2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics

The Boston Celtics are in a bit of a mess due to injuries and terrible defense, so it would be awfully nice if the Knicks could get a win tonight in Boston before they go to face the first place Toronto Raptors tomorrow night.

Having a better record than Boston would be ay-may-zing. So let’s hope that they pull it off!

Let’s go Knicks!

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It looks like those Isaiah Thomas comments have shamed his teammates into playing at hyperspeed

the Boston defense is looking much more like the smothering unit that forced loads of turnovers from last season… that doesn’t bode well for the Knicks.

In the battle of the worst defenses in the league, we’re proving that we’re the rightful owner of that dubious title.

Robert Randolph is close friends with the dude on the baseline, so he’ll be doing that song forever.

their back doors & their 3s are killing us
but our body language yells:

Really not getting the whistle tonight huh

Also Lance needs to get off the court

I love Jennings energy,but he really needs to slow things down in those half court sets. He just seems out of control sometimes.

So the Celtics can play their usual dirty defense and the Knicks get called for ticky tack fouls? Cool.

Right now if the Pacers call and say “give us Hernangomez, Lee, and your 2017 1st for Paul George” do you do it?

I’m done watching this game. People talk about baseball going to robot umps but the NBA is the sport with real officiating problems.

Refs have actually been responsible for like twelve points for the Celtics

I’m done watching this game. People talk about baseball going to robot umps but the NBA is the sport with real officiating problems.

So true.

Oh man, Lance made a shot. Super weird shot too. Jumped way inside the three point line. But I will take it.

So they put Rose in OnE situations against Thomas and he creates problems. Boston then switches Avery on to Rose and instead of using their other of who’s in the floor to attack Thomas they try to attack Bradley which lead to multiple turnovers.


Rambis better start coaching us on how to defend the 3 point line!

Can someone give me a clear indication of why Melo deserved to be tossed?

Porzingis with a rather poor game thus far. He’s gonna need to step up and the Knicks are gonna need to feature him…that is if Rose doesn’t try to do it instead.

they just replayed the melo toss on espn…buy, those celtic announcers sure seem to think he deserved it…

yikes – 24 fta for boston to 9 fta for us…hmmm, and we’re down by 10 – what a coincidence…although them making (9) 3’s and us having (12) turnovers doesn’t exactly help the situation either…

hopefully horny will give a lot more minutes to kuz than lance in the second half…

Maaaaaan FAWK TONY BROTHERS!! Fuckity fuck fuck him! LOL
Melo’s ejection could be a good thing. We’ll get to test the chemistry without the leading scorer

Probably the worst reffing of any game of the whole NBA season

This iteration of the Celtics bothers the shit out of me I would love to beat them sans melo

If only the refs would let us

The Knicks will end this game with more fouls called on them than FGs! WTF is with these refs tonight?

Put in Ron Baker for the love of fucking god it can’t get any worse than Rose/Jennings

The turnovers are ridiculous.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I was taught that when playing smaller players you hold the ball high. We have lost the ball so often because a player held the ball low.
Btw, I have to watch this f-ing game on the celtics network and the foul differential is ridiculous, and Tommy Heinson still bitches when they call something on the Celts.

How old is Tommy Heinsohn now, like 200? It’s 2016 and I still have to listen to Tommy fucking Heinsohn?

Noah is having a pretty nice game and is competing his ass off. Everybody else… notsomuch

20 TOs
29-11 foul differential
Amazing they’re only this far down.
Ugly game
Melo getting himself booted was silly that o

The Celtics always get in the Knicks’ head, bros. They’re a group of scrubs that play hard and foul all the time and that pisses us off.

Say what you will about Calderon but he’d never shoot 3-10 with 7 TOs

I was watching some of this on a choppy ass stream that kept cutting out, and I finally gave up. So I don’t have a lot of “eye test” to go on with this one.

Does it seem like NYK is running a lot of triangle in this debacle?

Not much triangle we just played like utter shit which was exponentially magnified by the absurd reffing

Taking seriously this reff’s fucked game’s stats is like taking Calderon as a starter for your nba team

Eh, we’re still dependent on Melo for a lot of our scoring. The one obvious lasting problem exposed tonight is our PGs can’t play defense for shit. I don’t know if there’s a solution to that one.

I think “choppy ass stream that kept cutting out” is a pretty apt description for this game.

Trump becomes president and Mexico wins for the first time ever vs the USA in Columbus. The wall wasn’t built quick enough.

Ha! Was just about to make a similar comment about Trump and the MNT.

Watching Jurgen operate makes you feel a little better about PJax, all I have to say about that. Although he gave Pulisic 90 minutes.

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