Knicks Morning News (2016.06.04)

  • [New York Times] Jeff Hornacek, Knicks’ New Coach, Says Triangle Will Be Part of Offense (Sat, 04 Jun 2016 00:02:44 GMT)

    At his introductory news conference, Hornacek praised the triangle, the system embraced by Phil Jackson, as a way to space the floor, but he did not suggest the Knicks would use it extensively.

  • [New York Times] Sports of The Times: Jeff Hornacek, the Knicks’ Latest Coach, Could Win Just by Persevering (Sat, 04 Jun 2016 01:22:34 GMT)

    Hornacek follows a succession of head coaches who have been replaced after failing to turn around the team’s fortunes.

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    I want to applaud the Knickerblogger universe for refusing to disclose the existence of Abby Hornacek.

    Sadly, the New York Post lacks our restraint

    Nate without the crazy? At the very least he’d be a huge fan favorite and really fun to watch.

    You know, after listening to Hornacek speak and seeing the job he did in Phoenix considering where that roster was, it’s hard for me to not be excited about Hornacek. He’s a really bright guy and has that humble but confident vibe to him that makes you feel comfortable trusting him. Another thing is he genuinely looks excited to get his hands on two players he believes are better than anybody he coached in Phoenix with Melo and KP. To say the least, I like his energy and I respect the job he did in Phoenix. I don’t see him as a coach who takes wins away from his team with bad rotations or bad coaching philosophy. Whether he will add wins or not is yet to be seen, but I feel better about him than I felt about any coach since we hired D’Antoni.

    Another thing is if we could buy or trade for a 1st round pick, Denzel Valentine would be a great target. He’s more athletic than he’s given credit for and he has good height for the shooting guard position. I think if we trade for him he could start from day one because he promotes ball movement, is a plus rebounder, and can shoot the three off pin downs. I’m still mad he beat Buddy Hield for POTY, but he could be a good NBA player. I just wanna look into his defensive ability before I validate him as one of my guys.

    Kay Felder to me has the NBA athleticism you want in a smaller guy; he’s strong as an ox and can get to the basket. That’s what makes guys like Lawson and Thomas so effective. I just don’t like the step backs. If you’re faster and stronger than your opponent you abuse that. That’s a low efficiency shot he shouldn’t rely on.

    Upon further review it appears Valentine is a terrible defender. Easy come easy go.

    Felder’s main problem (other than size) is that he is not a great finisher in the paint with his right hand and doesn’t have a great floater. The top-level diminutive players are ambidextrous going to the hole. but the guy averaged 24 an 9 in 37mpg, and killed it in 2 games vs. top-10 teams. He seems like a WAY better shooter passer than Nate. He had a .570 TS% and a a/to ratio of 2.7. He got to the line 8 times a game and converted at 85%. This is exactly the kind of guy you look for in the 2nd round…a guy with size questions but whose advanced stats jump off the charts. If he was 6’2″ with the same stats he’d be in the discussion for a top-5 pick.


    His defense is pretty bad right now. I am not sure if it was just this year or his entire career. Maybe, he took of on defense because he carried much of the load on offense. He didn’t just run around and come of pin downs but he was the teams PG for the most part. So, maybe the coaches tried to hide him to save his energy. I do think he can improve as he gets into better shape. I think that will go along way for his quickness on both ends. The one defensive plus is that he was a great rebounder. He avg 8.1 (Drebs) per 40. His near 6’6 height and 6’11 wingspan helps him a lot plus he seems to have great timing. Valentine would have to fall pass 20 for NY to have a chance but I worry about Den, Det, and Bos.


    If the knicks could get 3 of those players it would be my dream. Levert and Fielder are two mid to late 2nd rd guys that the knicks could easily get. If the knicks could get Valentine, Levert, and Fielder they would come away with 3 of the 4 best passers(ast/to ratio) in the draft while grabbing 3 good shooters.

    Re: the Nate comparison, it’s fair to say that Nate was a better shooter/scorer in college but he was more of a 2 while Felder is clearly a 1. Undersized SGs are more of a liability than PGs, imho.

    We only have the ability to buy one pick, right? Which means any other would have to come by trade? Barring a huge deal like moving Lopez, I could see us getting a mid-late 2nd for KOQ. Otherwise, we’d have to trade Willy’s draft rights. When we had three 2nds a couple of years ago, two came from the Chandler trade, and we bought the third.

    We can buy as many picks as we are able with our $3 million cash. I think the year the Knicks took Jorts they bought his pick and Jerome Jordan’s. Might have bought two picks the year they took Louis Labeyrie too.

    We really need to focus on getting better play at the guard positions. DeAndre Bembry and Denzel Valentine could potentially be had in the late 20s if we’re looking to acquire a pick. Bembry isn’t a great shooter, but he’s basically a more athletic version of Evan Turner. Valentine is the better shooting version of Evan Turner. I know we can just sign Evan Turner but he can’t shoot and he’s 28 so he won’t ever learn how to shoot. Bembry looks like a Kawhi Leonard kind of guy in that he has all the physical tools to dominate but has to put it together as a pro. I’m not saying Bembry will ever be as good as Leonard (because Leonard is currently playing at a HOF level); he isn’t even the athletic freak of nature that is Kawhi Leonard. I just think he can develop under the right coaching and could be had for cheap.

    The Sun’s #28 pick seems like the best bet. The Sixers and Celtics could sell, but since the bidding is capped at $3,000,000 they may prefer to sell to a buyer outside the division.

    In 2009, the Knicks bought the #29 pick from the Lakers (TDDWTDD) for 3,000,000. So I guess that’s the going rate for teams (at least for the Knicks) to pay.

    The guy I want is Ante Zizic, rebounder extraordinaire who is currently projected to go in the late first/early second. Zizic looks to me like a poor man’s Tyson Chandler– great rebounder, strong interior defender, excellent dive man on the P&R, solid free throw shooter.

    Doesn’t Zizic have a contractual obligation to his Croatian club? He’d be a draft and stash kind of guy I think, but he’s going to be a great pro. He’s 16 months younger than Porzingis, too. I’m not sure he’s on the Knicks radar because we have Hernangomez in the fold though.

    We need guards. I’d want the Knicks to target a freak athlete that can play the two defensively and maybe handle the ball. I don’t think any of those guys are available late first/early second.

    Ante Zizic sounds like a made up name, like if you threw a bunch of Scrabble tiles on the floor.

    Or almost an anagram for zany antic.

    We need guards. I’d want the Knicks to target a freak athlete that can play the two defensively and maybe handle the ball. I don’t think any of those guys are available late first/early second.

    Malik Beasley, SG out of FSU, he started off the year as a very efficient freshman and then tailed off some at the end but still manage to put together 58% TS% for the year. He came out of no where really so he might be a good buy low candidate.

    Patric McCaw, SG out of UNLV, is a great athlete but he looks like he’s Tony Snell and Corey Brewer’s long lost little brother. He has a good all around game though. He put up 14.5 pts, 5.2 rebs, 3.9 ast, & 2.4 stls.

    It sure looks like there’s a lot of potential in the 2nd round this year at the guard position. There could even be a talented undrafted free agent to sign after the draft. Go Phil!

    I’ll bet that there is a guard, available to draft in the second round this year, that would, day 1, be the best guard on the Knicks. The first problem is we don’t know who that is. The second problem is we don’t have a draft pick.

    (guards drafted in the 2nd round in the past 5 years: Josh Rochardson, Will Barton, Allen Crabbe, and Isaiah Thomas.)

    I hope that we can acquire up to 3 second round picks and select 3 guards. Good late draft SGs seem to be out there this year.

    I know that I’ve been harping on Rondo lately but it’s really about getting a point guard. We need the entire back court rebuilt. If Hornacek can get Grant and Wroten to play well, that would be great, but we can’t have what we had last year. I’m assuming that we’re not buying a draft pick but even if we nab a 2nd rounder, that’s not where I think we get help this year.

    And as for Felder, we already have a diminutive guard available (Jordan Crawford 5’6″ on the Westchester Knicks). I don’t think that’s the direction the Knicks are going in. Speaking of the Westchester Knicks, I’m OK with giving Jimmer a shot at the 2-guard also and why not add Thanasis once and for all? Travis Trice and Jordan Bachynski could also have some value. I still think we need two veterans starters for the back court: a 3-and-D two guard and point guard that can guard speedy point guards.

    Jordon Crawford is not in the league with Felder, who was at the top of the national charts in scoring and assists, had a .57 TS%, and had the second highest vertical recorded ever at the combine, along with some praise for his D there. Jordon’s stats in college were terrible and he’s not nearly the athlete that Felder is.

    And I think it’s fair to say that Jimmer is not an NBA-level player, so he should go to Europe and have a nice career there. D-League doesn’t pay squat.

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