Knicks Morning News (2016.11.10)

  • [NYTimes] Knicks 110, Nets 96: ‘Embarrassed’ Knicks Roll Past the Nets in the Second Half
    (Thursday, November 10, 2016 4:58:33 AM)

    Behind at halftime to the struggling Nets, the Knicks employed an offensive surge by Carmelo Anthony and a new defensive mind-set to win at the Garden.

  • [NYTimes] Carmelo Anthony and Others in the N.B.A. Try to Explain the Election
    (Thursday, November 10, 2016 6:01:58 AM)

    Anthony was joined by LeBron James, Steve Kerr and others around the league in expressing their disappointment over the election of Donald J. Trump.

  • [NYTimes] An Unusual Sight in Miami: Dwyane Wade in a Road Uniform
    (Thursday, November 10, 2016 1:46:25 AM)

    Wade is returning to Miami as an opponent for the first time, as the Chicago Bulls — his new team — visit Thursday for the only time this season.

  • [SNY Knicks] Strong second half lifts Knicks over Nets, 110-96
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 9:50:14 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony scored 14 of his 22 points in the third quarter, Kristaps Porzingis added 21 and the New York Knicks beat the Brooklyn Nets 110-96 on Wednesday night.

  • [SNY Knicks] Kurt Locker: Rambis in charge of Knicks defense
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 6:32:46 PM)

  • [SNY Knicks] TD’s 3 keys to victory against the Nets
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 6:15:52 PM)

    Here are the Knicks’ three keys to victory Wednesday night against the Nets…

  • [SNY Knicks] As internal unrest builds, Knicks face surging Nets
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 9:01:23 AM)

    The Knicks face the surging Nets as New York faces some internal unrest over the team’s offense.

  • [SNY Knicks] D-League assignees to receive valuable playing time in Westchester
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 8:28:09 AM)

    Chasson Randle, Ron Baker and Marshall Plumlee will gain valuable game experience with the New York Knicks’ D-League affiliate in Westchester.

  • [NYDN] Knicks pick up sluggish defense in 110-96 win over Nets
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 8:16:48 PM)

    The Knicks stars combined for 43 points — including 25 in the second half — as the team buckled down on defense.

  • [NYDN] Knicks’ Joakim Noah not wearing special ‘Hoops for Troops’ socks
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 8:16:09 PM)

    Joakim Noah appeared to continue his anti-war message Wednesday night

  • [NYDN] European rookies make Knicks defense great again in win over Nets
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 8:15:46 PM)

    The Knicks are undefeated since Donald Trump was elected President.

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah sit bench during Knicks’ 4th quarter
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 6:40:02 PM)

    The two new expensive signings – Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose – were spectators.

  • [NYDN] Knicks, Nets sound off on election results and Trump presidency
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 6:38:51 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony has been outspoken for months about the America in which he wants to live.

  • [NYDN] J.R. Smith asks how to explain Donald Trump’s win to daughter
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 9:34:18 AM)

    J.R. Smith needs your help.

  • [NY Newsday] Carmelo Anthony nervous about future in wake of Donald Trump’s election
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 11:28:00 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony was not surprised that Donald Trump was elected president on Tuesday night, but he said from talking to people he could tell they’re scared and he has some fears as well, including how to explain to his son what happened.

  • [NY Newsday] Carmelo Anthony sparks Knicks’ comeback win over Brooklyn Nets
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 11:19:01 PM)

    Jeff Hornacek’s assessment of the Nets was complimentary, and tinged with a bit of envy.

  • [NY Newsday] Nets can’t hold onto lead vs. Knicks, injuries catch up to them
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 11:17:00 PM)

    The Nets turned a 14-point second-quarter lead into a 110-96 loss to the Knicks on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden partly because they couldn’t control the home team’s superstars in the second half and partly because their injury problems at the point guard position finally caught up to them.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks’ offense sputters, then overwhelms weary Nets
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 11:09:38 PM)

    Jeff Hornacek threw his arms in the air after a bad offensive possession and put his hand on his forehead after another one moments later. The Knicks’ bad sequences are not only on defense.

  • [ESPN] Thursday’s Knicks News: Rookie Willy Hernangomez provides lift off bench in won over Nets
    (Thursday, November 10, 2016 6:16:10 AM)

    Thursday’s Knicks News: Rookie Willy Hernangomez provides lift off bench in won over Nets

  • [ESPN] Carmelo Anthony addresses the presidential election: ‘We can’t stop working’
    (Thursday, November 10, 2016 12:04:35 AM)

    Carmelo Anthony addresses the presidential election: ‘We can’t stop working’

  • [ESPN] LeBron on election: ‘Don’t lose a bit of faith’
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 2:49:09 PM)

    LeBron on election: ‘Don’t lose a bit of faith’

  • [ESPN] ‘Pure triangle’ a rare sight during New York Knicks’ early-season offense
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 12:25:59 PM)

    ‘Pure triangle’ a rare sight during New York Knicks’ early-season offense

  • [NYPost] Two stars rescue Knicks from an ugly, devastating loss
    (Thursday, November 10, 2016 12:47:34 AM)

    The natives — and there were 19,812 of them — were beyond restless, they were raging. There were just under 10 minutes left in the first half, and Justin Hamilton had just dunked the basketball off a feed from Bojan Bogdanovic and suddenly the Nets were up 37-23 on the Knicks. Suddenly, whatever Election Day…

  • [NYPost] Knicks get a big lift off bench from an unlikely source
    (Thursday, November 10, 2016 12:33:05 AM)

    All signs pointed to Knicks rookie center Willy Hernangomez sitting out for a fourth straight game. Coach Jeff Hornacek, however, threw in a surprise and finally used the preseason sensation late in the third quarter Wednesday — and he may not be able to bench him again. The second-round pick scored 14 points in 14:41,…

  • [NYPost] What Carmelo told youngsters who seemed ‘afraid’ of Trump
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 7:57:05 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony said he spoke to young people Wednesday morning who seemed “afraid’’ at Donald Trump’s presidential victory and the Knicks star asserted citizens must “take it into our own hands’’ and work “harder’’ to fight for civil rights. Anthony has been a major social activist regarding “Black Lives Matter’’ — which seems in contrast…

  • [NYPost] Knicks’ much-maligned defense steps up in win over Nets
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 4:45:58 PM)

    It was just the Nets, but the Knicks will take any victory at this juncture, especially when it is fueled by their maligned defense. After falling behind by 14 points early in the second quarter to the injury-wracked Nets, Carmelo Anthony jacked up the attack with a 14-point third quarter as the Knicks punched out…

  • [NYPost] Kurt Rambis saves most biting defense critique for Porzingis
    (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 9:50:06 AM)

    Kurt Rambis, the Knicks’ newly assigned defensive coordinator, has his own theories on why the club is dead last in the NBA in defense — ranked 30th in points allowed per 100 possessions. After getting passed over by his buddy Phil Jackson for the permanent head coaching job, which went to Jeff Hornacek, Rambis has…

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    Thoughts from last night’s fun game:

    1) even though the Nets are a team of no-names other than Brook Lopez, they are (so far) a decidedly average (and not a bad) team — 16th in ORtg and 19th in DRtg. As someone mentioned in the last thread, in spite of not having Jeremy Lin, they beat Detroit, lost a 4 pt game to Charlotte, and beat the Wolves in the 3 games prior to this. This win was not a given by any means.

    2) Hornacek offense is working. I know it’s not valid to do this, but if you don’t count the opening night debacle in Cleveland, we have the 7th highest ORtg in the league (and climbing).

    3) Courtney Lee is way better offensively than I thought he was. He is great coming off those curls, has a nice floater in the lane, and can do more with the ball in his hands than I was led to believe by scouting reports etc. Some of his shooting is probably unsustainable (he’s at 50.8/42.1/87.5 so far) but I like what I see.

    4) KP making the leap?!?! Currently averaging (per 100 poss) 29 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, shooting 44.7% on 8.4 3PA/100poss. It should go without saying that anything resembling that combination is unprecedented in NBA history. Small sample but wow. (By the way Towns is doing similar stuff although on lower 3P volume. These two are going to be something to watch for the next decade+).

    5) Brandon Jennings – other than the dumbo fouls in the opposing backcourt, he was exactly what we need in a PG last night. 11 assists and 1 FT assist (ie. pass led to FTs) in 26 minutes. Strong work.

    6) Hernangomez has unbelievable hands around the rim, and great fundamentals. He never brings the ball down below his shoulders after the catch, zero wasted motion with either his feet or his hands. He can definitely play against backup big men. Hopefully he gets more time than KOQ going forward.

    Willy looks better than Kyle in almost every category. His amazing chemistry with KP is another huge plus.

    Also FT assists should be a thing.


    I believe on the potential assists category includes passes that lead to free throws.

    Just saw that. Wasn’t sure if they would give an assist if the player only makes one FT.

    Not sure if this was said…

    Our biggest issue right now is Defense and the Bench. This might fix the latter.

    Last night melo was at his best when playing with the second unit. Was mainly ISO , hero ball which although isn’t the type of ball we like, is where is he most affective.

    Does taking him out early in first and bringing him back with second unit make sense? Only issue I see with this is would Melo buy into it. I think he would given the extra shots he would get with the bench.

    It does make sense. I would make sure Rose gets run with him in that second unit too. As Jennings and KP is money

    Courtney Lee is way better offensively

    I forget where i read it but his transition finishing numbers are actually great, so it’s not surprising that running plays for him to go downhill to the rim (where he can kill with his floaters, his bank shots, etc) works well for him.

    I didn’t think about this until this morning, and maybe someone else mentioned it in a previous thread- but maybe having Rambis focus on defense means less triangle issues. I wonder how true it is that relegating Rambis to a defacto defensive coordinator position was Hornacek’s idea. If it was, then it appears that Phil truly has given Hornacek autonomy. That’s a good thing, right? RIGHT? I hope so. The next week or so is gonna be very interesting schedule-wise. Probably the first real litmus test of the season for the team.

    @ 5 – it wasn’t iso hero ball. This is what drives me crazy. Statements like this.

    It was triangle sets with Melo isoing when he had the mismatch. He is SUPPOSED to do that when he has the mismatch. It isn’t “hero ball” when you’re one of the best iso scorers in the league and you have a clear mismatch in a one on one match up. It worked bc we had other scorers out there with him so they couldn’t double team him. Its hero ball when he’s being double or tripled teamed and refuses to pass but takes a bad shot. That is “hero ball.” Going one on one against someone when he clearly has the advantage is something Melo should do ten times out of ten because more often than not its going in.


    Those curls that got Lee going downhill to the rim were all off sets starting with Triangle spacing. Instead of initiating the swing to the corner or strong side post entry they had him come off of KP and Ndour screens at the pinch post on the weakside.

    People freaking out about Rambis and the triangle stuff is dumb. A site that supposedly prides itself on being rational and only looking at the numbers freaks out when an “unnamed nba source” says that Phil is unhappy with Horns not using enough Triangle and Horns put Rambis in charge of the defense.

    I’ll tell you what I like so far about Horns. It seems like his approach is the long game. He didn’t come into camp with a set in stone game plan. He’s been evaluating his team and seeing what we need and making adjustments. We had struggles getting KP involved, he adjusted. The defense has been an issue, he puts Rambis in charge of it. The bench is a problem, he’s trying different players.

    People want this all to be figured out by opening night and maybe other coaches like Dantoni do that. But it seems like Horns is all about letting things grow organically. See what you have and adjust and game plan accordingly.

    Its one game. One night. But seeing him put in WIllie H and Kuz together and seeing the positive results is really encouraging. Woodson or Fisher would have never done that. Hell, Dantoni rarely did that and let Lin sit on the bench for weeks before he finally gave him a shot (supposedly at selfish Melo’s request).

    Its upsetting that they just realized to have someone focus on defense 7 games in.

    I’m OK with Rambis as an assistant though. We were fine with him on defense last year.

    Putting Rambis on defense is a brilliant move – if it works, Horns has a strong defense; if it doesn’t, he has reason to fire the front office plant. Truly long game.

    Those curls that got Lee going downhill to the rim were all off sets starting with Triangle spacing.

    yep its a beautiful thing . one of tghe things i like about the triangle is it’s ability to get guys who traditionally arent great ballhandlers going down hill. Other teams have taken that principle and used it by doing those top of the key turbo handoffs, so there’s more than one way to do it but i’m not mad at this at all

    I still have real doubts about that bench units defense if they play a team that has an actual point guard who can run the pnr. Willy’s been awful on those- he looked better last night but how much of that was the Nets sorry point guard situation? Offensively, he still needs to adjust to the speed of the game in terms of his passing- he reads are fine but his passes are way too soft hence the really high turnover rate. Ditto Jennings- he looked really good putting pressure on the ball against the Nets crappy guards- when he plays decent guards the results aren’t going to be so rosy. Still, Both Willy and Kuz can flat out score and Jennings is going to have his nights where he can carry that unit.

    I think KOQ has been fine- he’s a little like Anthony Randolph in that his bad plays are so glaringly bad he seems worse than he actually is. Still, having a guy like Willy who plays downhill in the pnr really opens up the offense so I can see going with him and hoping that his defense improves.

    And yeah, it sure looks like KP is making a real leap this year- if he keeps up this shooting and gets his board rate up a bit he’s a legit all-star right now (even without the boards he’s probably got a case).

    Finally, not for nothing but even though he shot poorly Sasha played pretty well last night- he plays the game at the right pace on both ends so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get more minutes.

    I’ve grown to appreciate Sasha. He had some dumb fouls but on defense he automatically increases the energy on the court, and on offense he’s in the right place at the right time and isn’t afraid to shoot it when he’s open. He’s not a great player by any means, but as a 5-10 min/game guy, or even as an energy boost when the team is lethargic, he’s fine.

    The team is struggling in the early going and all the triangle talk is a bit overblown and full of misdirection. It does appear that Hornacek is trying to do what he said when Phil hired him and he does have autonomy. Add that to the fact that the roster has a nice win now/develop youth ratio, Phil may end up looking wise in the end. Hornacek and Phil are pretty smart guys, so maybe they figure it out- we’re only 7 games in. Like I said earlier, the next week or so looks like the first real litmus test for the squad. It also kinda coincides with the notion of waiting til December to see if the team is on the right track.

    About our bench.
    I’m fine with our starters, but the combination of players on the floor when backups come in is a concern. I believe that we should never have a team on the floor that doesn’t include 2 starters. One of Noah and KP need to always be on the floor. Similarly, we need either Melo or KP on the floor to have proper offense. I’m actually alright with ISO-Melo when he’s playing with the backups.

    So, what I was thinking is that we have 2 basic backup configurations:
    Rose, Holliday, Thomas, Melo, Noah
    Jennings, Lee, Kuzminskis, KP, Hernangomez

    This keeps Noah and Rose together and KP and Hernangomez together. There’s chemistry there already. Both teams offer defense and offense. Both teams offer both inside and outside games.


    I loved Willy and Kuz last night, but I’m going to hedge my bets until I see them play that way consistently and against better teams.

    But man, Willy does know how to play the game, let’s hope he’s the 3rd Gasol brother as someone said earlier.

    The hysteria over the Knicks’ start has been out of control. Before the season most people expected the Knicks to struggle at the start because of the roster churn and difficult opening schedule. That being said the offense has shown very promising signs and while the defense has been troubling I’d be surprised if they continue be as bad as they’ve played.

    Just for some context, the Knicks and Celtics have the same exact record and right now the Celtics have the worst defense in the league by far. I expect the Celtics will improve on defense and finish with a better record than the Knicks, but it illuminates the point that drawing any sweeping conclusions 7 games into a season is bit rash.

    For now I’m just happy that the diet of shots KP is getting looks likely to make his increased efficiency sustainable. Also his improved finishing around the rim is helping a lot. Once he can consistently hold post position, especially when little guys switch on to him he’s going to be a problem.

    Melo and Porzingis have played more than twice as many minutes as Horford and Crowder. Which might have something to do with Boston’s start.

    Frank, totally agree on Sasha. At one point w/ the game in the bag he dove on a loose ball like it was a supermodel.

    KP’s increased efficiency is in part due to his improved strength (ie. can finish), of course to his improved 3P shooting, but we should also probably thank Hornacek for how his shot distribution has changed. Per B-R, compared with 2015-16, in 2016-17 he basically has taken away FGA from 3-9 feet 18.4%–>15.2%) and added them to his at-rim percent (21.6–>25.3%), and taken away long 2’s (16-23 feet) and made them 3 pointers instead (he’s dropped his long 2 percentage from 16% of his shots to 5% of his shots and increased 3 point shooting from 27.4% of his shots to 38% of his shots).

    Thank God Rambis is not our head coach.

    Porzingis is doing some heavy lifting for the offense, and if that’s sustainable that is a huge boost to the team. He has a .612 TS%, is shooting .447 from 3PT, has a .580 eFG% and is doing it at relatively high volume with almost zero turnovers. He has been flat-out terrific on the offensive end so far.


    Good catch, Frank– eliminating low-percentage shots was supposed to be one of Horny’s strengths, and it does seem like he is making an impact in that regard.

    Melo and Porzingis have played more than twice as many minutes as Horford and Crowder. Which might have something to do with Boston’s start.

    This doesn’t explain why they have a DRtg of 112.3. Injuries hurt, yes, but they shouldn’t be the worst team in the league defensively.

    Boston’s defense has been bad across the board, in all Four Factors. They allow a high eFG%, they don’t create turnovers, they don’t rebound (dead last in DRB%) and they foul a lot.

    They’re a really weird team.


    What’s weird is they were great at forcing turnovers and forced a low eFG% last year. With most of the same personnel returning, I’m expecting they return to being an excellent defensive team, but it is weird.

    The rebounding is going to be a problem no matter what though. That was an issue for Atlanta with Horford at C and it’s unlikely to change at all in Boston.

    some people call me maurice…honestly, does anyone look more in to the game than when maurice is out on the floor…eyes wide open, grunting, groaning and yelling on every play…i love watching n’dour when he’s out there playing – if he ever puts on a few pounds and gets stronger, he could definitely have an impact on the game for us…i’ve never heard him speak – but, he seems like a pretty sharp guy…

    it’s looking more and more like horny will have to stagger melo’s and kp’s minutes…when kp is out on the floor – he needs to touch the ball every time on offense…

    i think our best 5 out on the floor right now are: rose, jennings, lee, melo and kp…

    Just looking at his numbers so far, maybe I have been a little too hard on Melo. He really hasn’t done his hero ball thing this season, and if I remember correctly- most of his iso’s were to his advantage so he was right to take those shots. If he’s hitting at his NYK average on his threes, we’re looking at- dare I say- a more efficient Melo. Not by leaps and bounds though. A more efficient Melo is still refreshing though. I read an article yesterday how Michael Jordan used to train with strobe lights and now players like Stephen Curry and Kawhi are using the same method. Maybe that’s something Melo should look into if he hasn’t already. MJ & Steph have been phenomenal in iso’s and this year Kawhi is fantastic in iso’s. Sounds like something a lot of NBA players can use

    this may sound a little weird…but, the whole “rambis is our defensive coach” thing reminds me of phil’s chicago and los angeles days…i think phil is trying to shame the team in to defending better by suggesting to horny (and the team) that they need a defensive coach…i think he’s using his buddy to mess with everyone…

    for whatever reason – phil seems like one of those types of leaders that likes to mind fuck folks…it’s worked for him in the past, can’t see why he’d stop doing that now…

    Totes, look at when Melo goes ISO. When the starters are on the floor, he’s trying to stay in the flow. When the subs come in, he becomes the #1 option. Also, the Nets yesterday decided to not double him and he took over.
    This “ISO with the subs” is good for two reasons. First, he can handle the scoring and the other four players can concentrate on rebounding and defense. Second, it helps his ego by filling the stat sheet. Win-win.

    If Pozingis wants to make the leap to star status he has to hit the boards harder, get more comfortable in the post when they put a smaller quicker PF out there against him, pass out of the double team when/if it comes, and settle down a little more. He’s getting really close. He’s got his scoring efficiency way up, but his rebounds and assists are down. And since he can make smaller men pay in the post, he sometimes gets abused at the perimeter on defense.

    Watching Hernangomez and Kuzminskas last night made me long for the day when Melo, Rose, and Noah are gone and we have a team full of young players all hitting peak at the same time.

    Interesting to me is that Zinger is not more of a focus of our offense. He tends to score on pick and pops, 2nd options, etc, and in bunches. he is not our focal point. That means he lacks the opportunity to force shots, which is good. but, i wonder if we were to focus more on him if it might open up easier looks for Melo / Rose / etc.

    I don’t worry about that 2nd team getting good looks when Mindy is in for Thomas and Billy is in for O’Quinn. We know their weakness is Defense; I would prefer to see them play together for a while to gain familiarity and cohesiveness. D takes longer than O.

    Watching Hernangomez and Kuzminskas last night made me long for the day when Melo, Rose, and Noah are gone and we have a team full of young players all hitting peak at the same time.

    Keep waiting.

    A few HIGHLY encouraging offensive signs outside of KP and Lee’s fantastic play.

    Derrick Rose is averaging 10 drives a game (13th in the league) and shooting 56 % percent on those drives while also turning it over just two times on 70 drives, racking 10 free throws, and nine assists, accounting for 63 points on 70 drives (not including any of the possessions within the 70 drives that led to an extra pass), surely well over 1.1 PPP overall.

    Of the 45 players averaging 5.6 or more drives per game, Rose is ranked sixth in scoring efficiency.
    He’s a great driver and that has helped the offense immensely.

    Overall, Rose is finishing 60 percent of his tries between 0-2 feet, while taking 46.7 percent of his attempts there. His career high in percentage of shots at the rim .392, his rookie year.

    His career average is 32 percent, but just 30, 26 and 30 percent the last three years.

    Rose is shooting WAAAY below his career averages in every other jump shooting range:

    35 % from 3-9 feet (career 44% shooter)
    26 % from 10-15 feet (42 percent career shooter)
    33% from 16-22 feet (41 percent career shooter)

    Rose’s shot distribution is EXCELLENT, the most optimal use of his abilities. Even if his field goal percentage at the rim comes down to his career average (57%), if he comes back up to career averages everywhere else, you’re looking at some really good shooting efficiency.

    The low free throw rate is concerning considering how often Rose is shooting at the rim, but the longer Rose plays like this I think the more likely he regains his reputation and gets 1-2 more whistles a game.

    Second, Melo is averaging a career high in 3-pt attempt rate (.287). While he’s shot a horrible 24 percent from three, WAAAAAAYYY below his 10-year average, the shot distribution is very good. In fact, he’s shooting more at the rim since 2012, and finishing at a healthy 59%.

    If nothing else, the improvements on offense show just how awful having Jose Calderon as your starting point guard is. I don’t care how well you shoot (unless your usage is really high or you have a playmaking forward like LBJ on your team), if you can’t get into the lane you’re going to kill your team’s offense.

    Second, Melo is averaging 1.16 PP on isolations. That’s great offense.

    However, the Knicks should run KP pick and roll every play if he’s going to shoot upper 30s or better on open 3s.

    There is no way to defend it. Once the opponent starts to switch because of KP’s shooting, you have two mismatches, Rose/Melo/Jennings on a big or KP posting up on a guard. Unguardable.

    The Warriors run high pick and roll for Curry every play because it is literally unguardable unless you have a Lebron James caliber athlete who can defend outside the 3-pt line on a trap and recover to a shooter.

    Draymond Green averages 7 assists a game mostly because defenses HAVE to trap Curry in pnr.

    Similarly, how do you defend a 7-foot-3 sniper who can blow by any charging big and needs just one dribble to finish at the rim?

    As KP keeps this up, I think you’re going to see teams throwing smaller defenders at him, and that will either open up the floor or open up mismatches everywhere.

    That’s where a swiss army knife weapon like Carmelo can absolutely go nuts on a defense, same with Rose, both players who will torture a defense without rim protection. There’s just no chance to defend those three guys with one defender.

    That’s why the Knicks need to put KP at the 5 as much as possible. The potential is incredible.

    I’m a long term thinker. Let’s hope I live long enough.

    Will they still be young players then?

    If Porzingis can maintain his current shooting efficiency AND get his rebounding at least back to where it was last year, all at age 21, then here is the list of players I would trade him for:

    Kawhi Leonard
    Karl Anthony-Towns

    hmmmm, just read something on espn in which horny states it was all his idea to name rambis his “defensive” coach…maybe horny has already learned a few tricks from phil…

    Frank showed that KP is having a more efficient shot distribution, Ruru showed it with Rose and JK47 mentioned it as a point of emphasis with Honnacek. Is this just a random coincidence or an actual point of emphasis? (or too soon to tell). It really would be nice to see a team where the players were all deployed to best utilize their strengths. You might say that is how it is supposed to be. Has anyone seen, heard or read anything to get the impression that this is planned?

    There’s no reason the Knicks should EVER run the triangle with KP at the 5. Now, Noah is an ideal high post triangle passer, so that makes some sense. But the Knicks offense should be KP pick and roll every play, unless he is in some kind of prolonged shooting slump and not making teams pay for guarding him with a big.

    The Knicks starting personnel provides an answer to every defense. I don’t think the offense has come close to reaching its potential.

    That’s basically all the Cavs to do, and they simple adjust to however the defense chooses to be beaten. They don’t have to think. Every pass is a reaction to an open opportunity, or if the defense chooses to switch, it generates a mismatch with Lebron, Kyrie, Love and even JR.

    The Knicks can do the same thing with Melo, KP, Rose/Jennings, so long as there is shooting at at least one more position.

    The Cavs have 4 shooters on the floor at all times. The Knicks would only have three, but KP at the 5 stretches a defense more than the Cavs can while eliminating the big.

    In fact, I’d love to see more minutes of KP, Melo, Lee, Jennings and Rose 1/5 pnr, with Melo in his sweet spot, Jennings and Lee in the corners.

    Hornacek seems to understand shot distribution, so I’m am going to be optimistic and say that’s at least partly by design. Rose shooting more at the hoop is a positive sign. If they can keep the PG minute distribution like it was last night that would be even better.

    Great posting guys. Everyone is on point today.

    Interesting game last night. The D looked better without being great. At least we kept a team to under 100 (just). Still got torched a bit from 3 and off the dribble in the first, but baby steps I guess. Will be an interesting test against Boston. I can foresee Thomas potentially torching us, but see how we go.

    I really liked the Euro-lineup we trotted out yesterday too. I don’t think it’s something we necessarily go to all the time, but it is definitely an intriguing look.

    Also, how does Lopez ride the pine for so long? Clearly Brooklyn’s best player by a long way, but can’t get on the Court. Only averaging about 25 per game, which is bugger all for a player as good as Lopez on a crap team. I think the writing is on the wall he gets moved at the deadline (or maybe before), but wouldn’t you at least be giving him minutes to up his value? Strange.

    That’s why the Knicks need to put KP at the 5 as much as possible. The potential is incredible.

    I think how much 5 he plays depends on matchups, but also just how well he can protect the rim at the 5 especially when defending PNR and also if the team can find the personnel to allow them to board effectively in those alignments. He’s getting enough time there already that it doesn’t concern me all that much.

    The Knicks guard play is SO MUCH more fun to watch this year, at least so far. Guys penetrating into the lane all over the place, etc. Yeah, sometimes recklessly…

    What a horror show it was with Calderon (nice guy) doing pretty much nothing and AA posting up all the time.

    I wonder if last night was Hernangomez’s coming out party? Rough days still ahead, but does he at least get some regular minutes, now?

    Re: KP’s rebounding — you hope he improves but, even if he doesn’t, he can still be great if he becomes a good enough offensive and defensive player. His career rebounds/36 and rebound rate so far are better than Nowitzki’s career numbers and only slightly below Nowitzki’s best years. If he becomes Nowitzki 2.0, we should all be thrilled, even with relatively weak rebounding numbers.

    You can win with KP rebounding like that at the 4. It’s much trickier if he’s doing that at the 5.

    whatever position you say he’s playing, you need a strong rebounder next to him. A strong, agile man defender would be ideal so KP can take the easier defensive assignment and use his length to help. Draymond Green, Tristan Thompson, Steven Adams, Biyombo… The younger versions of TC or Noah…

    You also need guys who can move their feet at the other positions since even with a quicker 5, you’re still at a speed deficit playing two true big men.

    There’s no reason to pigeon hole KP as a 4 or 5. He’s young and should continue working at both positions.

    Since the posting has been so good let me interject and ruin it.

    I watched the game last night but spent so much time reading and posting on this site that I can barely remember it at all. I don’t even recall WillyBilly scoring a single basket.

    Any advice or suggestions?

    Positive posting on Knickblogger! Is it April 1st? Seven games in. Has the blanket of doom been lifted?

    Any advice or suggestions?

    mixing ammonia and bleach and breathing deep breaths

    jk of course jk

    You know Reub, you were somewhat of a burr in the sock during the offseason.

    But with the arrival of the regular season, you actually seem to be keeping many of your posts to observations of the Knicks and those posts have been good and fun to read.

    We probably have a tough four years to get through together here and I just wanted to say I applaud this trend.

    Thank you, Owen. I admit that it was possible that I was not in midseason form before training camp…possibly a little out of shape. But with the ball now bouncing in anger I feel totally rejuvenated.

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