ESPN Reports: Knicks Sign Afflalo

According to ESPN:

Afflalo is a 6’5 shooting guard that has swapped teams 5 times in 8 years, including 2 stints in Denver. His primary function is scoring, averaging 14.7 pts/36 and a ts% of 56.1%. The rest of his stats are a non-entity, with pedestrian rebounds, steals, and blocks per minute. Afflalo can hit from downtown, with a career percentage of 38.5% on 3.9 3pa/36. It’s uncertain how good he’ll be on defense. Last year in Denver, where he spent a big chunk of the season, his team was 0.2 points worse on defense with him on the floor. In Orlando the year before that number was a more disappointing 5.8 points.

At age 30, it’s unlikely the Knicks will see the best of Afflalo . On the other hand considering last year’s shooting guard was Tim Hardaway Jr. the Knicks will definitely see an increase in scoring efficiency, most likely defense, and probably a decrease in fan angst.

Afflalo shooting chart from last year from
Afflalo shooting chart from last year from

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