2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Spurs

The 2015-16 San Antonio Spurs currently have the largest point differential in National Basketball Association history. That’s kind of nuts, especially when you consider that they’re four games back of the first place team in their conference. They also very possibly will have to play a Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook Thunder team in the second round of the playoffs. The NBA can be a fickle mistress.

Anyhow, that is what the Knicks are up against tonight. However, and here is the important part, the Knicks are in the midst of their best three-game stretch in years, destroying a good Atlanta team and an even better Miami team, a Miami team who they don’t normally match up well against, so hell, who the heck knows, right? It’s not like the Spurs never lose. Okay, they haven’t lost at home in a gazillion years, but they do lose. The Knicks beat the Spurs last year!

So let’s practice battle cries for the game. I’m currently going with, “Let’s lower their point differential a tiny bit!” What do you all have?

Let’s go, Knicks!

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