Knicks Morning News (2015.07.11)

  • [New York Times] Russell Gets His First Look at the NBA’s Bright Lights (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 07:58:36 GMT)

    Welcome to life in the spotlight, D’Angelo Russell.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: LeBron James Signs 2-Year Deal (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 04:52:44 GMT)

    James signed his two-year contract with the Cavaliers. James agreed to the $47 million deal, which includes a player option for the 2016-17 season, on Thursday.

  • [New York Times] Towns, Russell Debut as Wolves Top Lakers in Summer League (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 04:28:40 GMT)

    Karl-Anthony Towns, the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, scored 12 points in his professional debut Friday night to help the Minnesota Timberwolves to an 81-68 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers and No. 2 pick D’Angelo Russell in the NBA Summer League.

  • [New York Times] Pan Am Games Leap Into Action With Dazzling Opening (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 04:01:33 GMT)

    The Pan American Games got off to a jaw-dropping start on Friday when the world’s erstwhile fastest man appeared to throw himself off the iconic CN Tower during a dazzling opening ceremony that shook the city from its Pan Am slumber.

  • [New York Times] Pan Am Games Leap Into Action With Dazzling Opening (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 04:01:32 GMT)

    The Pan American Games got off to a jaw-dropping start on Friday when the world’s erstwhile fastest man appeared to throw himself off the iconic CN Tower during a dazzling opening ceremony that shook the city from its Pan Am slumber.

  • [New York Times] New Knicks Meet the Press, After Meeting the Triangle (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 02:54:23 GMT)

    Arron Afflalo, who also spoke at a news conference with team officials, said he had not spoken to his former teammate Carmelo Anthony since agreeing to sign with New York.

  • [New York Times] James Re-Signs With the Cavaliers, Wade With Heat (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 02:46:30 GMT)

    LeBron James, as had been widely expected, affirmed his commitment to try to win a first NBA championship for Cleveland by officially re-signing an unspecified deal, the Cavaliers said on Friday.

  • [New York Times] Deron Williams Is Said to Be Leaving Nets for Dallas (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 02:31:53 GMT)

    Williams was reported to be planning to join the Mavericks after getting a buyout of $27.5 million over five years, an agreement that would move the Nets’ payroll beneath the luxury tax threshold.

  • [New York Times] LeBron Signs 2-Year Contract With Cavaliers (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 02:25:46 GMT)

    The Cavaliers can exhale for another year. They’ve got LeBron James’ signature on a contract.

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks say they weren’t on star search during offseason (Sat, 11 Jul 2015 04:12:18 GMT)

    Phil Jackson ambled into a ballroom in the Encore Hotel in the middle of Derrick Williams’ sit-down with the media on Friday.

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    Does anyone know a bar in the city that would show Knicks summer league?

    Btw I think the Nets really scored with Rondae H-J. Aside from being a dominant defender, he’s a pretty great finisher and rebounder. And his 3 ball actually looks good! He might be the steal of this draft.

    If you’re hungry, 99 miles to Philly was showing it 2 years ago. lol. that’s my first post.

    @1 pay for summer league pass, just $5. I’m in philly and got that, for a measly $5

    @1 or he could be the next Anthony Randolph. Summer League is fun to watch but not very telling.

    Amundson back for the remaining cap space. We still have the room exception.

    Rotoworld is reporting 1 year, $1.65m. That should cap the Knicks out. Still got the room at about $2.8m and then minimums.

    Shved turned down a minimum deal from us. Unclear if we would offer him the room, and also whether he’d take that.

    Just heard that Embiid is possibly out for season with 2nd surgery, might be career threatening. Wow.

    Yeah that sucks for Embiid. Maybe the next surgery will take? You never know.

    I’d still go for Datome with the room. Maybe Darrell Arthur?

    So Farfa, what’s the FWP for our new signings? And for the remaining top candidates for the room?

    Just heard that Embiid is possibly out for season with 2nd surgery, might be career threatening. Wow.

    That’s got to be their thinking in taking Okafor, right? They must have had a good idea that Embiid was going to miss time. It’s a real shame. A healthy Embiid would have been the best player in that draft and would have challenged Towns for the best player in this draft. But if he’s never going to be healthy, it just isn’t going to work.

    Boy, am I glad that that Embiid for our pick scenario espoused by a few here was never a real thing. Big men and foot problems rarely end well.

    On the one hand it’s like Christmas getting to watch the kids run. On another, I remember Gallo getting hurt (and maybe never regaining his quickness). That first back injury is such a turning point. I really want Staps to stay the fuck out of the paint if he’s not ready.

    Zinger sets a great screen and has pretty decent lateral movement. I like the kid in his first 2 minutes.

    The Summer League Knicks are so good when Chris Smith isn’t on the roster.

    Grant can pass. Porzingis doesn’t look comically thin or anything, he looks pretty good body-wise.

    Grant, Gallo and Early are flying around the court both on offense and defense.

    Holy shit Zinger is a fluid athlete. He strides very smoothly a la Kevin Garnett

    My favorite part about Porzingis is his number, though. I might buy a jersey if he’s a stud.

    As JK47 noted, Zinger doesnt look that skinny/frail. Pretty decent size and you know he will only get stronger.

    Well the Knicks’ summer league bench is terrible. We shouldn’t waste too many minutes on these bums. More Early, Grant, Galloway, and Doom.

    Man, this is some butt ugly basketball. If it wasn’t for Zinger, I’d be watching the John Deere Open.

    Ricky Ledo had his moments. Layberie, African dreadlock guy and whoever “Baron” is look like bums. Where’s the Princeton WP48 star dude?

    Grant showing quick hands on D, couple of steals in the past couple of minutes. Early looks alot quicker especially with his handles but man he is a chucker, taking over for TH2 but at least he is taller and tries to defend.

    Zinger is playing center in this game, and the rest of the lineup he’s playing with is basically a small ball lineup– Wear Bear, Early, Galloway and Grant.

    Zinger getting physical fighting for position down low on offense which drew a loose-ball foul. He needs to get stronger but he certainly doesnt look soft.

    Early definitely looked quicker to me than last year. Still can’t shoot, yet, though. Porzingis looked fine; clearly fights but just needs to add about 20 lbs. Really smooth at the line.

    2nd unit guys looked generally awful.

    Yeah it’s a good sign that he is fighting for position even if he isn’t getting it. More winded and running the floor less in small minutes than I’d expect though.

    8 points, 2 boards, and 2 blocks in 8 minutes while being perfect from the free throw line. The only thing about Doom that worries me is his strength, and I think that will come in time. He looks like he knows what he’s doing on both ends of the floor for sure m.

    I’d like to see what Zinger looks like paired with a center. He’s been the only big on the floor today, and that’s affecting the way he’s playing. I have to say I’m impressed overall. He is obviously going to have to work on strength and stamina but he’s still just a kid. He doesn’t look like he’s miles away from being able to play in the league, that’s for sure. The form on the jumper is out of a textbook.

    Smooth backdoor pass. Should count as an assist since its leading to points.

    I can’t watch the game!!! Thanks for the comments guys!!! Glad to read mostly positive things about Dr. Doom…Some more insight from J. Grant???

    Koq interview was nice. He seems like a very upbeat guy, infectious enthusiasm. Dwill seems west coast laid back, low key, soft spoken. Hope he gets fired up during a game lol

    Most encouraging thing so far for me is the Zinger’s defense. Instincts actually look good.

    Johnathon Simmons is probably a future finals MVP.

    Ndou is an interesting player. Big hops, good D. Grant is tentative but will be solid. If they want to win the game Zinger needs to be in there. The guy from France is pathetic.

    Yeah, Labeyrie looks very tentative. No surprise; he’s expected to go back to France. Early and Galloway finally hit a few shots.

    Grant clearly passes well. His passes are sometimes off the mark because the zigged instead of zagged or because the receiver fumbled the ball in traffic. Since he has hardly played with these teammates, I think it’s to be expected given some of the types of passes he is trying. Overall I think he’s looking good.

    Rama, you don’t wanna know our latest acquisitions’ FWP48. You really don’t.

    Zinger looking good, very athletic, good effort on defense, and hits his free throws. Great interview with O’Quinn, seems like a cool thoughtful
    dude. Early can’t shoot, Grant looks tentative but talented, and Galloway has looked pretty good. Clyde is in mid season form…

    Clyde commenting on The Spurs getting too many second chances. I think that’s because the Knicks are basically playing small and not getting enough rebounds.

    I think Zinger will look even better with pros that can get him the ball in good positions.
    Aside from him, our shooting is God awful.
    Galloway and Thanassis are at least very good defenders.
    The sad thing about Cle is that he looks to be in amazing shape but can’t shoot or pass worth a damn.

    Yes but for not being able to shoot Early is still the leading score with eighteen points.

    Zinger looks good but I wish he could snag a few more boards. But that was to be expected. Like most people said, once he adds some mass, he’ll be fine. Grant looks solid. Nothing bad to say, which is good.

    Zinger did box out a few times, helping others get a board, particularly Wear.

    Ndour looks like a better version of Thanasis. Grant is always around the ball – lots of rebounds, gets to the line a lot. Zinger is real deal. Yes, all this can be determined from one summer league game.

    The joy of small sample sizes! Fun game to watch, and nice to hear from the new free agents.

    Well, off to dinner with the wife…

    I don’t like Cle, Wear, the dreadlock guy, the French guy, Baron, and I barely like Gallo (at least his D is not bad, but his shot is fugly.)
    Grant looked solid: smart with the ball, fast, and active on the boards. Worried about his shooting though.
    Felt very good about Zinger.
    And Thanassis is sick on D, at least at this level.
    We really need to add a guard that can shoot 3s though.

    Re Zinger, I am thinking positively. Picture Dirk in his first year and how he improved after that, getting stronger and adding to his offensive game.

    I was very happy with Zinger, Grant and Thanasis. Galloway threw the ball away a lot. Early scored a bunch but tweaked his elbow and calf on one play. He seems frail for the NBA. Porzingis did not look frail. He looks like a beast.

    Thing I liked most about phrasings was house quickly he made good decisions. Really polished for a kid his age IMO. Seemed like he needs to learn to set better screens. Timing and footwork for his screens seemed off and it looked like he was going through the motions a bit. Nothing to do with his game, but his purported attitude and work ethic are really encouraging if they turn out to be more than good PR. The potential is clear.

    I didn’t get to watch the game, but can someone explain to me why I shouldn’t be worried that Dr. Doom (you’re welcome Massive) got out rebounded by our guards? Please. I really don’t want to worry about that.

    I kind of like the idea of Kristaps being surrounded by and learning from Lopez, O’Quinn, and Amundson. Those are 3 hard nose lunch pail player that had to scrap and claw to get to where they are. Lopez seems like a guy who can train him mentally, Amundson teaches him how to be a prow, and O’Quinn gives him a burly body to pound against.

    Zinger’s length is insane. I think he’ll be able to play some good help defense even as a rookie because of that ridiculous length. He’s a true 7’3″ and then he has those crazy Plastic Man-looking arms. He must have one of the highest standing reaches in the whole league, and he’s quick and athletic, so he should get a good number of blocks even as a rookie.

    Bobby Portis looks like a steal

    Right? How did he fall that low?! He’s not even an example of that thing where undersized power forwards don’t get enough love. Dude’s practically seven feet tall!

    ?@ESPNSteinLine ESPN sources say Sacramento Kings are in advanced discussions with Andrea Bargnani and closing in on signing the former Knick

    We are close to the end of that particular error in Knicksdom. Though I suppose technically we won’t be dumb until we find out where our pick and the Nuggets’ pick lands in the 2016 draft…

    Zinger moved great on D and he was really comfortable with the ball for a guy 8 feet tall. Downside was his rebounding reflexes were about two counts slow, and that’s relative to Travis Wear.

    I like the confidence shown by KP, Grant and Early. Nice to see KP hold his own physically. He looked like a legit 5 already. I’m not so sanguine on him just gaining weight. Let him do it like Camby. Gradual and lots of lean muscle. Let him maintain his agility and quickness. He does remind me of a young Camby but I think he’s stronger already than Marcus at that stage. He also looks a bit like Shawn Bradley, who affected games with his shear size. NOT as strong as Bradley at this stage but so much more to his game. He seems to have a greater arsenal of skills than both already. Not saying he’ll be as good as either but nice to see omens especially on the defensive side of the ball.

    Kyle Anderson is good. He’d make any team but SAS probably. Think he’ll make SAS?

    Geez, I hope he’s nothing like Shawn Bradley. He was an all-time bust, IMO.

    KP is very green. He has so, so much to learn. He got lucky on two flings, so nothing impressed me that much on O. However, I loved his lateral movement on D and his screen setting.

    One thing about Zinger’s frame in today’s NBA is that he’ll show contact really well, ala Durant. As long as he attacks aggressively he’s going to maintain that high ft rate.

    I see no reason why he can’t immediately be an efficient offensive player. His length/quickness will allow him to guard 3s and 4s.

    Geez, I hope he’s nothing like Shawn Bradley. He was an all-time bust, IMO.

    Sure, but Bradley was a force on defense just based on his length. I think Staps has similar freakish length and might affect the game in a similar way, which is thrilling.

    Yeah, Zinger has the same ability to block or alter a shot without jumping, just by raising his hands over his head. When you can do that, you can get lots of blocks without getting fouls called on you. I think he’ll be a good help defender. My only red flag is the rebounding. He does not look like an intuitive rebounder out there and does not go after rebounds aggressively.

    finally caught the game… porzingis played about the same as he did in spain for better and worse… he’s pretty awkward putting the ball on the floor and needs a lot of work on his rebounding… not all of it is strength related… just a little slow getting in good position…

    i think he’ll be pretty good around the basket and on pick and pops.. a bit trigger happy behind the 3p line which makes me nervous… but we’ll see when the season starts if that continues…

    summer league’s always hard to judge big men since guards dominate the ball so much… i liked what jerian showed…

    Like the saying goes, you can’t really prove you’re good in summer league, but you can prove that you are not good, and so far Grant and Zinger both avoided the latter, which is excellent to see.

    Could someone explain what SAC did? Three rotation players, a 1st and a swap of draft position for the rights to two second rounders? Stauskas is pretty good and on an inexpensive deal, right? High pick last year anyway. Thompson and Landry don’t make that much, do they? That would be the haul I’d expect for Nerlens Noel or something. What the fuck? How can they even be allowed to do that?

    The Kings are in a weird spot where they are sort of playing for their future in Sacramento. As a result, they have been doing a lot of “win now” moves, which are generally moronic and they are pretty stupid here, too, but in this case, there is a little bit of logic, as making the playoffs would be huge for them, even if it is just the 8th seed. They’re desperate to make the playoffs while Boogie is under contract.

    yea it’s going to be totally different once the real games start… i do like his potential defending the pnr since he does have good instincts there… with rolo and zinger.. we can be pretty good defensively if porzingis can be a decent rebounder…

    He barely put the ball on the floor. The one time I remember, he drew a foul. He only took one three, which he also got fouled on. He took five shots in all from the field.

    Those may have been problems in Europe and may still be, but I think he showed a lot of maturity and restraint in this game. Nothing “trigger happy” or “awkward” tonight. Far from it and I think that’s what everybody is happy about. (Also, that he didn’t get hurt trying to guard someone with the nickname “Tractor”.)

    As to rebounds, I agree, but I think that’s a team stat. The Rolo thread had good analysis of this. That being said, the team got out rebounded by 6, so I think maybe that’s where the lack of strength is going to be a problem for him.

    he took two 3s which to me is too many… esp that one from way deep that he got bailed out on… it’s summer league so i’m not hung up on it… i just wanted to see more of a paint presence which we got flashes of… the oop from grant was really nice…

    he put the ball on the floor a handful of times early with not so great results…

    he gave up at least 3 off reb because he just didn’t react quickly enough… again it’s his first game so i’m not writing him off… towards the end of the game he almost got that rebound where he wound up having to dive off a carom… we need more of the “going after the rebound instead of waiting for the rebound to fall to him”…

    that’s where all the soft talk comes from…we’ll see what happens…

    I don’t think Doom will ever average more than 9 rebounds a game in the NBA. Rebounding isn’t a skill you can develop IMO. He’s not the type of player who I can see getting rebounds in traffic just because he doesn’t have the strength to do it, but I think RoLo will make it easier for him to get some clean boards. The things I were most impressed with had nothing to do with his offense. His defense and how hard his screens were made me feel like he’s going to be a real effort player outside of his skills. I’m going on record to say that at the time of the draft, the player I wanted most (after the top 3) was Mudiay. I’m starting to feel better and better about getting Porzingis every day. The kid just seems to know how to be good at basketball, even if it isn’t all there physically yet.

    Hi Brian,
    Getting two second round picks is a win now move? Are those guys even coming over this year? What am I missing? This trade kills them now and in the future. They may not even get a rotation piece. They don’t get much cap relief (and the FA period is over anyway). They’re worse now AND in the future. PHI gets five players!! Are the picks protected? Did they give up potentially two #1 overall picks?

    Anyone on this board proposes a trade like this and they get laughed at. WTF! I have to be missing something. I’m just pissed that we didn’t get a piece of this and our division rival had it fall into their laps. James Dolan probably thinks this is a stupid deal. On it’s face it’s the stupidest trade I’ve ever seen (unless there’s something I don’t get). It makes a mockery of the sport and I think the league should step in.

    The trade was about clearing cap space to try to sign Wes Matthews to pair with Rondo. They failed at that, but then did manage to sign Belinelli and Koufos with their new cap room. They’ve improved their team with those three signings. They’re not very good long term moves, but they’re decent short term moves for a team that is thinking very much short term.

    he took two 3s

    Not to quibble but the box score says one and I only saw one. The foul was real and the shot nearly went down. I think one thing everyone agrees on is that he’s got 40% potential from deep so I’m not sure where that analysis comes from. I would assume most posters here would welcome more shots and more shots from deep from him. Especially since this week means nothing we want to see his skill set. Again, he earned respect for his discretion and he had a wonderfully efficient game.

    As to putting the ball on the floor and whether that’s a good idea, I think the 6-7 free throws speaks to the fact that, though the optics might not be there yet, it might be a good thing for him to do. He only got fouled on one jumper that I saw. So, the fouls may have had something to do with dribbling.

    I do agree on his rebounding, both that it was not a strength and that I hope/ have reason to think he can improve on it quickly.

    J Grant really impressive with 9-10 FT’s. 3 AST and 3 TO is pedestrian as is 1-6 FG but two steals and a +10. Nice debut.

    I liked seeing DWill sitting with Phil Jackson for the entire game. Hopefully some of that genius will rub off on him.

    Porzingis looks like a unique animal. Has the ability to force many bad shots for the other team with his length and agility. Offense was sporadic. I want him to be a consistent shooting machine but I didn’t see that yet. He is very dedicated which I love!

    Grant looked like a player. Very steady. Want to see him penetrate more to break down the defense and not dribble around the perimeter so much. Also would like to see him shoot from perimeter to stretch the defenses.

    Early had stages where he was doing it all. Rebounding, running the floor, hitting outside shots. Very active. Encouraging!

    Honestly Galloway looked pathetic. Poor shooting. Turnovers. I think that the Knicks could use a guard upgrade here. What happened to Jenkins and Schved?

    The rest of the team looked like D league players. I sure wish the Greek could shoot!

    I agree that Portis looks like a total steal for the Bulls. Long, polished, shooting stroke. Pro body. Smarts. Wish we would have gotten him somehow.

    First post so please don’t flame me to badly. Hello everyone!

    What happened to Jenkins and Schved?

    Shved apparently turned down a minimum offer from the Knicks. I dunno about Jenkins.

    I wanna see Zinger shoot more 3’s, not less. You can tell he’s comfortable shooting from out there and his FT stroke looked great. I think he will be a very efficient scorer in the NBA even in his rookie year. Im sure he’ll have alot of growing pains on D although I was impressed with his defense today, alot actually. But I agree he doesnt look like he will be a great rebounder but the fact he was willing to bang in the paint and try to box out is a sign to me that he wont be Bargs bad rebounding wise.

    At the very least he looks like he will be a very nice player and someone who is very easy to root for.

    the problem that i have with him taking 3s.. and i’ve stated this many times… when he can’t put the ball on the floor and when he’s not getting those assisted rim opportunities… he’s going to rely on those spot ups a great deal as a crutch to generate offense…. and he’ll throw up random pull up 3s every now and then..

    when you’re a skinny white dude and your floating on the perimeter on offense and not grabbing boards… the mr softee cries are going to grow louder and louder and it’s going to be justified…

    I think Doom needs to play like Nowitzki meaning be a force with his outside shooting. If he is as good from out there as scouts say he can dictate the game and open up the court for his teammates. I see a lot of Dirk in him with an added ability to alter plenty of his opponents shots.

    But Galloway just looked like a schoolyard player. No unique skills. There has to be someone better available.

    Portis was drafted 22nd? Seriously?

    Portis was drafted 22nd? Seriously?

    It makes no sense. I’m not even a huge Portis fan, but #22 was a joke.

    I still think his upside is KD, not Nowitzki. Yes, I’m serious. Smart, long, athletic, great stroke, gets to the line a lot – I don’t care a lot about his rebounding if all the rest of it comes together. Because if he’s even 2/3 of KD, we got an amazing player.

    But – that upside is a long way away. I’m not saying he WILL be like KD, just that it seems like the better comp to the typical “Dirk” stuff.

    Portis would have made a lot of sense for the Celtics, who instead drafted Terry Rozier, a ball-dominant volume scoring guard who on paper would not seem to fit well with Marcus Smart. Milwaukee would have been another logical place for Portis, although they ended up with Greg Monroe in free agency and he’s a pretty similar player and of course is already a proven NBA commodity. The guy they did draft, Rashad Vaughn, was one of my least favorite prospects in the first round, a one-dimensional scoring guard.

    I know its fun to do but lets not start looking for comps for Zinger, especially guys like Dirk and KD. Thats an easy way to set yourself up to be disappointed by him. I just want him to be a very good NBA player which I think he can be. I know as a 4th pick he has a ton of expectations on him and rightfully so but missing out on the obvious Top 3 picks in this draft getting a very good NBA starter with the 4th pick is still a great draft pick. But I dont want to set my expectations of him becoming the next Dirk or especially KD, I just dont want him to be the next Darko or Bargs.

    I’d like to see the Knicks offer their room exception to Dorrell Wright and see if he’d bite. Wright is not a sexy name but he’s a veteran small forward who can do a little bit of everything, and he churns out league-average type seasons every year like clockwork. I haven’t heard his name connected to NYK at all, but backup wing seems to be the Knicks’ most thin position. Cleanthony Early, Thanasis Antetokuonmpo and Lance Thomas are all guys who kind of scare me when I picture them as rotation players.

    I’m actually cautiously optimistic that Early could be a rotation player in the NBA. But definitely they need to add a solid wing player with the exception, preferably a SG/SF type which is why even though I like Shved I would prefer they sign someone else if possible.

    Yeah, I’m fine with the vet minimum for Shved, but the room exception is probably too much.

    Early had stages where he was doing it all. Rebounding, running the floor, hitting outside shots. Very active. Encouraging!

    I agree. And he got better as the game went on.

    The team looked pretty comfortable last night. Of course, three starters were actually in the NBA last year! Also, I’ve never seen a second year NBA coach, coach summer league. If these guys were great they wouldn’t be doing this, LOL. However, it’s good to see things taking shape. Hopefully, next year this tournament will not matter.

    I agree that they should use the room on a wing.

    I am more worried about the PG position. It is more fundamental, and the team may play really ugly for stretches if they dont improve it. Gallo is not a PG, and although i like Grant, he is a bit unknown.

    I believe that one of the biggest reasons the Knicks played bad after the 54 win season was not the addition of Bargnani. But that Felton played much worse, we lost Kidd, and we did not add any other PG. Good PG play is fundamental, and i dont care much about what the triangle says about that.

    Yeah, agree re: PG being an issue. Good thing is, we have plenty of small contracts to waive if a decent D-leaguer comes along.

    Re: Portis, I really liked him pretty much on the same level as Kaminsky. No reason for him to fall that far other than too much college.

    Zinger gave you exactly what he did in Seville: immature play with glimpses of limitless potential. I think he will benefit tremendously being flanked by Melo, Lopez and O’Quinn.

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