2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat

The Knicks try to make it five in a row against a Miami Heat team that, for some reason, are miffed at the attention that Kristaps Porzingis is getting. I really don’t get it. Just shut up and play the game, Miami.

Tonight would be a huge win, as not only would it be five in a row, but it would also be against a very good Miami team that is playing with a full roster, so this would be quite a statement victory.

Hopefully Porzingis can outdo himself from the amazing game he had in Houston, just to hush the Heat!

Let’s go Knicks!

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It’s cold here in upstate ny. Looking forward to getting the fire place going, curling up on my barca lounger and watching the kicks. My favorite time of year. Let’s go Knicks!!!!

@SBondyNYDN 17m17 minutes ago
Stoudemire said when he signed with Knicks stock went up 35 percent: “Not only the city of NY, but the state of NY was revitalized.”


Well, it was definitely a stimulus to the health care system.

If you’d have asked me two weeks ago if I’d be satisfied with 2-2 on this road trip, I’d have said “hell yes!” Now though, I’d be a touch disappointed by that. Success goes to your head and now I’m getting greedy.

Weird to not dump it to Aer Zingis there, but the possession ended well. I like it.

Hope we build momentum for this 4 game winning streak.
We havent done anything. We should make the playoffs and at the same time developing our new youngsters.
Dont put too much pressure on Pozringis too. Let him be him and hope our trainers develop him well.
Which makes me question do we have any trainers?
The development of Mike Sweetney, Eddy Crry, and all our other youngsters are nightmare.

Early observation is that Dragic and Wade will present offensive problems while Whiteside’s interior defense will be an issue.

This bench is TERRIBLE at rebounding the ball.

If KP is out of the game, our defensive rebounding goes to hell.

Lance missed a wide open Sasha. That’s a thing that should never have an opportunity to happen.

Aren’t we lucky that we have Melo?
How much some of us hate the contract but Melo is the difference of the Knicks to the likes of 76ers, Celtics, Suns, Twolves etc.
Teams with no all star. mediocre and too young to be competitive.

Well that ended like ass. Lance not makin em dance and Oaq not making a strong case for getting himself unglued from the bench

@24 Whiteside is so for real. How did 29 teams miss on him?

He was an immature asshole and a late bloomer to boot

That looked like perfect defense to me. Is “the hand is part of the ball ” not true?

Heat are not allowing the back-cuts the Knicks have used to get easy baskets, and they’re not defending the Knicks’ fake three point shooters like Derrick Williams and Lance Thomas.

One thing that the box score will not account for: Luol Deng having enough space to shoot a corner 3, realizing Porzingis would be all over him, trying to fake him for a baseline drive, and Porzingis staying right with him, ready to put his hand all over that ball. Awesome.

This Heat team defense is scary good though. Whiteside is a beast in the paint. Wade is still an elite perimeter defender. Winslow and Deng can lock it down on the wings too.

Not an easy team to score on at all.

I agree the Heat defense was good. But the Knicks looked like they were running in molasses. It was really the worst display of effort and hustle by far this year IMO.

If we win 3 out of 4 on this road trip, getting our asses kicked tonight will mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

The Heat are definitely a contender in the East. That defense is for real. Great shotblocking center in the middle and several strong perimeter defenders.

I really don’t care if they get close at this point. I just want to see them run their asses off, dive for loose balls, show some poise and pride in a tough situation.

“Carmelo has been on so many losing teams, but still… a great player.”

ruruland, is that you? Are you that guy on the tv right now?

Lopez is being overused. I honestly love his effort, but don’t like how many shots he is given.

Porzingis doesn’t seem to get along with refs. Why is that? Do most eventual-stars get this treatment as rookies?

Melo has played a real good game tonight sans the shooting percentage. A shame the rest of the team has been trash around him and KP.

Melo will end up playing 40+ minutes, and Porzingis will play 35+ again. Not good. I’m actually worried about Porzingis’ workload.

Well, they’ve fought back to 12 and then 13, only to be pushed back. One more run? Someone else needs to get hot from 3.

If not, get Melo and KP6 out of there.

Hack-a-Whiteside makes me grateful to have a bigman in KP who can hit free throws at an above 80% clip.

41 minutes for Melo, 35 minutes for Staps… I get that you’re trying to make a comeback but there’s no need to coach like this is a playoff elimination game.

Crazy thing is the Knicks played way better defense in the second half. Just bad offense + great heat defense tonight

I want to see how this team rebounds on Friday at the Garden.

Now that we have a look at them and they have a look at us its going to be interesting to see how it shakes out.

I mean, if this is a bad night from Porzingis it’s still pretty great for a rookie.

Maybe because he’s not 21 he’s the only one who isn’t hungover

The Heat are really good. If they stay healthy, they can play with anybody.

Except the Warriors, of course.

@133 this game is the perfect example of. The “you can’t teach height” that was the most pedestrian 20-15 game I’ve seen in a while. Also for whiteside, he caused havoc in the paint all night without putting up crazy numbers

The Heat are really good. If they stay healthy, they can play with anybody.

Except the Warriors, of course.

Well, they play great D and Whiteside is a beast, but if they have to depend on Bosh and Wade to carry the scoring load (and Gerald Green off the bench) I don’t think they’ll go very far in the playoffs.

Plus, they’ve only played 3 freakin’ road games!

Our bench is consistently getting crushed off the boards. Its the reason Fisher kept KP so many minutes in the game. I predict its going to be a real problem if something isn’t done.

Dragic and Deng can both score and Whiteside gets tons of garbage points. McRoberts, Winslow and Johnson look like good bench players. They don’t have much real depth, but are very solid 1-8.

The Heat basically said, “We’re gonna make RoLo and Thomas beat us.” Good defensive strategy!

We’re not winning when Galloway goes 1-9.

Also for whiteside, he caused havoc in the paint all night without putting up crazy numbers

He really does seem to be a master of the “alter” rather than the block. He alters a ton of shots.

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