Scouting Porzingis: Summer League Game 2

Since yesterday’s game was late, I’m just posting my notes:

Again Porzingis is playing center, guarding Tarik Black, who is listed as a center on the Lakers roster. Also they asked L.J. at halftime, and he said center. So put it in the books.

Porzingis ran down the court on a turnover. Got there pretty quickly. Nice touch on a turnaround jump hook from 5.

Porzingis draws a foul on jumper. Opposing player ran out toward him.

Knicks turn it over, Porzingis hustles back on D. They get the ball back & now he’s running up court. Gets the ball in the paint. Without a dribble maneuvers his way for an easy basket. Great hustle, and his footwork looked fantastic on that one. If foot speed up the floor is a reason Cole didn’t get many minutes for Fish, then Porzingis may start.

Seems like good help defense at center today. Caused turnovers on Laker guards Russell and Clarkson driving to the lane by clogging it.

Faked a corner three, & drove to the hoop. Took 3 steps, and was nearly in the paint. Hit it off the glass & drew a foul. Ok so banking shots seems like a thing with him. Hooray! Also he looked pretty good putting it on the floor.

Porzingis couldn’t stop Black from scoring from right under the hoop & fouled him. He’s got a half a foot on Black, but then he’s skinny.

[Grant update: first basket comes in the third quarter. Fake one way, go the other, hit a 10 footer.]

Knicks have fast break. Wow Porzingis is up the floor fast. Although Grant gave the oop to Early. BTW Early seems active this game.

Porzingis got Clarkson on the switch and Zinger posted up. Lakers had to foul. Same possession, the Knicks center gets the ball & a lot of dribbling with his back to the basket. This time the more meaty Randle was guarding him. He goes nowhere. So he needs to face up his opponent to be effective on the dribble.

Porzingis got whistled on what appeared to be a clean block on a dunk attempt by Clarkson.

Again Kristaps had only 3 rebounds. And he missed 4 free throws. Still no three pointers.


Maurice Ndour had a nice game. Was seemingly all over the court, very very active. L.J. praised him for being vocal, constantly talking on defense. That’s a good sign. Stats unseen I’d take him over Travis Wear.

But if the Knicks want someone that’s going to start a fight, I’d go with Louis Labeyrie who looked as if he was ready to throw punches a couple of times. Certainly a throwback to those 90s teams.

For the Lakers, Russell had a lot of turnovers. I’m too lazy to look at the boxscore, so I’ll guess he coughed it up 23 times. I’m sure one glare from Kobe will cut that number in half.

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