2016 Quick Recap: Knicks 86, Cavs 96

New York lost tonight’s game by 10. The Knicks had sizeable leads of 24-9, 32-18, and were up 46-38 at the half. However the Cavs tied the game in the mid third and made some daylight in the fourth. It was a winnable game for New York.

On the positive side this was one of the league’s premier teams on the road, and the Knicks were right there along with them. The Knicks held Cleveland to an eFG% of 44% and blocked 7 shots. Cleveland’s big advantage was at the free throw line, outscoring the Knicks 23 to 12 from the charity stripe.

Also there was another one of these:

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Kristaps Porzingis appears to already be the best player in a Knicks jersey. He just needs to stop fouling so much so he can play 32-36 minutes a night.

My best spin on why Fisher played Calderon in 4th qtr: he plans to remove him from the rotation once Afflalo returns and this was a show of respect, letting him go out in a big game. We really are a different team on both offense and defense when Grant/Galloway are playing together – two guys able to create some action in contrast to the stagnation when Calderon/Vujacic are in there.

There is no way he’s out of the rotation. Honestly, here’s what kind of scares me – I really don’t know what the heck the rotation is going to look like when Afflalo returns. I mean, logically one of Calderon or Sasha should just get benched completely, right? What do you need five guards for?

Then again, he plays all four of Seraphim, Thomas, Williams and O’Quinn, and that doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense, either.

Heyyyy me again! Just wanted to throw another request to get back to the full recaps KB used to do with the player grading. Let me help in getting started –


…it’s funnier when you guys do it…

I’m very encouraged by Zinger’s mid-range shot but his 3ball looks worse than Bargs’. In the practice video he was knocking them down like layups. It’s not that it’s really being contested. Is it a bit of fatigue? Is it the added weight? Is it tentativeness?

The missed layups were the story tonight. You’re not going to score a lot against a solid defense like Cleveland’s, even if you have a PG who isn’t a corpse. So you have to take advantage of opportunities. Missing bunnies like Sasha, Melo, and Williams did is deflating. They allowed Cleveland to slowly chip away even though they weren’t scoring much either.

Does anyone know if Lopez can actually hit that line-drive hook shot he takes twice a game? I’m pretty sure he’s 0-10 on it.

I feel kinda sorry for Lopez in that he’s being asked to do stuff for which he clearly is not suited. It’s almost comical when Calderon dumps the ball into Robin who then looks clueless as to what to do with it while the whole team is standing around like he’s Kareem. He then really has no choice but to throw up that garbage hook. Calderon would be better if he were playing with someone like Monroe where he could catch-and-shoot off double teams and Lopez would be better setting picks for a guard able to attack the rim.

The end of the 3rd and the 4th quarter was some horrible basketball by the Knicks. TWO technical fouls on defensive 3 second calls , TWO fouls on 3 point shot attempts, multiple turnovers, and over 4 minutes without a field goal. Just terrible. Galloway and KP played well for most of the game, Calderon not so much. Why is Jose even out there, he looks B A D at everything. Seraphin is a black hole, I think his next pass will be his first. Oh well, hopefully they learn something and move on to the next game. Shump looked ridiculous on the bench and I didn’t see Pipe out there. I do not miss those guys…..at all.

Fisher brings in O’Quinn and Seraphin off the bench when Love was still on the floor. That Makes zero sense. Quite frankly, the second has not looked the same with the inclusion of Seraphin. Another bad move was electing to bring Seraphin off the bench 1st in the 3rd qtr over K.O.

A few other problems I had were the poor defensive match ups. Grant on Della instead of Gallo, Williams on Jones when he could have hidden him on Jefferson instead Lance Thomas, the better defender, had Jefferson. Then the insistence of playing two bigs together when the Cavs went small.

I also thought he was setting it up to have Grant and Gallo close the game because at the end of the 3rd I believe Gallo played less than 12 minutes and Grant played less than 8 minutes but I was wrong. Less bring in Calderon. Smart Fisher Smart.

This is what I don’t get. We closed The Wizards game without Calderon and won a huge game on the road. Gallo was ridiculous in that game. So what is the reward? Let Calderon play the 4th the last two games. I mean, he should not play at all in the 4th quarter. He fucking sucks (sorry for the cursing).

I don’t want to see Seraphin or Vujacic out there during close games, and maybe I’ll soon say the same about Calderon and Lance. However, I can’t kill Fisher for having a big rotation this early in the season. Lots of coaches play with their rotations in November to find out what they have, what combinations work, how guys respond in certain situations, etc. Fisher deserves a little leash to test these guys. Better to have the 11-man rotation now than in March.

Besides the management of who is playing does Fisher look like a leader of a team on the sidelines? He looks to me like he’s lost in his own thoughts.

I’m very encouraged by Zinger’s mid-range shot but his 3ball looks worse than Bargs’. In the practice video he was knocking them down like layups. It’s not that it’s really being contested. Is it a bit of fatigue? Is it the added weight? Is it tentativeness?

The interesting thing about Zinger is that we don’t really know that he is a good three-point shooter. He has great form, but his results in Europe were mixed (46% in the playoffs but 32% in the regular season in twice as many games). Essentially he had a really good run in the playoffs over there to bring his overall numbers up, and since the playoffs were the most recent thing, then you hope that that was the more predictive thing, but the sample size is so small that I really don’t know that we can say that he is a very good three point shooter. But his form is sooooooo pretty that it just seems logical, doesn’t it?

Great point Brian. Maybe he’s just meant to be a pick and pop player. Not everyone needs to shoot threes

Nowitzki and Durant weren’t good three point shooters as 20 year olds either. Porzingis’ perimeter shooting will probably be just fine.

Oh true, I’m just talking about right now. Entering with a 35% three point rate at such a young age bodes well for future success, definitely.

Sidenote: Is Evan Fournier fool’s gold or is he just maturing as a player? What’s his deal. Will they try to trade him to give Mario and Gordan more minutes if they continue to lose?

Is there a big difference between Neal and Fournier?

Where is Mike Bibby when you need him??? Hey I miss the grades also, at least that takes away some of the sadness from losing!! That was a winnable game. I think that bringing Seraphin early in the game messes up the chemistry of the second unit. The guy doesn’t pass the ball like Oaq can and I didn’t see him doing much rebounding either.

Possible reasons Calderon, Lance, Sasha play over their counterparts:
1. Veterans are always better than younger players
2. Pre-determined rotation prior to the start of the season-“Not gonna back down from the ideas I formulated this summer regardless of what the stats say and what my eyes are telling me”
3. Absolute ineptitude across the coaching staff
4. They “run the triangle” better in other words they don’t make/break a somewhat antiquated offense
5. Fisher likes them more as human beings
6. Increase trade value-which its actually decreasing trade value since they stink and other GMs are increasingly aware (actually Sasha really isn’t too big of a liability it’s just that easy baskets come when Grant plays imo)
7. The place holder for Affalo idea which makes zero sense in the regular season
8. MSG was built on a burial ground and therefore we must suffer for eternity
9. Woodson has cast a spell on Fisher to coach like Woodson
10. Practice harder=more playing time

Am I missing anything? Which is the most likely rationale?

I am so excited about Porzingis that I can barely sit still. (h/t Red from Shawshank Redemption).

Things that are better than I expected:

1. Foot speed. He recovers well to protect the rim.
2. Effort on defense.
3. Results on defense.
4. Rebounding.
5. Nastiness.
6. Love for the game.
7. Acceptance by teammates.
8. Size – He is a true 7’3″ with a Rik Smits-type frame. He is no Shawn Bradley/Jared Jeffries/Brad Sellars.
9. Ability to get to the line.

Things that are as expected:
1. Inconsistent shooting – he is going to have to get used to the longer 3 and the increased pace of the game.
2. Foul trouble. Rookies get a tough whistle. Awkward long players get a tough whistle. Euro rookies that are awkward get a really tough whistle. Plus, he is not used to the speed of the game.

Things that are worse than expected.
[The null set]

The rotations are the reason we lost the game. The. Reason.

I was pretty happy with the way they played last night until the last third. Calderon had absolutely no reason to be in the game. Sub him for Galloway with the Machine/Grant/Afflalo, and the game had a decent chance of going the other way. LeBron went off, but Mo Williams should not have scored 20 (!!!) points last night.

Kristaps is on the leaderboard for steals and offensive rebounds, is a rookie with a sweet shot, and can defend and block shots easily. Let’s let him marinate a little. It is my opinion that most of his fouls were directly because of poor perimeter D by Calderon.

Oh, and the Machine was pretty decent; he was a good reason for the lead in the beginning with his 3 and D and penetration. He’ll be a solid 7th-8th man behind Galloway/Grant/Afflalo,

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