Knicks Morning News (2015.11.04)

  • [New York Post] Inside Carmelo Anthony’s million-dollar watch collection (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 06:00:27 -0500)

    Before Carmelo Anthony was selected by the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the 2003 NBA draft, he was gifted with his first-ever watch. He didn't give it much thought, the star recalls while relaxing on a blue, tufted couch in the backroom of Material Good, a luxury retail concept store in Soho. "I…

  • [New York Post] What Fisher needs to see before Afflalo can make Knicks debut (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 01:20:29 -0500)

    Arron Afflalo, who has yet to make his Knicks debut because of a strained left hamstring, participated in some of Tuesday's practice, but will not play Wednesday in Cleveland. "It's still really day-to-day,” coach Derek Fisher said. "He can feel really good and he can get some work in. If there's any kind of lingering…

  • [New York Post] Kristaps Porzingis’ next test? It come from this ex-Knick big man (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 00:08:39 -0500)

    INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — Cavaliers starting center Timofey Mozgov is skeptical Kristaps Porzingis is actually 7-foot-3. Mozgov, the former Knicks pivot, is 7-1. "What? He's taller than me? For real?'' Mozgov asked during a Tuesday interview with The Post at the Cavaliers' practice facility. "I thought he was 7-feet, not 7-3. We'll see tomorrow.'' Mozgov will…

  • [New York Times] Verizon Signs Content Deal With NBA for Video Streaming App ‘Go90’: NYT (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 07:18:29 GMT)

    Verizon Communications Inc signed an exclusive deal with the National Basketball Association to bring daily league highlights to Verizon’s new mobile video streaming app Go90, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

  • [New York Times] Faried Leads Nuggets’ Surge Past Winless Lakers, 120-109 (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 07:06:42 GMT)

    When the Denver Nuggets embrace the up-tempo, hard-working style of play in coach Mike Malone’s highest aspirations, they’re capable of beating teams a whole lot better than the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • [New York Times] Stuckey, Bench Lift Pacers to First Victory (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 06:06:28 GMT)

    A spirited performance by the bench allowed the Indiana Pacers to notch their first victory of the season with a 94-82 win over the previously unbeaten Detroit Pistons at The Palace.

  • [New York Times] Late 12-0 Run Rallies Raptors Past Mavericks (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 05:57:29 GMT)

    Coming off the best regular season in franchise history, the Toronto Raptors are 4-0 for the first time ever.

  • [New York Times] Randolph Has 20, Leads Memphis to 103-89 Victory Over Kings (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 05:45:31 GMT)

    Zach Randolph had 20 points and 11 rebounds, and the Memphis Grizzlies bounced back from an embarrassing loss to Golden State with a 103-89 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night.

  • [New York Times] Lowry, Raptors Start 4-0 for 1st Time, Beating Mavs 102-91 (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 05:39:33 GMT)

    Kyle Lowry wasn’t sure what kind of start Toronto would have with plenty of new faces.

  • [New York Times] Fournier Leads Magic Past Winless Pelicans, 103-94 (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 04:54:39 GMT)

    After hitting his second consecutive 26-foot jumper inside the final 1:13 of the fourth quarter, Orlando’s Evan Fournier let out a primal roar as he trotted back toward the defensive end.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Pacers Top Pistons for First Win (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 04:05:46 GMT)

    Rodney Stuckey scored 23 points against his former team as Indiana won at Detroit.

  • [New York Times] Teague Lifts Balanced Hawks Past Heat, 98-92 (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 03:51:40 GMT)

    Mike Budenholzer was staring down at his erasable whiteboard, drawing up a play with just under 9 seconds remaining as his Atlanta Hawks held a four-point lead.

  • [New York Times] Hot-Shooting Hornets Hammer Bulls 130-105 for 1st Victory (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 03:21:53 GMT)

    Jeremy Lamb began paying dividends for the Charlotte Hornets one day after signing a three-year, $21 million contract extension.

  • [New York Times] Pacers Get First Win, Hand Pistons First Loss This Season (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 03:04:01 GMT)

    Rodney Stuckey scored 23 points against his former team, Paul George added 16 points and nine rebounds and the Indiana Pacers beat the Detroit Pistons 94-82 on Tuesday night for their first victory.

  • [New York Times] TV Sports: HBO Documentary Successfully Examines Enigmatic Life of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 03:01:33 GMT)

    The film effectively introduces Abdul-Jabbar to a generation that did not witness his 20-year N.B.A. career or possess direct knowledge of the context.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: After Surgery on His Foot, Jodie Meeks Is Out Up to 4 Months (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 01:40:06 GMT)

    Detroit Pistons guard Jodie Meeks will miss the next three to four months of the season after foot surgery.

  • [New York Times] Luther Burden, Former Knick Who Served Time for Bank Robbery, Dies at 62 (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 00:13:03 GMT)

    Luther Burden, better known as Ticky, played briefly for the Knicks in the 1970s and was convicted of robbing a Long Island bank in 1980.

  • [New York Daily News] Kristaps Porzingis wants to play in Knicks’ game vs. Cavs (Wed, 04 Nov 2015 03:41:25 GMT)

    Kristaps Porzingis’ only experience playing against LeBron James involves a made-up character in video games.

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    Is anyone troubled at all by the two pieces of info which came out the other day:

    (1) Danny Green said the NYK contacted him but didn’t appear all that interested in signing him. Why would he say that if it weren’t true? Was Phil too low-key in his pursuit of Monroe and Green?

    (2) Melo takes tech FTs instead of Calderon to pad his offensive stats. Fish claims it’s not unusual for some stars to do that but then goes on to say that he’ll change the practice because Calderon is an all-time great at the FT line. Doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence that Phil and Fish are gonna be able to get Melo to change from ISO ball to more efficient shots.

    “Diamonds aren’t worth it unless you are getting a diamond from Hublot or Audemars Piguet”

    Melo’s own signature brand of charm aside, it will be interesting to contrast the media’s reaction to his watch collecting hobby to the stories about JJ Reddick being a watch enthusiast.

    “Is anyone troubled at all by the two pieces of info”
    No. Maybe Phil talked to Green’s agent and decided that he was going to be too expensive, so he decided not to pursue it further. With regard to the technical foul shots, Melo is a career 81% foul shooter and Calderon is 87%. Over the course of the season, there might be 20 occasions when the two of them are on the court at the same time and there is a technical foul shot. If career averages hold, Melo would make 16.2 of them and Calderon would make 17.4. Less than a point and a half over the course of an 82 game season isn’t really worth thinking about.

    Melo does seem to come off the wrong way whenever he opens his mouth for the most part…it’s actually become kind of endearing.

    Re: Danny Green – I think he re-signed with SA pretty much on day 1 for an under market contract. I don’t think he was a real possibility.

    Re: the technical free throws – I don’t have an issue with Melo shooting FTs. I would say the thought process behind why some guys shoot them and others don’t that Herring discovered – that needs a little work, to say the least.

    Maybe Phil talked to Green’s agent and decided that he was going to be too expensive, so he decided not to pursue it further.

    I think that’s what happened. By “low-key” I meant Phil should have offered Green Carroll type contract and Monroe the max right at the start and followed up with a Riley hard sell. It’s not a big deal in that it’s not really clear if either would have signed regardless of approach.

    I really hoped we’d sign Monroe and Danny Green, but am not now lamenting Monroe and do not believe we had a shot at Green.

    I also wanted Towns (like everyone), but, if we went lower than #1, I was focused on WCS, because I felt he’d be a contributor in his first couple of years, whereas everyone else was a project or not a good complement to Melo. I’m glad WCS is showing we were right to think of him in the mold of another T-1000 – but it seems clear that we got lucky with Staps, who is already contributing, and with his smarts and work ethic, seems likely to offer more than anyone but Towns even next year.

    Two years from now? I don’t want to think that far ahead, but…I’m the one who first compared him, in skillset and athletic potential, to Durant. I don’t know that he’ll get there, but that still seems like the best comparison, which people would be more ready to see if Staps weren’t white. KD in his first year in the league was the same kind of player, inefficiency and all.

    I’m happy we didn’t sign Monroe. One of the most difficult things to do IMO is become an elite team without an above average defender at center. The two teams that have done it were Miami, which did it with extraordinary talent, and D’Antoni’s Suns, which did it by embracing a more effective, more European style of play before other teams (and by having Shawn Marion, who was the rare SF/PF who was a stopper one on one and a great help defender).

    I don’t think the Lopez contract is a good one, but I don’t think it’s inhibiting and demanding of a certain style of play like Monroe’s. That could all change if Monroe developed a midrange jumper and could play PF on offense, allowing Milwaukee to play a second, more defense oriented big, but chances of that happening aren’t great.

    I also don’t think Danny Green would have been a great investment at the $13-$16m/year we’d have to have invested to pry him from SA. His defense is fantastic, but I think his offense is highly dependent on San Antonio’s system. Would I have preferred him over the Afflalo/Derrick Williams tandem? Definitely. But I would have preferred a lot of players over them.

    I don’t see the same kind of explosiveness out of Zinger as with Durant. Zinger seems to have average to slightly above average athleticism, speed, and coordination for an NBA player – which in itself is amazing for a 7’3″ center. I feel that Durant is a bit more graceful/smooth out there, but again it might be the age difference.

    Yeah the Durant-Zingus comparison doesn’t make sense to me. Durant played shooting guard his first year in the league. That’s an extremely substantial difference. Even in college Durant had an absurdly good handle for his size, which is why he was already a very effective one on one scorer. That’s probably the weakest part of Porzingis’ game. Zinger right now is a 4 or a 5 with unique mobility and shooting talent that will hopefully eventually allow him to add more wing type elements to his offensive game. Durant was and is a wing. Does anyone really think Porzingis could be a small-forward long term?

    I think Porzingis could play small forward in the sense that he could defend many small forwards in the league. But then you’d have to have a player you’d prefer to have defend power forwards. This seems unlikely to me. In the context of the San Antonio game, for example, if Porzingis was a 3, he would be defending Leonard and Melo would have to defend Aldridge. That doesn’t seem sensible to me.

    Players aren’t generally defined by who they’d guard, but by what role they’d play on offense. Staps is pretty quick, with a fluid jumper (that isn’t yet falling). No, his handle isn’t as good as Durant’s, but KD is one of the top 50 players of all time, possibly top 25, and the point isn’t that Staps will be as good, but that he’s a similar kind of player.

    I admit that I’m expecting him to become a bit more fluid once he adjusts to his height, and that might not happen. But all the signs are there.

    Whereas Sabonis makes little sense as a comp, because whatever he was as a Russian player we weren’t able to see, what we were able to see was an extraordinary passer with a great outside shot and stout interior D. I suppose it’s not impossible that Staps becomes that kind of player, but his knees would have to go, he’d have to bulk up way beyond what seems likely, and he’d have to learn how to become an extraordinary passer, which is possibly the hardest skill to acquire.

    I think the FT theory is that scorers like to see the ball go through the basket, it helps establish some kind of rhythm. That’s what I always thought.

    I’m surprised I didn’t get a Bleacher Report email with the headline: “Melo insists on shooting technical free throws to improve stats”

    And maybe the next headline: “Melo hates Porzingis”

    With the techs we’re looking at a max of around 40 fts per season for the team. So the difference between Melo and Jose will be 2-3 points over the year assuming they’re on the court together for most of those attempts.

    So the difference between Melo and Jose will be 2-3 points over the year assuming they’re on the court together for most of those attempts.

    the principle, dawg

    Al Iannazzone ?@Al_Iannazzone 17m17 minutes ago

    Asked about JR and Shumpert today, Carmelo said, “It seems like LeBron took all from my family from me.”

    Melo is the only one who misses those clowns!

    The tech-foul issue is trivial to me.

    Obviously Monroe didn’t want to come to NY but Lopez’s salary is comparable. Instead of Green we signed Afflalo. That was a much safer contract for a rebuilding team like the Knicks. I doubt that Afflalo is on the Knicks in 2017/18. Obviously Green’s the much better defensive player but offensively they are similar.

    Robin Lopez 4 yr $54,015,500 / Greg Monroe 3 yr $51,437,513
    Aaron Afflalo 2 yr $16,000,000 / Danny Green 4 yr $40,000,000

    Meanwhile Shump is hurt and hasn’t played, and JR has sucked even worse balls than usual so far this season. JR has a 2.3 PER, a .309 TS% and a negative WS48 on a team with a .750 winning percentage.

    the principle, dawg

    This. Phil trumpets his desire to create a team-first winning culture. He lets Melo play injured even after he was voted into the all-star game. Then there’s this FT shooting stuff. And Melo plays ISO ball against Leonard. The best argument one could make is that Phil’s giving Melo the non-material stuff in order to help get through to him on the bigger stuff.

    Has anyone read the article on ESPN ranking the point guards? Gotta assume Calderon is dead last…

    @21 man you are really digging for something to say “Melo is not a team player”

    Durant shot 6-19 against Leonard as well, the dude is good.

    FT shooting is so low on the totem pole. The guy is shooting 90% this year.

    man you are really digging for something to say “Melo is not a team player”Durant shot 6-19 against Leonard as well, the dude is good.

    He shouldn’t be ISOing against Leonard; he should be in the PnR. I have no idea if it’s because he’s dumb or inflexible. Maybe that Kawhi drubbing will wake him up.

    Melo is not a team player

    Melo is not sensitive enough to the ramifications of his actions. Do you think his teammates don’t notice that he’s shooting the tech instead of Calderon? And that he appears to care more about his brand than the team’s future by continuing to play injured last season?

    Do you think his teammates don’t notice that he’s shooting the tech instead of Calderon?

    I reckon the only reason they’d be upset is they’d rather get that point themselves.

    “Anthony has attempted nine technicals (making seven) when sharing the floor with Calderon”

    I doubt that those two possible points mattered. I would trade Carmelo for a used basketball and I think we’re making a mountain out of a molehill on this one.

    Looks like Porzingis will play vs. Cavs tonight. A big challenge for him vs KLove but it should be interesting.

    It is a big challenge for Porzingis to defend Love and to rebound against him, but Love also has to defend Porzingis on the other end. Love is smoother than Porzingis, but Porzingis is quicker and 5″ taller and Love is not known for his defense. Should be fun to watch.

    Are there any studies that suggest that made free-throws lead to increased FG% in game flow?

    We now know streak shooting is real. Tech FT’s are placebo and your highest usage guy should take them if there isn’t a big difference between he and the best ft shooter.

    Chauncey made Melo take tech FT at times when they played together to get him going.

    Love has finished through longer players his whole career, but is still a below average defender that can struggle with long athletes, as he struggled with Noel a couple of days ago.

    I feel like it would do some of you guys good to watch Melos vice documentaries and other publications he has put together since being on the Knicks to get a better sense of who he is as a human being. He actually seems like a good dude who works hard, choose to play here and cares about his teammates and winning a chip in ny

    To some of you it seems like you feel melo personally wronged you and is a conniving, selfish imbecile. As you look for anything you can to fit him into some misguided mold. I think someone (and I can’t remember who)said one time that they loathe melo because they hold him responsible for gutting the gallonari team…

    @24 — my guess is that his teammates do notice who is taking the foul shot and, if they think about it all, their thought is probably along the lines of, “He’s a career 81% foul shooter so this is probably one point for us. Yaaaay us!” I was once at my daughter’s soccer game and she got tripped in the box and her coach let another girl take the penalty kick. My first thought was that she would be upset that she didn’t get a chance to score. She was — but she was an 8 year old kid. These are grown men. Do you seriously think that any of them give a crap that Jose isn’t getting a chance to take a foul shot?

    Are there any studies that suggest that made free-throws lead to increased FG% in game flow?

    We now know streak shooting is real. Tech FT’s are placebo and your highest usage guy should take them if there isn’t a big difference between he and the best ft shooter.

    Chauncey made Melo take tech FT at times when they played together to get him going.

    hahahahaha no offense ruruland but your self-caricature needed a little touching up

    bravo, truly, bravo

    again no offense but this is an unbelievably dumb take

    Has anyone read the article on ESPN ranking the point guards? Gotta assume Calderon is dead last…

    He’s 65/66…Steve Blake is worse!

    Based on the season so far, the storyline for tonight is if the Knicks dynamic duo of superstar Langston Galloway and his sidekick Jerian Grant can slay the Cavs three headed monster of LBJ, Kevin Love and Matthew Dellavadova

    I reckon the only reason they’d be upset is they’d rather get that point themselves.

    Probably true, but then again I don’t think that NBA players really know player value, either. Didn’t LeBron James, the undisputed best basketball players of the last ten years, say that Kobe was still good at basketball? I mean, come on. These guys aren’t going, “Hey, we should really have the 90% FT shooter take that shot instead of the 81% shooter,” even though there is virtually no argument — aside from ruruland’s utter hilarity above — that it makes sense to take the 81% bet instead of the 90% bet.

    When there’s a bad foul call in the first few minutes of a game, see how upset the players get. (Usually: not at all.) But a bad call in the last few minutes of a game? Sky is falling. A possession is a possession in a basketball game; difficulty notwithstanding, the points from a made shot are equal in every moment of a contest. But sportsmen are not particularly interested in that kind of thinking. We care about rational acting more than they do. And the smart ones — Pop, Kerr, and the few others — usually keep their mouths shut about the irrational acting so they can maintain their competitive advantage.

    I hypothesize that positive shooting streaks are taken advantage of by smart teams (Golden State, Cleveland).

    Teams reliant or built around high usage players stand to benefit far more from getting said players easy shots or free free throws in order to generate positive streaks than they do from losing one point per season, a number that has ZERO statistical bearing on a team’s performance.

    That seems like a load of superstitious hooey to me. It’s equivalent to the thing in baseball where a guy tries to lay down a bunt single to try to break out of a slump.

    That study is referring to the 3-point contest, in which somebody is rapid-fire shooting a bunch of shots right in a row. Apples and oranges to an actual NBA game situation where there are guys playing defense and you’re not releasing a shot once per second.

    Anyone who is skeptical that streaks shooting is a real thing has probably never picked up a basketball in their life.

    Pretty much every athlete has talked about it in almost all sports as it being a real thing. But hey they don’t know anything. We must all bow down to the cold hard truth of statistics, right?

    Ask Reggie Miller if streak shooting is real. There is a rhythm that an athlete can get into that allows them to get in the zone. If you don’t believe this is true then you haven’t played sports enough to know it.

    Melo’s only sin is not being good enough to fulfill the role of franchise player. He has given the Knicks all he’s got.

    The real problem lies with those who expect apples from an orange tree.

    Streak shooting? Sure, definitely real. The idea that hitting a free throw will lead to a hot shooting streak? Not so sure about that.

    I could tell you guys that I agree with Swift. That shooter’s all understand the value of confidence when they’re shooting. Why they take dumber shots that tend to fall when they feel “hot,” and that when you are shooting, and you missed the last 5, you’re somehow dreading getting that ball when you’re open because you have some doubt.

    But then again, people are gonna piss on Melo because they lost Gallo and Mozgov. Despite him being Melo, not Dolan. As Jack White sings, “You’re like a little girl yelling at her brother / Cause you lost his ball.”

    Melo’s pretty great at what he does well. We, like, just saw that. Let’s lay off him, it’s not his fault he ain’t LeBron.

    @45 so how can you discredit it?

    I’m not discrediting the study. It’s a study about the three-point shooting contest, not a study whether shooting a free throw will start a shooter on a hot streak.

    This conversation is dumb, I’m tapping out.

    Someone else said it was dumb too and I agree. But it’s as wetbandit said an op to piss on Melo. Haha

    I didn’t mention Melo’s name, nor did I refer to Melo. I did not urinate on Melo, nor did I attempt to urinate on Melo and miss. You sure are sensitive about this Melo character.

    No game thread yet 🙁

    Matchups tonight….
    1 Williams = Calderon
    2 Not-JR = Vukacic (who’s starting for CLE?)
    3 LeBron > Melo
    4 Love ? KP
    5 Mozgov = Rolo
    Bench < Bench

    Closer game than most would predict?

    My FA miss from the Spurs was Cory Joseph. He was just a Calderon waive. Of course that would mean not giving Lou/Lance their 3m+.

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