Poll: Jackson Year 2 Record

From the New York Times:

Pressed on what he meant, Jackson said he hoped the Knicks could make the playoffs — which he also predicted last fall before blowing up an underachieving roster in midseason — though not as the Nets did this season, with a losing record.

“I hope it’s not at the extent that well, we just made the playoffs and we’re not 35 and 47,” he said. “I want to see us having a winning record, and that’s a big jump to make.”

On Pardon the Interruption, Tony and Mike brought up Jackson’s belief that the Knicks would have a winning record in 2016. With his psychic costume on, Kornheiser predicted the Knicks would sign Kevin Love and win 42-45 games. Allowing for Tony to keep his fantasy of the Knicks signing Kevin Love, Wilbon asked how many seasons prior to Cleveland did Love have a winning record (answer: none). Then he predicted a 38-40 win season for New York.

So I was curious where our readers stand.

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