Knicks Morning News (2015.09.03)

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Rockets’ Dwight Howard Detained at Airport Over Gun (Thu, 03 Sep 2015 05:00:37 GMT)

    Howard was questioned, and the gun was seized by the airport authorities, who allowed him to board a later flight. The police said he would not be charged with a crime.

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    That’s awesome ephus, I actually work for Cerner and we are doing some cool things in that space to help prevent sepsis.

    And, by the way, the other reason for posting the link was to demonstrate that I put my devotion to the Knicks front and center whenever possible.

    Wow, ephus, I have always admired your contributions at KB, but this puts all that to shame.

    Awesome work. I honestly don’t know a lot about Sepsis, but great work nevertheless on what looks like a worthy cause.

    Also: your lawyer profile picture is waaayyyy more impressive than mine ha ha

    Ephus, cool stuff. I’m a hospital administrator and internal medicine doc. I’ve see first hand how sepsis can kill, quickly. Multi organ failure followed by death. Timely administration of fluids and antibiotics is the key. I’m glad you are trying to make a difference. I’ve also used Cerner in my old hospital in New Orleans (I’m in upstate ny now). Cerner is a good computerized platform for physicians to use. Cuts down on medical errors and leads to better documentation. Kudos to you airkent as well.

    Ephus and airkent,
    Michael Krall at Kaiser Permanente Northwest and others at KP NCal have developed excellent algorithms for inpatient monitoring/alerts for patients at risk for sepsis and associated order sets for rapid evidence-based treatment. I think there’s good evidence that these have significantly reduced mortality and inpatient stays. I do health services research. I interviewed Michael for a chapter on decision support I was working on before I left my last position. We only had the one contact so an intro from me wouldn’t mean much, but he might be worth contacting if you want to collaborate on something. What he’s done in Epic might be worth comparing to what’s in Cerner to see how each approach might learn from the other. Best of luck to you both.

    Llcoolbp what part of upstate are you in. I’m upstate too near Albany. If you’re close maybe we can hit up a bar for a game sometime.

    Ephus, if you told me you don a red latex suit at night to fight evil I wouldn’t be surprised; in fact, I’d be certain that you’re a seeing Daredevil (right now I’m not certain, it’s more a 50/50 probability).

    I come across sepsis in connection with nursing home litigation in connection with what are commonly referred to as bedsores. My semi-layperson impression was that it was related to quality or care or lack thereof in most instances or was a very rare unpreventable byproduct of surgery. Checking your link and it comes across as almost a random airborne infection “a bug bite, a hangnail.” I hope that I am misreading that.

    Had no idea there were other MD’s on here. I’m a retinal surgeon (in fellowship).

    Have had a lot of contact with sepsis and Cerner+Epic. If either of you would like a retina guy’s take on these three are, happy to help. I have some views on EHR for ophthalmology that would help.

    And Nick, sepsis is basically when the whole body responds to an infection. If you have a source of infection and any two of: high/low temperature, high/low heart rate, respiratory rate, and elevated white blood count, that’s sepsis. It is often underdiagnosed and can get worse fast unless as llcoolbp says, appropriate fluids and antibiotics are administered.

    Thanks. It sounds like an infection gone haywire. Anecdotally, one can think back to having heard of someone who had a cut or wound that never healed properly and they deteriorated and now think maybe that was Sepsis. As I type Khal Drogo comes to mind.

    As an aside this means there are less guys in mom’s basement on this website than the common stereotype would lead one to believe. lol

    Is anyone really surprised that there are a whole lot of smart people posting on this site? There aren’t a whole lot of sports websites on which you’ll find a debate over whether it was Shakespeare or Huxley who wrote something, only to have someone clarify that it was Huxley, but he was quoting Shakespeare. One reason I keep coming back here is that, aside from the occasional bickering, the arguments are infinitely more intelligent and entertaining than you usually find online.

    By the way, re: the mom’s basement stereotype — I’m pretty sure that it was DRed who once said during a game that he was “literally in my parents’ basement” so maybe the stereotype isn’t completely off base…

    Also, its impressive to realize such a distinguished group of people are always wrong when they disagree with me.

    I only have a master’s degree (and on the way to a second), so I’m small potatoes in here. And my rhetoric makes that clear.

    As I type Khal Drogo comes to mind.

    Ahem, Khal Drogo was poisoned by the voodoo woman. Sepsis is what it looked like, but she really just didn’t want him to go off killing people anymore.

    See? I have smart opinions about fantasy novels/tv shows.

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