2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Spurs

I seriously almost fear saying something about games that should be automatic losses like this one, because then Hardaway and Shved will go, like, 18 for 20 from three point land and the Knicks will pull off an upset win.

But with the Spurs playing so well recently, this would be a hard-to-believe win for the Knicks.

Let’s go? Knicks!

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1. Damnit Cronin

2. Is this the game that leads to the fascinating experiment that will be Andrea Bargnani, C, Spurs? Is it nature or nurture?

The Knicks are really hanging in this game. With a little luck they could still lose by fewer than 15.

Shved is a mediocre PG at best, but it is refreshing to see one of our players actually go the FT line on a regular basis. He’s averaging about 5 FT’s a game since he came to NY, and he’s already got 6 in this game (for comparison, Parker averages 2.6, Chris Paul 3.6)

I think Danny Green is missing shots on purpose to try to keep Phil from making him an offer he can’t refuse.

Our starting front court has 22 points on 23 shots. Man I really hope we draft a big guy who is good.

I’m just glad people are finally off of the Galloway hype train around here.

Gall-O-Way!! Love that smooth mid-range jumper on the fast break. It will be a joy to see what he can do next year.

Galloway doing well in garbage time against backups who aren’t even trying tonight.

So Jason Smith and Travis Wear have played 22 minutes tonight. They have combined to score 4 points on 1-7 shooting and have thrown in 2 rebounds, a steal and an assist for good measure. That is fucking awful. And that, in a nutshell, is why were are so tanktastic.

You realize that the Knicks are in serious danger of pulling this game out, right?

Yeah, I really don’t mind our guards – Galloway, Larkin, Shved -but our frontcourt players are atrocious.

This is the first game in a while in which I actually feel guilty about hoping for a loss, but man, the lottery situation is very precarious…

I wonder if Breen will start saying “Lang!” like he says “bang!” when Gallo scores on a timely shot?

So if we beat the defending champs, does that make us the best team in the NBA?

So if we beat the defending champs, does that make us the best team in the NBA?

According to a little something called math-yes, it does.

Great play by Galloway on that turnover; he may have saved the loss right there. And that goal tending by–was that Amundson?– was just wonderful. Way to hustle guys.

Bargs out here taking all the shots. You earning every dollar tonight, big fella

Gotta give Bargs credit, he’s doing everything he can to lose this game for the Knicks

Minny and Philly coming up…will this go down as a horrible, fateful week?

This is a backbreaking loss for our tank.

Gotta be honest I really like Amundsen, Galloway, and Shved. Those three plus Thomas are keepers.

yeah langston actually styled on green this game what a good defender what a mixed blessing.

Amundson had 8 ORBs against Duncan and Splitter wtf.

A good reason to actually be against the Amundson/Thomas signings is shit like this that hurts our tank but he’s staying through next year so it’s a 50/50 proposition whether the signing will be worth it–this win may be the difference between a first pick and a third pick.

Hell, forget third, they can finish as low as the sixth pick if they finish with the third-worst record!

Should Fish have left Bargs in? Sure. But did Cronin have to jinx us again? You’ve got to look at that

What’s galling is that Minny and Philly are actively trying to lose, but the Knicks are too dumb to do so.

Next 2 games, Minny and Philly. I say we run Bargs out there as the point guard for 48 minutes and have Larkin play the 5.

Yeah, pretty much. Seriously, when the other two teams that you are competing with for the worst record are actively trying to lose, follow suit, Knicks!!!

forget 6th… lakers are now also only 2 games back of us… this was disastrous… we can only salvage this somehow by losing these next two games…

The knicks are right on schedule. As we knew, they were going to get a little hot with about 15 games left to screw up getting a top lottery pick.

Everybody out of the Town car and into the rickshaw.

Is Lou Amundson Irish?

It could have been worse. Bargs could have knocked down a 3 to win it.

How come Alexey didn’t play most of the 4Q? In Fish’s woodshved? He’s putting up Shaq-like FTr. I know how the Shved story ends: Prokhorov’s gonna make him a Godfather offer and he’s gonna pull a Kirilenko and be a Net at the vet minimum.

Gotta be real happy about Galloway, remember this is his FIRST NBA season. He may be an elite defender and his offense is improving. And Amundson’s defense is strong inside 10 ft per NBA tracking technology. All of these bench players are obtaining valuable experience playing against other teams’ starters.

The other teams have had some unlikely wins too.

They did, but they reacted by fixing things, like Minny shockingly revealing that Pekovic and Rubio were hurt and KG needed to rest.


The Knicks don’t need to try to lose games because Phil brought back nothing in the JR+Shump trade of value and the one semi-decent player on the NBA roster in Calderon from the Chandler trade is out hurt. He basically pulled the plug on this crap and left Fisher a steaming pile of bison shit to coach for the year. If they win games there’s really nothing to say because the front office is trying to lose games.

Also interesting to note that the team has a much better win pctg. without valuable assets and real NBA rotation players like JR, Shump and Dalembert who have been replaced by retreads like Amundson and Lance Thomas as well as an undrafted rookie like Galloway.

They did, but they reacted by fixing things, like Minny shockingly revealing that Pekovic and Rubio were hurt and KG needed to rest.

I’m pretty sure the Knicks have been losing games by like 30 points. Phil definitely has moved in to full tank mode. What else is he supposed to do?

twolves will be on the tail end of a b2b after their game in toronto tomorrow….

this is what happens when our tank commander sits a game… we need him back pronto…

I read that Bargnani actually had 10 rebounds last night. I only saw a little bit of the game. How did he actually look?

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