2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers

In all seriousness, tonight’s game has no special meaning. They’re on the road, facing the defending Eastern Conference champions and perhaps the best player in the game (certainly the best player of his generation).

So a loss really wouldn’t be a big deal.

However, being over .500 five games into the season? How amazing would that be?

Plus, Cleveland does not have a great penetrating point guard, which gives you some hope that the Knicks won’t get torched.

I know, I know, don’t get your hopes up, but darnit, I can’t help but get my hopes up!

So come on, let’s go, Knicks!

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221 thoughts to “2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers”

  1. Matchups tonight….
    1 Williams = Calderon
    2 Deladova??? = Vukacic (who’s starting for CLE?)
    3 LeBron > Melo
    4 Love ? KP
    5 Mozgov = Rolo
    Bench < Bench

    Closer game than most would predict?

  2. Good segment on pre-game about the 2nd unit. It’s becoming clear that the “hockey line shift” approach is a planned tactic that we’ll see continue. And I like it. It really develops chemistry.

    Ah, and it’s Jefferson out there for JR.

  3. I’m really hating this road white thing on the road this year. It’s very prevalent around the league, is there a reason?

  4. Hey, did anyone else see that super secret awesome handshake/five/thingy between Melo and LeBron just before tipoff? Clearly it means Melo’s on his way to Cleveland.

  5. Shit, Melo’s gonna score a million points in a row since he started the game making two free throws!

  6. I’m really hating this road white thing on the road this year. It’s very prevalent around the league, is there a reason?

    The home teams want to show off their different uniforms and the road teams don’t really care, so they wear white and the other team wears their alternate uniforms.

  7. Cleveland is taking some fugly shots. I can’t tell if it is their fault or to credit the Knicks’ defense.

  8. Cruddy transition defense there. There aren’t exactly a lot of fleet-footed dudes in the starting lineup.

  9. Cruddy transition defense there. There aren’t exactly a lot of fleet-footed dudes in the starting lineup.

    Yeah, these are some slow dudes on both sides (Lebron and I guess Zinger being the exceptions).

  10. Surprise!!!! A pg is getting the offense going for the opponent.

    It is ree-donk-you-luss that Mo freakin’ Williams is even torching them!! I specifically wrote that he shouldn’t be able to torch them!!

  11. calderon is probably the only player in the nba who could be the duff to mo williams in transition

  12. It just isn’t a Knick game unless some washed up or scrub PG has a career night against us.

  13. You could build an awesome brick wall that I would graffiti “I am loving this” on with all of Cleveland’s bricks!

  14. I don’t get Calderon starting.
    I said Monday in 10 games he’d be on the bench with Gallo and Grant earning Fish’s trust.

  15. i feel like every seraphin make is buying us two future horrible shots

    Ha! It really does seem like fool’s gold, doesn’t it?

  16. Is it me or is Melo bottling Lebron up. Naturally Lebron steals the ball and does a one man fast break as i type and then gets a basket hang.

  17. This is a fascinatingly shitty Cavs squad on the court right now. How do they not stagger Lebron and Love’s substitutions?

  18. Half the Cavs are injured I think , so I hope the second team will dominate

    Agreed. This is like a joke right now. Blatt has some guts throwing this shitty second unit out there.

  19. Amazing first quarter. The Cavs couldn’t hit shit. And if Lebron and Love are both out of the game, their units on the floor are horrendously bad. It’s like a mockery of a sham. I am loving it. Please keep this up, Knicks and Cavs!

  20. Impressive quarter of basketball. The ball moved. Role players were confident enough to go 1-on-1 and it seemed like everyone scored. I saw Calderon play defense. I saw Porzingis get us started with 4 points a rebound and an assist to Anthony in the first couple of plays. I saw LeBron complain about getting stuffed from behind.

  21. still not sold on lance in the rotation but he has this incredible knack for getting inside position

  22. Anyone ever notice Lebrons guards the worst offensive wing all the time. But he’s still a great defender lol

  23. I cringe every time DWill gets a rebound and dribbles it up the court himself.

    Ha! It’s always fun when everyone in the world knows what you plan to do before you do it. :)

  24. Here are the draft picks that the Nets owe in the future:

    2016 first round pick to Boston (unprotected)
    2016 second round pick to Clippers
    2017 first round pick swap rights to Boston
    2017 second round pick to Atlanta
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    2018 second round pick to Charlotte
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  25. Melo may not be dead on his feet in the last third of the season with the way this team spreads the scoring around.
    This squad could easily add some years to his career.

  26. someone explain to me how the last two shots taken by Carmelo help the team

    please Cavs get a tech called so Carmelo can take the FTs and get his floor shot goin’

  27. Melo’s fadeaway was a bad shot but the 3pter was fine. He gave it up to Gallo who returned it to him for a relatively open 3pt look.

  28. Lebron looks to be in a total funk. That’s back to back And 1s where he blew the free throw.

  29. stop trying to make “O’q” happen

    it’s not going to happen

    (go Oaq, go)

  30. I think Galloway, Grant, and O’Quinn need a name. I’m going to call them the rhythm section.

  31. I think Galloway, Grant, and O’Quinn need a name. I’m going to call them the rhythm section.


  32. Not feeling too good about these final 5 mins with the starting backcourt back into the game.

  33. @95 That could be good. How do you say that?

    I was thinking a play on words with GQ (like the magazine).

  34. This is a lot better than the gamethreads that were me babbling to myself while the Knicks lost by 25

  35. This is a lot better than the gamethreads that were me babbling to myself while the Knicks lost by 25

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was there.

  36. I’m in a bar and can’t see the bottom of the TV-was that an offensive foul or a fucking shot clock violation by Melo?

  37. Don’t worry, guys. The Cavs will commit a technical foul in the second half. Melo’s FT will get his shooting touch back.

  38. Anthony, James, and Love are ice cold. Looks like they’re shooting a lead ball.

    It’s really kind of nuts. I’ll take that trade off, though. If they all keep it up, the Knicks should win handedly.

  39. I do not understand Fisher playing two bigs without one being Porzingis against these Cavs. O’quinn guarding the 4 is an issue against Jones, Thompson, and Love.

  40. @129 – I think there’s an unannounced minute cap on Porzingis. He’ll be around 20-25 mpg most of the year.

  41. Knicks are playing much better B Ball. Too bad they are constantly being criticize by your favorite Walt Clyde Frazier.. Frazier is the worse commentator for this team. The New revamped Knicks fell short when Frazier was not replaced. He will fanbust thecknicks the 1st opportunity he gets!

  42. … and Porzingis picks up the fouls fast enough to limit his minutes. He has to learn not to foul.

  43. This is a lot better than the gamethreads that were me babbling to myself while the Knicks lost by 25

    No. Those threads should be gilded and framed. With Khanzy’s contributions, too.

  44. When Staps is on the floor, the team feels very different. I kind of wonder whether this will become his team by the end of next year. He seems to have the biggest impact on the game of anyone – not all of it good, yet, but still, it seems like he’s part of every play.

  45. The Knick starting unit looks discombobulated without Porzingis there with them. I would have put in O’q or Seraphin instead of Thomas.

  46. Melo passed up an open 3pter to find Gallo in the corner for a 3pter. Has hell frozen over?? lol

  47. I do not get the match ups. Williams should be on Jefferson who is a non-factor and Thomas should be guarding Jones to defend the pick and pop.

  48. that lance thomas post move looked exactly like the youtube guy doing his awesome westbrook impersonation

  49. grant hasn’t shot well but the D has been there

    I still would like him guarding Cunningham or Jefferson and let gallo guard the point

  50. So every Knick that dressed played tonight I think ? I won’t overreact but that’s a little odd no?

    Seems like the team has a few …maybe 3 problems

    Fischer, Melo, Calderon

  51. Oh well, thinking they could win tonight was fun while it lasted. Now let’s hope the Knicks can take care of business at home this weekend.

  52. Thompson is having a field day with Lopez who quite frankly has played like crap so far this season.

  53. Frankly our whole starting unit besides porzingis has played dog shit this season but Melo is the worst offender with his horrible efficiency and max contract money

  54. There was a weird stretch at the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4thwhere it was a 1 point game and the Knicks missed 4 straight lay ups. I knew that was it

  55. This game was GIVEN away by Fischer mostly but a few other things sealed it….

    Three consecutive layups missed by Grant, Williams and Williams again to finish 3d and start of 4th..

    Then there’s the bad Melo possessions. Over a dozen tonight … An oquinn 3 pt attempt … Robin Lopez coming up zeros.

    Also Shumpert looks like a prick

  56. Funny that this is the game to criticize Melo. He literally did everything great tonight but hit shots but ok.

  57. Melo’s shot looks flat as hell, getting no arc on it whatsoever. He did have 12 rebs, 4 asts and 2 blks tonight at least but his jumpshot needs to get fixed asap.

  58. I’m criticizing Melos efficiency I’m not critiquing rest of his game (he played a decent game that was dragged to bad by shooting) its literally impossible to deny that he’s been horrible this season

  59. It’s just frustrating that we’re paying max money to a player who is obviously worth well below the max

  60. Melo is our no. 1 option. He takes 18 shots and misses two-thirds, with only four FTs, it’s hard to win.

  61. He locked lebron down for 3.5 quarters and he initiated the offense. He’s been bad shooting for sure. But to overlook the game is disingenuous.

    KP needs to stop putting the Knicks in the penalty and hit open threes as well.

    Calderon needs to stop playing. Machine can play when he’s hot but that’s it

  62. Yeah, first very ugly game. Probably not the last, too. Melo awful ballstopping again, but he was certainly not alone. Robin Lopez showed the basketball IQ of an amoeba tonight. Calderon appears to be nearly useless on the floor when he can’t shoot.

  63. Are we paying him to carry the team or not. ? The answer is supposed to be yes so whatever stats people want to put out there to prove that he wasn’t that bad tonight or did some things right. Or that he’s contributing in other ways. That’s not going to cut it. I’ll gladly take whatever numbers he puts up. But it hasn’t been enough. I don’t care if he grabs 25 boards.

  64. But KP needs to stay on the floor. Fisher needs to put him in front of the video screen and replay his stupid fouls over and over. This team is far better with him in.
    Calderon is useless. Your starting of get 2 pets, 5 assists and 3 boards. And he can’t defend Mike Bibby in a pick up.

  65. To make matters worse for me, my ESPN on SlingTV is constantly going out/freezing up (and I have excellent internet speed), so I’ve missed probably 1/3 of the game.

    On the other hand, maybe tonight that’s not a bad thing!

  66. Porzingis is good but the fouls have the Knicks in the pen with 6 mins left in quarters. Fisher played clean thing early for some reason.

    Fisher needs to maximize his lineups and stop with the foolishness

  67. When Fischer takes out Grant, why does he go with Calderon. Vujacic is massively more effective relatively speaking.

  68. Complaining about refs isn’t going to do much either. Melo needs to drive and draw fouls to be effective. But his legs aren’t there yet, so he lacks elevation and his shot is flat. I have no doubt he’ll sharpen, but there’s no crime in seeing him as he is right now.
    I appreciate he’s doing other things, but he’s been a liability early on.

    But fisher must bench Jose. He’s truly killing us

  69. @207 right and to play Williams 10 mins when he was effective and the Knicks are struggling to score is baffling

  70. He absolutely is paid to carry this team…. We wouldn’t be debating his recent non performances otherwise…. It’s nice to see that they CAN win without him…. But the gaping black hole of production he’s been leaving…. That is one hell of a headwind to overcome!

  71. I’m just disappointed that Carmelo had so few tech foul FTA, how is he supposed to get a hot hand without the techs

  72. To see Williams get only 10 min is mind boggling … And why seraphin ahead of oquinn… Too many crazy pills

  73. Western bball is so much more fun. Eastern ball is 3 yards n a cloud. West coast is air coryell. The difference is so stark

  74. Lopez was far worse than Melo and he makes a lot of money too. And a minor point- I know it’s only been two games but I think Seraphin has shot literally every time he’s touched the ball in the post so far. Can we swap him anywhere for a some team’s fifth guard (given that most teams fifth guards would start for the Knicks)?

  75. He just needs to produce for this team as constructed or else there will always be that headwind … It’s a duh moment for sure…

    As for Fischer. There was no rotation tonight. It was completely gut or feel or Willy nilly. Almost like he’s still trying combinations … And it was all wrong

  76. You know you’re in trouble when even if Afflalo plays as poorly as he did last year, he’ll be huge upgrade on both ends over the current starters.

  77. The Knicks lack of playmaking was the obvious issue again tonight. Porzingis isn’t going to be that guy for awhile, he’ll get his off the ball.

    The Knicks get zero playmaking from Calderon, who came into the game averaging fewer than 4 assists per 36.

    Grant and Galloway are good players, and both are capable of making things happen, but neither are full-time playmaking guards.

    When you don’t have that dimension — and basically every good team does — you work your offense inside out.

    That’s why you see Lopez’ usage up this year (and his efficiency down). He’s the second option on this team.

    It’s not the triangle, either. It’s by necessity.

  78. Also, Melo historically struggles early in the season. His TS is about %15 lower the first two weeks of the year.

  79. Western bball is so much more fun. Eastern ball is 3 yards n a cloud. West coast is air coryell. The difference is so stark

    It’s therapeutic to watch the Warriors play next after all the crapfest elements from this one.

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