2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Warriors

The Warriors held a bunch of their stars out against Denver and lost. Now their stars will play against the Knicks. That’s weird, right?

Philly lost tonight, so this is a big game for the Knicks!

Let’s go, Knicks (to the loss column)!

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Taking bets for which quarter we’ll be down by 50. Although the fact that we’re not down 30 at the end of the first is simultaneously astonishing and worrisome. The Warriors aren’t the kind of team that plays down to the level of their competition and inexplicably lose to the worst team in the league.


Oh God I hope I’m right.

But really why is Shved a good rebounding guard when he can’t even lift a moderately filled cardboard box with those skinny arms of his

david lee is the mvp for the knicks by kneeing Jason smith in the balls and forcing him onto the bench

So Timmy gets hit in the face, walks up court, and then jacks up a horrible 3 that didn’t look to hit the rim. Nobody even seemed to care. Not the team, not the coaches, not Timmy. You can’t win with that kind of apathy. That is the sort of despair that has you end the season with the worst record in the NBA.

He’s my team MVP. Who says no?

Bargs and Jason Smith are similar enough to qualify as the same person so I take Smithnani.

hardaway got hot in one of the worst games to get hot against the lakers the other day… absolutely infuriating…

@18 because he gives you a foundation player for the next decade, and maybe Detroit with all their losing decides Towns / Okafor is a better bet. Now you go after Green / Butler / Leonard and if you get one of them you have a core with real potential. For the present, especially if Melo is as good as the previous two years, and the future.

No way. Drummond, who someone here once claimed had the best rookie center season in the history of the NBA @ 7.9 and 7.6 in 1200 minutes, has a lot going for him, but a lot going against him. There is a strong argument that he is the single worst passer in NBA history. He and Biyombo are the only 5K+ minute guys ever @ .6 asst / 36. He’s also probably the single worst free throw shooter in NBA history.

On the other hand, he’s an elite rebounder and an elite finisher; though he has not been an elite finisher this year even if you ignore the fact that he is taking more shots from distance. In fact, he’s shooting a terrible 58% within 3 feet versus his previous 68%. 58% is the worst % in the entire league for any big man with 300+ FGA from that range.

Teams have adjusted to Drummond’s single threat PNR dominance. Still, give him a decent PG and forget this nonsense about SVG force feeding him a post game that will never come and does zero to help his PNR, and he’ll probably revert to a great finisher. Deandre and Tyson have been deadly single threat PNR guys for years. But Drummond does have big relative weakness, which is unusually awful touch around the rim when not dunking. He is shooting 48% on 250 layup attempts.

But here’s the thing. A lot of writers are giving Drummond credit for developing into a good defender. To date, they are dead wrong. He is still a defensive liability. It’s nice that he talks more in practice but he cannot defend the pick and roll and regularly makes Amar’e level positioning errors. The Pistons have been worse defensively with him on floor in all three years of his career. You can say about exactly zero good defensive Cs in NBA history.

He’s only 21. He’s a beast. But you can count on one fist the number of NBA bigs who spent three full years as bad defenders and became very good defenders. He is a year away from a full contract. Way too many liabilities to give up the #1.

Thanks ptmilo for a great answer. I haven’t seen him play much as I’m out of the country so I guess the raw box score numbers are misleading.

Okafor is comparable to Drummond. Okafor is probably a better player overall…much better post game, somewhat better passing skills, said to have a high bball IQ so may develop more and more quickly. Drummond is the better instinctive rebounder and probably a better shot blocker, but I would not trade Okafor for Drummond.

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