack of plus defenders forces him to go for the block

The poor 3 point defense stems from the fact that we have no perimeter defense. Guys can penetrate at will, kick it back out a few times and find an open man.

at least KP doesn’t seem to be much affected by the injury, he’s looking fine.

Hornacek should be playing KP at center this entire game and making sure he’s getting all his rest minutes when Monroe is on the floor. He’s too slow to score on Giannis and not quick or long enough to take advantage of him on offense, and he’s too weak to handle Monroe. He can, however, guard Henson just fine.


We do ask a lot from him on defense. Its why I take it easier on him there than I do when he’s on offense. You have guys in Rose, Melo, Jennings at any given time on the court playing lazy defense while he’s running like a chicken with its head cut off around the halfcourt trying to stop the open man.

hey if we lose 4 more games in a row we might have a trade stew goin

This guy is like an elite perimeter defender and interior defender both at once.

Antentekounmpo is already scary. I shudder to think of what he will become as he peaks.

This team is such a horrible matchup for us lol

The only silver linings is KP looking healthy and LT maybe improving his trade value.

11 turnovers in a quarter is unreal.

On the brightside, we’re only down by 12 points considering the shellacking Knicks received.

Yeah, I’d think that they were down 20 or more with all the turnovers and Milwaukee’s threes.

However, is that really a “brightside”?


This game is a great example of why we need to get younger, faster and more athletic – especially on defense.

the bright side is that melo has 5 assists which makes for 12 in the last two games… i hope that trend continues…

The only reason you can say Turner or Jokic might be as good as Porzingis is because Porzingis is tired all the time. When he’s spry like this he’s a force.

here comes the patented mini-run to fool us into thinking this team can win

Its the ultimate source of frustration regarding Melo. Its clear he can play like this at will. There’s no excuse for why he doesn’t get 6-7 assists per game.

I’d pay to watch Porzingis and Alphabet go back and forth … but Parker and Melo, not so much.

Milwaukee suddenly remembered they could just lower their heads and drive that the Knicks won’t defend them, and a run is made.

Melo isn’t so broken down that a great point guard wouldn’t transform this team. They would be more than ok, they’d be good.

Knicks work their ass off to get back within 1 pt then immediately allow a 9-0 run in less than 2 mins. The margin of error for this team is miniscule.

Melo’s broken down and not just in his approach anymore. His defense is fucking ass. He’s allowed Parker to score at will.

If Parker played with anyone other than Giannis on his team people would be raving about how athletic he is lol

You gotta like our passing – even though you don’t gotta like our defense. Almost everyone on the team is a good passer.

Edit: except Rose.

The Knick defense has allowed:
1st quarter: 33 points
2nd quarter: 32 points
3rd quarter: 31 points

They’re improving!

Tony Snell is quite a legit NBA player… the Knicks need more guys like him, selfless dudes who can play defense.

You think Melo stops and realizes that Jabari Parker is handing him lunch when he considers himself an All Star superstar?

Rose is now 4-14. He does have 8 assists, but I think 5 or 6 of those were in the 1st quarter.

BJ got a quick hook tonight.

Ron made a layup, a great assist and provoked a tech on Terry.

just start him already!

Jason Terry is such an annoying dirty player

Bucks are kind of in trouble here. Their lead is only 6 points and they’re almost in the penalty. Not a good place to be in the 4th.

Bucks are kind of in trouble here. Their lead is only 6 points and they’re almost in the penalty. Not a good place to be in the 4th.

On the other hand, their opponent is the Knicks

If only Baker were a better athlete… Wait, but then someone would have drafted him.

I hope Horny keeps giving Ron minutes, if Rose and Jennings are not going to bother playing defense or taking even decent shots.

Imagine if you put Ron’s brain in Derek Rose’s body? You’d have a perennial All-Star right now.

Ron Baker is actually better than both PGs ahead of him on the depth chart

Rose is so good when he dishes. But terrible when he doesn’t.
I mean, all he needs to do is watch the film.

Has there been an LT sighting this half? He had 10 points on 4-4 shooting in the first?

the make a star foundation is working as intended, Snell is the recipient of the night.

Still lots of time. Knicks need to draw that next foul out two and put points up with the clock stopped.

I love KP and all but he needs to do hundreds upon hundreds of hand grip exercises every day.

They keep stripping or flat out snatching the ball out of his hands on defensive boards.

Get within 1 pt again and promptly allow back to back wide ass open 3pters to Snell. Unfuckingbelievable.

Melo’s close to a triple double on solid shooting. he could walk off the floor on every defensive possession and still be playing well (in fact he almost does)


Whether it’s stepping on a competitor’s throat when we have a 15 point lead or finally gaining the lead after fighting back from 15 down, this team just doesn’t have that killer instinct. They are simply not winners. They are losers. It’s their DNA.

KP is the only player I’ve ever seen that has Giannis second guessing himself on a drive

Noah really is still pretty damn good when he’s on the court, the problem is that’s a not-so-frequent occurrence

Is there a way for Ron to increase his athleticism? Maybe he can take the same brand HGH Lebron does.

KP played like a warrior. He’s just asked to do too much and is too tired to do it.

Parker is literally a younger Carmelo Anthony, god, how freaking similar they are.

What a difference it makes having KP back there on defense. Too bad he just fouled out.

Melo was getting blocked 3 minutes before it actually happened. Run out … helter skelter… 6th foul

For all the accolades people are giving the Freak, people realize KP basically neutralized him, right?

KP played truly a great game, 24 points in 14 shots, 3 blocks and 6 rebounds.

it really seems he is ok from the injury

Melo why did you work on the floater all off-season not to use is in moments like that. He should have went up stronger too and Lee was open on the side but that lane did part.

Melo is so washed up. He tries to dunk on it on guys and he gets constantly rejected.

KP probably does have the highest ceiling of that draft class even if he never manages to put it all together.

I’m not worried about his rebounding once he matures a bit more. I would love to see him develop his passing ability. Maybe he should give Jokic a call in the offseason.

LOL. Oh boy. Melo made this shot. Ugh. No tank, and now we can see more BS about how clutch he is.

Played some tough D down the stretch.
Would love it if they could do it for four periods
Now got to get another stop and end it

I want to win and lose this game so badly

fuck it let’s win–there will be plenty of other games to lose this season.

I’m going crazy in a gas stop parking lot screaming out dats my dawg like I’m smoky from friday

Wow! First Melo with the three for the less after missing a jillion shots in the fourth and then huge D on the Freak by LT leading to A Baker to Lee fast break.

Defense is all about heart. How appropriate that this comes down to making a stop.

Baker playing turned the game around or at least that’s what my eye test tells me.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but the defense has been excellent the past couple of minutes.

gotta respect Hornacek’s guts.

Rose was sucking it up and Jennings was terrible, so go with Baker for the entire 4th quarter… I love it.

it sends a message that if you won’t play defense you will sit.

Isn’t amazing how our defense improves when we play a guard who plays defense?

Ron Baker is so self-possessed. It’s pretty impressive.

Our normal pg play makes Ron baker look good. That’s not a positive thing.

I think KP and Giannis were very similar in performance, even though KP did it in less minutes.

the real difference was Hornacek shaking the team up in the 4th.

huge, huge respect for him this game, that’s what a coach should do, fuck names, play whoever gives you a better chance.

Not quite coming back from 26 in Milwaukee like they did in 2004 but this was an awesome comeback win. Good for them.

Yay! Happy the boys proved me wrong. How Knicksy. Maybe I should try being this negative every game.

KP shot a better percentage and altered a shit ton of shots at the basket. His last couple of 3s were insane in the membrane.

Ron Baker was 1-3 from the floor. We don’t need a PG who just scores. We need one who can be a playmaker and defender.

Let’s pry Rubio from Minny somehow for Rose?

BTW, don’t forget KP putting big A off his game in the 4th.

this is a pretty decent team when we get good pg play…. it’s just we can’t get it from the same guy …

kp turned it around with those blocks and then the 3… that sequence was the best of the season….

Anyone notice how our defense didn’t give up a ton of open 3 pointers in the fourth quarter?

It might be the fact that we had a guard who didn’t allow the ballhandler to break the defense off the dribble for a kick out 3-pointer…

you are right ras, didn’t realize KP shot such a high percentage.

beastly game by him all around, feels good to watch him strut his stuff on the court

Kristaps hitting a 3, stuffing Giannis twice and then coldly hitting a ’36 3 is the best thing i’ve seen in a Knicks game in like 4 years

Lesson here. KP should only be playing around 30 minutes. He looked completely different healed, healthy and rested in this game.

Glad to see Melo bounce back and make that 3 after missing a few open jumpers.

A Tim Frazier trade would probably vault this team up to 4th or 5th but that trade makes too much sense.

Absolutely. I think about 32 mpg at most.

Willy needs to play at least 10 min. per game.

@260. right on, Bruno. That is not easy, to play your D-league guy over the former MVP (who’s 5th in all-star guard voting, smh). Huge props to Horny for doing what needed to be done.

This team does have the parts – they’re just not the ones people think they are.

KP, Gobert, and Whiteside are the best rim protectors in the league by a country mile.

So many killer moments tonight

5. Huge melo 3 for the lead
4. Noah dunk on giannis
3. Crazy kp bomb smack bomb sequence
2. Every baker minute
1. The lance dive


He’s so awesome, Bruce. Every once and awhile he’ll do something were I am baffled by his ability. That last three point he made had me wondering if I just saw what actually saw. Its like a unicorn sighting.

for as much as I often hate Melo’s game, he is good. Play him a little less so that he has the energy to play D and he’s fine (never mind his contract).

And yeah, it qould be nice if Lance and Kuz could be combined into one player, but they are serviceable.

And our bigs are very good.

We just really really need a decent PG and we would be good. I would be happy to watch games like this for a few years even if it meant going out in the second round. We can build around KP when he’s 24.

It’ll be interesting to see how many minutes Baker gets tomorrow night. Even more interesting will be to see how he’d deal with a quick point guard like Teague. He certainly can’t be worse defensively than Rose and Jennings. Aside from that stretch of misses in the 4th that was a great game by Melo- by which I mean it wasn’t a great game but a very good one- some of the best passing I’ve seen from him.

If there was ever a case for why we shouldn’t resign Rose its the fact that a UDFA took his spot on the floor during the 4th quarter in a losing game and helped us win it.

Also, Noah’s looked pretty good for the last few weeks- probably not good enough that they could trade him but at least he looks like he’s not completely done. And finally, that KP guy can play a little bit.

Melo was a +22 tonight in 39 mins, Baker a +18 in 12 mins. Melo really should sit out tomorrow night, his body could definitely use a couple of days off.

If Horny sticks to this gameplan and starts rewarding the players who come in and play defense and team oriented basketball, while taking players who are selfish / bad defenders out of the game, the Knicks could be very decent after all.

which I don’t really think is the best course of action, but it will be an enjoyable team to watch at least.

The problem is that it takes Melo 6 straight loses for him to realize he should commit to distributing the basketball around the court. He had 10 assists and probably could have had more if we wanted tonight. We’d actually be such a much better team and he’d be such a much better player if he just realized he’s not the same level of scorer he used to be.

Melo could have had more assists if Kyle and Noah didn’t miss

Baker provided the spark, good win. My 12 and 9 year olds were ecstatic

Dudes. That. Was. Awesome.

KP. Unicorn.

3 pointer. Block Giannis at the rim. Block Giannis at the rim. Control rebound. Shoot from Curry Range. Swish.

There literally isn’t another player in the league that can do that.

And boy did Ron baker look great. He looks like he’s in slow motion but he’s always where he’s supposed to be. What a clutch and necessary performance.

And kudos to Melo for moving the ball. No coincidence that he has 17 assists in 2 games where the other team decides to double him.

Not sure why Kidd did that. Just put Giannis on him 1-on-1 and Melo can’t score.

Yeah, big props to Melo for the assist barrage of late. Hopefully it is not just a random blip. He has always had the ability to do this.

Not sure why Kidd did that. Just put Giannis on him 1-on-1 and Melo can’t score.

Giannis was in serious danger of fouling out throughout the 4th quarter. I don’t think Kidd wanted him to take on that responsibility by himself for that reason.

Melo can play like this at will. He just refuses to. And that is why he has to go.

Fun wins are, well, fun. I’m going to the Bulls game this week. They better win that one, too!

By the way, someone mentioned Rondo’s contract. I think next year’s contract is only partially guaranteed. That’s probably why they’re so willing to play hard ball with him now.

Both Noah and Porzingis fouled out. Did Derrick Rose clock out on defense or something?

Good to see Ron Baker get some minutes. Also good to see Joakim Noah go 4-6 from the field. Good to see Melo is getting buckets and passing the ball.

Both Noah and Porzingis fouled out. Did Derrick Rose clock out on defense or something?

Melo, Jennings and Rose were lax.

Apparently the 17 assists Melo has over the past two games is the most he has ever had over any two game stretch in his career. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at that. I still look forward to the day we can move on from him and build a team around Porzingis.

It’s not really beating the double team but it’s beating the shift by making the pass on the corner. I also think Melo is running a lot more PnR plays that has helped his passing too.

Remember how much he passed last season? So it’s shocking that this is his career high for a two-game span.

In other NBA news, how in the world is Mike Conley not just playing but playing well? Didn’t the dude, like, break his back?!

Haven’t watched the full game, only the highlights, but three things stood out for me.

Melo is a very, very good passer when he wants to be.

Jabari Parker is getting good.

LT got his revenge on Antetekoumponogogtoto


@312, no need to overthink this. Some athletes are so great, and so obviously singular, that they need no nickname at all, because their own name is enough.

LeBron. Kobe. Ron.

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