Knicks Morning News (2015.04.25)

  • [New York Times] After Working OT in NBA Playoffs, Curry, Rose Can Earn Rest (Sat, 25 Apr 2015 06:47:21 GMT)

    If Stephen Curry and Derrick Rose are tired after working overtime, now is the chance to earn some rest.

  • [New York Times] Leonard Leads Spurs to 100-73 Win Over Spurs and 2-1 Lead (Sat, 25 Apr 2015 05:29:23 GMT)

    Kawhi Leonard has a passion for playing defense, but the San Antonio Spurs forward does not want to be regarded a one-dimensional player.

  • [New York Times] Pierce, Wall Get Wiz Past Raptors 106-99 for 3-0 Series Lead (Sat, 25 Apr 2015 04:35:23 GMT)

    After hitting a 3-pointer to double the Washington Wizards’ lead with 16.3 seconds left, Paul Pierce turned to the stands with arms aloft, nodded and yelled, “That’s why I’m here!”

  • [New York Times] Roundup: Rockets Edge Mavericks for 3-0 Lead in First-Round Series (Sat, 25 Apr 2015 03:55:11 GMT)

    James Harden scored a playoff career-high 42 points, Dwight Howard had his postseason best with 26 rebounds, and Houston beat Dallas.

  • [New York Times] Harden, Howard Lead Rockets to 130-128 Win, 3-0 Lead on Mavs (Sat, 25 Apr 2015 03:23:20 GMT)

    James Harden deferred to Dwight Howard and his role players when Houston swept two games at home to open a first-round series against Dallas.

  • [New York Times] Roundup: Bulls and Cavaliers Move Within a Game of Sweeping Their First-Round Series (Sat, 25 Apr 2015 01:55:32 GMT)

    Chicago and Cleveland each lead their series by three games to none, a deficit from which no N.B.A. team has ever recovered.

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    I am getting real excited to watch a somewhat healthy Rose and the Bulls face the Cavs in the second round. Rose is such a wild card (obviously) but he looks more athletic to the naked eye than he has in a while. If he’s getting to the basket and running his one man fast break as opposed to settling for 3s and long 2s I think the Bulls can beat the Cavs. Should be a great series.

    I think the Bulls will go to the Finals as long as they are healthy. Cavs will have a hard time going to battle against a Thibs coached team.

    Here again were Farfa’s results, which, again, interested me not because they are rigorous formulae based on precisely measured SportsVu data, but because they take a model based on publicly available data and make it less incredible:

    I really fail to see how it’s “less incredible.” This board wants to sustain a massive jerk-off circle based on the common sense of NBA pundits around the country. WELP IF CARMELO ISN’T RATED AS A TOP 10 PLAYER, IT MUST NOT BE SO CREDIBLE.


    Oh, now I get it. You can’t read:

    But players with extremely high usage and moderate efficiency – Melo – are shown to be only slightly above average


    Okay, the straw man is lying on the ground, both legs broken, coughing up blood and pleading for his life. You can leave him alone now.

    THCJ you’re taking this way too seriously man. I don’t see where Melo is being held up by FWP or Chandler is being destroyed by it.

    Well, Melo posts low scores in both cases, so I don’t know what we’re talking about.

    @ Farfa – It does seem that the winner of the Cavs/Bulls match-up will be going to the finals; however, I am not as confident in the Bulls as you seem to be. I hope the Bulls win and think they can but would still wager on the Cavs whether or not the Bulls are “healthy”.

    Eh, I guess it depends on LeBron’s supporting cast. But if the matchups go like this:

    Butler on LeBron
    Snell on Irving
    Gibson on Love
    Noah on Mozgov
    Rose on JR (yes, in a Cavs-Bulls series I think both Gasol and Dunleavy should be part of the second unit)

    the task at hand would be very hard for the Cavs, unless at least two between Thompson, Shumpert, James Jones, Matt Dellavedova and the broken shells of Shawn Marion and Mike Miller show consistently up. Thompson is pretty much a given, but would you trust any of the others to swing a series? I mean, it’s possible, but as of now I’d give 51/49 chances to the Thibs coached team.

    It might also be that I despise the way LeBron carries himself and I just want for him to bow out as soon as possible just to be a little happier. I’m still ecstatic at the thought of the crushing Miami defeat in 2014.

    I think it comes down to the Butler/James matchup and how the refs call the series. If they don’t give LBJ the superstar treatment causing Butler to constantly be in foul trouble, I may agree with you. However, I have little faith in the refs.

    Also, the Bulls tend to bog down offensively at times and you really can’t do that against the Cavs because of how fast they can string together points. Irving is going to be a real tough cover for the Bulls.

    Ranking systems aside, the idea that a guy like Deandre or Tyson should be penalized for not shooting enough is baseless. Those guys help their teams significantly on offense

    The bash on Tyson around here isn’t because he’s not a good player, it’s because he gave up on us. Fuck him for that. Can we all agree?

    So I don’t pay much attention to the Bucks…anyone know why Giannis isn’t playing in crunch time?

    The bash on Tyson around here isn’t because he’s not a good player, it’s because he gave up on us. Fuck him for that. Can we all agree?

    I remember talking to him just before last season, and he was like, “Fuck that guy bidiong. I’m going to throw this year because I hate that mother fucker.” I didn’t want to tell you, but Tyson Chandler thinks you’re the world’s worst bro.

    As much as I think AD needs to be on national TV more, I can’t help but being a touch disappointed that KD never got healthy. A healthy OKC vs GSW in the first round? Goodness, that would have been awesome.

    They would have needed a healthy Ibaka too, but that would have been outstanding.

    Butler on LeBron
    Snell on Irving
    Gibson on Love
    Noah on Mozgov
    Rose on JR (yes, in a Cavs-Bulls series I think both Gasol and Dunleavy should be part of the second unit)

    I think the starting unit still works just move Gasol to Moz and Noah on Love. Let Gibson battle Thompson and Mirotic defend Love when Noah goes out.

    @13 I think the arguement is that you can’t point them out on offense as stars because of low usage. Defense is obviously a plus.

    Lamarcus has really been showing how valuable floor spacing and shot creation are.

    I seriously do think that there is now a very good chance Aldridge does leave. Why stay in Portland? Are they going to have any better shot than they had this year, which was not much of a shot at all? Meanwhile, if he goes to an East team, he’ll be in a much better situation for playoff success.

    Just please don’t come to the Knicks. I actually like Aldridge, but Melo/Aldridge is an even dumber pairing than Melo/STAT.

    There was an article talking about how the Spurs want to sign Aldridge this summer and since he is from Texas its a strong possibility.

    That makes sense. Dallas would just be trading one “not going anywhere because the West is too deep” team for another one, so they don’t make sense. San Antonio would make a lot of sense. I just don’t know if he fits into their cap situation. They can go over the cap to re-sign their guys, but the cap holds for Green and Leonard has to equal at least $15 million (I think it’s $8 million for Green and $7 million for Leonard. At least). Do they really have $35 million in cap room (to give Aldridge $20 million)? I don’t believe they do. It seems more likely that their real cap space after the Green and Leonard cap holds is something like $15 million. So they’d need him to leave Portland and take a pay cut? Seems like a tall order. The Spurs also have Cory Joseph’s theoretical cap hold to worry about, if they choose to bring him back (I presume he’s totally gone, though. Not much need for him when you have Parker and Mills already).

    That’s on top of him going from not “the” man in Portland to not “the” man in San Antonio (although going to a better team, which definitely has its value).

    But there are Eastern teams where he can “the” man and have a better playoff picture than Portland (not San Antonio, though, that’s very fair). Boston is already a playoff team. What if they slotted him into Brandon Bass’ starting spot? He would be their big gun. Orlando has a young core and a top five pick likely in the draft. He could be their star.

    Here’s a piece of info so fascinating that I almost think it’s worth doing a Sports Legend about it. If you don’t go under the cap, you never have to renounce any of your free agents. You only renounce them if you need the cap space. The Spurs have not been under the cap in many, many years. As a result, they still maintain cap holds on some very surprising players, like Jacque Vaughn, Robert Horry, Damon Stoudamire and Nick Van Exel. That’s because the Spurs never had to give their cap holds up, so they never did so, even as all of those players retired.

    The Celtics are in a similar situation, only theirs is perhaps even crazier. They still have Dane freakin’ Barros’ cap hold on their books!!!! Dana Barros!!! Dude hasn’t played since a single game in April 2004!!!

    Looking at the NFL Draft, it is kind of hilarious how the Jets are now desperately trying to trade their way up to the #2 pick to get Mariota when they could have easily gotten him if they had just not won those two stupid late season games. It is kind of a warning not to do stupid shit like that.

    True, Brian, but not really instructive re: Knicks. In football, there is no lottery. As to the Jets,, lame duck coaches and GMs have no reason to tank. In any case, if you think Mariota is the real deal, you trade up and get him. If he isn’t (and few have him pegged as a sure-fire stud) you might be better off picking lower. As a lifelong Jets fan, I’m cool with the 6th pick. As a lifelong Knicks fan, I’m cool with the second lotto position (25% to 20% is not that big of an odds swing, there are no sure-fire HOFers in this draft and lots of parity in the potential of top 5 possibilities. ) I’d be slightly bummed if we fall to #5, but even that isn’t a disaster this year.

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