2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets

Oops, I thought that this was a 7:30 PM start. My bad!

The Nets are bad and are injured, so this better be a win!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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The Nets look much better coached than the Knicks, and the D looks absolutely horrible again… this would be a disastrous loss.

but whenever Rose pulls up for a mid-range jumper, my hopes and dreams die a little more…

This will be a blowout. Don’t worry.

Any chance that Melo is saying F.U. to the fans tonight who were yelling for him to pass the ball in the last game?

I do believe Melo is saying F.U. to the fans, but for other reasons completely.

Would anyone trade our entire organization for the Nets, top to bottom? At least it seems Porkhorov is backing off and has actually hired a GM who might be competent…

The Marks regime seems great, but I think Porzingis alone gives us the better situation going forward…for now

the thing that really drives me crazy is that every single team the Knicks face seems to play harder than they do.

you can be fucking terrible, sometimes teams are, just don’t look lazy while doing it, please.

Porzingis looks like such a great rebounder when no one is contesting the board

It sure does seem like Rose draws a lot of contact on his drives and doesn’t get a whistle.

the Knicks should win this because the Nets are completely devoid of real NBA players, but the fact that Atkinson is coaching this team to be this competitive is a true testament to the Spurs family tree

Atkinson was given a lot of ink for working with Lin with the Knicks after Brooklyn signed Lin.

Well, they looked more like a professional basketball team in the second quarter, at least. I still think that they’ll pull this off, but man, it has not been a good game so far.

Isola is such a troll, “The Knicks held the Nets to less than 60 first half points. Trust the process.”

Was the 2nd quarter more of Melo putting the team on his back or just trying to get pointz?

Brook is such a talented offensive player, holy hell.

if he wasn’t so incredibly bad at rebounding he would be a star.

the good news of the first half: Porzingis is good, Lee is good, Melo has woken up (and still taking bad shots) and Lance Thomas is a serviceable basketball player.

Rose should stop taking pull-up jumpers immediately, tho, and the defense is just plain bad.

@43 – I see the Rambis thing as the first step to him taking over when Jackson fires Hornacek.

I know what you mean, but the last time Jackson fired a coach, he made Rambis an interim coach, not the permanent coach. I don’t know why he wouldn’t do that again. Jackson doesn’t always do the actions that this board would like him to, but he does seem to usually agree with the board’s general opinion of what’s good and bad about the Knicks.


if Hornacek gets fired for not running the bullshit triangle, even if Rambis is not the permanent coach it is a super bad omen anyway… whoever comes next would have the same issues as Horny and there’s no way a really good coach would ever want to be under this kind of pressure with this group of players.

I don’t think Hornacek will get fired for not running the triangle, but I think he might get fired for losing. I can’t see the game from here, but does the offense look different than from previous games?

If we can cut their lead in half again by the end of the third quarter we’ll only be down by 2.5 points..making it a one possession game.

Watching this team play is more depressing than watching the election coverage last night.

@48 it’s kinda looking like a clogged toilet, honestly, and quite a lot of Noah passing the ball to dudes running around.

some nice open looks, but bricks all over the place… 8-0 run by the Nets.

KP isn’t the same on defense so far this year. It’s not just match ups and getting caught on the perimeter. It’s his motor. Check his iron.

Horny has no clue how to use his bench right now, just throwing random lineups out there to see what works.

I hate Carmelo’s play style so much, but at least he’s keeping the Knicks in the game.

Really seems like Porzingis is due for a regression if his shooting doesn’t keep up…

Willy and Kuz look good!

more of them, please Horny, and less Sasha. more like zero Sasha, actually.

Iso-Melo has a place on this team. I don’t mind it if he takes control when he’s out there with the second team. Let the rest of them worry about defense. He can shoot us back into games. When he’s in there with other scorers, it needs to stop.

Jennings did play in Italy!

Willy looks so active, almost like he’s alive, unlike some other players in this roster.

Hernangomez actually playing some good pick and roll defense. Best I’ve seen on the Knicks today.

Melo is keeping the Knicks in it but they were really playing unsustainable ball during that span. Not saying he did anything wrong, just that that style of play will not work 80% of the time.

@83- Agree about the 80%, but if he can dominate for 5 minutes while other starters rest, it works. His ISO play got the team back into the game.

Porzingis, again!

the Nets finally regressed to the mean without Brook in the game, which is a pretty terrible basketball team.

but let’s start the Willy H. starting C hype, my friends, it’s time.

KP is doing KP things, y’all.

The second unit would get many buckets if they played Holiday, Kuz, and Hernangomez. Stop playing LT.

I guess Willy’s D was shaky in the preseason, but it sure looks pretty solid tonight.

Love that Horny is playing the baby Knicks, of course it looks really smart when it works.

actually, I’m very glad that Horny recognized that this lineup was slicing the Nets D and kept them in the game… Jennings is looking good too, sharp passes.

it’s the Nets and it’s almost a D-League team, but one has to be hopeful sometimes.

Man Hernangomez is just a natural on offense. If he figures it out defensively (and he looks much improved on that end tonight), he’s the 3rd Gasol brother.

How awesome was that sequence. Great dish from Jennings.

We should play the Nets every night

@98 his touch around the rim is so impressive, that’s the definition, it looks natural.

Porzingis decided to destroy the Nets on both ends now, and his partnership with Jennings is really exciting.

Wow. What a sequence. Nice move Jennings! His chemistry with KP is so good to see

Jennings is gonna have some bad nights but I relish good nights like these. He needs to play with KP as much as possible even if that means playing him with Rose

I mean, it’s easy to look good against D-Leaguers, but at the very least the euros should be the 2nd unit for this team.

no more LT, no more Holiday, etc.

He got that check and now he’s playing like the best 2 guard in the league (because Harden is a PG now).

Dudes. In 2-3 years KP will be choosing between rolling to the rim and finishing like Tyson chandler or popping out behind the 3 point line and shooting like Dirk. He just needs to get a little stronger but that finish off the Jennings pass was a taste of the future.

@113, I mean, is DeRozan really a bonafide superstar now?

I had my issues with him, bad shot selection, inefficient overall… but he has a freaking .590 ts% this season on 37.4 USG%… it might be unsustainable, but it sure does look insane right now.

the experience at the olympic games must have helped him.

Hernangomez carried a bad defense label from last year’s Draft Express scouting report which said:

Hernangomez’s biggest weaknesses come on the defensive end. He’s a below average rim protector who struggles a bit with the fundamentals at this stage. Hernangomez’s foot speed gives him some upside as a pick and roll defender and he should improve his understanding on this end as he gains experience, but his lack of length and athleticism limits his potential as an individual defender regardless. He benefited this season playing alongside Kristaps Porzingis, who provides the ideal shot blocking presence from the power forward position to help compensate for his limitations.

But he’s only 22 and he’s showing us that he’s getting better at it now.

Meanwhile I know it’s the Nets without Lin but maybe Rambis did something with this defense?

Maybe Rose really should be the 6th man as he’s a better scorer than Jennings, and Jennings has such great chemistry with KP & Melo. Jennings really showing what an aggressive PG should look like playing with those 2. I hope Rose is taking notes because if he can play the way Jennings is or the way he played in the Chicago game, this team will be hard to defend

A good night overall, Celtics got their asses kicked by the Wiz.

Almost making me forget about yesterday. Almost.

I think we should Jedi mind trick Sacramento into giving us Rudy Gay. He’d be the perfect guy to come off the bench behind Melo/start on the wing next to Lee. I’d offer them O’Quinn, Lance, and Chicago’s 2nd round pick at the deadline. Could you imagine a second unit of Jennings, Holiday, Gay, Kuz, and Hernangomez? Buckets galore.

I like that Rose and Noah were kept under 25 minutes in a win. Both guys played great ball in their limited minutes, too. Hopefully we’ll slap a struggling Boston team on Friday.

Celtics’ defense gets blown up again. We’ve been worried about our defense but we were never expected to be a great defense. celts had a top 3 defense last year and have given up 118, 123, and 128 the last 3 games.

Celtics’ defense gets blown up again. We’ve been worried about our defense but we were never expected to be a great defense. celts had a top 3 defense last year and have given up 118, 123, and 128 the last 3 games.

Horford and Crowder have been out, but that’s still pretty alarming, especially when you have a boy genius as your coach.

The next two games are big. At Bos, at Tor on back to back nights. The books says we should go 0-2. We need the Friday game.

I’m going to relish the national press bending over backwards to explain how the league’s bestest smartest coach has a losing record and an allegedly more talented team.

Call the Nets a D-League team all you want but they wrecked a Timberwolves team that everyone slobs for being so young and talented.

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