Knicks Morning News (2016.06.05)

  • [New York Times] College or the N.B.A? New Rule Gives Players More Time and Feedback (Sun, 05 Jun 2016 01:13:54 GMT)

    College basketball players this year had an extra five weeks to decide to declare for the N.B.A. draft, but consulting an agent remained a no-no.

  • [New York Times] Stanley Cup Finals Take a Pause as Sport Remembers Ali (Sun, 05 Jun 2016 06:39:44 GMT)

    The NHL led the way with a moment of silence prior to Game Three of the Stanley Cup Finals as professional sports around the United States paid tribute to Muhammad Ali on Saturday.

  • [New York Times] Stanley Cup Finals Take a Pause as Sport Remembers Ali (Sun, 05 Jun 2016 03:12:29 GMT)

    The NHL led the way with a moment of silence prior to Game Three of the Stanley Cup Finals as professional sports around the United States paid tribute to Muhammad Ali on Saturday.

  • [New York Times] LeBron and Fellow Players Praise Ali for His Huge Influence (Sun, 05 Jun 2016 01:24:33 GMT)

    The death of boxing great Muhammad Ali was a huge talking point on Saturday for players competing in the NBA Finals, and prompted the Golden State Warriors to begin their morning practice with an Ali tribute song.

  • [New York Times] Iguodala Stealing Show Again for Warriors (Sun, 05 Jun 2016 00:57:30 GMT)

    The NBA Finals might have been billed as a showdown between the game’s top two players, Stephen Curry and LeBron James, but sneaky Golden State reserve Andre Iguodala is stealing both headlines and possessions, not for the first time in the championship series.

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    I’m hoping the Knicks could trade Robin Lopez to a team with multiple first rounders and grab two from them. Something like Robin Lopez to Boston for picks 16 and 23. The guys I’m looking at are Wade Baldwin IV (if he falls out of the lottery) and Malik Beasley. If we could get both of those guys, we’d have our backcourt of the future tied up and they’d be with Porzingis and Hernangomez. If we had our pick this year I would be pounding the table for Baldwin to be the pick. I would trade RoLo to Toronto for #9 and #26, and I think Ujiri would go for that considering he’ll be losing Biyombo and a JV/RoLo front court would be really good. We should be looking to upgrade our back court and get younger. If we could get two first round picks for RoLo (and I think we can because he’s dirt cheap considering what the other guys are getting), we should grab it. Baldwin and Beasley would really be an excellent back court in time.

    ^^^after he re-signs Demar for a fuckton, i doubt theyll be down to spend 16 mil per on a backup center, even if he is as good as RoLo, even with the rising cap.

    A big problem the Raptors have is JV only plays 26 minutes a night. They need somebody they can put next to him so he can stay on the floor longer. By all accounts he’s not a great defender so putting him at the 4 next to RoLo allows you to have the second best player on the team on court for more minutes. I know, spacing. But RoLo and JV is another Steve Adams and Enes Kanter, and those two were huge in the playoffs this year. I’d definitely do it if I were Ujiri.

    Big picture is I really want to get my hands on Wade Baldwin and Malik Beasley and I think we could do that with the Raptors picks or the Celtics picks. Both teams could use an anchor like RoLo.

    Why would Boston want Lopez? And why would the Knicks want to trade a good center, and a good value, for a couple of later 1st round picks who might amount to nothing? I’d want more of a sure thing for him.

    Trading RoLo for nothing but two first round draft picks gives us two first round draft picks and I think over $45 million in cap space to make a serious push for two of Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside, Al Horford, Rajon Rondo, Nic Batum, Lance Stephenson, Evan Fournier, DeMar DeRozan, and Mike Conley. Trades within the same division are tough, but RoLo makes Boston a 50 win team, he makes Toronto a 60 win team, and moving his contract allows us the cap space to grab some guys that could improve our win total by as many as 25 but no less than 10. I can understand wanting something more concrete than just picks and space for RoLo, but if you’re confident that you can draft good players and sign good free agents then you make that deal. Imagine trading RoLo for the picks and taking a guy who turns into a good starter on a dirt cheap deal plus having a great free agent summer. You would have lost a good starter worth 7-9 wins to your team but replaced him with guys that could change the course of your franchise. I’d trade RoLo for cap space this summer because of the opportunities out there. Getting two 1st round draft picks on top of that? It’s highway robbery.

    I really doubt Robin Lopez gives you 9 and 26. Think about the Spurs trading for kawhi Leonard – they gave up George Hill. To me, George Hill is about the same level and value as Robin Lopez. Maybe even a bit better. That was for the number 15 pick. Maybe, because this draft is weak, you might get just the number 9 if you send back one other small piece. I’m not sure what that would be though

    If the Knicks trade RoLo, Durant definitely isn’t coming here. However, if the Knicks don’t trade RoLo, Durant definitely isn’t coming here.

    I think the trade market varies when it comes to trades. Like Jrue Holiday was traded for two firsts if I’m not mistaken, but George Hill only got the #15 pick. I also think it’s unlikely that RoLo gets you both #9 and #27, but I could see Boston offering #16 and #23 for him. I’m not sure if that would get us Baldwin and Beasley, but I could see those picks getting us some good players there. #15 and #19 would be nice too, but Denver is rebuilding and has future HOFer Nikola Jokic at the pivot so they really don’t need Lopez. I’d trade RoLo straight up to Jason Kidd’s Bucks for the 10th pick, but I’m really high on Wade Baldwin’s potential as a lead guard.

    @8, I agree but that’s not really the point. If we don’t get Durant, we can still land Whiteside and a guy like Batum with the money we stand to gain in cap space after a RoLo trade. If Batum isn’t your cup of tea then throw $18 million a year at Fournier or something. I like the idea of trading RoLo for a 1st round pick so much because guys like Biyombo, Horford, and Whiteside are available this summer and those guys are all upgrades over Lopez (if you don’t think Biyombo is an upgrade over Lopez that’s fair, but he is only 24 years old this summer and should only improve over time). If we could get a first round pick and then an upgrade over Lopez a few weeks later we should explore that option.

    With soany teams having so much cap space it’s going to be hard to make trades before FA starts, and that’s post draft

    Like why trade 2 picks for Rolo when you can just give Biyombo (say) money?

    If Rolo gets you the 9th pick and 27th pick then I think the smarter deal would be to trade down with denver for the 15th and 19th picks.

    Smaller market teams might not be able to lure the good free agents, so instead of missing out on a Biyombo, you scratch that plan and grab RoLo. If I’m Al Horford, Hassan Whiteside, Dwight Howard, or Bismack Biyombo and I’m choosing between Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Milwaukee, Milwaukee comes in last place every time. It has been historically difficult for small market teams and Toronto to compete in free agency, so if you can skip the line and get a player that makes you better who’s on a great value contract you do it. Boston wants to trade some of their picks away, so it makes sense for them to get an NBA starter for two picks that historically don’t have high success rates. If Milwaukee wants to put a center next to Monroe, they could give us their #10 pick for a really good one.

    @14 Interesting that you say that considering that Milwaukee just attracted one of the premier FA’s last year.

    But that was after Milwaukee was a playoff team, and even that doesn’t save small market teams as Pau Gasol chose Chicago over a clearly superior OKC Thunder team. You’ll have an instance or two where a big time FA signs in a smaller market, but the exception doesn’t prove the rule. Most guys go to desirable markets or re-sign with the same team. Rarely ever do guys leave their teams to sign in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Denver, etc. if the bigger market teams are in play.

    There’s been alot of hand-wringing over the offense and what Hornacek’s gonna be able to do with Grant/Melo/Lopez/KP. But I’m really anxious to see what he’ll be able to do with the less shiny players like Galloway and OQ. Especially OQ, The guy has the ability to pass, make jumpers and play physical defense- something that the team lacks but the combination of Rambis/Fish couldn’t get it out of him on a consistent basis. Also if Williams stays, I wonder what he will become in a more spread offense with his finishing ability on drives. I also wonder if Hornacek will be able to get ANYTHING out of Early. What he does with the “less shiny” players is probably gonna have a big part in how good the team is.

    Pau Gasol chose Chicago over a clearly superior OKC Thunder team.

    All things weren’t equal, though, as OKC could only offer the mid-level and Chicago could amnesty Boozer and offer considerably more.

    There aren’t many examples of players leaving their current teams for small market teams, but that is moot because the three most recent high level FAs did just that: LeBron, Aldridge, and Monroe. I think there is “globalization” going on in the league, and the market of any particular team is getting increasingly universal.

    Aldridge and LeBron are different stories completely because San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and Texas is Aldridge’s home state. LeBron also went back home. Monroe is the only case where he left his team for a small market club with all else being equal.

    SA is a considerably smaller market than Houston or Dallas. I’m sure being from Texas helped, but I think the Spurs being the Spurs helped a lot with landing LaMarcus.

    June 5 is a famous day in Knicks history. 1994 they beat the Pacers in Game 7 to advance to the NBA Finals and in 1999 LJ’s 4pt-play occurred on this date as well. Those were the good old days when the Knicks actually played games in June.

    SA is a considerably smaller market than Houston or Dallas.

    Yeah, San Antonio is ranked as the 34th largest media market in the US, one spot behind Columbus Ohio. And, besides, players wanting to go to teams in the states that they were born in doesn’t really make them “different stories”. It doesn’t matter the reasons why players change teams. The issue is, when they do, do they choose smaller markets over bigger markets, potential salary offers being equal. The answer is: yes they do.

    LeBron and Bosh chose Miami (#16) over NY (#1) and Chicago (#3).

    Dwight Howard chose Houston (#11) over LA (#2) and SF/OAK (#6)

    Elton Brand humiliated the 2nd largest market to flee to Philadelphia.

    Ben Gordon chose Detroit (#13) over Chicago.

    These were the top FA in their respective classes to change teams. Recently, the even smaller markets have gotten into the game too, but, given the small number of players that actually change teams any given year, it seems the whole idea that players want to move to bigger markets doesn’t carry too much weight.

    (And OKC, the second smallest market in the NBA, may have had success signing FAs, but they haven’t had a dollar to spend under the cap since leaving Seattle.)

    Are there any statistical models for the 2016 draft yet? I think I saw one on nyloncalculus that had Isaiah Whitehead near the top of the draft

    These Warriors play dirty. Elbows to the chin and then the back of the head. Groin kicks are their specialty.

    The Warriors also get what seems to me to be a helluva lot of wide open shots under the basket.

    T. Thompson and Love are supposed to be good rebounders, but they’ve already given up 9 offensive boards to the Warriors. Not a good sign.

    I would love to know how much Klay and Steph take halfcourt shots from 25-26 feet and out and what their percentages are. No one else in basketball does this right?

    I mean, never mind, spacing the floor with a 3. Space it with a 27 footer.

    I am sure Zach Lowe has a great piece on this, I know I am just saying what a million others have said, but it’s just amazing to watch the way the Warriors force you to defend the “4 point line”

    Would be kind of ironic if the Cavs lost the finals in less games than last year now that they have all their “stars” back.

    Would be kind of ironic if the Cavs lost the finals in less games than last year now that they have all their “stars” back.

    I’m guessing David Blatt is a better coach than everyone (especially LeBron) thought. Somewhere in Istanbul early Monday morning there is a Jewish basketball coach laughing his ass off……

    1. The Warriors are better

    2. No good Mozgov

    3. Kyrie is an absolute trash fire on defense this season.

    4. Maybe Blatt is a better coach than Ty Lue

    If Cleveland gets waxed in the next two games it’s going to make for a very interesting off season, so I guess that’s what we should root for. Chaos is a ladder.

    I would think a Cavs beat down would make Durant think seriously about coming East, with the right team he could punch a ticket to the Finals for the next few years.

    Watching the first two games makes me want Valentine and LeVert from the draft. Give me some versatile wings that can shoot, dribble, and pass. Hopefully you have coaches that will teach them how to play defense.

    Part of me thinks Cleveland is going to get swept. The other part thinks Cleveland is going to win all of their home games and lose to the Warriors in 7 games.

    These Warriors are going to win 4 championships. I don’t see anybody who can stop these guys barring a Banana Boat squad in New York/Los Angeles.

    I don’t see anybody who can stop these guys barring a Banana Boat squad in New York/Los Angeles.

    Who is on the banana boat squad, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan?

    Seth Curry has played for Hornacek, hasn’t he? Hmm! Still want Fournier and Seth. Our own little drip brothers.

    Isaiah Whitehead’s advanced numbers were really underwhelming so I don’t understand the high praise. The efficiency numbers along with the 4.3 TOV/40 make me doubt he’ll be much of a player. But when you watch the film you see a rough ryder from Brooklyn and that counts for something.

    In all seriousness, Whitehead is worth a shot. He didn’t foul too much at Seton Hall, he has a first step like Kemba Walker and he can shoot the three. I’m assuming Hornacek knows what to do with him if he take him.

    Still holding out hope for us to buy a late first in order to draft Brice Johnson or Dejounte Murray and an o quinn trade for two seconds which would hopefully turn into some combo of Payton jr, whitehead, felder, or Levert or but we’ll see


    I’m not going to get in to the rest, because I think all the conversations have been had, but if we move RoLo and then decide to give Al Horford the max he craves at $30m AAV that would be an extremely short-sighted move.

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