Knicks To Sign Robin Lopez; Might Start Looking At Available Free Agents Not From Portland

The New York Knicks have reportedly come to a verbal agreement with Robin Lopez. The terms are supposedly 4 years for $54M. This is the second player that New York has signed that played for Portland last year. Arron Afflalo was picked up earlier in the week for a 2 year rental.

The Knicks are probably feeling pretty good, grabbing 2 of the 4 best available players from one other team. My own personal theory is that Isiah Thomas is advising the team of this strategy. Zeke notoriously used this plan in his tenure as Knicks GM, grabbing as many players as he could from the 2004 Chicago Bulls roster. Seven players (Eddy Curry, Jamal Crawford, Roger Mason, Antonio Davis, Tyson Chandler, Jerome Williams, and Jalen Rose) ended up playing for the Knicks. Although the Jacksonian spin seems to be that he’s choosing one of the better teams in the league to poach from. The 2004 Bulls only won 23 games, while Portland had 51 victories last year. So the Knicks are making progress.

More on this signing and what it means for the Knicks after I’ve stuffed my face with hot dogs, alcohol, and sun this weekend.

[Editor’s note: We are fully aware you can not stuff your face with sun.]

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Broussard reporting Knicks sign Derrick Williams to a 2yr-10m deal with the 2nd year being a player option.

Fuck. Ah well..he’s still young and athletic. Maybe he can show something this season as a swing F. Extra E would’ve been better. At least we know he can shoot.

I prefer taking a shot with Derrick Williams than Extra E. On a side note Tobias Harris re-signs with Orlando for 4yr-64m.

no upside on the deal whatsoever… if by some miracle he plays well we lose him…

it’s not a killer but the amount of money for a guy who doesn’t have a position and can’t shoot or play defense…

I’m not sure what he brings to the table. Is he a SF or a PF? Can he dribble and shoot well enough to be on the wing? Can he rebound well enough to be inside? He’s confusing. But maybe the triangle will be good for him. 2 yrs 10 mil is a bit steep for him. But if he ends up starting and performs well, then it’s a steal. He doesn’t defend well at either forward spot though. I thought he would be a vet minimum guy this season.

Bad. Give up $13m in 16-17 options for one mediocre and one bad player for what? Turn a bad team into a bad team. If Derrick Williams has a shockingly good year you get almost no benefit.

Ugh on that player option. That’s just terrible, kills any potential upside to the contract.

Knicks gonna Knick.

he was a decent rebounder in minnesota… then he just all of a sudden stopped rebounding… it’s a bit of a mystery but he needs to gain some of those skills back if he’s gonna be useful at all…

He’s a placeholder till next year who will start at the three this year. It is what it is.

In Minnesota he was a PF.

Later he started playing as a SF. Maybe this is the reason for his recently shitty numbers.

I’m ok with the price. On the other hand, the player option really sucks.

Intriguing signing but it’s hard to call it buy low when we didn’t really buy that low. Agreed that this would be a lot more palatable if the second year were a team option. I guess he plays the three next to Melo?

Here’s Lowe on him from two years ago (but he wrote recently saying that much of this still stands):

Bad passer – average 3-point shooter – above-average defensive IQ but not big enough to defend 4s – below-average offensive IQ? But he’s 23 and he’s been in some pretty toxic situations so we certainly haven’t seen him at his best

But at this price it’s hard to get excited. Not buy-low sell-high but buy-MLE and sell-hopefully he’s an average third big man? Would be a lot more excited about this signing if he was at something like 2 mil

Looks like we have 3m leftover and then the room exception. Cory Joseph is out by now obviously which is DUMB.

Who are our options? Biyombo, Hansbrough, McRoberts, Jenkins? Anyone else on the radar?

honestly player options should only be used on actual all-stars. everyone else should never ever get a player option

we need a backup center not named jason smith in the worst way… i can live with the g/sf rotation as is but the rebounding and the defense sans lopez is quite horrific…

Shved comes to mind as someone on whom we might want to use the few dollars we have left. But maybe we need another center more.

My vote goes to Biyombo and Hansbrough (if their market value matches with our cap space) if Shved only needs the minimum to stay.

If shved needs more money and we can get both biyombo and hansbrough then i think you let shved walk given our surfeit of guards. if we can only get one then you pay one and pay shved your remainder i suppose.

Counting committed team members, including Lopez and Gallo, I get to nine total. it’s scary how many bodies we still need if we have only $3 or $4M in cap space.

I agree we don’t want to pay Shved much more than the minimum, but I’m not thrilled with Hansborough and definitely don’t want Biyombo.

On a roll today. Called Lopez getting more than the reported 12 mil, and called for D. Williams signing. Now if melo is dealt to LA this will start to get scary.

Off topic side note, fun win for the Yankees tonight!! Sorry for the Mets fans on here but at least for now the Yankees are providing a good alternative to reading depressing Knicks news lol.

2for18, Don’t worry too much. The Lopez contract was reported for $13.5M a year on average, but it could still start at $12M and pay him a million more each year to get that average. So the $12M report could be right in a sense. . 🙂

Hard to get thrilled with this roster but IMO the best case scenario is that the team plays well enough together to get the most out of the young guys and be taken seriously as a free agent destination next year. Obviously we would like to have more “assets”, but this isn’t the worst approach given that we don’t have a first round pick next year. Afflalo + Williams for 13 mil is tough to look at, but it seems like the roster thusfar is filled with (mostly young, ) good character guys which is good. After a 17-win season, a young and non-dysfunctional team that is fairly well-rounded and has some real, two-way NBA players is something I’m absolutely willing to root for.

I read somewhere that Lopez starts at around $12.6 ($3m less than Monroe).

I’m okay with the Williams signing. Still young at 24 so has a bit of upside left, if not much. I looked him up; had a decent 2nd year, but then regressed. Got his overall FG% up last year, but not a 3 guy. He’s a 4, maybe can play some small ball 5? I don’t get the griping about a 1+1 deal for $5m in this era of rapidly rising caps. Anybody under $10 per year is not at all expensive. Even Calderon, now.

Still probably need a 2/3 wing, but I wonder if the Knicks will give Thanasis a long look there off the bench? That’s fine. Plenty of cheap C, too, so forget Biyombo.

This is by far the best offseason the Knicks have had in many, many years…

Right but at (essentially) one-year deals (with us shouldering all the risk) the Afflalo and Williams deals really have nothing to do with the rising cap. We essentially spent 20% of our (precious, long-awaited) cap space on two players who are at or below replacement level. I’m trying to spin it positively, but it’s easy to understand why people are frustrated.

We got away without signing anyone to a long term contract…except the one player that deserved one Lopez. the other two guys are short term deals at (relative) low cost. This was a decent offseason, with potential to be good.

Phil’s planning is good, but the execution is not. Williams and Afflalo. . .just setting money on fire

At least we will have a bunch of young players to watch this upcoming season. The 2 rookies, Galloway, Early, Derrick Williams and maybe Thanasis if he is on the roster plus any players who maybe stick from the Summer League team. Also guys like Lopez and Afflalo from all accounts are solid guys who arent knuckleheads who are easy to root for (Calderon as well). So in that regard this team should at least be easy and hopefully fun to root for. Unfortunately wins will probably be hard to come by but it shouldnt be anywhere near the disaster of last season as long as Melo is healthy.

I realize Im reaching for positives right now but hey thats the best we can do at the moment.

fish def has his work cut out for him…. i’m not sure if he’s up to the task… but we’ll know soon enough…

First outright bad deal. Williams for 5 a year?? I’d honestly rather have JR Smith.

The guy’s not a mediocre 3pt shooter he’s a BAD 3pt shooter. In fact, what has he ever done well?

Literally his only positive is that he’s ONLY 24.

Just wow.

Can they sign Derrick Williams fast enough that they can get him in some summer league games? The kid’s seemed lost his whole career- it’d be nice if he showed up to camp with a really good idea of what his role was going to be and at least some idea of how the triangle works. I’m sure that even if the contract/insurance gets done in time it’d have to be voluntary on his end but if he really wants to kick-start his career it might help.

I have yet to see a Derrick Williams number that excites me. He shot .500 from 3 in college for one year on 74 threes. Literally has done nothing good since then, has struggled to shoot .300. I guess his TS% approached league average last year????

Derrick Williams can’t shoot, can’t rebound, and can’t pass. Between him and Afflalo, we may have signed the only two players in the entire NBA who offer less outside POINTZZZ! than THJr.

Again, Derrick Williams had a not-terrible .540 TS% last year, and it was his age 23 season. If he can bump up his play just a slight notch you’re looking at like a .560-.570 TS% player, and we could use some of those. The player option is just painful though– if the Knicks are going to gamble on guys like Williams they really need to be able to reap the upside. I don’t think he’s really worth it with the player option attached.

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