Quick Recap: Knicks 78, Heat 95


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Honestly, the Knicks were flat and the Heat team was on a mission. Yeah, the Heat played terrific defense but the Knicks also were 28-87 overall and 4-24 from beyond the arc. 16.7% from 3pt land. You can’t win shooting like that.

Stupid Heat. I hate that they talked all that shit and then backed up their shit-talking.

Only watched the 4th on my lunch break, Seemed like the 2nd unit didn’t really pull their weight. Not sure who has been floating the rhetoric, but Lance is definitely the barometer of this team ha ha.

Not sure how I feel about the tactic to foul Whiteside, but at least it shows the team was still thinking about doing what they can to win as opposed to phoning it in. That’s the nice difference with this team. They at least give enough of a shit to try in a blowout.

I honestly think the Sixers will win before the Warriors will lose. The NBA is crazy.

Stupid Heat. l hate that they talked all that shit and then backed up their shit-talking.

As much as it pains me, I hafta admit- Miami played great D last night. What’s funny is Miami, mainly Bosh, talked all that shit about guarding KP and he still had a 20 and 10er. Didn’t shoot particularly well, but neither did Bosh when KP was guarding him. KP is coming along quite nicely. Once he’s used to the NBA game and puts it all together, watch out. Hopefully he and Melo will continue to click a whole lot better than Lin and Melo did. KP has a green light as bright as Melo’s, and he makes plenty of big plays. He and Melo are a helluva tandem, and I think Melo realizes that and appears to be having his most fun as a Knick.

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