2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hornets

Last week, the Knicks had a hard luck loss to the Charlotte Hornets in Charlotte, with Cody Zeller scoring with less than a second left and Zinger’s would-be game-winning three-pointer coming just after the buzzer. Now the Knicks get a chance to avenge that loss at the Garden, as they host the Hornets.

The Hornets will be playing without PJ Hairston, who wasn’t a major factor in the loss last week, but his absence could affect the Hornets’ depth, although I imagine that they’ll just play Jeremys Lamb and Lin more than normal. Zeller actually goes into the starting lineup to replace Hairston, as the Hornets will start Zeller and Marvin Williams at the forward spots and Al Jefferson in the middle. That’s a pretty big frontcourt, I guess to match up with the Knicks’ similarly big frontcourt (both Melo and Marvin Williams would be 4s on many teams).

Marvin Williams, by the way, is a good example for Derrick Williams, as they were both a bit of a bust as the #2 overall pick, but Marvin Williams has resurrected his career pretty well, so that should make Derrick Williams feel better about his future.

In any event, the Hornets will presumably (if they’re not foolish) try to run a lot on the Knicks with starting guards Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum and their back-up guards, the Jeremys. Hopefully the Knicks will do a better job slowing them down tonight.

With an interesting stretch of games coming up, including a tough road matchup with Oklahoma City, it would be really nice for the Knicks to get a win tonight to bring their record to .500. Heck, forget the upcoming games, it would be swell to see them get to .500 this “late” in the season period. And it is always good to beat another team that is in the mix for that #8 spot. The East has improved a lot this year, and the Knicks need to beat teams similar to them, like the Hornets, if they’re going to rise in the Conference standings.

Let’s go Knicks!

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has Frank Kaminsky already turned into a bust draft pick? I don’t really expect an unathletic, 4 year college player is going to improve or develop that much. what a waste.

Every time Afflalo shoots I think it’s gonna hit front rim. He has such a low arc in his shots

Aflalo the mid range assassin. Great job on the O-Glass again. The Charlotte announcers keep talking about the work that the Knicks are doing on the glass.

Nice fade away by Porzee too

I honestly always thought the first unit would be good. Calderon, Afflalo, and Lopez were starters on playoff teams in the Western Conference from the past two seasons, and not novelty starters either. Key contributors to those teams, and now they start for the Knicks. 43 wins, people.

It was great that Seraphin had that big game and was key in that win, but long term it might cost us several wins because Fisher is so terrible at judging his own talent he’s going to play him more.

What’s our name for the group of retreads and journeymen who have career nights against the Knicks?

Isn’t it the Spencer Hawes All Stars?

Washington, without Beal, is currently killing a healthy Milwaukee Bucks team, by the way.

No one stops the ball… And the hornets do nothing but attack …

And on offense we are dreadful

I think the whole second unit idea was nice … But it’s gotta be damn near time to play the best combos and rotations …

Gosh it seems funny that we thought Godzingis wouldn’t be able to rebound in the NBA.

He’s a freaking pterodactyl….

yeah the bench guys are garbage. Why doesnt Oquinn play anymore? Why has langston not been stuck to Lin like white on rice?

It’s time to start the we want @PhilJackson11 chants in NY because Fisher is a poor in game coach.

He’s a freaking pterodactyl….

So true that wing span and he’s getting stronger

What did Oquinn do to fall behind Seraphin and Amundson in the lineup? Fisher is so random and annoying with his rotations. Also Lin looks like Iverson out there tonight.

It’s because if a veteran has the slightest intimation of a good game Fisher will then play him for the next five games for no reason other than that he’s a veteran

We simply cannot field a lineup of Calderon, Vujacic, Williams, Thomas, and Amundson and expect to stay in the game.

zinger flings his limbs in all directions and the ball out of bounds in a natalie portman black swan situation.

Clyde: “That’s Melo’s fault.”

Man, four point swing there between the melo layup miss and the Lin floater (which was ridiculous….)

Our offense is pathetic other than the OREBs and Fisher is atrocious. He has no idea whatsoever who his most productive players are, how to use them together, or how to substitute.

When you see Porzingis having to defend against the likes of Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin along the baseline it means that someone else is not doing their job.

this has been zinger’s best half which overshadows the score and derek fisher’s magic eight ball rotations

Man, I like our team.
Melo making hustle plays and unselfish dishes. Really playing a complete game.
Gallo making what Ckyde calls a youthful transgression.
But I like their pluck.

This is the kind of game most of us didn’t think KP would have once this year. In the first half!

I think it’s pretty clear. Whether he’s stepping out of bounds at the end of a game or someone is literally jumping on his back in the post, the refs just don’t see him. They’re Melo-blind.

@63 I agree.

Since the guards can’t stop Lin, a big needs to hit him hard… and clean.

Seen some good and not-great from Seraphin. Showing some good versatility from him on O.

KP looking a bit more fluid with his offense. Better shooting touch.

I don’t like complaining about refs/no calls but Melo can’t even buy a whistle the season so far

Porzingis getting the ball deeper is a good thing. The face up 15 footers will start to fall one day. In the mean time getting him the ball inside 10 frequently should be a priority IMO.

They stop Lin from driving, they’ll won this game. I’m thinking that’s the big difference right now.

we are just down by 2.
Hope pozringis will have a 30-20 game.
We need to double and deny lin. Lets put a small line up and let them have their offense run through the big black hole AL Jefferson

Anthony is feeding Porzingis whenever the defense collapses on him. That fuggly-flailing turnover by KP was the big man’s fault, but that pass shows that Melo has confidence and is building chemistry.

The Knicks really need this game. They can’t afford to blow to many games to teams like Charlotte at home and expect to make the playoffs. The east is much better and deeper than it used to be.

Just like last game, a big help for the Knicks has been the Hornets’ willful stupidity when it comes to the long jumpers. “We’re getting to the basket at will and shooting awfully from three – I guess it makes sense to not drive and instead shoot more threes!”


Russel Westbrook might score 600 points against us

We need to put the best 2-guard in the NBA on him all game.

Russel Westbrook might score 600 points against us

I don’t think I can even imagine

Whiteside and Porzingis would be unfair on defense, but I think I’d rather give Nic Batum $60 million and have him and Galloway lock down other team’s backcourts until 2020.

They should trap hard on the perimeter. And when the big comes, he needs to hold his position until the guard recovers. Gotta disrupt that guard penetration.

Bill Pidto taking shots at Bargs

That was hilarious! You know he wanted to do it all last year….

I’ll always remember lottery night when I threw the remote at the TV when we got #4 as one of the happiest nights of my Knicks fan life!

Kristaps Porzingis is really good, everybody. But you know what he needs to do?

He needs to put back a dunk on Al Jefferson.

Looks like Fisher is going small and fast (aside from Seraphin) to guard Lin, Lamb and friends.

It doesn’t matter if Seraphin is having a decent game. He’s a bad basketball player. This will only encourage Fisher to play him more because he has no idea who his most productive players are.

I mean players can change but yeah the evidence is against Seraphin changing.

The more important question is why in the world is amundson in over o’quinn

I think Galloway did the heel elevated off the sideline thing again to stop himself from being out of bounds that someone pointed out the other day. Very nice last possession.

That was AWESOME!!!

Gallo 3 created by excellent ball movement.

I think Melo had played a great floor game tonight. Moving the ball well while looking for his spots to score.

fisher’s rotations seem spastic and i don’t really see why KOQ is buried so far behind so many mediocre forwards, but that stuff isn’t nearly as big a deal as galloway playing 8 minutes in the first half. that just cannot happen. it is malpractice.

Fisher looking pretty smart letting Calderon play through his slump.
He’s playing well.
Afflalo’s shot is looking better.
Enjoying this team

These Knicks are really playing well tonight. And Fisher’s Calderon/Galloway/Afflalo/Melo/Porzingis line up that’s upcoming should always close the games.

I swear Jose Calderon brutally stole the ball from Lin, then passed to Lou Amundson, who (I swear to Krom) drove through traffic and threaded a perfect pass to Afflalo for 3

I mean, I see what amundson this to do on offense. He’s just not very good at it.

And how about KP playing like a f’kn MAN tonight!!!

He has the brilliant mind to get Kemba, plus the corpse of Al Jefferson for Pozringis, and Galo plus a future pick.

Funny. I was just thinking that now is the time for Dolan to trade half the team for someone.

hey guys….


hey guys

that’s what a superstar looks like

right there

not me7o

the other guy

the rookie

that’s what a superstar does


right there

Porzingis out in crunch time for Seraphin……………………………………………..

How has uber troll THCJ not been banned yet?

Bruh, I’m not insulting you. Don’t take attacks against Melo personally. And don’t be upset that my conception of a superstar is (very) different from yours.

I really suspect that you feel all too deep an empathetic connection with the man. I assure you: I am insulting Melo, not you.

How does fisher just casually take Porzingis out like that

At least let him try to score 30 rather than letting afflalo take contested mid range jumpers

I really suspect that you feel all too deep an empathetic connection with the man.

I would say that’s the understatement of the year. My Italian mother doesn’t love me that much. 🙂

Jesus H Christ that was some ugly basketball by both teams

Mostly the Knicks. No points in 5 minutes. Seems like everyone gets nervous at the end of games. Either that or Fisher is playing the “run out the clock” method often seen in college basketball (wouldn’t doubt it).

This is great, as the Knicks are going to win, but I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen an end of a game like this.

No one wanted this one. I dont think Kemba took a shot in the last few mins. And we benched 6

C’mon guys, you build a 13 point lead and you can afford to go cold. Not that big a deal, we got the W.

That was a really weird ending, right? Just both sides going back and forth taking (and missing) bad jumpers for two minutes.

wiggins and rubio are 9-28, whiteside has his triple double, yet somehow minny is about to beat miami

Watching Porzingis play just makes me feel giddy for two seasons from now

Makes me giddy now.

@240 right. I think you guys are missing how special this team could be NOW if we fix the coaching problems

However weird the ending was, though, this was a huge win. .500 in late November is awesome.

Marvin Williams, by the way, what the hell, dude?

Porzingis with 29 and 11.
Melo with 18, 11, 5, and 2 blocks.

The Knicks top 2 players were huge tonight.

There was one play where KP fouled walker, when Melo was telling hip to catch the ball at the apex instead of reaching down. Once he realizes this without thinking he should avg 3-4 blocks a game

People would have laughed if someone said they would be at .500 12 games in. Some tough games, and they could have won a few they lost.
This feels like it could be a special year

Who cares about the end? We won and PorzinGod had his first dominant offensive game. He barely played and beasted over all with 29 and 11.

I have to say, with Drummond, Davis, Porzingis, Whiteside, Towns, and Cousins, big is back in style in the NBA. We haven’t had this many good pivot men in the league in decades.

It’s amazing how Melo and KP looks better than Melo and Amare offensively and defensively.

What’s our cap situation looking like next year anyway (assuming Williams + Afflalo opt in)? I’m salivating over a Whiteside/Porzingis frontcourt

It’s amazing how Melo and KP looks better than Melo and Amare offensively and defensively.

It helps that KP isn’t washed up, can play defense, and creates his own shot on offensive putbacks.

meanwhile’s is the brow’s season already over? if he misses any time at all with this shoulder injury they will lose every game and they’re about to be 1-10.

Notice that Brow got hurt after his epic battle versus PorzinGod.

It was too much for his body to take.

What’s our cap situation looking like next year anyway (assuming Williams + Afflalo opt in)? I’m salivating over a Whiteside/Porzingis frontcourt

nah, Whiteside clogs the bases like Chandler did

If the Pelicans have their pick they need to tank immediately. Put AD on IR and lock up a high draft pick. Their season won’t go anywhere this year with or without Davis.

Whiteside and Batum for 2016. That would mean dumping Lopez on someone but I think it is possible I think that would be the longest team ever when Gallo plays the point.

What’s our cap situation looking like next year anyway (assuming Williams + Afflalo opt in)? I’m salivating over a Whiteside/Porzingis frontcourt

If they opt in, then it isn’t good, as they won’t have max cap space. I imagine Afflalo will opt out, though (heck, Williams probably will, too, as I bet he can convince another team that they’re the ones who will turn his career around, for just two easy payments of $5 million).

meanwhile’s is the brow’s season already over? if he misses any time at all with this shoulder injury they will lose every game and they’re about to be 1-10.

Him missing the rest of the season might be the best thing that franchise can do. Give Davis someone actually good to play with.

Melo at the 4, Zinger at the 5 seems to be our best combo at both ends, which means I’d be against Whiteside. (And which means we have to find a way to trade some of our frontcourt depth — maybe even Willy’s draft rights — for more guards/wings in the offseason.)

@269 nah. JO was more of a post to elbow player. KP is more like Young Garnett(F him) with a three point shot.

If Afflalo and Williams opt out and we can dump Lopez and Calderon on somebody, the Knicks would be in position to be huge players in free agency this off season with a core 3 of Galloway, Porzingis, and Melo.

He obviously missed a lot of shots tonight but this was one of Melo’s best games in a long time IMHO. Grabbed some big boards, moved the ball exceptionally well, and really tried on defense.

Honestly this looks like Olympics Melo. He has guys on this team he likes and trusts to make the right shot or pass, and so he’s fine not dominating the ball.

Why is KP’s best position the 5? His length and motor are his best assets right now, and they’re maximized against 4s.

KP spends most of his time outside of the paint and gets many of his o-boards crashing in from the perimeter. I don’t see much of a diminish returns issue.

KP’s best spot might not be the 5, but it allows the Knicks to maximize their roster strengths. Calderon, Galloway, Afflalo, Melo, and Porzingis is the best 5 man unit we have.

If we can hold Westbrook to 60 and the rest of the Thunder to 40, we have a chance to win Friday.

@270 — Hernangomez is getting regular playing time and playing well for one of the top non-NBA teams in the world after spending the summer as the youngest (by far) member of one of the top national teams in the world. No way should they trade his rights unless they are absolutely blown away by an offer.

Yeah, really impressed by Melo recently. Playing very unselfishly…in particular it seems like he’s looking for KP out there. Very smart.

I thought the Knicks 4th quarter O was a bit better; they just missed some shots. Still needs lots of work, however. The late game D tightened up a bit, but I thought it was odd that Seraphin was in for awhile instead of KP.

I’ve had enough of Lin and Walker. Adios.

Do the Warriors have an alternate center court ? Or does it always say “The City”

I think Bay Area realtors are trying to convince people that Oakland is part of SF, so that could be it

That’s from the old SF Warriors jerseys.

johnno and I deserve props at this point for being the first to get on board the ‘Staps train. Enjoy the ride for the next 20 years, guys!

I have to hand it to Melo. He didn’t force anything. Played a great game. This coming from someone that has ragged him mercilessly for his shitty version of hero ball.

Not sure if he’s turned a corner, but I could sign up for this Melo all day long even with the weak shooting efficiency.

Grades for tonight:

Kristaps Porzingis: A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+

That’s it. That’s all that matters. Kristaps gets all the grades. 30 years from now you won’t remember that time Carmelo didn’t shoot all that well but had a really nice all around game, or that time Langston Galloway hit a few threes, or when poor Lou got elbowed in the head. But you might be telling people you saw the game when all the lights when on for the great Kristaps Porzingis for the first time.

I kinda want to keep Afflalo and Calderon for depth but if they could get 2 of Batum/Whiteside/Conley I’d dump Calderon with the future 2nd rders NY has and trade Lopez to the Lakers or someone.

I believe they Knicks only have 19m if AA and DW opt in but unloading Jose and Lopez bumps that number up to 39m

Wait, I misread that. I still don’t wanna trade 2nd round picks. Willy Hernangomez and Louis Labeyrie are 2nd round picks that look to be playing really well overseas.

Tonight reminded me a little of Linsanity. Big difference:

Linsanity- unsustainable
Zingsanity – sustainable

This team is so easy to root for. KP, obviously. Gallo, up from the D league, absolutely. All those fringe players who are putting out max effort and pulling for each other. Even Melo, with his extra passes and team-first play and solid D. I really enjoyed the game…and I don’t think I enjoyed a single game last year after the Cleveland game. Man.

As for Fish, I said at the beginning of the season I thought he’d be the reason the Knicks didn’t hit 40 wins. Watching these bizarre substitution patterns, I still stand by that — but I do have more respect now for the fact he’s got all the players to opt in. Having the locker room behind you does make a big difference on the court, and when you’re a marginal team (as the Knicks are), maybe it does get you a few more wins over the course of the season. I guess we’ll see.

Meanwhile, how do you not love KP’s comments after the game? “It’s just one game. I need to do this every game.” This kid was made for New York!

guessing we hit the comment limit…

edit: nope! I’m just up here on the WC

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